Navratri Vrat Rules | Navratri Fasting Food & Pooja Vidhi

This detailed post shares Navratri fast rules, Navratri pooja vidhi (procedure or guidelines), Navratri kanya poojan, food ingredients allowed for Navratri vrat, Navratri recipes and how Navratri vrat vidhi is observed in our place.

navratri vrat rules

This year Sharad Navratri begins on 26 September 2022 and ends on 5 October 2022.

Before I begin with the Navratri fasting rules and guidelines, I would like to thank you for reading this post. I also hope you have a devoted, fruitful Navratri festival and get blessings from the Goddess.

Devi Maa came in my life many years back. My past life spiritual practices including this life’s austerities (tapasya) and penance and my good karmas, helped me to get Her blessings.

I have so much to say, but I cannot write everything in this post (a book will be needed). I only have tears in my eyes when I remember Her. I have no words to describe Maa.

No one can ever understand Maa and Her leela. Maa is compassion, period. She has helped me during many difficult circumstances in my life.

Though I worship Maa everyday, I always look forward to the Navratri festival every year. It is easy to invoke and connect with Her as Maa is very active during these nine nights.

You just need to call Her with an innocence of a child and keep calling and pestering her, till she listens to your prayers. Innocence and a child-like quality is very important.

You should not have any deceit or cunningness in your mind or heart. True and sincere devotion is needed.

Pray for the well being of yourself, your family, your friends and everyone. Do not pray or do any sadhana (spiritual practice) to harm others as this creates negative karma which will eventually bounce upon you.

If you are prayers are sincere, earnest, positive and with a deep longing, they will be answered.

What is Navratri?

Navratri literally means nine nights and during this period, 9 forms of the Mother Goddess or Shakti or Devi are worshiped throughout India.

Out of 4 major Navratri happening in a year, only two Navratri are celebrated. The first ‘Chaitra Navratri‘ celebration is when summer begins (March-April) and the second ‘Sharad Navratri’ is when winter begins (Oct-Nov).

The other two Navratri are known as Gupt Navratri. The Hindi language word ‘gupt’ means “secret” and people into tantra practice used to follow their spiritual practices related to shakti sadhana in this two gupt navratri.

Nowadays many people keep fast and do religious pooja and sadhana during gupt navratri also. Gupt navratri was not so popular with common people before but it is getting popular now. These are also spiritually charged days to worship and remember the goddess as she is invoked by millions of devotees.

In North and Western India, many people keep fast during Navratri. As it is a very good time to make progress in your spiritual practice or to invoke the energy of the Mother Goddess or purify your body-mind.

Navratri fasting rules vary little from community to community and region to region. The same fasting rules apply for fasts during the Ekadashi, Janmashtami and Mahashivratri fasts.

You can check this post which shares 104 Navratri Recipes that covers North Indian as well as South Indian Navratri festival recipes. You can also browse the complete collection of Vrat Recipes here.

Food allowed for Navratri Vrat or Fast

flours for navratari fast or vrat

Flours and grains allowed

  1. Singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour) – You can make Singhare ki poori, paratha, pakoras, halwa.
  2. Kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour) – You can make KhichdiParatha, PakorasPoori, Halwa.
  3. Rajgira ka atta (amaranth flour) and rajgira (amaranth) – You can make Poori, Vrat ka halwa, Vrat ki kadhiParatha and thalipeeth. Roasted rajgira can be had mixed with fruits, porridge and even ladoo. From amaranth grains you can also make Rajgira kheer.
  4. Sama ke chawal ka atta (barnyard millet flour) – It can be used to make Vrat ke uttapam, Vrat ki Idli, dosa, poori.
  5. Vrat ke chawal (barnyard millet) – You can make Pulao, KhichdiKheer, dalia, Idli, dosa, upma or just plain steamed.
  6. Arrowroot flour or paniphal flour – Used as a thickener and binding agent.

Spices and herbs allowed

  1. Cumin or cumin powder ( jeera or jeera powder )– You can add them to your curry or veggie dishes or make Jeera Aloo.
  2. Black pepper powder
  3. Rock salt (sendha namak) – Instead of regular salt add rock salt in any dish you prepare while keeping navratri vrat.
  4. Spices like green cardamom (choti elaichi), cloves (laung), black peppercorns (saboot kali mirch), cinnamon (dalchini) and nutmeg (jaiphal)
  5. Dry pomegranate seeds (anardana) – You can make chutney or raita or use it as a souring agent.
  6. Ginger – both fresh root as well as dry, including dry ginger powder
  7. Green chilli or hari mirch
  8. Lemons or lime
  9. Ajwain or carom seeds
  10. *coriander (dhania) and mint leaves (pudina) and curry leaves (kadi patta) – some folks include and some don’t. So check with your family elders before using them.
  11. *dry mango powder (amchur powder), chaat masala, red chili powder – some folks include and some don’t
  12. *black salt (kala namak) – some folks include and some don’t
spices for for navratari fast or vrat

Vegetables Allowed in Navratri Fast

vegetables for navratari fast or vrat

Other food or ingredients allowed

  1. Sabudana (sago or tapioca pearls) – sabudana is favorite during fasting. You can make Sabudana khichdi, Sabudana vada, Thalipeeth, Pakora, Ladoo, Tikki, Bhel and Kheer.
  2. Makhana or phool makhana – You can make Makhana kheerRoasted makhana, Aloo makhana, rotis or a simple makhana sabzi.
  3. All nuts & dry fruits – You can make Dry fruits milkshake or Dry fruits ladoo or Badam pista barfi or add them to halwas or other dishes.
  4. All fruits – Make Fruit chaat, Vegan fruit salad, Fruit raita, mix Fruit lassi or fruit juices like Musk melon juiceJackfruit shake, Pineapple juice, Apple milkshakeGuava juice or have them raw.
  5. All milk products like paneer, Curd, white butter, cream, ghee, Khoya, malai, condensed milk. But some people make Paneer at home (use lemon juice or curd for curdling the milk) and don’t use the paneer brought from market. With homemade paneer you can make Kalakand, Paneer kheerAloo paneer kofta (substitute the corn flour with fasting flours), Paneer Barfi.
  6. Sugar, honey, or jaggery
  7. Tamarind (imli), kokum, lemon juice, yogurt – these can be used as souring agents.
  8. Coconut and coconut milk – You can use coconut in your dishes, make Coconut ladoo, Coconut barfi or use Coconut milk  in Milkshakes.
  9. Melon seeds (magaz), cucumber, peanuts, groundnut oil
  10. Tea is allowed.

Foods to be avoided during Navratri

  • Onion and garlic are strictly avoided. If you find any recipe on my blog or any other food blog or youtube chaneel that has onion and garlic then skip adding them. Usually ginger is added is most vrat recipes.
  • No lentils and legumes
  • Common salt is not used and instead rock salt or sendha namak also called as upvaas ka namak is used.
  • Spices like turmeric (haldi), asafoetida (hing), mustard (sarson or rai), fenugreek seeds (methi dana), garam masala and dhania powder (coriander powder) are not allowed.
  • Alcohol, non-vegetarian food, eggs and smoking is strictly NO during this holy period.
  • Coffee is not allowed. Homemade ice cream can be consumed. But avoid buying from outside as they might have lot of preservatives.
  • Corn, corn starch, corn flour, oats, flaxseeds, chia seeds not allowed.
  • Fats like peanut oil or groundnut oil and ghee can be used for frying purpose. Don’t use any oil made from seeds like sunflower oil.

Flours and grains not allowed in Navratri

  1. Rice and rice flour
  2. Wheat flour or atta
  3. Maida (all-purpose flour)
  4. Sooji (rava or semolina)
  5. Besan (chickpea flour or gram flour)

1. If you want to make roti, poori or paratha for fasting then use above mentioned fasting flours like singhare ka atta, kuttu ka atta and rajgira ka atta. For making rice based dishes, kindly use sama ke chawal.

2. You can browse the complete collection of 160 Vrat Recipes here. You can also check these collections of 11 Sabudana Recipes.

Navratri Vrat Vidhi (Procedure or Guidelines)

How Navratri vrat pooja is observed at my in laws place? It may be followed in slightly different way in your family. So you can use it as a reference.

  • Cleaning house and home temple: To start with if possible, clean the house as you are inviting the Goddess Mother in your house. You can specially clean your house temple and sprinkle Ganga water in it.
  • Avoiding onions and garlic: My mother-in-law does not use any onion and garlic in any recipe, no matter other people are keeping fast or not. So try to use all the onions and garlic before the fast is starting.
  • Fasting: Many devotees keep fast on all nine days. My mother-in-law has kept fast on all nine days through out her life. But now because of old age and falling health, she keep fast on one day. If somehow, its not possible for you to keep fast on all nine days then you can try that on each day one person of your family is keeping fast in the house.
  • Fasting for last two days: Some people keep fast on the first and last day (my mother-in-law used to do this for last few years). This year one brahmin lady told her that it is better to keep fast on last 2 days. As after the first day fast you have started eating again and then you are keeping fast on the last day. According to this brahmin lady, it is better to keep fast on last 2 days than on keeping fast on first and last day of Navratri.
  • Potting Barley seeds: Many people grow ‘Khetri’ or Barley seeds during this period. For this they collect, clean mud from an auspicious or clean place. This mud is put in a earthen pot.

    Clean and wash the barley to remove any insects or impurities and soak them in water for 15 to 30 minutes and then put these barley or ‘jau’ on the top of mud.

    Make a thin layer of mud on top of barley, so as to cover it. Don’t put too much mud otherwise barley will not grow and put just enough water to soak the barley. One red color string (mauli) of mata rani is tied to khetri pot.
  • Khetri color: The progress of ‘khetri’ or barley is observed very keenly by the devotee and it is believed that the longer they grow in height, the better it is for your family’s fortune and well being. It is also related to the blessings or happiness of the Goddess on you.

    Few people believe that instead of observing the height of khetri, we should look at the color of khetri. Yellow color khetri is not good whereas green color khetri is considered good.

    On the last day of Navratri, the khetri is immersed in moving water body like river or even a pond. If there is no water body nearby to your house then you can put the khetri under pipal tree in a temple.

Navratri Pooja and Items

  1. Mata rani ka shingar (cosmetics) – My mother-in-law keep them in the house temple and whenever (any day of Navratri) she go to a city temple devoted to goddess then she offer these shingar item in the temple. The shingar items include red bangles, red chunri, red lipstick, bindi, mehendi, kajal, nail polish, anklets, mirror and sindhur.
  2. Akhand diya: One diya or lamp is burned through out the nine days and care must be taken that there is enough ghee or oil in the diya all the time. It is Akhand jyoti (burning non-stop all the time for nine days). This akhand jyoti will destroy all the negativity in your house.

