paneer butter masala recipe | how to make paneer butter masala – restaurant style

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paneer butter masala recipe with video and step by step photos – an easy, quick and delicious recipe of paneer butter masala. within minutes you can prepare this restaurant style paneer butter masala at home. paneer butter masala is also called as butter paneer or butter paneer masala.

this is a tried and tested fool proof recipe and is one of most popular paneer recipe on the blog. this recipe is made and loved by hundreds of readers. you can read the comments at the end of post, which has lot of tips from readers as well as myself.

paneer butter masala recipe

what is paneer butter masala

paneer butter masala is a rich, creamy, tomato and paneer based gravy dish. it is one of the most famous paneer dish along with palak paneer, kadai paneermalai kofta, paneer tikka masala and matar paneer. paneer butter masala is served in almost all indian restaurants.

tomatoes is a key ingredient in paneer butter masala recipe. the creaminess comes from addition of cashews or cream – though adding cream can be skipped for a less rich version if you have used cashews. butter is also added which makes the curry rich. the taste of paneer butter masala is slightly sweet with some tang coming from the tomatoes. the gravy has a creamy and velvety feel to it.

what is difference between paneer butter masala and paneer makhani

  1. according to me both paneer butter masala and paneer makhani are same. paneer butter masala recipe is made with makhani gravy. the word ‘makhani’ means buttery and is derived from the word ‘makhan’ which means butter.
  2. makhani gravy is made with butter, tomato puree, cashews or cream and a few herbs & spices. a few variations can be done in either paneer butter masala or paneer makhani by addition of more spices etc. do note that onions are never added in the makhani gravy. so there is absolutely no need to add onions in this recipe. in most authentic punjabi restaurants onion is never added in a paneer butter masala recipe.

few makhani gravy variations you can make are:

how to make vegan paneer butter masala

  • to make a vegan paneer butter masala, use tofu instead of paneer.
  • add a neutral tasting oil or vegan butter instead of butter and skip cream altogether.
  • you can even use coconut cream, but with coconut cream the flavors of coconut will be felt in the final dish.

tips to make the best paneer butter masala

  1. since tomatoes are the key ingredient, make sure to use ripe, red and firm tomatoes with a slight sweet taste. the tomatoes should not be very sour or tangy.
  2. always use homemade paneer if possible or a good quality store brought fresh paneer. its best to make paneer at home and does not take much time. for paneer recipes, i always make paneer at home. you can check the method of making paneer here – how to make paneer.
  3. make a really smooth puree from the tomatoes. if you want you can strain the tomato puree also.
  4. the tomato puree has to be sautéed really well. oil or butter should leave sides of the tomato paste. if the tomato paste is not sautéed well, the raw flavor of tomatoes will be felt in the dish.
  5. in case the butter paneer masala gravy tastes tangy or sour, then to balance the sour taste you can add a bit of sugar or cream. but do not add too much sugar as then the gravy becomes too sweet. also do note if you add cream in the recipe then you might have to add less sugar in the butter paneer gravy.
  6. use good quality butter. you can use both unsalted or salted butter in paneer butter masala recipe.
  7. to grind cashews to a fine consistency, its better to soak them in hot water for 30 minutes.
  8. if you don’t have cashews then the best alternative is almonds. soak the almonds in hot water for 30 minutes. then peel them and make a paste of almonds with little water.
  9. you can fry the paneer cubes if you want and then add in the paneer butter masala recipe.
  10. to get the bright orangish red color in the butter paneer masala, its best to use kashmiri red chilli powder or deghi mirch instead of artificial food colors. using deep red colored tomatoes also contribute to a lovely orange color in paneer butter masala recipe.

this recipe of paneer butter masala is similar to the way i would make butter chicken many years back. for the first time i had learnt how to make butter chicken during my home science days. later i used to use the same recipe for making butter paneer masala. some adaptations and improvisations have happened throughout the years.

paneer butter masala has a slight sweet taste and very mildly spiced. thus making it an excellent gravy with chapatis for kids.

generally in butter chicken or butter paneer, cream is added. in this paneer butter masala recipe to give a creamy consistency and a sweet tinge, i have added cashew paste. though you can also add cream. in the paneer butter masala video embedded in the recipe card below, i have added cream.

i never use any coloring agents in the food i make at home. what you see in the pics, is the way the butter paneer masala gravy actually looked. the organic tomatoes had such a beautiful red color and the final curry had beautiful tones of orangish red.

serve paneer butter masala with naan or tandoori rotis or chapatis or pudina paratha or lachha paratha. it also goes well with steamed basmati rice or jeera rice.

paneer butter masala recipe

paneer butter masala recipe
4.66 from 213 votes

paneer butter masala recipe | how to make paneer butter masala - restaurant style

butter paneer masala recipe - soft succulent cottage cheese cubes in a creamy tomato based gravy. this easy recipe will give you a delicious restaurant style paneer butter masala. 

course main course
cuisine north indian
prep time 10 minutes
cook time 30 minutes
total time 40 minutes
servings 4
rough calories per serving 193 kcal
author dassana amit

ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)

for preparing cashew paste

  • 2 tablespoons cashew OR 18 to 20 cashews
  • cup hot water for soaking cashews

for preparing tomato puree

  • 4 to 5 medium size tomatoes OR 300 grams tomatoes OR 2 cups of diced tomatoes - pureed

for making paneer butter masala

  • 2 tablespoons butter OR 1 tablespoon oil + 1 or 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tej patta (indian bay leaf)
  • 1 inch ginger (adrak) and 3 to 4 garlic (lahsun) - crushed or ground in a mortar and pestle
  • ½ teaspoon kashmiri red chili powder OR deghi mirch
  • 1.5 cups water OR add as required
  • 1 inch ginger (adrak) - julienned, reserve a few for garnishing
  • 1 or 2 green chili (hari mirch) - slit (reserve a few for garnishing)
  • 200 to 250 grams paneer (cottage cheese) - cubed or diced
  • 1 teaspoon kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves)
  • ½ to 1 teaspoon garam masala OR tandoori masala
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons cream - optional
  • a few coriander leaves (cilantro leaves or dhania patta) for garnishing - optional
  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon sugar - optional
  • salt as required - check notes below for adding sugar

how to make recipe

making paneer butter masala

  1. heat oil and butter in a pan. add bay leaf and saute for some 10-15 seconds or till the oil become fragrant.
  2. add ginger-garlic paste and saute till the raw aroma disappears.
  3. add the tomato puree and stir well. cook for 5 to 6 minutes. then add kashmiri red chili powder and stir again. continue to saute till the oil starts to leave the sides of the tomato paste.

  4. then add cashew paste and stir well. saute the cashew paste till the oil begins to leave the sides of the masala paste.

  5. add water and stir. simmer on a low flame.

  6. add julienned ginger and green chilies, salt and sugar and simmer till the curry begins to thicken.
  7. add the paneer cubes and cook them for about a minute till they become soft.

  8. don't cook for a long time as the paneer will become dense.
  9. lastly add crushed kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) & garam masala. stir.

  10. garnish paneer butter masala with coriander leaves. serve paneer butter masala hot with plain naan, garlic naan, rotis or steamed basmati or jeera rice. side accompaniments can be onion-lemon salad or some pickle.

recipe video

paneer butter masala video

recipe notes

tips for making paneer butter masala recipe:

  1. addition of sugar depends upon your taste as well as the tanginess present in the tomatoes. if you add cream in the recipe then you might have to add less sugar.
  2. for this recipe, its best to use fresh, ripe red tomatoes.
  3. best to use homemade soft paneer.
  4. the amount of cream can be adjusted as per your taste.
  5. if you don't have cashews then the alternative is almonds. blanch the almonds. peel them and then make a paste of almonds with little water.

preparation for paneer butter masala

1: soak 18 to 20 cashews in a hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. when the cashews are soaking, you can prep the other ingredients like chopping tomatoes, preparing ginger-garlic paste, slicing paneer etc.

making paneer butter masala recipe

2: then drain and add the soaked cashews in a blender or grinder.

making paneer butter masala recipe

3: add 2 to 3 tbsp water and grind to a smooth paste without any tiny bits or pieces of cashews.

making paneer butter masala recipe

4. remove the cashew paste in a bowl and keep aside.

making paneer butter masala recipe

5. in the same blender add 2 cups of diced or roughly chopped tomatoes. no need to blanch the tomatoes before blending.

making paneer butter masala recipe

6. blend to a smooth tomato puree. keep aside. don’t add any water while blending the tomatoes.

making paneer butter masala recipe

making paneer butter masala

7. add 2 tbsp butter OR 1 tbsp oil + 1 or 2 tbsp butter in a pan. adding oil prevents the butter from browning too quickly. if using only butter, then keep the pan on a low flame so that the butter does not melt.

making paneer butter masala recipe

8: add tej patta and fry for some seconds till the oil becomes fragrant.

making paneer butter masala recipe

9: add ginger-garlic paste or crushed ginger-garlic (1 inch ginger + 3 to 4 garlic crushed to a paste in a mortar pestle). fry till the raw aroma of the ginger-garlic disappears. if using ginger-garlic paste, then use 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste.

making paneer butter masala recipe

10: pour the tomato puree.

making paneer butter masala recipe

11: when the puree begins to cook, after 5 to 6 minutes, add ½ tsp kashmiri red chili powder or deghi mirch.

making paneer butter masala recipe

12: stir and continue to saute till the oil starts leaving the sides of the pan. the whole sauteing takes about 12 to 14 minutes on a low flame.

cooking paneer butter masala recipe

13: add the cashew paste.

cooking paneer butter masala recipe

14: saute till the cashew paste is cooked and again the oil will start to leave the sides of the masala. the cashew will begin to cook fast. approx 3 to 4 minutes on a low flame. keep on stirring.

cashew paste for preparing paneer butter masala recipe

15: add 1.5 cups water.

cashew paste for making paneer butter masala recipe

16: let the curry simmer and come to a boil. after 2 to 3 mins, add ginger julienne (about 1 inch ginger – julienne). reserve a few for garnishing. the curry will begin to thicken.

preparing paneer butter masala recipe

17: after 3 to 4 minutes, add the 1 or 2 slit green chilies, salt and sugar (optional) and stir. you can add sugar from ¼ tsp to 1 tsp depending on the sourness of the tomatoes. sugar is optional and you can skip it too. if you add cream, then you will need to add less sugar.

paneer butter masala preparation

18: after a minute, add the diced or cubed paneer (200 or 250 grams). keep in mind the consistency you want before you add paneer as you will be cooking the paneer for a minute. you can also fry the paneer and then add the paneer once the gravy has become creamy.

adding paneer cubes in paneer butter masala recipe

19: stir gently and let the paneer cook in the gravy for about a minute or till they become soft and cooked. lastly add 1 teaspoon kasuri methi leaves (crushed). also add 1 teaspoon garam masala. stir very well and switch off the flame. you can also add 2 to 3 tablespoons of low fat cream or 1 to 2 tablespoons of whipping cream at this stage. addition of crushed kasuri methi gives a restaurant flavor.

