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navratri recipes – navratri vrat recipes, fasting recipes.

here you will find a compiled list of fasting or vrat recipes that are made during the navratri festival.

in north and western india, 9 days fasting or vrat is kept during navratri festival. however, in south india fasting is not observed. in south india people do worship of deities and make sundals or sweet recipes to offer as prasadam.

thus there is a difference how navratri festival is celebrated all over india. this year chaitra navaratri begins on 21st march, 2015 and ends on 29th march, 2015. if you plan to keep fast during navratri then do check this list of navratri fasting food and rules.

below you will find both north indian and south indian recipes listed. also mentioned towards the end is a list of flours and cereals used during the fasting period.

north indian navratri vrat or fasting recipes:

main course recipes for navratri vrat or fasting:

snacks recipes for navaratri vrat or fast

navratri fasting recipes

desserts recipes for navratri fasting or vrat

beverages for navratri vrat or upvas:

all fruits can be eaten during navratri fasting. so you can make fruit salad, chaats, juices or milkshakes. remember to use sendha namak or rock salt. all milk products are also allowed during navratri fasting

accompaniments for navaratri fasting or vrat

navratri fasting recipes

south indian navaratri festival recipes:

below are some recipes that are made during navaratri festival in south india. all the recipes are without onion and garlic. but people who want to keep fast as done in north india should not make these below mentioned recipes as they are not fasting recipes.

sundal recipes – sundals are legume or lentil preparations made during ganesha chaturthi or the nine days of the navratri festival in south india. they can be made from different legumes or lentils like black eyed peas, sweet corn, moong beans, bengal gram, peanuts. more or less the method to prepare sundal is same with minor variations here and there.

kala chana sundal
white chickpeas sundal
rajma sundal
green peas sundal

in north india only certain flours and grains are allowed for making navratri recipes for people who observe fast or upvas on these 9 days. these are
1. singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour)
2. kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour)
3. rajgira ka atta (amaranth flour) and rajgira (amaranth)
4. sama ke chawal ka atta (barnyard millet flour) and vrat ke chawal (barnyard millet)
5. and arrowroot flour.
6. sabudana or sago
7. peanuts

plus rock salt or sendha namak is used for navratri fasting recipes instead of normal salt.
the spices and herbs are used varies from community to community. generally, green chilles, black pepper powder, and ginger are used. you can check my compiled list of navratri fasting food or ingredients.

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  1. latha narayanan says

    Very gud recipes and easy to understand and make tried aabudana kichdi came out well thanks

  2. bhawna says

    “Fried spicy arbi”
    Fry chopped arbi.Now take some oil add jeera,after a second add salt,Pepper,&aamchur.Now after all this add arbi to it cook for two minutes &now ur arbi is ready

  3. anyonya says

    Hi Dassana,

    very good recipes that helps to people who will do the nava ratri fastings at first time.

    happy navaratri…….:)

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    Thanks for giving us the Navratri specials from all the regions of India. I will be able to try the items on each day. Thanks once again.

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      hi seema. in north india, we don’t have green peas during navratri. but in south india, they have green peas as well as lentils & legumes during navratri.

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    Its lovely collection of recipes… I generally do not fast during navratri , but looking at your recipes is good enough for a change of mind :) . Wish you great navratri !

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    What a unique collection, every picture giving away a new story behind it.. specially liked the french fries and ~Vegan Ice cream