    Ensure that the lamp/diya keeps on burning non stop. It should not extinguish in between. If it does then it won’t be considered Akhand. Great importance is paid to make sure that the diya has enough ghee and wick all the time.
  3. Chunri: Along with this one red color chunri or cloth and one mature coconut is kept in the house temple. The thin edge of coconut should be towards the temple.
  4. Kalash: One kalash (earthen or copper pot) is filled with water, 5 betel nuts or suparis, sugar, rice and a clean five rupees coin and is kept with all these pooja items. In the kalash, red color string of mata rani is tied and this kalash water is sprinkled in your house after the kanjak pooja on 8th or 9th day. You can also drink this water. This water is considered as charanamrit and is holy.
  5. Pooja: After taking bath in the morning, aarti is done for Devi Maa and bhog is given to Maa in the form of dry fruits and nuts (5 types), milk, bananas, mishri or other fruits. You can also offer fresh flowers. After doing the aarti or pooja only, my mother-in-law takes the food.

    The same aarti is done in evening time (sandhya kaal) too. Burning incense, dhoop etc is part of morning and evening pooja. Please refrain from tasting the food ingredients for bhog, while assembling or preparing the bhog.

Navratri Bhog or Prasad Suggestions

The below info is about bhog or prashad on each day and my mother-in-law follows this.

  • 1st day of Navratri (devoted to Shailaputri Maa) – Desi ghee (made from cow’s milk) is the bhog. It will bring good health in your life and will keep the diseases away. In pooja or rituals only cow ghee is used as it is satvic. Don’t use ghee made of buffalo milk as it is tamasic.
  • 2nd day of Navratri (devoted to Bharmacharini Maa) – sugar and fruits are offered as bhog. It will increase the longevity of your family members
  • 3rd day of Navratri (devoted to Chandraghanta Maa) – milk (doodk ka bhog) or you can offer sweets or kheer. It will bring relief from pain and misery. After offering milk to ma it can be donated to brahmins.
  • 4th day of Navratri (devoted to Kushmanda Maa) – Malpua or Puda (skip adding fennel seeds or saunf). After giving this bhog to Mata, the puda or pua can be keep below the pipal tree. It increases the intellect and power of discrimination and decision making ability.
  • 5th day of Navratri (devoted to Skandamata) – banana or kela ka bhog. It keeps you physical healthy.
  • 6th day of Navratri (devoted to Katyayani Maa) – honey ka bhog. You can also make donation to a pandit on this day. This increases health and beauty.
  • 7th day of Navratri (devoted to Kaalratri Maa)– jaggery or gur ka bhog. It removes all sorrows and evil from your life. Protects you from sudden calamity.
  • 8th day of Navratri (devoted to Maha Gauri Maa) – mature coconut as bhog. Removes sorrow from your life and give you success. Childless couple are blessed with child.
  • 9th day of Navratri (devoted to Siddhidatri Maa) – til ka bhog (sesame seeds). She is the Goddess of all siddhis.

Note – Back home, this bhog is later on offered to nearby Devi Maa temple or given to any small girl (kanjak) or offered to any brahmin who conducts pooja service at your home. Last option is to eat the bhog with devotion. Also ensure that these food items offered as bhog are fresh.

Chanting, Mantras and Bhav

Try to keep your body and mind clean. Keep your thoughts focused on Maa or the Goddess while doing your household work. You can do some special pooja or havan in your house.

You can chant ‘Jai Mata Di’ or read Durga Saptashati or Sri Lalita Sahasranama. You can also read Srimad Devi Bhagwatam, Devi Mahatmyam or Kunjika Stotram.

You can also chant the Nivaran mantra “Aaim hreem kleem chamundayai vichche” – 108 times or as many more times as you want. You can also chant 1 mala in the morning and one mala in the evening. Celibacy is strictly observed on all nine days of Navratri.

You can also visit Devi temples during these days or can play devotional songs or mata ke bhajan in your house to help your mind to stay connected with Maa.

Fasting Food – There is no fix rule and it varies from community to community. Some people eat only one flour based diet in a day and rest of the day they take milk, tea, fruits etc.

Those who can not go for such strict diet take 2 flour based meals. In my place, we also buy ‘seel ki patti or laddu’ – made from popped amaranth seeds, from the grocery stores and have it during the fasting.

Normally, there is always relaxation for old or sick people, even for nursing mothers or for those who can not follow rigorous fasting rules. But non-veg food, eggs and alcohol should not be allowed in the house till Navratri is over. No matter you are keeping Navratri fast or not. Also avoid using onions and garlic in your food.

Navratri Kanjak Pooja (Kanya Poojan)

Many families also do kanya puja on 8th or 9th day. My parents get up early in the morning, take bath and wear fresh clothes to start the pooja preparation. In the kanya puja, nine girls who have not reached the puberty stage are worshiped.

For the devotee these nine girls represent nine forms of Goddess Durga. The young girls who sit for kanya pooja take bath in the morning and wear new clothes.

I have seen this kanjak puja many times. First the feet of the girls are washed with water by the family elders. One mauli (red color string) is tied on their hands and tilak is put on the forehead.

Then they are worshiped and blessings are taken from them. After the customary Navratri kanya pooja, small girls are offered prasadam which is usually PuriDry Black Chana and Halwa.

The coconut which is kept in the house temple is also broken during this occasion and is part of the prasad. Some families also worship one small boy in the form of Bhairav but most families only worship the girls. Many people insist that only girls should sit for kanjak pooja.

Minimum two girls should sit for kanjak pooja. No restriction on doing pooja with more than 2 girls but minimum two girls, older than one year of age is a must. If in your locality, nine girls can sit for kanjak pooja then very good. You can worship them as nine forms of the Goddess.

Along with the prasadam and eatables (in one plate puri, dry black chickpeas and sooji halwa is given), gifts, fruits and money is given to the girls (nowadays many people give gifts items like chocolate, frooti, biscuits etc). Fruits are a must to be given.

Make sure that the girls eat part of poori, chana and halwa before going to another house for pooja. They won’t be able to eat much as they have to visit other homes also who are doing kanjak pooja. So just one bite is also enough and takes blessings from them which they will give by gently patting on your head.

With the tilak on head and so much attention, love, and devotion received, these small girls really look divine and they are really sought after on kanjak pooja day. Raksha Bandhan and kanjak pooja are two big days for small girls !!!

Note: If you have followed the rituals correctly during nine days and the worship of nine girls is done with real devotion then Goddess will be there inside the girls when you are worshiping them. It is all up to your devotion and faith in Maa. If you can call Maa with real devotion then she will come for sure.

Secondly, if you stay outside India and you can not arrange two girls for kanjak pooja or there is no devi ma temple near by. Then you can follow this procedure on the last day pooja – in your house prepare poori, halwa and dry kala chana as prasad.

Make as many plates of prasad (poori, halwa, kala chan) as there are members in your house (you can include your son or daughter who might be staying else where).

Offer these prasad plates to devi ma and after some time once you feel that maa has taken the prasad then eat it immediately with devotion. Prasad should always be eaten first before eating any other food and have it as soon as possible.

When Navratri fast is broken

On the day, kanjak pooja is done, the Navratri fast is broken in my house. Some people do kanjak pooja on 8th day (Ashtami) and some do it on 9th day (Navami) and few people do it on Dussehra (10th). Mostly it is done on 8th or 9th day. 

The day kanjak pooja is done, on that day in our house we do the immersion of khetri along with red cloth (chunri) in moving water (e.g. River) or it can be kept under pippal tree in a temple.

Normally, in our house pooja is completed early morning itself. If you also want to do kanjak pooja on 9th then keep fast on 8th (ashtami) as many people keep fast on 1st and last day of Navratri and some people suggest to keep fast on last 2 days if you only want to fast for 2 days.

Please don’t take this above navrati vrat procedure or guidelines as a thumb rule. I am just sharing the procedure which is observed at my in law’s place and it is just for your reference and help. Navratri vrat rules are flexible and vary from family to family. I have also seen, some families who have started growing khetri in their home seeing my mother-in-law doing it.

Most important thing in religious fast or acts is your devotion and purity of heart. If somehow you miss any rule or make a mistake, don’t worry. Mother goddess is always kind to her children and is forgiving.

Just make sure that your heart is clean or without malice for anyone and your energies are devoted to righteous actions. Instead of regretting the mistake which happened unknowingly, try to remember maa all the time. Keep your thoughts on maa and don’t waste in mundane matters.

Disclaimer: The above compiled list and info are based upon the food ingredients that we include for Navratri fasting in our family and inputs from friends. If in doubt, then please consult your family elders.

If you find this post helpful, then do share it with your friends and family members. 

Jai Mata Di

This Navratri Vrat Rules post from the archives (September 2013) has been republished and updated on 3 October 2021.

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    1. If you are keeping the fast by skipping on the cereals and grains like wheat and rice, then obviously you cannot have eggless pastry as it will be made with refined wheat flour.

  1. Jay Mata Di! Thank you so much for this rich information. Why is Ripe Papaya & Ripe Banana excluded here ? Should we exclude this during fast? Thanks

    1. Welcome. They can be included. I have not mentioned them specifically, as mostly all fruits can be eaten during the fast.

  2. Thank you so much for the rules, these are really helpful for the beginners. In southindia we generally don’t fast during navaratri. But after reading your blog I want to observe it from today. Luckily I haven’t had any food since morning as I was busy cleaning the house, house temple etc. May Devi maa bless you and your family. Happy Dussera.

    1. Nice to know and welcome. If you cannot manage all the 9 days, then you can choose to fast on the first day and the last day. Happy Navratri Festival and Dussehra too.

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    1. Thank you and yes what you say is true – She is with us in so many of Her divine forms and guiding and blessing Her devotees and children.

  5. I am 17 years old, female. This is my first time fasting, I have decided to keep a fast for all nine days. As a youngster, I had countless doubts about the proper rules and methods, though I knew.. in the end, it’s our sincere intention that truly impresses our Devi maa. Thanks a lot, aunt, you’ve helped me a lot. I don’t think so I’ll be able to stick to all rules properly as I also have to study & attend classes but I will stick to a fruit ( apple, kiwi, banana, etc ) and milk with honey diet. Regarding the Akhand diya, I am nervous that I won’t be able to take care of it properly but I’ll pray with sincerity for the better of my family, friend, and the world. In the end, all I want is maa to forgive my sins ( whether I committed them knowingly or unknowingly, either in this life or the other ) and set me free from the suffering of this materialistic realm. I pray that maa eliminates all evil within me ( may it be greed, anger, or lust ). Once again, thanks a lot. Hope you have a shubh navratri.

    1. Hello Diya, I am glad that the post is helpful to you. Do what you can without making things complicated or difficult. Like you said what matters is your devotion, sincerity, truthfulness and innocence – a child like quality. Maa knows so don’t worry or stress yourself. Wish you a Happy Navratri festival.

