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A difficult task of selecting 20 popular recipes from Punjabi cuisine which is known for its richness and tasty food.

I am sure, I must have left some of your favorite Punjabi recipes as I had to let go of a few of my favorite Punjabi dishes too like Langarwali dal, Atta ladoo, Panjiri, Cheela, Samosa, Dahi bhalla chaat, Paneer paratha Etc. please feel free to write the name of your favourite Punjabi recipe in the comment section below. Here by I start with my selected list.

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popular punjabi recipes, top punjabi recipes, best of punjabi food, punjabi cuisine

20 popular Punjabi recipes

1. Rajma recipe – almost a staple in every Punjabi home. The combo of rajma with chawal (rice) or rajma with roti goes great. i should not forget mentioning about Jammu rajma masala which are popular and are as tasty as Punjabi rajma. I have also shared Restaurant style rajma masala recipe.

Punjabi rajma

2. Chana Masala – there are many variations of Punjabi chole recipes. The chole or chickpea recipe could be dry, semi dry or curry version. even the taste varies from sour to spicy depending upon the recipe. few variations of chole are Amritsari chole, Chana masalaPindi chole, Methi chole, Palak chole and Aloo chole. chole goes well with roti, rice, Bhature, Naan, Poori, Paratha or tandoori rotis.

Punjabi chole

3. Dal Makhani – one of the most popular lentil recipe of India and lifeline of Punjabi dhabas. Dal makhani goes well with roti, rice or Parathas. a generous amount of makhan or white butter is added to this creamy dal. Few more popular dal recipes from Punjabi cuisine are:

Punjabi dal makhani recipe

4. Aloo Paratha – one of the most popular paratha recipe and often prepared for breakfast in Punjabi homes. other popular parathas made in Punjabi homes are Gobi paratha, Onion paratha, Mooli paratha and Palak paratha. parathas are served with Mango pickle, Curd or topped with butter.

Punjabi aloo paratha recipe

5. Chole Bhature –  popular street food as well as a breakfast recipe. while talking about chole bhature, I must mention Matar kulcha which is a close cousin to chole bhature and is popular in Punjab and Delhi. One of the best kulchas are served in amritsar, Punjab. Few popular variations of kulcha are Plain kulchaAloo kulcha and Paneer kulcha.

chole bhature recipe

6. Paneer Butter Masala – one of the most popular paneer recipes. Creamy and delicious. It is the vegetarian version of butter chicken. Since the smooth tomato based gravy or sauce that is made for butter chicken is also used in paneer butter masala. Few more Popular paneer recipes on blog are:

Paneer Butter Masala

7. Sarson da Saag – sarson da saag is served with Makki di roti and this combo is one of the popular delicacies of Punjab. usually made in winters in bulk as the taste of saag gets better and better with each passing day. usually in our home saag is enjoyed for 4-5 days. Other variations of saag are Palak saag and Saag paneer.

Sarson Ka Saag

8. Kadai Paneer – kadai paneer is another Punjabi recipe which is popular all over India. few more similar Punjabi recipes are:

Kadai Paneer

9. Bhindi recipe – simple yet awesome bhindi masala served with rotis or phulkas is another top Punjabi dish. Usually accompanied with a bowl of yogurt. other veggie dishes which are popular in Punjabi homes are:

Bhindi Masala

10. Aloo Gobi – this humble dish is made with minimal ingredients. Tasty as well quick dish which goes well with roti. the recipe can be dry, semi dry or in a curry. few variations with other veggies are:

Aloo Gobi

11. Sooji ka Halwa – a quick, easy and delicious halwa which is often made in most Indian homes. the same dish is known as rava sheera in western India and rava kesari in south India. Sooji halwa is often made for an auspicious occasion or a pooja in Punjabi families. For more tasty halwa recipes you can check this Collection of 32 halwa varieties.

sooji halwa recipe

12. Sweet Lassi recipe – lassi is popular for its taste as well as for much-needed coolness it gives to the body in hot summers of Punjab. lassi is served in all Punjabi dhabas and is made to be served with breakfast in most Punjabi homes. There are many variations of lassi like Salted lassi, Mango lassi, Strawberry lassi and Masala lassi.

Lassi Recipe

13. Punjabi Kadhi Pakora – one of the popular kadhi variety made in Punjabi homes. Fried onion pakoras in a creamy & sour yogurt sauce. each state and region have their own ways of making kadhi. So we have Maharashtrian kadhiRajasthani kadhi, Gujarati kadhi, sindhi kadhi and so on.

Punjabi kadhi pakora recipe

14. Carrot Halwa recipe – a traditional slow cooked recipe of carrot halwa with just carrots, milk, ghee, sugar and a few dry fruits. there are few variations of making gajar halwa recipe:

gajar halwa recipe

15. Bread Pakora – a popular snack of bread pakoda stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes. Bread pakora is often made for breakfast in Punjabi homes. There are many variations of this popular snack like:

bread pakoda recipe, bread pakora recipe

16. Besan Ladoo – one of the popular ladoo often made during festive occasions. Besan ladoo is an easy and healthy sweet. for more delicious ladoo recipes you can check this Collection of 26 ladoo recipes.

besan ladoo recipe

17. Dhaba Dal recipe – this recipe of dal fry is inspired from the dals served at Punjabi dhabas. But I have made the dal more healthy by using 5 different dals or lentils. If you love food served in Punjabi dhabas then there few more dhaba style recipes on blog like:

dhaba style dal fry recipe

18. Paneer Tikka recipe – easy and foolproof recipe of a delicious paneer tikka on tawa or stove top or griddle. There are many varieties of tikka recipes made in Punjabi cuisine. I have posted quite a few tikka recipes like

paneer tikka recipe on stove top

19. Rice Kheer –  delicious Punjabi dessert made with basmati rice, milk, nuts and saffron. Rice kheer is one of the most popular kheer recipe made in north India along with Seviyan kheer and Phirni. for more delicious kheer varieties you can check this collection of 29 Kheer and payasam recipes.

rice kheer recipe

20. Kala Chana recipe – this simple and delicious Punjabi curry is very easy to make and yet flavorful. Basic ingredients like onions, tomatoes and garlic along with the regular Indian spices go into it.

kala chana curry recipe

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