iftar recipes, ramadan recipes for iftar | ramadan iftar recipes

The holy month of ramadan is here. Many of the readers of our blog are from middle east, Pakistan, bangladesh and are vegetarian or vegan.

I get a lot of mails from these readers. They also must be observing the ramadan fast. Also not to forget my Indian muslim friends & readers who might be doing the same in India.

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iftar recipes, ramadan recipes

For this special period of ramadan fasting I would like to share some vegetarian and vegan recipes for the ramadan fasting. you can even make these for your Iftar parties. Some recipes are Indian and some are Middle eastern which you can easily make in your home. I have posted collection of 45 Iftar sweets recipes and 100 Iftar snacks recipes.

I have categorized the entire list into a Whole Iftar menu As well for Suhoor. take your pic and plan your Iftar meals. Make the correct combinations of dishes. Also make sure you eat healthy during the fasting period. Drink lots of water, have lots of Fruit juices and fresh fruits.

Wishing ramadan kareem to all my muslim friends and readers.



Sweet lassi
Mango Lassi
Mango almond smoothie
Pudina chaas
Watermelon juicewatermelon juice, watermelon juice recipe, Indian watermelon juiceNimbu ki shikanjvi
 Salted lassi
Dry fruits milkshake
 Jal jeera
Mango iced tea
Sandalwood sherbet
 Falooda with ice cream
falooda for Iftar recipes
 Mango mastani
mango recipes for ramadan Iftar
 Fruits oats smoothie
smoothie for Iftar recipes
Pineapple raita
pineapple raita
Cucumber raita
cucumber raita
Fruit chaat
Coconut chutney
coconut chutney recipe
Mind curd chutney
mint chutney for tandoori recipes
Mint coriander chutney
Sweet tamarind chutney
Kala chana chaat
 Fruit raita
HummushummusVegetable raita
 STARTERS for Iftar
Veg shammi kabab


Veg toast sandwich
Iftar recipes
Chaat style
toast sandwich
Palak pakoraMirch ke pakore
mirchi pakora recipe
Bread pakora
Falafellebanese-falafelQuick bread tartletsbread-tartlets-with-potato-cheeseRagda patties
Pazham pori
pazham pori
Paneer tikka
paneer tikka recipe
Onion pakora
Papdi chaat
papdi chaat
Sev puri
Dahi sev batata puri
Mix veg Pakoramix-veg-pakorasSamosa
samosa recipe
Chana chaat
chana chaat
Paneer bread rolls
Iftar recipes
Pav bhaji
pav bhaji in pressure cooker
Aloo tikki chole
Iftar recipes
 Dahi vada
Moong urad dal vadas
moong urad dal vada recipe
 Quick paneer tikka
 Amritsari paneer tikka
tikka for Iftar recipes
 Aloo tikka
tikka for ramadan recipes
Mushroom tikka
tikka for ramadan recipes
 Hara bhara kabab
hara bhara kabab recipe
Aloo tikki
aloo tikki recipe
Veg cutlet
veg cutlet recipe
For more Iftar snacks recipes,
You can check this collection of 100 Iftar snacks recipes.


 Easy dal makhani
Easy rajma recipe
Easy chole masala
 Kala chana curry
 Kashmiri pulao
Paneer butter masala
paneer butter masala recipe
Mah di dalkaali-dal-ma-ki-dalSabut masoor dalmasoor-dal-recipeBharwan bhindi
bharwan bhindi: bharwan bhindi recipe, stuffed okra
 Kashmiri dum alooKashmiri dum aloo recipe: Kashmiri dum alooMethi matar malaimethi-matar-malai-recipe Kadai paneer
kadai paneer recipe
Pindi cholechana pindi, chana pindi recipe, easy chana pindiPunjabi chanaPunjabi chana recipe: Punjabi chana, Punjabi chana masala Chana pulao
Lobia masala
Dal tadka
dal tadka recipe
Missi roti
missi roti recipe
Whole wheat naanwhole-wheat-naanAloo bhaturaaloo-bhaturaPlain paratha
Hyderabadi veg biryani
Iftar recipes
Mushroom dum biryanimushroom-dum-biryani-recipeVeg yakhani pulao
veg yakhni pulao recipe
 Veg biryani in cooker
biryani Iftar recipes
Veg pulao in cooker
ramadan recipes
Chole biryani
ramadan recipes chole biryani
 Mughlai veg biryani
biryani recipes for ramadan Iftar
 Navratan korma
korma for ramadan Iftar
Shahi paneer
paneer recipes for Iftar ramadan
 Shahi bhindi
shahi bhindi recipe for Iftar
Kaju khoya
recipes for ramadan Iftar
 Chole paneer
chole paneer recipe for Iftar ramadan
Awadhi biryani
Awadhi biryani recipe
Dal fry
dal fry recipe
Matar paneer
matar paneer recipe
Kerala biryani
Kerala biryani recipe