paneer butter masala recipe, paneer butter masala

20: stir and serve paneer butter masala hot garnished with 1 to 2 tablespoons of chopped coriander leaves, the remaining ginger julienne and dotted with butter or cream. good combo for paneer butter masala is naan or butter naan or tandoori rotis or plain paratha or roomali roti or malabar paratha.

paneer butter masala also goes well with steamed basmati rice or jeera rice or biryani rice. i served with whole wheat rotis accompanied with onion-lemon salad and pickled carrot-beetroot from the kanji drink.

paneer butter masala recipe, paneer butter masala


dassana amit
i started in feb 2009. it is a pure vegetarian blog and shares recipes with step by step photos.

i am passionate about cooking from childhood and learnt cooking from my elders. a home science degree course further enhanced my cooking and baking skills professionally along with an internship in a five star hotel. i am trained both in mainstream indian as well as international cuisines.

all the 1800 recipes posted on blog are tried and tested and made healthy wherever possible. the recipes are detailed and with step by step pictures that will easily help you to make delicious and tasty vegetarian food.

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    The gravy works really well as a pizza sauce too and if any is left over, I use it as pizza sauce for yummy homemade pizzas.

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    • thank again deepa. even i do not soak cashews at times. i have given this step as sometimes people do not have good or powerful mixer and grinder. so to ease the process of grinding and make a smooth paste, its better to soak them. i liked the idea of milk + water. the idea of pizza sauce is fab. it will be like makhani pizza. in my home this paneer butter masala gets over without any leftovers. so there is no leftover sauce to be used 🙂

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    • adt, add almond milk at the last before you add paneer. just add almond milk. then simmer for a minute. then add paneer, garam masala and kasuri methi. mix and switch off flame.

  6. Hi dassanna, tried many of your recipes like dal makhni, rajma etc and came out very well. Tried panner butter masala today. Though I used ripe tomatoes, the gravy was a bit sour. I had also added 1 TSP sugar and 3 TBS cream as suggested. Kindly help. Thanks.


    • thanks sharada. sourness is due to the quality and type of tomatoes. the sourness of tomatoes is not distinctly felt in this paneer butter masala gravy when ripe and less sour tomatoes are used. usually when making any tomato based gravy, always use tomatoes which have a sweet taste and are less sour. desi or country tomatoes are very sour. on a few occasions, i have myself made tomato gravies with tangy and sour tomatoes. no amount of sugar could balance it. but yes some more cream added did balance the sourness, but in turn the gravies would become too creamy. some grated khoya or mawa can also be added to balance the sourness. another option is to add some cashew paste or finely ground cashew powder. i hope this helps.

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    • whenever you prepare anything with tomatoes, the tomatoes should be ripe but firm. they should be red in color and not yellow from outside. they should not be soft or squishy. generally the variety of tomatoes which are larger in size than the desi variety of tomatoes, should be used for recipes where tomato gravy is the key ingredient. you can make the cashew and tomato paste together. you can add some cream to the gravy and the sourness of tomatoes will go away.

      • Thankyou so much for your tips! Can we add milk powder directly to de dish instead of cream?

        • welcome nashara. you can add milk powder. but with milk powder, you have to be careful as it makes the dish excessively sweet. so i would suggest to add just 1/2 tablespoon first. if not creamy or sweet enough, then add 1/2 tablespoon more. but avoid adding more than 1 tablespoon.

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    • thanks dee. the color of the gravy is not due to the masalas. its the tomatoes which give the color. i also use often garam masala while making paneer butter masala. whenever making any gravy with tomatoes, do make sure you add large, ripe and red tomatoes.

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    • some flavor does come from the fenugreek leaves and this won’t be there if you skip it. but overall the taste will be good. you can add a light pinch of fenugreek powder.

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    • ingredients is mentioned in the recipe card. if you are using the app, then there is some issue with the recipe card not appearing and we are working on it to get solved as soon as possible.

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    • preferably add cashews as almond would change and alter the taste of paneer butter masala. hope this help’s you.

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        Thank you

        • nimmi, even i do the same for almond based gravies. but with almonds, the taste changes. it won’t taste like a authentic paneer butter masala. since i have also used almonds a couple of times as a variation while making this paneer butter masala, i know that the taste changes. but if you are okay with the taste change and want a healthier option, then definitely almonds are a better choice.

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    • thanks a lot supra. teaspoon is a small spoon like the ones served with coffee or tea in restaurants. tablespoon is slightly bigger. i think some measurement have gone wrong since you do not have the correct spoons. just cook for a couple of minutes and the raw aroma of garam masala will go away.

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    The fact is that reducing the tomato down and then building up again with cashew is a labour of love and it shows in the taste. Do not skip the water whilst grinding the cashews as it helps ease the mixing and thickening enormously. So far for me this has earned a ‘T5DD’ badge. It is a ‘Top 5 Dassana Dish’.

    • thank you very much rohit for this words and an awesome feedback. made my day today. to tell you the truth, i make this dish as the center piece only and keep very few side dishes with it. because this one dish that gets over in no time 🙂

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    • welcome tina. i agree with you, may be the tomatoes were too sour. try adding some more cream.

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    • thanks mrs arora for your positive feedback. yes its better to soak the cashews. but if you don’t have time then you can grind it directly.

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    • welcome ann. kasuri methi gives a good aroma and flavor to the dish. kasuri methi won’t remove the tang. the tang is due to the tomatoes. in such recipes, its always better to use tomatoes which are ripe and less tangy or sour. also if you add more cream the tang will be balanced. adding more sugar helps, but what happens is the final dish gets a sweet and tangy taste due to the tangy tomatoes.