  6. Mam,
    I am from Andhra Pradesh. But, i adopted to Navaratri Vrat while i was in Delhi. Since then, i am following your blog. Before every Navratri i remember Amit Dasanna Blog.
    Thank you very much mam, especially for “Vrat rules & procedure” topic.
    Jai Mata Di

  7. Jai Maa!! Thank you for the detailed vrat and pooja support. Like what others have shared I too wanted to observe this years Navaratri with a little bit more understanding of the fasting and pooja. I am a Westerner and appriciate this spritual practice that has come from India. Many Blessings to you and your family on the nine auspicious nights!

    1. Jai Maa. I can completely understand and super glad that the post is helpful to you. Thanks for your lovely feedback and kind wishes. Wish you a great Navratri festival.

    1. You can take a head bath on the first day. For the akhand diya you need to use a good lamp that does not leak. The lamp can be made of brass or copper or silver or can be an earthen lamp. You have to keep attention on the lamp. If the oil becomes less you need to pour some more oil or ghee. Use a good quality long wick (baati) that burns for a longer time.

      Never let the flame (diya) get extinguished. When you see the wick is becoming too black due to the continuous ignition or the wick has shortened but still burning, then place another wick in the lamp and light it. When the flame from the first wick goes off, the second wick will continue to burn.

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    Thank you ❤️🌻

    1. Welcome Shristi. It is not essential but many people do it. You can still remember Maa without doing it. I hope this helps and also wishing you a happy Navratri Festival.

  12. Thank you for the detailed explanation. I will be doing the Puja first time starting this year. The blog has really helped me. I have a query if you can please help. On the day of Kanjak, puri is prepared from normal ata or fasting flours as later we will have this prasad as well. Please guide. Thank you

    1. Welcome Pinki. The puri is prepared from normal atta and the kala chana is made without onion and garlic.

      1. Hello
        Thank you for guiding for nine days.
        I just want to know what should we do with coconut which we kept on first day of navatra?
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        1. Most welcome. The coconut you can break on the 8ᵗʰ or 9ᵗʰ day and have as prashad. Distribute it amongst your family members and relatives or friends.

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    1. Sandeep, i believe drinking alcohol is not allowed on navami also, even though you have done pooja on asthami.

  15. Hii dassana…frstly ..wish u Happy navratri… I couldn’t fast fr nine days so I fasted today i.e. on durgashtami… I wanna Know the time to break my fast and as u said above that we can eat anything only after taking Prasad…. unknowingly I offered sooji ka halwa and Puri made using maida …both of it are prohibited for navratri…so is it ok if I break the fast without eating Prasad fr today …

    1. Reethu, the question is not clear to me. generally whole wheat flour (atta) pooris are offered. its best to break fast after having prasad. but in your case you can offer prasad tomorrow on navami also and can keep fast on navami. if possible you can do kanjak pooja with at least 2 girls. if this all is not possible then remember goddess with devotion and chant her mantra or remember her as much as you can.

  16. We do kanjak pooja on 8th day morning. I had the prasad (kheer poori halwa) for my lunch. Now can I eat dinner or should I consider this as fast day. Also what about 9th day. Should I eat normal food or eat fast food.

    1. sneha, you can eat normal vegetarian food. but don’t eat non veg food. as you have done pooja so fasting is over.

  17. Hello can i ask why the pandit gives the man who want to do the fast an apple and tells him that he should give it to his wife

    1. if the frooti is homemade and without preservatives then yes you can drink it.

  18. Plz help main navratri ka 9 days ka fast kiya Tha main 5 days fast ache se Kiya with puja but 6 days Mera mensuration AA gya main is rokene ki medical bhi liya Tha but phir bhi AA gya, plz help ab main apna pura fast kase complete karugi and and main karnya pujna bhi kase karu mere ghr mere husband k aalawa aur koye nahi Hai plz help.

    1. Anupma, now you don’t keep the fast. eat normal food without onion and garlic. avoid doing the pooja too. its alright. nothing to feel bad about. your husband can do the pooja. ideally your husband can make food for kanjak pooja and you can supervise the food. if not possible then you can make the food remembering goddess mother. its up to you, how much of these rules you can follow. main thing is to remember mother goddess during these 9 days. try to do the best from your end and rest leave it on the mother goddess. the maa is kind and compassionate. she will understand your situation. so don’t worry.

  19. Thank you.. this information is very CLR and useful….. Each and every step from day of navrati to day of kanya pujan is so CLR…

    1. Welcome Kiran. Glad to know that you liked the navratri vrat rules post.

  20. i was not knowing the fact that during fast we should avoid semolina or suji ka halwa .
    and i ate it yesterday and offer it too as prasad to maa durga..
    what should i do now….i am feeling very bad about it…it was my mistake but i did it unknowingly..

    1. radha, its alright. since it was done unknowingly. don’t feel bad. however we offer sooji halwa during the last day when kanjak pooja is done (ashtami or navami). focus your energy on goddess or on mantra chanting instead of regretting.

  21. Hello,
    Very useful information.
    Maa Durga bless you.
    Wish you happy Navratri
    In point 4 of foods that are to avoid is the list of spices that are actually allowed.
    By mistake or am i wrong?

    1. Thanks Reena for your best wishes. Happy Navratri to you and your family. These spices (turmeric, garam masala etc) mentioned in point 4 are not allowed generally. In our family we don’t have it. But navratri or fasting rules vary from community to community or family.

  22. Jai Mata Di!

    Please suggest some Navratri Vrat Food/Recipies for Blood Pressure and Diabetic Patients.

    Thank you in advance!
    Prashant Gupta

  23. Hi Dassana, Thanks for sharing this info. With all of us. I Would like to know if nine days fasting is to be done for some particular years say 5, 7 or 9 years, in case someone doesn’t wish to keep it forever. Thanks.

    1. Welcome Ns. There is no rule like this for navratri fasting. So you can keep whichever year you want to.

  24. Excellent information regarding Navratis…
    Appreciate getting all the recipes to try…
    Thanks a million

  25. Can we use rice bran oil for frying the puri in Navratri fast or if not then what should use for deep frying.

    1. sonia, while fasting use peanut oil for frying and ghee or oil for stir fries, sabzis or gravy dishes.

  26. Thanks for the information. Your post about Navratri fasting is very much interesting and helpful.

  27. Can I use black salt in fasting foods?? And also can I use carrots during fast??

    1. you can use carrots during fasting. some people include black salt and some don’t. but i think you can use black salt.

    1. Parul, soy beans are not included during navratri fasting. any kind of beans are not included. so technically soy milk cannot be had during navratri vrat. but you can have almond milk or coconut milk. i don’t know the rules for somvar vrat.

  28. Hello navratri vart mein kon se time khana khana chihye aur 9th day mein v sirf 1 time Hi khana chihye?

    1. Kk, you can have meals at your regular time. unless you are doing rigorous fasting when some people eat once or twice a day or just take fruits. 9th day we do pooja and then have food.

  29. Hi. Is bar main pahli bar kalash sthapit kiya . Lekin har roz khetri me thoda pani deti thi. Khetri 1 feet height hai but yellow colour. I am worried that Is any wrong done by me . Yellow khetri is bad fortune. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE suggest me .

    1. yellow khetri is not considered good. what i would suggest is to pray to devi maa to guide you and protect you. if prayed with true devotion and sincerity + honesty, devi maa does help.

      1. Hello khetri is not bad bcose in Maharashtra so many women worshiped hartalika(khetri) they won’t to worshiped green khetri they want yellow khetri

        1. i never knew this. thanks for sharing. in the north, getting green khetri is good and auspicious.

  30. hello ma’am
    ..thanks for such great info on navratri..just one query.. traditionally during kanjak pujan, halwa, Puri. chane are made. but little girls are overfilled by eating everywhere these I was thinking to keep a little different menu this time. can I make cake and pav bhaji we without onion and garlic and serve it to little kanjak? I think at least girls will be delighted..

    1. to me it looks fine, but i am not sure. technically speaking we are not just feeding the small girls. we trying to first invoke the goddess inside the small girls and these offering is for the divine mother. if the goddess likes the pav bhaji and cake then it should be fine. but remember each deity has some favorite food e.g. lord ganesh likes modak and laddu. so i would suggest to stick to the traditional dish but ask the girls to taste a bit of prasad and rest they can take it home.

  31. Please tell me isbaar kanyapooja koncie date may karnahay? Pooja Kay bath Prasad (kaanaa) kko virat raknay valoo kaasakthay ki nai?

    1. priya, back home we are doing kanya pooja on navami (monday). after doing kanya pooja you can eat prasad and food.

  32. Please could you tell me that _can we eat raw water caltrops in navratri fasts??????

    1. by cold drinks, if you mean soft drinks like pepsi or coke or fanta etc, then these are not supposed to be had during navratri.

  33. Hello dassana… I m writing this as i really felt overwhelmed to read in detail abt all the navratri vrat rules and got answer for one of my queries in the comment section …want to say u r just fabulous n without meeting u i can say u r one of the finest human beings … Such passion n detailing is commendable… Have tried many of the dishes from your blog from last few years (after shifting abroad) n most of them turned out perfect … So in a way i owe my cooking talent to you…Though i never learned cooking but never felt alone wen asking for the recipes as found ur website to be my constant companion….so today on auspicious navratri day i come out of my mold of laziness ? to appreciate the one who has been my savior many times without even knowing it … Cant express in words how much i depend on u wen ever i forget something i cooked or want to try something new the first thing in my mind is ” Veg recipes of india “… Keep doing the gud work … U r helping many go through their special n routine kitchen needs like a pro …best wishes …nikki

    1. firstly a big thank you nikki for your kind, encouraging and positive views. glad you liked our blog recipes, thank for your good wishes and blessings. god bless you.

  34. Hello
    Very good article helped a lot. I’ve 3 questions
    1) I want to ask you that can i have packed fruit juice which doesn’t contain any salt?
    2) Can i have a packed fruit like peeled pineapple and strawberry which contain very small amount of salt that is <0.01g in 500g packet?
    3) And last can i have boiled potato?
    Please reply ASAP
    Thank you

    1. thanks. you can have boiled potatoes. in fruit juices there are preservatives also. the rest of the two is up to your discretion.

  35. This is a wonder article . It explains the tradition of this fast. Jai MATA Di

    1. priya, you can keep the vrat. but your daughter should not keep the vrat.

  36. Hi Dassana & Amit ji,

    I’m one of your regulars (as you may remember!) I’ve tried numerous recipes from here successfully and also given my feedback many times.
    But this Navratri post is different…it has left me overwhelmed (don’t know why but I felt choked with such positive emotions!) In this era of I, Me, Myself, the fact that both of you have taken the effort of explaining all the rituals, dos & don’ts, then answered everyone’s queries…Wow! ?
    Even if all your readers don’t write in regularly with their comments/feedback, I think you should know that you continue to touch many lives in a positive way. May both of you stay blessed always!