Paneer tawa masala
tawa paneer masala recipe
Peshawari chole
Peshawari chole recipe
Palak paneer
palak paneer recipe
Kadala curry
kadala curry recipe
Matar pulao

Aloo matar
aloo matar recipe


Paneer lababdar
paneer lababdar paneer recipes
Dhaba dal fry
dhaba dal fry recipe


Kadai mushroom
kadai mushroom recipe


Aloo gobi
aloo gobi recipe


Paneer makhani

Punjabi kadhi
Punjabi kadhi pakora recipe
Veg makhanwala
veg makhanwala recipe
Paneer bhurji
paneer bhurji recipe


Veg korma
veg korma recipe
Rajma pulao
rajma pulao recipe
Dal bukhara
dal bukhara recipe


 Rice kheer
 Dry fruits ladoo
rabdi Iftar recipes
malpua ramadan Iftar recipes
Shahi tukda
shahi tukda ramadan recipes
Meethi seviyan
seviyan recipes for ramadan Iftar
Seviyan kheer
kheer recipes for ramadan Iftar
Saffron suji halwa
Atta ladoo
atta ladoo recipe
Mango falooda
mango falooda
Apple halwa
apple halwa recipe
Badam halwa
almond halwa recipe
Meetha puda
Puda Recipe: Sweet Puda Recipe, Punjabi Puda Recipe, Pura - Poora Recipe
Mango ice cream
jalebi recipe
Sheer khurma
ramadan recipes
Malai kulfi
malai kulfi recipe


Besan ladoo
besan ladoo recipe
Moong dal halwa

For more Iftar sweets recipes,
You can check this collection of 45 Iftar sweets recipes.


Chana dal paratha
Iftar recipes
Aloo parathaAloo Paratha Recipe: Aloo Paratha Recipe in Punjabi StyleJaggery rice
Jaggery Rice Recipe: Jaggery Rice
Aloo poori
Gobi parathagobi paratha, Punjabi gobi parathaAloo gajar matar
Iftar recipes
Paneer parathapaneer paratha: Punjabi paneer paratha, paneer paratha recipeMutter paneer bhurji
Bhindi do pyaaza
Pita breadpita-bread-recipeGajar matargajar-matarAloo beans
 Potato roast
ramadan recipes
Aloo gajar matar
ramadan recipes
 Onion paratha
Iftar recipes


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Dassana Amit

Dassana Amitnamaste and welcome to vegrecipesofindia.com which i started in feb 2009 and is a pure vegetarian blog. i have been passionate about cooking from childhood and began to cook from the age of 10. later having enrolled in a home science degree greatly enhanced my cooking & baking skills and took it to a different level which i now share as foolproof recipes. i was formally trained both in mainstream indian as well as international cuisines.

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  1. I want a diet recipe for those who r fatty and suffering from thyroid

  2. Very delicious recepie 🙂

    • Thanks Taqdees

  3. Your a sweetheart. Love every recepie of yours

  4. all the recipes were beautiful

  5. Thnqew 🙂 found all d recipes helpful..! Easy to make yet delicious by taste 😉

    • welcome fatima

  6. Wow sir these recipes are wonderful, thank u for sharing these yummy recipe.it would be very helpful for my mom to make delicious food

    • welcome shazia. glad to know this.

  7. Ramadan Kareem to all, love ur compilation of recipes , very thoughtfully done, have been innovating on veggies for Ramadan since the last 5 years as its a very healthy way to go , non veg eaten in the sub continent during Ramadan are dangerous calorie bombs :): , kudos for a good collection

    • thanks a lot.

  8. Great .all indian food .

  9. these recipes are delicious to see!

    • thanks sidratul

  10. Thank u so much bro! Really nice blog.. easy recipes. Gonna try them

    • welcome sabina

  11. Jazak Allahukhairan bro ( May Allah reward you) for the awesome recipe……..
    Really thankful you to share it with us…

    • thanks a lot shazia for your best wishes.

  12. My Muslim friends here in the Philippines are very excited for Ramadan 2014. They said if it wouldn’t start tomorrow, then it would be on Sunday. I respect how much they cherish this occasion and also enjoy it, especially their Muslim delicacies. 😀 Happy Ramadan to everyone, dear friends and may your purpose be done. Cheers!

