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Collection of 30 yogurt recipes. curd also known as yogurt is a fermented product made from milk. curd is also known as ‘dahi’ in hindi language. it has sweet sour taste when fresh and becomes very sour and acidic if kept for a long time. The curd which we we make in our homes in India is very different from the yogurt which is available in western countries or outside India. The taste of yogurt is also different than the taste of a Homemade curd.

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Milk is set to a creamy and thick curd with the help of beneficial bacteria which aid in fermenting the milk to curd. The bacteria converts lactose present in milk to lactic acid thus making curd a probiotic food. So Curd is good for the gut due to beneficial bacteria in it. Thus it also improves digestion.

This is the reason why they say that curd should never be heated. When curd is heated these friendly bacteria die and this makes curd devoid of health benefits to the gut.

Curd is best consumed during day time. avoid having curd at night as it can increase mucous. As a practice we do not consume curd or curd products at night or after evening time.

According to ayurveda generally people with vitiated or aggravated kapha dosha or pitta dosha should avoid curd. Though curd is helpful to balance a vitiated vata dosha. Ayurveda recommends having curd sweetened with sugar or jaggery.

Curd is a good source of calcium. so for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, curd can be taken everyday. Its especially beneficial for kids and women. Curd is also good in proteins.

In this collection I am sharing recipes where curd is one of the main ingredient or used in a good proportion or good amount. Since curd is used in many recipes, I have only selected the popular recipes in this collection. Curd is also used to make raita. So if you want to make raita then check this Collection of 27 raita recipes which has many popular raita varieties like:

Curd based dishes like lassi and chaas (buttermilk) are often consumed during summers or when its hot. This collection has recipes where you can use fresh curd or sour curd or Hung curd. you can use store bought curd or home made curd to make the recipes.

Collection of curd or yogurt recipes

1. Punjabi kadhi pakora recipe – one of the popular kadhi variety made in Punjabi homes. Fried onion pakoras in a creamy & sour yogurt sauce. Goes very well with rotis or steamed rice.

Punjabi kadhi pakora recipe

2. Dum aloo recipe – a simply delicious recipe of dum aloo made restaurant style. this dum aloo recipe uses a mix of onions, cashews, curd along with spices. No tomatoes are added in this recipe.

dum aloo recipe restaurant style

3. Thayir sadam recipe – curd rice is one of the most popular South Indian rice variety. It is often served with a South Indian meal and also part of South Indian thali meal.

curd rice recipe

4. Dahi aloo recipe – this is an easy and delicious Punjabi recipe of potatoes simmered in curd sauce. there is a also a no onion no garlic version of Dahi aloo already posted on the blog.

Punjabi dahi aloo recipe

5. Buttermilk rasam recipe – mor rasam also known as curd rasam is a rasam variety made from curd or buttermilk. Usually sour curd is used to make mor rasam and this gives a nice sour taste in the rasam along with the spiciness coming from the spices which are added.

curd rasam recipe

6. Gujarati kadhi recipe – the Gujarati kadhi is a light dish as no pakora is used unlike Punjabi kadhi. The kadhi is thin and sweet as jaggery/sugar is added to it. The recipe is quick to make and within 20 minutes the kadhi will be ready.

Gujarati kadhi recipe

7. Dahi bhindi recipe – sauted okra in a smooth, creamy, lightly spiced and tangy sauce. This delicious recipe of dahi wali bhindi is easy to make and goes very well accompanied with some hot Rotis, chapatis or Naan

dahi bhindi recipe

8. Rajasthani kadhi recipe – a very easy, delicious & quick kadhi recipe. The recipe does not take much time to make as no pakoras are added to it. a no onion no garlic recipe.

Rajasthani kadhi recipe

9. Kashmiri dum aloo recipe – baby potatoes in a spicy vibrant curd based gravy. This is a delicious and popular recipe from the Kashmiri cuisine and is often served in many restaurants.

Kashmiri dum aloo recipe

10. Dahi wali arbi recipe – mildly spiced and a thin curry made with arbi or taro roots in an onion-tomato gravy.

dahi wali arbi recipe

11. Aval dosa recipe – this poha dosa is super soft, spongy, porous and stays so even after some hours. The method to make poha dosas is slightly different than the one for Regular dosa. here the rice and poha are soaked in buttermilk. Then ground and fermented for 4 to 5 hours.

poha dosa recipe

12. Maharashtrian kadhi recipe – the taste of this kadhi is slightly sweet due to addition of sugar. You can use either fresh or sour yogurt. The tempering of curry leaves, asafoetida/hing, mustard and cumin perk up the kadhi. This kadhi is also a no onion and no garlic recipe.