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    • thanks tanmayee for the feedback. this gravy is the basic makhani gravy. you can even make this gravy and use veggies in it. ginger julienne add a texture and a nice flavor to the dish. yes there is a raw taste of ginger, but very less as you have the gravy too with chapatis or naan. it may go well with some people and not with some people. as taste preferences differ from people to people. you can skip the ginger julienne easily.

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    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! And your homemade paneer recipe, which is amazing!

    • thanks for the feedback joya. either tandoori masala can be added or garam masala. both work well in this recipe. cashew paste helps in thickening gravy and also gives a nice sweet taste. if you use cream, then add more, about 1/4 to 1/3 cup to give more body to the gravy.

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    2. I guess I used too much water for cashew paste.
    3. I finished off with a little more than 1 tsp kasuri methi.

    All the other ingredients I followed them to the hilt. Can you advise if the above mentioned portions could have gone wrong?

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    • fine. my answers below.
      1. the tomatoes would have been very juicy and thats why it took so long. you could have continued to cook further for some more minutes. if pressed for time, then increase the heat and continue to cook.
      2. even if you used more water in the cashew paste, you could have just continued to cook and saute till the water content was reduced considerably. you can also add less water later.
      3. if more is added, kasuri methi can also give bitter tones to the gravy. it also depends on the quality of kasuri methi.

      hope this helps.

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    • manish, cashews is kaju in hindi

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    • shazia, ginger-juliened is small thin strips of ginger. smaller than match stick size.

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    • if adding honey, then add once the paneer butter masala is warm. don’t add when hot. i just read some months back, then honey becomes toxic when heated. so better to avoid and add sugar.

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    • thanks bindu. good to hear from you. also glad to know that your family liked both kadai paneer and paneer butter masala recipes.

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    • in this recipe, its tej patta. though i have to use the word bay leaf or to specifically write indian bay leaf. but technically both tej patta & bay leaf are different. in india we use tej patta and not bay leaf. but bay leaf can be substituted for tej patta. you can easily get tej patta in any shop, if you live in india. if you live abroad, you will get them at an indian store or asian store.

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    • thats a big compliment 🙂 thanks a lot. good to know that this paneer butter masala was loved by your family.

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    I made this paneer butter masala for the first time today. I used canned tomatoes instead of fresh, and didn’t have all the fancy stuff you put at the end – methi leaves. After all turned out fine – will have it with naan bread and steamed greens for dinner 🙂

    Just discovered your blog – well done guys!

    Regards from London,

    • thanks for the feedback marija. with fresh tomatoes, paneer butter masala tastes much better. do try this way next time.

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    • there are many recipes on the blog. you can see which recipes suits you to prepare and search from the google search button on top.

  178. Your all recipes are nice..Plz give me idea how can i make this recipe tasty without onion and garlic???..

    • just follow the recipe. even without onion & garlic, this paneer butter masala recipe will taste great. there is already no onion in the recipe. just skip the garlic. as a substitute add a generous pinch of asafoetida when you add ginger.

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    • because this is the recipe which i have learnt during my home science days. there is no particular reason otherwise. but even onion paste can be added.

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    can u please reply to my email, because I do not want to miss your reply as well as other recipes…
    thanks and waiting for more such easy recipes.

    • instead of cashew paste, you can easily use almond paste or a mixed paste of poppy seeds (khus khus), almonds and melon seeds (magaz). but the taste will be different. to make the gravy thick you will have to add either khoya/mava or cream or the mixed nut paste. but then again the taste changes and the gravy becomes heavy. but will taste good.

      puree is blending a vegetable or fruit to a smooth pulp. if you use a good blender or grinder, then even with skins, you will get a nice smooth puree. i have removed your email address for security reasons. there are many recipes on the blog and i keep on updating them. you can always use the google search button on top and search the recipes you want.

    • Hello Dassana,
      thanks for your reply with different ingredients to substitute cashew paste..Thanks for thinking of my safetly ad remvoing my email address. I did not think of it. Thanks.
      I have put a querry on your page for pavbhaji. My bhaji always becomes thick, heavy, not light and liquidy as Bombay pavbhaji. Pls reply about it also.Thanks for taking trouble to make our cooking easy.God bless you.

      • welcome usha. i have already replied to your query on the pav bhaji post. just you need to add some more water to get a slightly thin consistency.

  183. Hi dassana, i ve been following your site from few months but never posted anything. I’ve lot of things to say and i dont know from where to start.
    I’m bachelor have never been interested in cooking nor have cooked anything. But from quite few months i have been watching some food shows on TLC & Fox Traveller and slowly i am getting very much interested in cooking.

    One day i was alone in my home, i dont know what to cook then one of my friend suggested me to try this paneer butter masala. To be honest, i’ve never thought that i will be able to cook this and i was surprised on myself when i cooked it and it came out so awesome, so delicious that i just cant believe on myself.

    and it was all got possible because of your site. Your detailed easy explanation made cooking very easy. I deeply appreciate your efforts to develop this amazing website. I have paneer in home using your guide. I was very soft and pure much better than market one. So far i’ve tried seera, rajmah, cakes (i love baking) and all of then turned awesome.

    I also have a picture of paneer butter masala that i made. I dont know how to show you. Anyway, i wants some advise. I am going to travel in train. I will leave my home at 4 in the morning. So i want some links to dishes that i could make for my lunch & dinner. You know how train foods are. I’m travelling on AC compartment, dont know how long a food will last made in 4am. Just want to know if there is any? Dried & simple.

