sweet lime juice recipe | mosambi juice recipe | 2 ways to make juice

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mosambi juice recipe, sweet lime juice recipe

refreshing sweet lime juice or mosambi juice

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sweet lime juice recipe – sweet lime is also known as mosambi in hindi. one of our favorite juice with a citrus fruit is sweet lime juice. sweet lime are sweet in taste and sometimes they narrow even to a somewhat bland taste. these fruits do not feel acidic in flavor or taste and are also not sour.

sweet lime juice

both nimbu pani and mosambi juice are common indian drinks and you will find street vendors selling these in many places. they add black salt, chaat masala and cumin powder to the juice.

on the streets of bombay & delhi, you will see many vendors making fresh mosambi juice. another similar drink from mumbai is this ganga jamuna juice.

i got lots of sweet lime from the market and since it has become pretty hot here… (sigh…  i don’t see any winters coming nor do i feel any coolness knocking on our doors) i made the mosambi juice… this was so refreshing.

sweet lime

i just kept the mosambi juice plain and it was a great heat reliever on this day.

you have to consume the sweet lime juice fresh as if you allow it to stand for some minutes, it starts tasting bitter. sweet lime is also an excellent juice for the fasting or vrat in the navratri season.

sweet lime juice recipe

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sweet lime juice recipe details below:

mosambi juice recipe, sweet lime juice recipe
5 from 3 votes

mosambi juice recipe

refreshing sweet lime juice or mosambi juice
course beverages & drinks
cuisine indian
prep time 15 minutes
total time 15 minutes
servings 2
author dassana

ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)

  • 6 to 7 sweet limes, peeled and chopped or mosambi
  • sugar or honey as required - depends on the sweetness of the sweet limes
  • black salt as required (optional)
  • roasted cumin powder as required (optional)
  • chaat masala as required (optional)

how to make mosambi juice recipe

1st method to make sweet lime juice:

  1. in a electric juicer, add the sweet lime pieces in the juice feeder and extract the juice.
  2. add sugar or honey and stir.
  3. serve in glasses plain with some ice cubes or with some black salt and roasted cumin powder

2nd method to make sweet lime juice::

  1. remove the seeds from the sweet lime.
  2. in a blender blend the sweet lime.
  3. now strain the juice in a fine strainer.
  4. the pulp will get collected in the strainer.
  5. squeeze the pulp or press the pulp with a back of a spoon in the strainer to extract additional juice.
  6. discard the pulp.
  7. add sugar or honey to the strained sweet lime juice.
  8. add some ice cubes and serve chilled sweet lime juice.

recipe notes

if you are making sweet lime juice for religious fast or vrat, then add rock salt or sendha namak.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely recipe
    Next time i will try mixing these Masalas
    Thank u

    • Welcome Royston

  2. Thx 4 sharing it with us…one day im realy gonna taste this juice…just by looking im realy exhausted…wat is gonna be after drinkin it…will try for sure…♥♥♥ 198

    • welcome inderjit

  3. Yummy I get this juice everytime I visit India ! I juice oranges in the States but it’s not the same 🙂

  4. I sure hope I get to try this one day. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    • welcome patty. whenever you get sweet lime, just have them plain or make a juice. they are really good.

  5. looks like , to face darn hotness now i need to make one.

  6. Dassana, the juice looks so refreshing!

    I have found so many varieties of oranges here in the US, but never found the mosambi. Or maybe I am yet to find it. I miss the mosambis though:(

  7. You are right winter is no where near in sight :(…….and nothing better than this soothing drink….also love the cute baskets on which you have placed the limes…

  8. There was a time when I will only drink mosambi juice where ever I go ….you reminded me those days ….juice looks refreshing with lovely pics

  9. wow this looks so nice & refreshing Dassana, my all time fav juice…have grown up drinking this!

  10. My mon always make this for me when I was doing Jaya Parvati Vrat. such a refreshing.

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