Maharashtrian kadhi recipe

13. Hyderabadi veg biryani recipe – this vegetable biryani recipe is light, a bit spicy and super delicious. an authentic vegetable biryani is always slow cooked on dum. This cooking on dum gives the biryani its uniqueness and originality. This is how the biryani has the beautiful medley of the aromas, flavors and tastes caused by the blending of the ingredients used in making it.

Hyderabadi veg biryani recipe

14. Banarasi dum aloo recipe – this dum aloo recipe has a base of tomato, ginger and spices. Some yogurt & cream is also added. Baby potatoes work best, but you can also add regular potatoes.

dum aloo recipe UP style

Snacks recipes made with yogurt

1. Dahi ke kabab recipe – crisp, soft and tasty kababs made with dahi, besan (gram flour), onions and spices. In this recipe the curd used is hung curd.

dahi ke kabab recipe

2. Dahi aloo tikki recipe – this is a very popular and tasty North Indian street food snack where aloo tikkis are topped with curd, sweet tamarind chutney, green chutney and spice blends.

dahi aloo tikki recipe

3. Dahi papdi chaat recipe – sweet, spicy and tangy street food snack from north India. in this chaat recipe, you will get to taste the sweetness of the curd, crispiness of Papdi, soft melt in the mouth boiled potatoes and not to forget the Indian spices which adds their own zing, tang and spiciness in the dish.

dahi papdi chaat recipe

4. Dahi vada recipe – popular North Indian street food snack made of lentil dumplings in yogurt, spiced with chutneys and spice powders.

dahi vada recipe

5. Thayir vadai recipe – thayir vada is the South Indian variation of dahi vada. It is very different in taste than the North Indian dahi vada. mainly as Sweet chutney and Green chutney is not added. Thus the taste of thayir vadai is spiced and sour.

thayir vadai curd vada recipe

6. Dahi bhalla recipe – a popular snack in north India, particularly in Delhi and Punjab. The method to make dahi bhalla is same as preparing Dahi vada. in dahi bhalle, Papdis, boiled potato cubes & cooked chickpeas are added which are not added in dahi vada.

dahi bhalla recipe

7. Thayir dosa recipe –  curd dosa is a delicious soft dosa recipe made with curd, rice and lentils. These curd dosas are a version of Set dosa or sponge dosa and give nicely soft textured dosas. another variation of these dosas are Poha dosa which are again very soft and light dosa.

curd dosa recipe

8. Delhi papdi chaat recipe – this delicious chaat recipe is made with papdis, boiled chickpeas, potatoes, pakoris (fried black gram fritters) and curd. Its a popular North Indian street food.

papdi chaat recipe

9. Curd sandwich recipe – this is a quick and easy sandwich recipe with a veggie curd filling. makes for a quick snack or brunch option. You can serve curd sandwiches plain or accompanied with some Potato chips or Banana wafers.

curd sandwich recipe

10. Lassi recipe – lassi is quite popular in Punjab and north India. Its a cooling and refreshing drink to have in the summers. This sweet Punjabi lassi is flavored with cardamom powder and saffron. There are many varieties of lassi recipes made. Few of the popular ones are:

  1. Mango lassi
  2. Salted lassi
  3. Fruit lassi

sweet Punjabi lassi recipe

11. Chaas recipe – a classic Indian buttermilk drink made with yogurt, black salt and roasted ground cumin. An excellent body cooler, digestive and appetizer.

chaas recipe

12. Coconut curd chutney recipe – delicious variation of a coconut chutney made with yogurt. the yogurt gives a slight sour taste to the chutney. this chutney taste very good with Idli or Dosa or Plain uttapam. it can also go well with Medu vada and Onion uttapam.

coconut curd chutney recipe

13. Pudina chutney recipe – this is the same tangy mint chutney that is served in restaurants with tandoori snacks like Veg kabab or Hara bhara kabab or Shami kabab and tikkas varieties like Paneer tikkaMushroom tikkaAloo tikka etc.

mint chutney recipe

14. Piyush recipe – thick, creamy sweet beverage made with shrikhand, yogurt and milk. Summer cooling drink.

piyush recipe

15. Dahi puri recipe – a delicious, yummy, chatpata chaat snack from Mumbai. It is sweet, sour, tangy, spicy and crispy chaat with so many flavors and taste bursting in the mouth.

dahi sev batata puri recipe

16. Aloo tikki chaat – super delicious chatpata dish in which aloo tikki are topped with a tangy sweet tamarind chutney, spicy green chutney and curd.

aloo tikki chaat recipe

17. Paneer tikka recipe – sharing this easy and fool proof recipe of a delicious paneer tikka on tawa or stove top or griddle.

paneer tikka recipe on stove top

18. Bhatura recipe  Bhature Is one of the Most popular Punjabi recipe. bhaturas are often eaten with Chole (chickpeas) and this combination of Chole bhature is very tasty as well as popular all over India.

Bhature Recipe

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