    • thanks gurpal for your kind words and replying a bit late. you can message or share the paneer butter masala pic on our fb page – when we travel, i usually pack the simple indian fare – pooris with an aloo sabzi or methi thepla or aloo paratha with some pickle. sometimes i make herbed rolls or bread and make a mayonnaise based veggie filling in the rolls or bread. hope this helps.

  184. I couldn’t find methi leaves, only the seeds. Can these be use in replacement? Or is there an alternative I can use instead?

    • yes you can add methi seeds, but in powdered form. just a pinch of lightly roasted methi seeds would suffice. roast 1 or 2 seeds (thats quite a small amount) and then powder in a mortar-pestle.

  185. i want to make this recipe for 30 people can u tell me how much ingredient should i take


    • difficult to write for 30 people. in gravy recipes, everything has to added with the indian method of andaz or approximation.

  186. Hii!! thank u soo much for the recipe! Am a teenager n i love cooking! This was my first trial with paneer! I made it n it my mom n dad liked it soo much! Am really really happy. Thankyou once again! :))

    • welcome shika. nice to know that your first attempt in cooking paneer recipe, came out very well. do try some more recipes.

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    My children loved your way of making paneer butter masala

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    • welcome amrita. glad to know that you both liked paneer butter masala. yes, do try some more recipes from the blog.

  189. My wife left to her mom’s place for rakhi for abt 6-7 days, really worried abt my son’s lunch, which he takes to school. Am not a great cook but can manage simple dal-chaval cooking. He wants to eat paneer butter masala tomorrow. I searched other sites too but found urs simplest n tempting. Am going to try this recipe. Will keep u posted. Wish me luck….lol

    • thanks atul. do try and give feedback if possible. happy cooking. it is a simple recipe of paneer butter masala.

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    Thanks a ton for the awesome recipe. I m new to cooking but seriously enjoyed cooking and it turned out beautifully. May god continue to bless you to come up with many more recipes and fill many hearts.


    • welcome yeshwini and big thanks for your best wishes.

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  194. I made this for dinner tonight as part of a big Indian feast and it was fantastic! This was my first time making and cooking with cashew cream, and it certainly won’t be the last. I served this with red rice, garlic naan, and lots of other veg Indian dishes. Yum!

    • thanks marie. good to know that you liked it.

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    From these many comments from readers itself I could understand that this must be a fabulous recipe. Will try it soon and give you a feedback. I just have one quest. Will blanching tomato and then making puree reduce the cook time of tomatoes. Also will this have any added taste?

    • thanks priya. yes it reduces the cooking time. but taste wise its same. yes, do share the feedback.

  198. Hello Dassana, well last night I really didn’t have much time for cooking yet I wanted to make something special for my husband, he loves paneer and this recipe is an absolute star it turned out to be sooooo yum that I can’t wait to make it again… Thanks for the share 🙂

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  199. Hello Dassana.. seriously this dish is amazing… Let me tell u,I am amateur when it comes to cooking… I tried this dish last night , everyone loveeed it.. These compliments and appreciation really matters as it gives confidence that I can cook good food. Today we have a small party and again I am making this dish.. yesterday I made it for 5 serves and today I am going to make it for ten .. Dish is delicious above that the way you have explained it step by step. , very nice…. Thank you…

    • welcome mansi ji and thanks for this positive feedback. i think everybody can cook good food. its just that we need some guidance initially and the right recipe to follow. most important thing in cooking is the correct recipe and we should cook food with love and in a peaceful state of mind. presence of mind also saves many recipes… as many times we have adjust the salt and masalas in the end.

  200. I wasnt very familiar with cooking anything..this is the first dish I tried and it was a success..thank you soo much for such an easy recipe..can you put up more recipes of dishes with paneer? Its my personal favourite=)

    • welcome remie. your cooking journey has started on a positive note. keep trying more recipes to learn more about cooking. yes, i will post more paneer recipes slowly.

  201. This recipe is just awesome….the color is unbelievable…its same orange red color without adding anything artificial…and its yummy…easy and quick to make.this recipe is definitely a keeper for me..I made it in 10 minutes and it was difficult for me to believe…thank u so much…by the way,this is the second time I have been making this in 15 days.:-)

    • welcome arundathi and big thanks for this positive feedback on paneer butter masala. glad to know that you liked it so much.

  202. Hi, wanted to know if you pureed raw tomatoes or boiled them before pureeing.

    • i pureed raw tomatoes. but you can also blanch the tomatoes before pureeing.

  203. Can you make this in advance? I want to make this for a large get together. I know you said not to multiply the recipe more than double so I am going to make it 3 times. can I put it in the fridge and heat when ready to serve?

    • paneer butter masala tastes best when served immediately. the sauce thickens when cooled down. you can reheat it. what i suggest is to make the sauce first. when serving, just reheat the sauce. while reheating, combine all the three sauces you made three times. when reheating you add fresh paneer/cottage cheese and kasuri methi methi and garam masala. cook till the cottage cheese become soft. the sauce will thicken naturally, so add some water to thin it also.

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    • yes you can. but brown it very well.

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  208. This recipe is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe Dassana! I made it a week ago and I will never have this dish in a restaurant again. The only thing I did change was that I slightly fried the paneer in butter before mixing it in the gravy.

    • thanks priti for your feedback. glad to know that you loved the recipe so much.

  209. Yummy is the word for ur recipie. My in laws loved it. I love cooking so I just keep searching for recipes on d net. I saw ur recipe and it looked easy so I took gods name and started with the recipe and what else should I say it turned out so yummy (but I didn’t get to eat) I just tasted a bit to check whether everything was perfect. It was good but I cooked less quantity. Loved it

    • thanks manisha for this positive feedback. next time make more quantity so that you can eat the curry and as well share it with your loved ones.