    Warmest regards,


    1. Neeti, thanks a lot for this emotional comment. let me tell you honestly, your comment has touched us and it did made us feel good and introspect. we feel if someone is asking a query then as a part of maintaining this website its our responsibility to respond. we take our work very sincerely. although many readers say that the blog is making a difference in their life but we are never able to fathom it. but your comment has made the point clear to us. thanks for this sweet feedback.

  37. Thanks for the (one of the best 🙂 blog actually) Amit! On Navratri and related info!

    Navratri in 2016 imp dates
    For reference:
    Navratri Day 1 – October 1, 2016 – Ghatsthapana – Navratri Begins
    Navratri Day 1 – October 2, 2016 – Chandra Darshan (Tithi is repeated)

    Navratri Day 2 – October 3, 2016 – Sindoor Tritiya

    Navratri Day 3 – October 4, 2016  – Varad Vinayak Chaturthi 

    Navratri Day 4 – October 5, 2016 – Upang Lalita Vrat – Lalitha Panchami

    Navratri Day 5 – October 6, 2016 – Saraswati Awahan

    Navratri Day 6 – October 7, 2016 – Saraswathi Puja (western parts of India)

    Navratri Day 7 – October 8, 2016 – Saraswathi Balidan – Maha Lakshmi Puja (western parts of India)

    Navratri Day 8 – October 9, 2016 – Mahashtami- Annapoorna Parikrama – Saraswati Visarjan -Mahanavami fasting

    Navratri Day 9 – October 10, 2016 -Mahanavami  

    The tenth day is celebrated as Dasara or Vijaya Dashami.

    1. Thanks PraShant for your kind words and this useful info about the navratri. I think you have taken this info from However the info is little different in
      Not sure, which one is correct. Otherwise I would have updated this in the post. adding links in the comment as i feel it could be useful for someone. Jai Mata Di.

  38. I have been staying in abroad from many years every time I use think how to do navaratri pooja but finally my all questions were answered in this article really thank you much from heart . jai mata di . I am a follower of your website I cook most of the dishes from it really nice recipe’s

    1. glad to know keerthi that the article on navratri has helped you. have a nice navratri festival 🙂

  39. Really great article . can you please tell me can we have til or sesame seeds on fasting

  40. Great guide ever!!! Thank you Dassana. Regards from Buenos Aires (Argentina)

    Mary of the Cross

  41. Daily thyroid medicines lete huye bhi Kya hum humara Navrathri fast kar sak tey hai?
    Ye Navrathri ke har din jo maa ko bhog laga hai Jaise aap ne kaha Ek din Ghee , pir next day banana , tu Kya hum ye khud kha sak tey hai bhog ke baad?

    1. anushka, you can take medicines during navratri fasting. even my mother in law takes medicines. about the bhog, my mother in law says, first option is to offer the bhog in temple, 2nd option is to give to a kanjak (small girl). last option is to remember maa with devotion and then distribute the bhog between family members. this is what we follow.

  42. Great information. I can’t get small girls for kanjak pooja where i live. I have two daughters can i make them goddess??

    1. if they have not reached the puberty stage, then you can make them kanjak. even in our family we do the same.

  43. Hing is allowed as long as it is pure hing & not the free-flowing one (Laxmi, Vandevi, LG, Ramdev, etc.) that is normally sold in the markets. These free-flowing forms have rice flour added to the powdered hing which keeps it free flowing. The real hing is a moist, soft, light brown resin from a tree. Over a period of time it dries up, & so it needs to be broken up into small pieces while it is still fresh, & stored in an airtight container. This is what I have seen all over the various parts of India, over my 65 years of life. Also, Radish is allowed during the Navratri/Falahari meal. But, most important, each family follows its own tradition. I have been told that chilis are not allowed but black pepper is allowed. In my mother’s house, I had always seen her use turmeric (haldi). & since I began fasting from the age of 7, when I did it solely to get larger portions of the goodies like the kuttu ke pakode & sabudana tikki, I continue to use whatever I saw my mom do. I just wanted to share this, my thought on this. Much of it comes from me asking the various pandit & priesta & their families too.

    1. thanks for the suggestions poonam ji. appreciate you writing in such a detail. i agree on the hing part. today most homes use the powdered hing. and i think that was the reason as to not to use hing during fasting as rice flour or wheat particles are added to it. in my family we do use black pepper. it all depends from family to family and the rituals, traditions passed through each generation, apart from asking pandits and priests.

    1. lucky, if its a mistake then forget about it and instead remember maa all the time. but fast might be considered broken.

  44. Hi
    Just a question, I made puda yesterday for Kushmanda ma bhog, but wondering if we don’t eat wheat flour can we offer as bhog to mata.

    please answer

    1. fasting is for us and not for maa 🙂 so you can offer puda as bhog to mata.

  45. I started keeping navratri fast from 8th but today my period started. Please reply what I should do? Also, can I do pooja on 15th as it will be sixth day of my period. Please reply ASAP.

    1. now you don’t keep the fast. eat normal food without onion and garlic. avoid doing the pooja too.

    2. no.. u can not carry ur fast……. even u should limit urself in a limited space.. .. specially in these pooja days…. and must keep distance from kitchen and puja room…..

    1. soft drinks cannot be consumed. but otherwise you can have fresh fruit juices.


    1. rachita, you can keep the fast till the periods start. during periods, don’t keep the fast. eat normal food without the use of onion and garlic. remember goddess while doing household work

  47. Hi,

    Well written article 🙂
    But, just one question can be eat saunf ( fennel seeds) during Navratri?

    Thanks and best regards,

    !!!!Jai Mata Di!!!!

    1. welcome sukhwant, in our home we don’t use saunf. it might vary from community to community. jai mata di.

  48. That was a truly well written article.
    Thanks for sharing it with all of us who were looking for some genuine contributions on this topic.

    Jai Mata Di!

  49. If u do fast of Navratri for 1st time , is it compulsory to do everytime?
    Means is it mandatory to repeat every year by one of d family member for generations. ..?
    As some people told me that if u do it for 1 time u have to or someone else in ur family have to continue to do fast….
    Please guide me on this topic. ..

    1. Ankit, no its not compulsory. but some times people ask for a blessing (mannat) and say that if goddess fulfill this blessing then we will keep fast every year. in this scenario, they have to keep the fast because they have made a commitment. otherwise, its not compulsory. such restriction are there with ganesh chaturthi, if you bring lord ganesha home. but there is no such restriction with navratri fast. my mother used to keep fast all nine days. now because of old age she keeps fast on few days only.

  50. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and
    I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once again.

  51. Hey dassana
    Thank you for your help really appreciate, but you know how you have mentioned
    Keep supari rice and sugar, wat do we do with that on the last day. I always think
    About it cos it’s like prashaad when it’s been in mata rani’s darbaar so wat should
    We actually do.

    1. thanks anu. supari you can keep in your home mandir or temple. sugar you can have as prashad. keep the rice under a peepal tree or add the rice grains in clean flowing water like that of a river or a stream.

  52. Hi dassana I consider u my never met best frnd and a gud guide . Pls tell me if my periods are stopped on 21st morning can I make Prasad,chana, puri and give to young girls in the evening?? Or I should offer Prasad to maa an 22nd morning?? Which way is gud?

    1. thanks a lot chandana. yes you can make prashad. i am late in replying to you, but i hope you have made the prashad. offer on 21st only.

      1. HI Dassana,

        Sorry for not agreeing on this point.I am late to comment here but I felt its important to share that not only during periods but till sixth day pooja related works are not permitted. from 6th day one can start pooja and pooja related other tasks.

        1. no problem nishith. i assumed its the 7th day and hence gave the reply. in our family too till 6th day no pooja as well as even temple visits etc are allowed.

  53. Hi ,
    I hav invited girls for kanjak puja n my periods started just now.what should I do? Can I make food for them? My husband doesnt know to make anything.
    Pl. reply.
    Thank u.

    1. welcome neethu. ideally your husband can make food and you can supervise the food. if not possible then you can make the food remembering goddess mother.

  54. Jai mata di
    Madam fast ke dauran ek din mein kitnibar fruit water le sakte or konsi timepe

    1. snehamoy, any number of times. in case you want to do rigrous fasting then you can go for one or two meals a day.

  55. Today is my 9th day of fast as i was supposed to break my fast tomorrow morning. But i got my periods today. Can u plz tell me what should i do now?? Should i keep fast today or break it??

    1. shivani, you can break the fast. eat normal food without the use of onion and garlic. don’t exert much and remember goddess while doing household work.

  56. Hi

    It was really a great information.
    Thanks for the same.
    Can you please be precise on when can we break 9 days fast.

    On 21 or 22 evening

    1. thanks swapnil. back home we are doing pooja on 22nd morning (before 12pm IST)

      1. Hi, by mistake I used soyabeen oil during fasting ,does my fasting becomes waste now. What I have to do now. I get depressed

        1. anjali, don’t get depressed. because it has happened unknowingly. goddess mother is always protective, kind and loving to her devotees. she is not harsh with her children. if you had done it knowingly then the fast would have broken. remember, the mistakes of small kids are not counted because they are pure and innocent.

    1. there is some issue on this. we are doing it on thursday but before 12 pm.

  57. Can we take medicine during I’m suffering with fever from Saturday

  58. Hi Dassana and Amit,

    Jai Mata Di! Your site (this blog) provides almost all the information required for Navratri Pooja with related details. It would be great if you could please add following details in your blog, i.e. Name of Goddess worshiped in each day of Navratri and important dates in brief.

    Navratri Day Day Form of Goddess Tithi Pujan Colour
    Navratri Day 1 Pratipada Shailaputri Maa Ghatasthapana Shailputri Pujan Red
    Navratri Day 2 Dwitiya Bharmacharini Chandra Darshan Brahmacharini Pujan Royal Blue
    Navratri Day 3 Tritiya Chandraghanta Sindoor Tritiya, Sowbhagya Teej Chandraghanta Pujan Yellow
    Navratri Day 4 Chaturthi Kushmanda Varad Vinayaka Chauth Bhouma Chaturthi Green
    Navratri Day 5 Panchami Skandamata Lalita Panchami Upang Lalita Vrat, Lalitha Gauri Vrat, Skandamata Pujan Gray
    Navratri Day 6 Shashthi Katyayani Maha Shashti Saraswati Awahan, Katyayani Pujan Orange
    Navratri Day 7 Saptami Kaalratri Maha Saptami Saraswati Puja, Kalaratri Pujan, Utsava Puja White
    Navratri Day 8 Ashtami Maha Gauri Durga Ashtami, Maha Ashtami Saraswati Mata Pujan, Mahagauri Pujan, Sandhi Puja Pink
    Navratri Day 9 Navami Siddhidatri Khande Navami, Durga Visarjan, Maha Navami Ayudha Puja, Kanya puja Sky Blue

    Important Date:
    Navratri Day 1 – October 13, 2015 – Ghatsthapana – Navratri Begins
    Navratri Day 2 – October 14, 2015 – Chandra Darshan (Tithi is repeated)
    Navratri Day 2 – October 15, 2015 – Sindoor Tritiya
    Navratri Day 3 – October 16, 2015 – Varad Vinayak Chaturthi
    Navratri Day 4 – October 17, 2015 – Upang Lalita Vrat – Lalitha Panchami
    Navratri Day 5 – October 18, 2015 – Saraswati Awahan
    Navratri Day 6 – October 19, 2015 – Saraswathi Puja (western parts of India)
    Navratri Day 7 – October 20, 2015 – Saraswathi Balidan – Maha Lakshmi Puja
    Navratri Day 8 – October 21, 2015 – Mahashtami – Annapoorna Parikrama – Saraswati Visarjan
    Navratri Day 9 and 10 – October 22, 2015 – Mahanavami and Dasami. The tenth day is celebrated as Dasara or Vijaya Dashami.