    • Happy Ramadan to you too.

  13. MASHA ALLAH great post! Thanks for sharing. Dasana really collection of recipes for this Ramadan. Hummus is new for me and i will to try in this Ramadan. I am in love with this. I am not even an Indian, far away from Arizona, but i will try many of these recipes. Thanks a lot for sharing. And Ramadan Mubarak in Advance Dasana………….

    • thanks shalina. ramadan mubarak to you as well.

  14. Ramadan is a very important time for all muslims. Thanks for your nice recipes. I think your iftar recipe is very tasty. I am waiting for new iftar recipe this year.

    • I love these ramzan recipes

  15. My neighbours who I think are Indian, have just knocked with a platter of food for us they have never done this before and we have only shared the odd hello when in passing. I’m wondering if this maybe is something traditional do do with Ramadan? If so should we reciprocate and what should I give in return as we would like to show our thanks, any ideas or help?
    Thank you

    • lesley, i am not very sure about the ramadan festival. but as a unwritten rule, in most indian festivals we exchange sweets with neighbours. if you want then you can consider giving a big chocolate or cake or any other sweet. basically this sharing should come from heart. most indians are very open (less judgemental) during these festival occasions and its a good time to be friendly with your neighbours.

  16. Ramadan Mubarak Dasana!! Great collection of recipes for this Ramadan. Hummus is new for me and i am gonna to try in this ramadan……

    • thanks surkhab. Ramadan Mubarak to you too.

  17. Thank u so much Dassana.. amazing recipe list for ramzaan… m so gratefull to u coz m a muslim but fully vegetarian… no nonveg at all…seeing ur site m so happy…. this ramzaan m going try all ur recipes in this list.. thanks a ton… may u n ur familly be blessed in this holy mnth of ramzaan.

    • thanks anisha. i wish you and your family the same. you can try other recipes from the blog as well.

  18. Hi dassana

    It’s so thoughtful of you to come up with such wonderful recipes for ramadhan. First time on ur site and I’ve already picked out my favourites.

    • thanks azra. i am glad you liked the recipes.

  19. I like cooking.Cooking nice food specially during ramadhan to share among relatives and neighbours is wonderful plus a lot of ibadaat of course.Thanks Allah for all these favors and wonders

    • thanks sayeeda

  20. I’m in love with this! I am not even an indian,far away frm Nigeria,but I wil try many of these recipes IA

    • These recipes are very delicious..
      Thanks a lot for the input.

      • welcome usman

  21. Its my first ramzan after my marriage n m nt in india wid fmly.
    Thnx alot 4 helping.. Hope my husband likes it!

    • welcome mehzabin

  22. thanks a lot for these yummy receipes. i want veggie receipes. god bless u

  23. im not a vegetarian but i love veggies and daals too. so i make sure to include veg dishes at iftar and suhoor meals.for veg recipes i visit this site daily.

    • do try these recipes for iftar and suhoor, bushra. i am sure you will like them.

  24. hello Dassana
    just recently discovered your site and i am really in love with it
    and it was very thoughtful of you to make this page with iftar ideas… it really will help a lot for me to organize my menu !
    thanks a lot 🙂

    • thanks and welcome sania.

  25. Wow what an extensive list. Thank you very much for your effort. Now if somebody can cook all of this for me.:)

    • haha…. wish somebody can cook… even i feel the same at times 🙂

  26. Wow! Everything looks delicious! Beautiful collection of recipes and photos 🙂

    • thanks courtney

  27. Great list dassana….bookmarked!!

  28. Thanks for the lovely list Dassana. the other day i was going through all the older posts.

    • welcome bushra.

  29. thanx 4 ur concern ……..i needed his a lot ……..soon will b trying 2 make shammi kabab

    • thanks muskaan.

  30. wow Dassana what a beautiful collection of menus.. i m gonna select a menu from it and make it this sunday for sure..

    • sure suhani…. do try.

  31. This is thoughtful and amazing of u to organize it this way! thank you so much and this is definitely going into my bookmarks 😀
    Cant wait 4 my family to b licking off their fingers through ur amazing recipes!

    • thanks a ton ahlam.

  32. Nice of you to share. But I guess a lot of food would be non vegetarian. There is a special page today in the local newspaper about food they make for the breaking of the fast as well as the sahri /suhoor- the pre dawn meal. But as you say this a nice index for iftar.

    • i know radha, most of the food is non vegetarian. i have attended some iftar parties and i personally know this. but my friends mother would make all veggie stuff for me and my family when we visited their place. so this list is a good option for vegetarian buffet or for someone who wants to have only veg food.