cold coffee

coffee milkshake recipe, cold coffee recipe

Cold coffee recipe with step by step photos. Cold coffee is a shake made by blending coffee with milk and sugar. It is a popular cold beverage liked by many

lassi recipe

lassi recipe, sweet lassi recipe

Lassi recipe With step by step photos – Sweet Lassi is another cooling and refreshing drink to have in the summers. It is quite popular in Punjab and north India. This sweet

kanji recipe | black carrot kanji drink

carrot kanji, gajar kanji

Kanji recipe With step by step photos – gajar ki kanji or black carrot kanji is a traditional Punjabi fermented drink that is made in the winters. Black carrots appear

mango falooda

mango falooda

Mango falooda recipe with step by step photos – mango falooda is a quick, easy and delicious dessert drink made with fresh mango puree, chopped mangoes and mango ice cream.

aam panna

aam panna, mango panna

Aam panna recipe with step by step photos. It is a refreshing summer cooler popular in northern and western parts of India. This recipe post shares the method of making

mango mastani

mango mastani recipe

Mango mastani recipe with step by step photos – thick mango milk shake with ice cream. Mastani is a dessert drink which originated in Pune and is very popular. Basically

dry fruits milkshake recipe

dry fruits milkshake recipe

Dry fruits milkshake recipe with step by step photos – dry fruits milkshake is a healthy beverage as well a great energy supplement for anyone who wants a quick boost

ginger tea

ginger tea recipe

Ginger tea recipe With step by step photos – tea is a beverage I make everyday. ginger tea is a very common Indian beverage made from tea leaves and fresh ginger. Its also

paan shots | paan sharbat

Paan shots or paan sharbat drink is a cooling and refreshing summer drink made from paan or betel leaves. This paan shots recipe was shared by my mom. She had

piyush recipe

piyush recipe

Piyush is a smooth and creamy beverage popular in the Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine of western India. To make piyush, shrikhand (a thick yogurt based dessert) and Buttermilk are whisked

kesar falooda

kesar pista falooda recipe

Kesar falooda recipe with step by step photos – a simple yet lovely dessert drink with saffron & pistachios flavored milk. I made falooda many times in this summer season.

filter coffee

filter coffee recipe

Filter coffee recipe with step by step photos – easy to prepare and popular South Indian filter coffee recipe. Filter coffee is one of my favorite coffee and I do

pina colada

pina colada recipe, virgin pina colada recipe

Pina colada recipe with step by step photos – Virgin pina colada is a refreshing vegan mocktail drink made with fresh pineapple juice, coconut milk and ice cubes. A healthy

strawberry milkshake

strawberry milkshake

Strawberry milkshake is a refreshing healthy drink to recharge your energy levels. Good for kids as well as a breakfast beverage. Recently I got a packet of strawberries from Mahabaleshwar.

guava juice

guava juice recipe

Guava juice recipe with step by step photos – a recipe as well as a method on how to make guava fruit juice. Guava fruit is rich in vitamin C

apple pomegranate juice

apple pomegranate juice recipe

Apple pomegranate juice recipe – easy and healthy juice recipe to give you a quick boost of energy. Good for summers when we often get drained and tired. Both these

Mango Lassi

mango lassi, aam ki lassi

Mango Lassi Recipe with Step by Step Photos – Thick, smooth and delicious mango lassi recipe. I make Mango Lassi and Sweet Lassi often to beat the heat during summers in

vegan mango milkshake with coconut milk

vegan mango milkshake

Vegan mango milkshake recipe with step by step photos – It is is one of most sought after healthy drink during summers in India. Apart from this milkshake, Apple milkshake

buttermilk recipe | chaas recipe

chaas recipe, buttermilk recipe, salted chaas recipe

Chaas or buttermilk recipe – This is one of the popular summer cooler made with yogurt, made all over India with some variations. Buttermilk is not only a cooling drink

Masala Chai | Masala Tea

masala chai recipe

Masala chai recipe with step by step photos. Masala Chai is an Indian spiced tea made with whole spices and milk. Tea along with Filter coffee is a preferred drink

mango almond smoothie recipe


Mango almond smoothie recipe – an easy, delicious and healthy recipe of a smoothie made with mangoes and almonds. If you want to skip adding almonds then you can check this

lemon mojito recipe

basil lemon mojito, basil lemon mojito recipe

Lemon mojito recipe with step by step photos – refreshing summer mocktail beverage with fresh basil and lemon. Usually mojito is made with mint leaves. however, this drink with basil and

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