    1. thanks prashant for sharing in such a detailed way. we will add this info in a few days as some structure has to be given to this info – eg we will need to add the entire info in a table format. for now i am just updating the important dates for 2015. thanks once again.
      jai mata di.

  59. Thanks a lot Dassana Amit ji,
    मुझे ज्यादा नहीं पता था व्रत के बारे में लेकिन आपके ब्लॉग से मुझे mostly सभी जानकारी प्राप्त हुई हैं।लेकिन एक दुविधा है मैंने 1st नवरात्र व्रत नहीं किया इसलिए 7th and 8th करूँगा।क्या 1st करना जरुरी था?please give me some response.

    1. some people fast on last two days since they feel its a continuity. so you can keep fast on the last two days.

  60. Hi Dassana,
    I don’t think u r right in advicing women having periods in between the navratris to break it and continue with normal food. I used to fast in all Navratras before marriage and if I used to get my periods then just avoid going to temple, that’s wat was told to me when I asked the priest in temple. And continue with my fasts , cos seven days is pretty probable time to get periods. the logic of not fasting during navratris dates back to old times when women lacked sanitary n hygiene facilities and were not allowed to enter kitchen during periods, but we have progressed a lot. And also for women to have proper food n not fast to maintain blood pressure levels. So it’s more about personal belief and faith to fast or not during periods in navratris.
    Happy navratras, Dusshera n Diwali to all,

    1. hi simran
      this info comes from a family priest and we have been following it for a long time. actually having periods is not only about the physical aspect, it also got to do with the aura and what happens to the aura (the 6 energy bodies surrounding the human aura) during periods. metaphysically the energy goes down and does not rise upwards, during periods. so its advised that the woman should take rest and have a balanced meal or diet. for women, the energy moves in a cycle every month. its creation and destruction happening in her energies every month. for many women, the onset of periods is difficult which includes PMS and emotional changes, which does give rise to unpleasant emotions and moods. so if you are comfortable with it, you can go ahead with the fasting. basically its upto the person who is fasting. but since some readers asked me, i have told what our priest had told us. moreover since i am into spirituality of the mother goddess (devi maa), i feel thats its fine to break the fast during periods.

      1. Agree With Dassana.

        I am from a hard-core Brahman family and same rules are to be followed because of the reasons related to unstable emotional state and energy level. In our shashtra’s Rishi-Panchmi vrat is described if related rules break. In my home navratra’s ghatsthapna-havan-saptshatiji etc followed strictly.

        1. thanks nishith for sharing this info and also about the rishi panchami part.

  61. Mena 1st tym fast rkha so mujha nhi pta tha kase rkhte ha n meri mom bhi ghr pa nhi thi so mena haldi vala alu kha liya nd mera papa na drink bhi ki iska mtlb ki mera fast fijul gya means tut gya ab me kya kru..

    1. tamanna, don’t worry. it has happened unknowingly. when you remember maa (goddess) then it never goes waste. invoke her energy and presence more in your life.

  62. Hey i am fsting from 1 st day of nvrati nd my periods began in between shall i keep on fasting

    1. simran, don’t keep the fast now. eat normal food without the use of onion and garlic.

  63. Hi,i started fasting (&also moun vrat)from day one of this navratri & decided to carry it till 9th but yesterday my great grandfather’s nephew passed away so there is ashouch(sutak)so my father asked me to break the fast. Is it right to break the fast now or there is some solution ‘coz i don’t want to break the fast…

    1. nakul, its a tricky question and best person to answer is pandit. what i think is this – you can keep the fast since the relation is not very close. if it was a close relation (in blood line or within 3 generations) then you should have broken the fast. secondly also consider how much close you were to the departing soul. if you have khetri at home then avoid visiting the funeral procession also.

  64. Hello again thanks for previous info?. Can you pls tell me if Navratri finishes on 21 or 22 October and which day should I be doing the kanjak and making of Halwa puri – I am confused doing it for the first time and live in London.

    1. navratri finishes on 22nd october (thursday). before 12 pm in the afternoon, india time, the kanjak pooja has to be done. we always do on navami (9th day).

  65. Hi
    I am doing fast tomorrow would be my last fast but. Now I have started with my periods I do kawach and sapsati paad also. Now please suggests what to do as two adhayay are left and kanchak as well

    1. i only know about fasting. you can stop fasting and have normal food without onion and garlic. i am not sure about the paath. but i feel you should complete the two adhayayas. kanjak pooja can be done by your other family members.

  66. Hii,
    I am keeping fast on fruits since 1st day of navratra and now that my periods are on what shall I do? Can I chant mantras and read religious books. Will my puja not be complete?

    1. ritika, no issue. just do not fast now. eat normal food without the use of onion and garlic. you can remember ma or read spiritual books. i think you should not chant mantras.

  67. I started fasting and akhand jyoti from day 1. I got my periods now, kindly tell me (1) what should I do? (2) How to perform kanjak pooja and last day of navratri? (3) How to continue akhand jyoti till last day as I want to do it? PLEASE. HELP !!!!!

    1. chandana, now don’t fast. eat normal food without the use of onion and garlic. kanjak pooja your husband or other family members can perform. just remember maa while doing your day to day work. continue akhand jyoti as other family members can add oil or ghee in it.

  68. Hi Dassana Amit,

    Jai Mata Di!

    Sprouted Moong dal is allowed while Navratri fast?


  69. Can u favour me… mein last two vrt rakhna chahti hu to mein 6-7 rakhu..8 ko mein kanjak rakh skti hu….or 7-8 rakhu

  70. Hi,

    I have started my fasting and i got my periods while navratri what should i do ??

    1. deepshikha, don’t fast not. eat normal food without the use of onions and garlic.

  71. Hi can you please help me. I have fasted from the start it is day 4 now and I have just now started my period, what should I do?
    Thank you.

  72. 1)Can we use red chilli powder/flakes?

    2) As I do one meal a day fast, what if I just distribute fruits instead of halwa and chana-poori Prasad to the little girls?
    As such I live in London and hardly any Asians live near where I am located. So the little girls may not take the prasad.
    3) Instead of shringar like lipstick, can I just give them head accessories or something similar?
    4) what should we do to the coconut after the navratri? Use it as Prasad or sink it in water (river/pond)?

    1. 1. you use can red chili powder/flakes. some people use red chilies and some use green chilies.
      2. you can distribute fruits to the little girls.
      3. you can give them head accessories.
      4. coconut has to be used as a prasad.

  73. hi dassana,
    very nice job u r doing, congrts to u…..
    i just wanted to know few things:
    1. which side mature coconut should be placed in temple, u said thin side, can u pls tell more the brighter or darker one.
    2. is it mandatory to do akhand jyoti, if anyone wants to grow khetri, as i am working… so not possible to do akhand jyoti but want to grow that….

    thanx in advance ,
    waiting for your response…

    1. welcome sapna. akhand jyoti is not compulsory. but good if you can do it.
      pointed side (tapering end) should be towards goddess. the side on which cutting has been done should be towards us. so pointed side will have some fibre also or tapering end. or the side which has three eyes should be towards goddess.

  74. Is it necessary to offer halwa,puri and black chana prasad on ashtami as I m a hostel student

    1. in that case (exception for you) you can offer some fruits or something sweet like sugar, mishri etc.

  75. Superb ..Info and Many thanks for this and also if these points are answered as it will be helpful for begginers who does fast…like
    1.Can leafy vegetables consumed?
    2.while having food or fruits do we need to have in one attempt or in multiple times?
    3.whether we can have sweets which we offer to God specially rice made home sweet..

    Please respond.


    1. thanks.
      1. some people have spinach and some have methi too. so you can decide depending on your family practices.
      2. it depends on your body. some people just take 1 meal a day and have fruits in the night. some people only have fruits. so do whatever suits you. for eg my mil has a high vata dosha. so she cannot just have one meal and then nothing later. as it aggravates the vata dosha. so she has small meals of food and fruits.
      3. you can have sweets. but the sweets should be made of the allowed ingredients.

  76. Hi,

    I am working guy and I am not staying with my family that is why I only keep fast during Navratri.
    I consume only fruits, fruit juice and Sabudana during fasting. But Today by mistake I’ve taken salted juice in my mouth however immediately spit it,
    now I am not able to understand that what should I do next.


    1. its not compulsory. in maharashtra, people do go out barefoot. but in north india, people who fast, don’t go out barefoot. the customs and rituals differ from family to family and region to region. eg in south india, they do use lentils and cereals during navratri fasting, but in north indian we do not use lentils and cereals.

  77. Hello thanks for the information provided very useful and informative. Can you please tell me if I can eat Scott’s porridge rolled oats because I read somewhere that I could but confirmation would be appreciated.
    Jai Mata di ??

  78. Can I eat palak or methi as green vegetable mixed with paneer or aloo in sendha namak and green chilli

    1. some people do use methi and palak. i use palak and not methi. so you can make a sabzi with paneer or potatoes and green chili.

  79. HI Mam!! Thanks for Sharing this info , Pls let me knw ” Ghiya ki Sbji ” is allowed in Navratri???

    Jai Mata Di

  80. Really great information…..this is best for teenager who doesnt know any thing…i m also 24…bus this was very helpful for me.

    1. mradul, i have not heard about this. you cannot use normal salt. use sendha namak.

      1. i was asking about sendha namak only, are we suppose to take only once in a day?

        1. fine 🙂 i use sendha namak in all the food that i make during navratri. so if i make something for dinner, then i add sendha namak. not heard or read about this anywhere.

  81. We are using soya rifined oil for making bhog.. Is it ok? M rili confused aftr reading ya post like we can only use ghee n peanut oil for making bhog..

    1. beans and seeds are not used during navratri. so logically soybean oil which is made from soybeans cannot be used. i do not even use sunflower oil, safflower oil, sesame oil or mustard oil. the only fats i use is peanut oil and ghee.

  82. Hi Dassana. Great informative article. Just wanted to find out if u can have coffee while fasting. I know tea is permissable. Secondly can one not fast at all while having periods. Thanks.