  210. For the first time in my Life, I decided to cook and prepare this dish for my aged parents and myself. I GOOGLED and found your link. I just followed the instructions and it took me an hour and the outcome was simply superb and my Parents too liked it. Thanks for your STEP BY STEP instructions. The best part was the philosophical realization while cooking. We take our parents for granted and for ages women in families have spent time, money and energy in preparing healthy and tasty dishes. Eating and commenting adversely takes no significant effort than the cooking. Importance of food, parents, family and the fact of nurturing this body after creating it for us, parents never claim credit but it goes without saying and speaks volumes about their nurturing. Anyway, thanks for a wonderful post

    • thanks natarajan. i liked reading your comment very much. good you shared your thoughts. they are so true.

    • great to hear such feelings

  211. I never knew how to make Panneer Butter Masala. But after reading the recipe here i came to knew its simple and doing it is very easy. Thanks a lot.. 🙂

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    • thanks mohit. i don’t know what to write. your comment made my day and is very motivating.

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    thank you so much.

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  215. Hi Dasanna, thanks for the reply.I tried husband likes Dis dish very much.really its simple and tasty dish.


    • yes it is simple and still delicious. thanks 🙂

  216. Marvellous and easiest. Thanks to your recipe we had an awesome dish yesterday.

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  217. I adjusted mine a bit only because I thought I had more tomatoes and I didn’t. I actually took a risk and used half a carton of Pacific’s Tomato and Red Pepper soup. I also used two blocks of firm organic tofu (I dried it out between paper towels over night in fridge) instead of paneer and I doubled the cashew cream. It came out soooooo good!!

    • thanks juliette. glad to know the substitutions worked well.

    • I also prepared it with organic tofu and it turned out great.

      • thanks arundhati for the feedback


    • thanks sheetal

  219. Dear Dassana,

    The preparation is really awesome. My daughter loves north Indian dishes and please do let me know how exactly you make tomato puree. do you blanch them and blend it. I am going to try many dishes from your collection .thanks a lot for sharing them

    • thanks sheela. you can blanch or just puree them. when i make these punjabi recipe using tomato puree, i don’t blanch them. i just puree them finely in a blender. only for soups and if the recipe calls, i blanch the tomatoes.

  220. Hi I have a question.don’t we need to add the onion in panner butter masala?

    • usually in a makhani gravy, onion is not added. but if you want you can add them.

  221. Dear Dassana

    I am a doctor from Kerala and my daughter loves north Indian and punjabi dishes. Today I made Matar paneer from your blog and my daughter and our whole family just loved it and in near future I will try you paneer butter masala. just give me a correct description of making the tomato puree. I suppose you blanch tomatoes and remove skin and then blend it well


  222. I just tried this recipe…It came out good….But i felt that the the masala didn’t get into paneer …What could have went wrong?I did an extra step to your recipe,that is kept the paneer soaked in hot boiling water for about half an hour before i started making this recipe(Read somewhere that it makes the paneer softer)…And one more does frying paneer before putting into the masala enhance the taste ormake it softer?

    • paneer soaking in hot boiling water for half hour must have almost cooked the paneer, if you would have used fresh paneer. just soaking in warm water for 30 mins will soften them. i guess this is the reason the masala flavor did not get absorbed by the paneer. frying the paneer, enhances the taste.

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    just finished cooking this recipe. I had added this recipe in my cooking list. I just get scared when things like cashew cream etc are added because I think I will not be able to do it. I had gotten the ingredients and got the courage to make it took God’s name and it turned out great. My husband sampled it and he remembered his aunt who lives in Mumbai. So another great recipe from you, thank you

    • thanks huma. i am glad you tried this one in spite of your doubts. i only worry when yogurt has to be added to any gravy. sometimes they blend so well without splitting and sometimes not so well 🙂

  227. dear chef
    i just would like to know that is paneer butter masala and paneer makhani same things or not? if not than mail me paneer makhani recipe on my email id [email protected].
    best regards

    • both paneer butter masala and paneer makhani is the same. the difference if any would be the use of spices in the recipe. i plan to add a paneer makhani post soon.

  228. Thanks for the simple and lovely recipe. Made it for my husband’s office party and it was appreciated by all!

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  229. Looks great!
    I am planning to make paneer-butter masala for the first time – or team lunch (potluck), for about 10 -12 people. I wanted to check, if onions can also be used.
    Your explanation with pictures gives ‘very simple to follow’ steps.
    Please confirm.
    Will give you the feedback once the luncheon is over!

    • you can add onions. sure, do give the feedback.

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    I made it..
    Thanks a lot..
    My whole family loved it..The pictures helped me a lot.. so that i could see how it should be..
    Thanks again

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  231. The way you made looks awesome. But I made it tastes tomato curry. Dont know what kind of mistake happen.colour , everything looks same as yours. but tastes tomato.can u tell me how to get proper taste??

    • it does not taste like tomato curry 🙂 the addition of cashews change the whole taste and flavor. i am not sure what went wrong. i suggest to use ripe red tomatoes. these tomatoes are not sour. you can also add 1 or 2 tbsp of cream towards the end.

  232. I like the way you have shown picture and details of the receipe. It gives you more confidence to make the receipe as it is. By seeing the picture you could memorize the receipe too. I have been going through so many site on receipes but yours is unique because you have given the minute details of the receipe too even a first time cook can make the receipe perfect. Thanks for taking the trouble for the new comers in receipe world.

    • welcome mehjabeen for this positive feedback. such motivating comments always helps. its good to know that the blog is helping you all in your cooking.

