Rice Recipes

Rice is a staple in Indian Cuisine. Obviously, apart from simple steamed rice, a variety of rice dishes are made in Indian cuisine. In this category, you will find vegetarian and vegan rice recipes. Some of the rice recipes are naturally gluten-free too.

We have steamed rice with lentils (dal) and curries. Apart from steamed rice being cooked in almost every household, there are some other standalone recipes that are exclusively made with rice.

In the Southern & Eastern India, rice is cooked everyday for lunch or dinner. While the Northern India has roti (whole wheat flat bread) as a regular staple. But in most Indian homes, you will find either roti or rice regularly in their meals.

Here you will find a huge collection of 119 rice recipes. Many of them are from the Indian cuisine and some from asian and world cuisine. You will also find many varieties of biryani and pulao recipes.

Popular Indian Rice Recipes

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