    1. thanks. coffee is not consumed during fasting. one cannot fast when having periods. but one can have food without onion and garlic.

  83. hi amit , I like your information, but one things I want to know ;can we cut nails and hair during the navrate? Pl reply me.

  84. Hello, I live in USA.. On the first day I put on shoes..but from 2nd day I don’t want to wear shoes.. Can I do fasting without wearing shoes from 2nd day….

  85. I have smoking habit
    I do fasting in these days
    By mistake I smoke mid night out side
    Then my fasting is broken or not

    1. hari, technically yes, but don’t worry. just ask forgiveness from goddess. unconsciously we all make mistakes. most important thing is your devotion. try to remember her all the time during fasting.

  86. hi there, since lentils and legumes are not allowed then how come peanuts are ok. They are also legumes.

    1. amitabh, i don’t know. i am just sharing facts which are followed traditionally.

  87. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing awesome infomation. I am doing the fasting for 9 days. Just want to know that can i eat Vitamin c and my other regular medicines. Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. welcome sonia. people eat. what to do there is no option. back home we take medicines during fasting.

  88. Hey…thanks for sharing lovely info. Just wanna know we have a habit to eat toffee after eating food to control the curb of meetha. So can we have the same during Navratri

    1. if the toffee is made from ingredients which are allowed during navratri, then you can have it.

  89. Hi,

    I am keeping the fast for 9 days. I just need to find out that can i eat Vitamin C Medicine. Please advise. Thanks!

  90. Hi,
    Loved u r site…and the detailed info on navratri and also the devine recipes…will surely try them.
    Thanks a ton for the effort u take.

  91. Mem
    I want to do fast 9days this time i put on sandles & i used in oil in my hair & cream on my face

      1. aerated drinks are not supposed to be consumed. i think since they contain a lot of artificial flavoring agents, additives and preservatives.

  92. Maam, i want to know during this navratri fasting can i sleep with my wife or not? My wife also starting navratri fasting from today.

  93. Mem,

    Thanks you lots for giving us lot of information about Navratri.

    Happy navratri

  94. Hello Mam, As I am doing Navaratri pooja from last few years, but this time my periods started on 12th today is my 2nd day, is it ok if do Kalashtapana from my husband’s hand? And I keep fasting on first two days and last two days so should I keep fasting or withdraw it? We are staying in Qatar gulf country so it’s a big problem for us to do kanya pooja please advice me what should I do?

    1. ruchi, during periods don’t fast. ear normal food without the use of onion and garlic. for kanya pooja you can make prasad at home. first offer it to devi ma statue in your home and then if there is any nearby temple of goddess then you can offer the prasad there also. according to us your husband can do Kalashtapana.

  95. Dear Mam, I am a unmarried working professional . So is there some kind of pack food(haldi ram snacks etc) available in market for fast.

    1. abhinav, i don’t know. i am only aware of amaranth chikki or laddu. also called as sil ki patti in north india which can be bought from market for fasting.

  96. Thank you Amit for sharing very useful information definitely helpful for all (including me) who are planning to have 9 days fast from today 🙂 Thanks Again!
    Jai Mata Di!

  97. Hi mam,
    I want ti do navratri fast but i have food after 12oclock in night.can you just suggest me what time any fast is start .plz explain in details

    1. asha, tricky question. can’t say. better to avoid confusion and not eat anything after 12 pm night. some fast starts with first ray of sun (like karwa chauth). i don’t know about navratri.

      1. As per Hindu shastra, the date changes with first ray of sun. I understand that in fasts like navratri,one should take food before sunset…but in case u cant have proper food….then try having fruits etc. And I d suggest if you are going to eat singhaarevka aata ya rice then pack in tiffin to have in time.. Jai Mata di

  98. Jai mata di….i live in the caribbean so its really hard to get the ingredients…can i use flour or rice?,what fruits aren’t allowed?

      1. Amit i live in the caribbean so most indian spices or indian food ingredients are not available…we have normal rice as well as basmati rice and we have all purpose flour…help me pls…i dont wana fast wrongly…

        1. since you do not get most of the ingredients, you can keep a fast by skipping onion and garlic in all the food, that you can make with rice as well as flour. just prepare the dishes with minimal spices.

  99. Hi

    Whether shoes can be weared during fasting. Please let us know more on shoes wearing.


    1. welcome jitendra. its up to you. some people don’t wear it. it is recommended not to wear it. but some people wear it also.

  100. mam ,i want to do the fast for 9 days,but my periods started, tommrow will be 4th day so can i do??

    1. once your periods are over then you can keep the navratri fast. its alright as many people keep fast on last two days or on 1st and last days. during periods you can eat normal food without the addition of onion and garlic.

    2. Hlo mam.
      aera fast rakhne ka bahut mnn maine abhi bnaya yeh mnn.lekin maine subah se kuch nhi khaya kya mai ab fast rakh skti hu….aur mam kya mai apne hubby k liye koi b khana bna skti hu bina lasun aur piyaaz k
      unho ne fast nhi rakhna ..

      1. kiran, yes you can keep fast. yes you can keep other food for your hubby without the use of onion garlic

  101. when navratri fast is broken – on the day, kanjak pooja is done, the navratri fast is broken in my house. some people do kanjak pooja on 8th day (ashtami) and some do it on 9th day (navami) and few people do it on dussehra (10th). mostly it is done on 8th or 9th day. the day kanjak pooja is done, on that day in our house we do the immersion of khetri along with red cloth (chunri) in moving water or it can be kept under pippal tree in a temple.

  102. Navratri being a nine-day long festival, a range of dishes are prepared during this occasion.

  103. Thank you very much Ms. Dassana. I was confused and visited many sites but this one is very good & well explained. It is very useful, especially food and ingredients allowed/not allowed during Navratri fast. May god bless you. Jai mata di.

  104. Hello ma’am

    I read your article and appreciate your efforts for explaing the vrat procedure all dos and don’t s in such a simple way .
    I have been fasting since childhood following t strict diet appropriate for the fast but I’m still confused whether cucumber can be eaten or not
    Please suggest

  105. Thank you, this given information is really very helpful. But if somebody is staying abroad then what should we do with khetri(jau) and the bowl??

    1. welcome manisha. as i have heard many temples collect the khetri. so check with your local temple.

  106. Thankyou so much for sharing this information…..GOD BLESS YOU
    Mam Ice cream is allowed in fasting????

    1. welcome sukhdeep. homemade ice cream is allowed. in outside ice cream they may add lot of preservatives so better not to buy store bought ice cream.

  107. Thank u so much for sharing this information. It hs been vry vry helpful! Jai mata di!

  108. Hi Dassana
    As I stay in Australia , I cannot find girls on ashtami.
    As per your suggestions , I can offer shringar items and make poori chana and halwa and offer to sydney temple with dakshana. However, As the pooja and prasad will be made in the morning and we can go to temple in the evening only once my husband is back from office.In such a case , what should I do?

  109. Thank you so much, finally the information I’ve been searching for, in particular I must thank you the way you listed the food and spices allowed, extremely helpful.
    One question, are there any oil’s are not allowed during food preparation.

    1. welcome jayesh. only use peanut oil or ghee. other oils are usually made from seeds like sunflower oil.

      1. Thank you for responding, I have another question. Are we allowed to eat lettuce, rolled oats, corn and other powders like flaxseed, which is all 100% natural with no other ingredients.

        1. welcome jayesh. difficult to answer as most of them were not eaten traditionally. but i think oats, flaxseed and corn cannot be eaten.

  110. Hi, I will be present in my house for the sthapna poojan, but I’ll be at someone else’s house for two days after that. Can I still do fast for all 9 days? Even at their house?

    1. ann, if you do sthapna poojan then you have to stay at your home. its like you are invoking goddess in your home and going out of home, which is not good. so if you have to go to your friend house then don’t do sthapna pooja and in that case you can keep nine day fast.

  111. Mam, mai navraatri ka vrat pure rhna cahti hu PR mje date start ho gai h, 13th ko mera 4th day hoga, to kya mai vrat start krr skti hu? Ya mje vrat nhi krna cahiye?

    1. Kk. once your periods are over then you can keep the navratri fast. its alright as many people keep fast on last two days or on 1st and last days. during periods you can eat normal food without the addition of onion and garlic.

  112. I found this information very helpful… Very well explained! Can I eat dry fruits during fast?

      1. Hi dassana

        I really like your article. I want to ask that as i stay in australia and its difficult to find girls on ashtami and I dont have kids, what should be done?
        Secondly , I read one of your comments that offering can be made in the form of prasad and donations at mata temple. However, Mata temple is quite far from here and I can only go with my husband once he is back from office in the evening.
        Is it ok to make prasad in morning and offer bhog at home temple and later in thye evening offer the same prasad to mata temple?
        Lastly, when should family members consume prasad after the bhog at home temple or in the evening after the bhog at mata temple.

        Please reply

        1. welcome sonia. its a tricky question. i asked my mil. she says this. you can offer bhog to maa statue/photo in home temple, also sprinkle some water from kalash on maa idol/photo. pray to her and after that you can have food. in evening you can visit the maa temple also and pray again.

  113. Jai mata di to all .I just want to ask if am keeping akand jot so I have to keep in garba also a depak .I don’t understand I keep garba also in that deya its blowing soon so I keep big deya left side it is right .or I have to keep in garba also .pls tell me help me .to understand.

    1. i did not understood your comment clearly. could you please explain it again. we keep the akhand jyot in the home temple.

  114. Hi am also keeping mata rani in my house 2years become first think I belong to cristan family and my love Marrage .my hubby is Hindu southindian and I just loves to do pujas .and bring ganpati davi ma in my house my hasbund don’t know anything about it so I see in Internet and do pujas so pls any one can given me more idea for navratrie I keep 9 days k fast also .I want to asked that I don’t get small girls so what can I do .pls giv some idea for me .and I invited to all com for mata darshan in my house.

    1. whatever we do, i have mentioned it in the post. if you are unable to get small girls for the kanjak puja, then no problem. you can go to a nearby temple and feed small girls if they are there or give food (prashad) to anyone.

  115. Jai Mata Di ,
    thanks for the kind information. before read this article I was very confused about fast days but now I m relaxed. Thanks a lot dear Sir/Madam

  116. Jai Mata Di
    It is wonderful the way you explained
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    And It was so Helpful

  117. Hi,

    Amazing article. Just want to know that on which two days can I fast.

    Can it be on Saptami and Ashtami.

    Thank You

    1. welcome sandy. since navratri have already started so you can fast on last 2 days. saptami and ashrami and on navami you can do pooja. otherwise first and last day are best for sadhak who want to fast only for 2 days.

  118. Jai Mata Di
    It is wonderful the way you explained
    Thank you so much for sharing with us

  119. Hi,
    For the first time in life I am keeping fast for 8 days generally I used to do it for first and last day. I am just eating a fruit or juice and tea in morning n evening as long as my body allows otherwise will have something in morning.Your article is very good.
    I want to know as I are not eating for 8 days what will be the best day to break the fast.