  233. Hi Dassana… I have recently got married and trying my hand at cooking these days with your recipes… thanks they come really handy for girls like me I m sure.. so about this recipe.. I wish to know.. what if I do not use cashew and wish to use Amul cream instead.. would that go with it… if yes .. when do I add the cream

    • thanks a lot. you can add 2 to 3 tbsp of amul cream right towards the end once the tomato gravy is cooked and done. add the cream, stir well and just simmer on a low flame for about 30 seconds to a minute.

  234. Very nice. Thank you for sharing My whole family love it. I have a question. Do you know how to make Kaju khoya paneer curry. Thanks again. Anjali

    • a friend had shared this recipe with me. i have not made it till now. will surely update in the future.

  235. Omg. This was so yummy. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Instead of tomatoes I was crushed tomatoes and added little cream to give the color. Thanks.

    • thanks for the suggestions anjali.

  236. Hii dassana
    Today im going to make this recipie as my mom and dad are out for a trip they l be coming back today ill make this recipe for them n hope they will enjoy it.Ur recipes are always awesome n tastes like resturant thanks for all your recipes… 🙂

    • welcome nihal and thanks for this positive feedback. hope you make a delicious dish for your parents. happy cooking.

  237. Hi there,
    If you would be so kind; what is the benefit of adding the garam masala at the end of the process as opposed to the beginning which in my experience is more common? Thanks very much , Danny

    • for some recipes, garam masala is added towards the end so that its aroma & flavor stays in the curry or vegetable dish. if added while cooking or sauting, the flavor is not that effective as while added towards the end. but this depends on the recipe.

      also there are two kinds of garam masala. one is kachcha garam masala (meaning raw in hindi) and the other is pakka garam masala (meaning cooked in hindi). in the raw garam masala, the spices are just ground after keeping them in sun for a few days. whereas in the pakka garam masala, the spices are roasted and then ground. so the kachcha garam masala needs to be cooked or sauted. whereas the pakka garam masala can be added just toward the end. the ready made store brought garam masala are usually roasted and then ground.

      • Wow, such much to learn! I live in Britain so making my own sun dried kachcha garam masala might be a bit difficult seeing as we have so little sun! I suppose the best tactic would be to roast my own spices to make a pakka garam masala. Thank you very much for the quick and detailed reply.

        • welcome danny. you can have a look at this recipe of punjabi garam masala –
          this one is a kachcha (uncooked) version. but you can roast the spices (except dry ginger) and then ground them.

  238. hii ,
    In tomato puree shall i use the homemade tomato puree or puchase it from shop?
    im a bit confused about it please help. 🙂

    • you can use the ready made one too. but homemade one is surely better.

  239. Made your palak paneer recipe tonight, outstanding, just devine and easy instructions to follow – many thanks, have just read this recipe for butter paneer and reviews and would love your recipe to adapt to butter chicken if possible. Thanks so much, will be trying alot more of your recipes – yum!!

    • thanks susan for this positive feedback. yes, do try more recipes.

      • thanks, loving the palak paneer with loads of spinach now growing in the garden!, can I adapt this paneer butter recipe to butter chicken by adding chicken ?, have tried another butter chicken recipe but wasn’t quite what I was after and would love to try your version of the recipe

        • thanks susan. you can use the sauce recipe, but the chicken has to be a marinated tandoori chicken. what i will do is, i will send you a pic of the original recipe i have in my home science notes. i still have to send it to a few readers too.

  240. Dear sister,

    I tried this paneer butter masala and come out well. I’m newly married and my hubby liked and appreciated me .

    Thanks a lot sister.


    • welcome vinodhini. nice to hear the word sister. do visit the blog again.

  241. i triying today lest good luck for me!!!!!!

    • all the best.

  242. hi dasanna,
    was just wondering vl da taste differ if v blend tomatoes and cashews u did in matar paneer….?saving some time n effort… 😛

    • hi kirti, you can blend both the tomatoes and cashews together. a slight difference in taste and not much.

  243. hi,will the taste of dish change if i use fresh cream instead of cashewnut paste?please tell me how much quanity of fresh cream will do for the dish

    • the taste will change. i suggest to add at least 3 tbsp cream (low fat about 20-25% percent). add the cream toward the end and let it simmer for about half a minute.

  244. Hi Dassana, thnx for the recipe…
    I just read it now & will try making it tomorrow ..
    But I am sure that it will be very delicious

    • thanks aman and happy cooking.

  245. Hi Dassana,

    Thanks for your revert… This will really help… Your replies are really value adding..
    Pls keep adding the recipies. My wife also likes your recipes..
    All the Best and Wish you very Happy Sankranti ….

    • welcome mudhoji. wishing happy makar sankranti to you and your wife.

  246. Hi Dassana,

    I really like your recipes and your recipes are really very rich and in detail. Even your replies to comments are very sincere and value adding.

    I need your input on one point. In most of the Panjabi dishes, there are two most common ingredients. 1) Cashewnut and 2) Cream. I think both are costly. (Especially when we make this dish in bulk for say 10 to 15 people). Are there economical options/replacements to both of these, wherein we can achieve the purpose of these ingredients without loosing taste and Punjabi flavour of the dish.

    Please guide…..

    Things apart, I love your site…..

    • hi mudhoji

      first of all thanks. as you said, if being made for a large gathering, then they do turn out to be expensive. a suggestion would be to use magaz (melon seeds). they contribute to a light sweetness and creaminess. only the taste will be slightly different. curd/yogurt used in a certain proportion also makes the gravy creamy and thick. just one has to be sure that the dish does not become too sour. also if onion paste and tomato puree is used, then too the curry tastes good with the usual masalas. even milk can be added in the curries. hope this helps.

  247. Really nice and easy to make…..thanks….

    • welcome sithara

  248. No words to describe the taste.I had made this several times.Nowadays my daughter
    asks for more gravy as ur dish became very very popular in her class.

    • thats nice to know priya. paneer butter masala is a popular dish 🙂

  249. Its really help us to prepare the good food from this side.

  250. Thanks for the recipe, turned out great evn by a bachelor like me and was finished in mins by my room mattes.
    Amazing 🙂

    • welcome akshay. happy new year to you in advance.

  251. Why don’t you post non-veg recipes.

    • ganesh, because i have become vegetarian.

  252. My cashew paste never turns out to be smooth. It always has the chunks of cashews in it ! What should I do?

    • i suggest to soak cashews for 30-40 minutes in warm water. you can also soak for a few hours or overnight in water at room tempearture. use a good blender or grinder. add very little water and make a smooth paste. if the blender or grinder is good, you won’t get chunks of cashews. you can even use chutney grinder to make the paste.

  253. its better but it can improve by only small things which is easily in home

  254. Excellent Recipe! Thanks for posting 🙂

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  255. Hello Dassana,

    I was looking for a Papdi Chaat recipe and came upon your blog. For the past couple of hours, I’ve been looking at your recipes – they all look so yummy. You explain things so well and the pictures are fantastic. Would you e-mail me a copy of your recipe for the Chicken Butter Masala which I noticed 2 other posters requested? I’ve never made paneer but will try your recipe and then use it to make Paneer Butter Masala.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. Many blessings to you.

    Mary Ann

    • thanks a lot mary ann. i have to even email the other two readers. i haven’t mailed them yet. i shall include you also in the mailing list then. do try the this recipe as well as the other recipes.

  256. thanks 4 giving me dis recipe its very tasty

    • welcome nivetha

  257. Kindly let us know if we have to put yellow powder?



    • by yellow powder, you mean edible yellow color or turmeric/hadli?

  258. it’s goood to see this recipe

  259. I want to confirm something…… I blended the tomatoes (fresh-uncooked) and put them through a sieve to remove the seeds/skin. I then used the puree in the dish. Is this correct or should the puree be cooked before using? Please let me know asap. Thanks. It tasted wonderful the way I did it anyway 🙂

    • the puree need not be cooked before. you can use this method too. it will taste good anyways 🙂

  260. yammmi……………………………..its very eeasy to cook and also tried in my home everyone like it.

    • welcome subha

  261. Preparation is very long. As per me its 15 minutes only.

    • i cook on a low flame and hence the time. of cooked on a high flame the cooking time is quick.

  262. I made paneer at home with the help of your instructions and my my! It turned out to be soft and so yummy! It was my first time so I made the paneer using just half a litre of milk(wasn’t too sure I’ll get it right), and I later on used it to make this paneer butter masala. I felt I should have made some more because it turned out to be the bestest paneer dish I’ve ever made!!! Thank you so much! Your recipes are wonderful – I wish I had stumbled upon it much earlier 🙂

    • welcome navitha. nice to know that you liked the paneer butter masala recipe.

  263. This was super simple, quick and absolutely delicious! I think next time I may experiment w a bit of milk or cream as I felt that the sauce could have tasted a bit fuller but it was nearly perfect as is! Thanks!

    • welcome linds

  264. just love to have this paneer butter masala- naan combination.All these days i have never tried to prepare one such on my own. thank you so much Dassana for such a wonderful and succinctly put recipe.
    Tomorrow i am gonna make my paneer butter masala.

    • welcome prem.

  265. Heloo…this recipe was just too good…it came out awesum……can you tell me…what changes i have to do to make butter chicken……

    • i have to mail one more reader a butter chicken recipe. will mail both of you the recipe.

  266. yesterday I prepared this curry.. super taste.. thank u so much

    • welcome pallavi

  267. Cn u tel me hw to make paneer hydrabadi?

    • ritesh, i will post the paneer hyderabadi recipe in future.

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  269. this is very very nice recipes

  270. Hi Chef,

    can we make the chicken butter masala in a same way?? instead of paneer add chicken?? plz advice.

    • no…. for chicken butter masala, the chicken pieces have to be marinated in a yogurt-spice mixture. bakes/roasted/grilled in oven/tandoor. then shredded into small pieces. then the gravy is made and the chicken shreds or pieces are added to the gravy. let me know if you want the recipe, i will mail you.

  271. Very easy to make and I added tomato paste and few fresh tomatoes it added very nice color to gravy

  272. It is very good dish in dinner.Prepare in quickly.Nice r like.

  273. I have made the panner butter masala just the way you described and it has come wonderfully. Thanks for the recipe! You make cooking fun and your descriptions just make my mouth water!!! 🙂

    • welcome poojitha. motivating comments like this are always a treat to read.

  274. This is a great recipe. Thank you. I made Cheese Butter Masala (rather than paneer) using a cheese that softens but nearly keeps its shape. Delicious.

  275. Hi,

    I tried the recipe and it came out well. But i would like it to be a lil spicier , so what should i add in?


    • actually paneer butter masala is sweet. you can soak a dry red chili in water and then grind it with the tomatoes when pureeing the tomatoes. another way is to increase the amount of green chilies or add an extra red chili powder.

  276. Very nice.mmm and very tasty

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    • asafoetida or hing substitutes well with onion and garlic. so any recipe not using onions and garlic does have asafoetida in it. you can add a generous pinch of asafoetida powder in the recipe.

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