    1. thanks neha. you can break the fast on 8th or 9th day after doing the pooja. some people do pooja on 8th day and some on 9th. we do it on 9th day.

  120. i really like your article. Its really helpful, only one thing want to know that can we use radish in our fasting food.
    Please suggest

  121. Hi
    I am keeping fast more than 30 years .i read your blog ,just it is marvellous ,I have some quarries,I am using gram masala in vart days . Is it wronge. But I never use tomatoes. Thanks for all information.


    1. garam masala is not taken during vrat. but then this differs from family to family. again tomatoes are used by some families and skipped by some.

    1. welcome ansh. we can not take cold drink if we are keeping fast. secondly, many preservatives are added in cold drink.

  122. do you have a reciepe for: amaranth, buckwheat, samak, singhara flour bread and cake, without baking soda, baking piwder and eggs

    1. Hi…
      You can make aaloo pakoras with singhare ka aata… Simply, slice potatoes and dip in singhaare ka aata with a pinch of sendha namak….fry in ghee and enjoy with dahi..

  123. To know that 1st and 2nd last day we do fast ok in between we break fast as normally we eat vegetarian everything n can we smoke between this day or after end of last day of navratri pls reply thanks happy navratri to you n your family

    1. welcome satish. no we can not smoke or drink alcohol during navratri. wishing happy navratri to you and your family.

  124. on my first day of navratri I was looking for vrat recipes and found this great article. Great job guys, very well written post.

  125. Thanks for all information. ……. but plz tell me one thing ……slipper (chapal) avoid is important or not

    1. welcome parveen. avoiding wear chapal is part of austerity. i have seen many people doing it in navratri festival while visiting shakti peeth temples.

      1. Thanks amit …..but Avoiding in temple is good ……but outside the home …..fully avoid saliper for 9 days ……..

        1. welcome parveen. its up to you how much austerity you want to follow. secondly, not wearing sleepers had a significant importance in old times because our floors were not cemented/metaled and often coated with cow dung. so it used to give us opportunity to connect with mother earth.

    1. jyoti, back home we don’t use saunf. it might vary from community to community.

  126. Hi dear,
    Well written and detailed information on Navrati. Overwhelmed with joy to read it. Best felt thanks for all the wonderful receipes. I also observe 9 days fast since may years and have many things from your list to try this time. It has always been wonderful to visit your blog for any receipes. Have been following your posts since a year but this is my first comment. Keep posting and look forward to your next blog.
    Shubh Navrati to you and your family!

    1. thanks akanksha for your kind words. glad to know this. shubh navrati to you and your family too.

  127. This information is good for all of us. But I want to know in this vrat people are sleeping on the bed or floor. Give suggestion

    1. mukesh, ideally one should sleep on floor. but now a days few people follow this rule in cities. fasting is basically a time of purifying the body mind and getting in tune with your divine nature or worshiping the diety. by sleeping on ground we get more grounded to reality. if you can then its better to sleep on a mat on floor.

  128. Very well written and explained things which can be observed… Impressive.. Jai Mata Di..

  129. Hii Dassana

    This article really helped me as I m newly married n a beginner with cooking.. would b great if you can advice on using of cauliflower n beans for vrat recipes.. thx happy navratra

    1. welcome vaishali. cauliflower and beans are not made during navratri fasting, provided if you are keeping fast.

  130. Namskar
    I m in Americ and it is hard ti find 7 gilrs for final pooja on 9 th day , can i do purnahuti in India when i visit?

    1. namaste manisha. minimum two girls should sit for kanjak pooja. no restriction on doing pooja with more than 2 girls but minimum two girls, older than one year of age is must. if 2 girls are also not available then you can offer pooja and prasad to local devi ma temple in america. about doing purnahuti in india you have to ask pandit. i have no idea about it. when we grow khetri at home then on all 9 days we should spend night at our home only and not move to some other city or friends place.

  131. Wow, all the information so well gathered and put. Its definitely informative for ignorant like me.

  132. This is gud start for navratri festival in this new year
    And it is more fun with people
    And playing dandhiya

  133. JIA MATA DI

  134. jia mata di .
    yes i can do it fast navrateri vrat pooja .
    you cannot diconnect nine days ( vrat ) fast
    ( 1.nou din tak vrat rakh ke maa ki pooja karni chaye
    iss main maa durga ya chandi maa ka part karna chaye orr
    zameen main bister lagana chaye .
    2.vrat main gossa na karai bikhshaa vale ko bikshaa dane chaye.
    3.noo kanya poojani chaye .
    4.mata ji tisveer ya murti rakhain oss ke thek smenay ghee ka deepak ghalain dhaneya orr ghadba pani ka oss pani thoda sa gangagal rekhain
    Dhoop augarbati rashmi vaster orr ghou bhooin).
    jia mata di i am Devinder Bhagat R/o:-village :-Chakka kundi Distt and teshil Ramban Jammu and kashmir, maa sab ko paap dukh rough nirdhan se dhoor rekhay . *****JIA MATA DI *********###

  135. Dear Dassana ,
    I am so impressed the way you have put everything with details…all the points are so correct and well explained our household Navrate are so special that we start preparing for it a week before ..may Mata Rani bless all of us …HAPPY NAVRARTE

  136. Hi
    I love ur have given sucha a good information about everything in details.i am glad you also included lots of food item which usually people think they cant eat.all the best ur next articles.thanx

  137. Hey friend, thankyou for the information it is very helpful. If you can please help me with a couple of things would be awesome. The bhog items, what do you do with them after aarti and bhog. The other thing is the malpuda should it be made out of atta or maida and if we dont have a pipal tree then what can i do. Please let me know soon as the first navratri is on the 21st march 2015.

    1. welcome annu. back home, my mil give the bhog to deity in near by temple or give the bhog items to kanjak (small girls). we make malpuda from atta. flowing water is best and better than pipal tree.

      1. Hey friend thankyou for the reply. I have been doing the vrat for nearly 30 yrs but was doing in a very simple way. My intentions used to be pure though. When i read your post i liked the simplicity of it and still doing everything made so much sense. I kept it simple just incase i do something wrong, but after reading your post it gave me courage to follow most of the things mentioned. The problem is staying overseas makes it a little hard sometimes finding certain things, like you know how i mentioned about bhog i mean when we do aarti what do we keep for prasad and what do we do with the bhog the one that is used according to days and i do not have a little girl around i can try and find someone but what are the alternatives.

        1. welcome annu. pure intention is the most important thing in devotion. i asked my mil again who is keeping fast for more than 40 years. she said first option is to offer the bhog in temple, 2nd option is to give to a kanjak. last option which she would have done in your case is to remember maa with devotion and then distribute the bhog between family members. i am not sure what is the actual procedure. i hope it helps.

  138. Thanks a lot for the detailed information. I write for TV shows and had no info about the Navratri. Needed detailed info to write an episode in my show. You save me a lot of research time. Jai Mata Di.

    1. welcome gopal. glad to read your comment. if you still have any query then feel free to ask. jai mata di.

  139. Very good Information regarding Hindu Vrat , Clear and well written Simple ,tastier, healthier

  140. It is very helpful for navratri fasting and puja.
    Thanking you
    Vishnu kumar

  141. Thank You For this Information. but i want to know that someone said me that if you do navratri this time then you have to do navratri whole life at every navratri. Is this correct?

    1. welcome ajesh. i have not heard anything like this. something like this is there with ganesh chaturthi festival when we bring lord ganesha home…but there the numbers of years vary.

  142. hi
    I have put fast for 8 days and going to do kanya puja today but unfortunately my periods start what I should do? my husband also took fast we r in UAE . I am so confused and feeling very upset pls help me.

    1. you cannot do anything. once the period sets in, you can revert back to regular food without the addition of onion & garlic.

  143. Hi Thanks a lot for all the information. i have one question. Can we use Ajwain in puri for Kanjak pooja??please reply as tomorrow is Ashtami

    1. late in replying. you can add ajwain in the pooris. for kanjak pooja, spices can be used, but no onion and garlic.

    1. shrishty. no, sabudana is a fasting food and in fact very widely used for fasting in many indian states.

  144. Namaste, I am a 27 and residing in south Africa. I found your knowledge. Most enlightening as I recently became very spiritual. I Never knew that there so many prayers that you had to do until reading ur site. I had woke up early every morning and offered daar and lit 9 camphor and clove and prayed by the junda wer we have our puthu and my statue of Mata. Did I do the rite thing as I am still new at this . I also have the the spirit of kali and durga on me so I’m worried that I have offended her although I have fasted lovely and kept her in my heart and mind always and sang her praises through reading her chalisa and bhajans.

    1. keleshia, don’t worry. if you have done all this with total devotion and heart then you have done the correct thing. ma kali, ma durga, ma parvati, shera wali maa are all form of same feminine essence. so don’t worry about offending kali or durga. i suggest you to read “gospel of sri ramakrishna” by M. it is freely available online also. sri ramakrishna paramhansa was guru of swami vivekananda and a great devotee of maa kali. while worshipping ma kali he often broke many rituals but his devotion to maa was total… so maa was very pleased with him and also gave darshan to him. so it depends upon case to case. ultimately maa wants your devotion and love and remembrance. next time you can follow these rituals. another book which you can read after gospel of ramakrishna is “yogini: unfolding the goddess within” by shambhavi lorain. this book does not have much insights. but you might be able to relate to her and her journey. this book might also help you.

  145. i am not living with my in laws i want to ask can i do the kanya pujan at my in laws home.Tell me its right or not.Or should i do it at my home then go there & do with them.

    1. you can do the kanya pujan at your home or your in laws home. what really matters is the devotion and love through which you do the kanya pujan.

  146. Hi Mam, What is Edible Salt? As i have purchased some vrat chips from outside (Market). So i am very confuse is edible & rock salt is same?

    Please confirm.


    1. edible means that which you can consume or eat. ideally vrat chips should have rock salt. the manufacturers should mention this clearly on the pack. edible salt is a misleading term, since both rock salt and regular salt are edible.

  147. Thanks a lot. Really a great information.

    I am having fruits throughout the day. Its not like one time food in day/night.

    I hope this is fine.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. welcome yogita. yes its alright for householders. many spiritual sadhak eat only once or twice a day.

  148. I am doing navratri fasting . I am using normal salt when preparing samo or sabudana khichadi. pls tell me if it is wrong.

    1. sunita. during fasting we don’t use normal salt. rock salt (sendha namak) is used for navratri or other fasting. since you were using common salt without knowing about navratri rules. so don’t worry and pray to maa for forgiveness. from next time only use rock salt or sendha namak for fasting/vrat.

  149. Hello mam,
    Thanks for giving us advice
    Mai varat rakhna chahti thi but I doesn’t know about anything…
    Thanks for help

  150. Hello, Ma’am! Can I have Soda during Navratri? So far, luckily, I have eaten only what you wrote is accepted throughout India.

    1. Jai, i am not sure about soda. you have to check the ingredient list which goes in making it and then decide.

  151. I feel so honoured to be your child Devi Maa…Aapne meri aankhen khol di jiske liye me aapki bohot bohot shukra gujar hoon…Aise hi aap hamesha hum Sab ko apni aashirwaad se bharpur rakhiyega…JAI MATA DI

  152. Hi the article is really helpful. But just wanted to know if we can have Navratri thalis available in restaurants like haldiram, sagar ratna.

    1. i know these days, many thalis are available. if the thali is a phalahari thali, which means does include food made of cereals, lentils, grains etc then you can have them. personally as far as possible, we avoid eating from out. the reason is we don’t know how they make and how much precaution they are using while making navratri food. plus devotion to devi maa, while cooking also makes a lot of difference. the chefs or cooks won’t be as devoted as you are while making these thalis.

  153. Hi
    I want to keep fast for the last two days of navratri
    Please guide, I am 37 nd I have still not found a suitable life partner what can I do nd how should I keep this fast

    1. you can keep fast for the last two days. this post is all about keeping fasts during navratri. about getting a suitable partner, you can do solah(16) somvar(monday) vrat(fast) . you can get more details in google about this vrat.

  154. i am fasting navaratri by taking morning two banana , three dates and a glass milk same night also. is it correct.

  155. Hari om!!

    I have been observing the Navaratri fasting for the last 35 years. Initially, boiled vegitables without salt or Dhaliya kheer as suggested by Ramakrishna Matt Monks if you cannot observe more rigorous fasting. Later due to compulsions of the work routine as well as the guidance of equally wise people, i started resorting to fruits, juices, milk products, Sabudana Recipe variants( I was residing in Mumbai for about 38 years). Since last 10 years, the Navaratri fasting, includes Vari(Moriya), Rajgira. Since last year, during Navaratri season, due to work compulsions, I am managing the Fasting Food with the help of my cook whom I have to guide (as I am residing in Bengaluru since last 5 years). Your article has really helped me today to know the permitted ingredients in a compiled form!! Of course, as you have disclaimed, it is not sacrosanct that all that you have said is acceptable to all groups of people in all regions. To me it is an excellent guide which I am going to print and preserve with you permission!! Thanks and God Bless you….

    1. welcome krisshnamurty ji. nice to know that you are doing navratri fast for so long. you are a veteran. if you want to share any of your insights or knowledge about navratri fasting then please do so. yes, please take the print of this and you can share the print out with others also… this post is for maa devotees and should reach as many devotees as possible. jai mata di.

  156. Hi dassana……
    Awesome post…..
    Wish someone had written South Indian post…
    some inputs I want to share
    1:Please refrain from tasting the food ingredients for bhog…while assembling or preparing the bhog…
    Thank u…..

    1. thanks anitha. i don’t know how i missed this important part. will add it now. thanks once again for letting us know.

  157. Can we use refined oil for cooking food in navratara??
    Please must Answer??

    1. which refined oil? meaning made from which ingredients. we use only peanut oil and ghee during navratri fasting.

  158. Can I drink Cold Drinks such as Thumbs up or Limca in Navaratri Vrat…..

    1. himanshu, you can not drink cold drinks in navratri fasting. because they use lot of preservatives.

  159. i am very impress about your explaning the navratri fasting terms & rules….thankyou for that..i want to ask that how many time i can eat fasting food in a day…

    1. thanks. depends upon your health and body requirements. some people have only one meal and some only two. so you can decide accordingly.

  160. this is very nice thing you are done. this may help many people who dont have knowledge about nava ratri puja and wanted to do.

    Jai matha di

  161. Thank you for making its so easier for people by providing VRAT related information, highly appreciate it. I used to call my mother in India for holidays for how and what to do and what not to do.
    Thanks again. You are an Angel……

  162. Hii. I just want to ask can kuttu ka atta can be consumed during daytime ?

    1. yes you can have kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour) during day time. i have not heard about this and we have it. may be some families may not be having during day time.

  163. Can you please enlighten everyone for the reason why to not eat grains , onion , garlic during Indian Fast ,more importantly why one can eat cumin but not coriander powder.


    1. Anuzz, i don’t know the reason. this is what is followed traditionally.

  164. Dear, I want to ask a one question. Can i eat curd and poha during Navratri.

    1. deepankar, you can eat curd but not poha. poha is flattend rice thats why you cannot eat it.

  165. hiii. is there any boundations on clothes.. ? people ask not to wear red and black..please answer

    1. sonal, my mil says we avoid black color clothes. but red color is fine and is actually good as its maa color.

  166. Hello,
    I came across this wonderful website on Navratri vrat recipes. Thank you.
    I am fasting for first time and few doubts I have :
    Can we have soya flour and black gram flour

    Thank you

  167. Namaste!

    I am 24 years old. I have never done Navratri fast before. I want to fast during all the nine days.

    Is it fine if i have only fruits and milk for all the nine days?

    Jai Mata Di.

    Best part of your post – Hats off for the same 🙂

    “most important thing in religious fast or acts is your devotion and purity of heart. if somehow you miss any rule or make a mistake, don’t worry. mother goddess is always kind to her children and is forgiving”

    1. welcome sai. yes its alright. provided your body can take it. you can consider including some dry fruits also. thanks for your kind words.

  168. Hi, Thanks for all the information. i have just one question, Can i keep just 3 fasts after every 3 days gap??

  169. Thanks. I am really enlightened by the message. It would definitely help me for observing fast this navratri.

    Jay Mata Di

  170. hey…thanksss a lot…this is my first navrati vrat n your blog help me a lot….:)

  171. Hi I am planning to keep sharad navaratri fast frm 25th this month. but I’ll get my periods in between fast. Wat to do tat time? Hw to fast? Even if I fast furing periods wat care I should take? Whether fasting this time of periods considered?

    1. i asked the elders in my family and this is what they said. you can keep the fast till you get your periods. once you get them, then have regular food but without onions and garlic.

  172. Foods to be avoid in Navratri

    4. turmeric (haldi), asafoetida (hing), mustard (sarson or rai), fenugreek seeds (methi dana), garam masala and dhania powder (coriander powder) are not allowed.

    Dear Haldi and mustard should be avoid..? so which oil we used for allo sabzi.?

    1. we avoid haldi. but some people add. so depends upon family to family. mustard is always not eaten. so mustard oil cannot be used. for aloo sabzi, use ghee or peanut oil. even for some sabzis edible coconut oil can be used. i generally use ghee during navratri.

  173. Hi Dear, Jai Mata Di… Hope everybody is great. Wana ask u one thing dear. Can we eat fruits anytime in fasting…?

    1. Jai Mata Di Lucky. Yes, we can eat fruits anytime in fasting. some fruits can cause acidity, if eaten after evening. its always better to add some honey. honey neutralizes the acidity.

  174. Thank you so much. My mom n I would be doing navratri for the first time this year. Your article has helped a lot :).

  175. mam ,i have one doubt. im un married girl and working in Arabu praying in my room itself. here no children available for kanya poja because all muslim people.this is the first time to take navratri vrat. so i can take 9th day vrat or kanya poja without 2 girls. i don’t know too much about this pooja. so please tel me whether i can do this navratri vrat or not.

    1. sunitha, you can keep the navratri vrat without doing kanya pooja. also read all the comments for more info about navrati vrat. devotion is more important. main thing is devotion and sincerity in the pooja.

    1. anureet, homemade mangoshake, potato chips you can have. in potato chips add sendha namak/salt. ice cream also make at home with no preservatives added.

  176. I was confused about whether to put haldi in my food today. I think ill better avoid it. Thanks for the comprehensive info Dassana. I think it really helps families like us who live outside India n need to check every little thing on the net.

  177. Jai mata di..As i belong to a sikh family I haven’t follow 2 procedure which you have written in your post.First is ‘Ketri’ or ‘Barley’ seeds during this period and another is point no. 9 in navratri vrat vidhi or i was unaware of all these..does my vrat incomplete without this or i can follow now??/Please tell me. Jai mata di..

    1. rashmeet. i asked my mil and she says many people don’t keep khetri. so you vrat is not incomplete. so don’t worry. in all the religious rituals the devotion to deity is more important. i don’t think point 9 is part of vrat procedure. it is another ritual which many people follow. so as far as vrat is concerned it is complete. jai mata di.

  178. Is it ok to have sadhudana kitchidi with salt both times of the day during fast. Because that’ gives me energy

    1. Shanthi, that should not be a problem but use sendha namak or rock salt during fasting. you can also use flours like rajgira ka atta or kuttu ka atta or make dry fruits ladoo or have lassi or fruits during fasting.

    1. harleen, if children can follow the fasting rules mentioned above in the post then they can also keep the fast.

      1. I am fasting for nine days – i am just a bit confused- can i put egg on my hair during navratra fasting and wash it in half an hour. Please advice me.

        1. renu, the mistake happened unknowingly so forget about it. keep your thoughts and attention on maa. remembering maa is important.

  179. thanx for clarify doubts in my mind for fasts nd kanya pujan bcause i always confused what should eat during fasts thax alot once again for this article

  180. Very useful info, confused about Rai though coz that was never forbidden.

  181. Hello and wishing you and your family a very happy navratri..thank you sooo much for this article…it is very thorough and clarifies any doubts in my mind…just what i was looking happy to have found your site..jai mata di!

    1. hello mehek. glad to know that the post was helpful to you. wishing you and your family very happy navratri. jai mata di.

    2. hello and wishing you and your family a very happy navratri..thank you sooo much for this article…it is very thorough and clarifies any doubts in my mind…just what i was looking happy to have found your site..jai mata di!

      1. welcome gaurishanker. glad to know that the post cleared your doubts. happy navratri to you. jai mata di.

  182. Hi,

    Thanks a million for the post. Had a small question, is drinking soft drink while fasting during navratri fine? Also, tea made of milk powder works out or not?

    1. welcome harshita. i don’t think we can use soft drink and milk powder. as they add many things in them like preservatives. personally, i will avoid it. in fact many people insist that navratri food should be touch with pure hands and should not be mixed with other food in the house. e.g. if my mil is keeping navratri fast then she will keep ghee in a different bowl to make her food and the ghee used for other members of the family is separate.

    1. ritu, there must be a reason. you can check tanvi reply in the comments for more information where she says “we avoid coriander powder and haldi, because these ingredients add color and flavor and make food tempting, and whole purpose of fasting is to not stick your feelings to food, not listen to the calling of stomach and worldly pleasures like tastey, colorful food similarly with cold drinks…”

  183. Very helpful. I think Every thing is added for navratri Fast.But nothing is mention about taking dry fruits for fasting person…. …..Can we?

    1. lalit, you can take all dry fruits. this is mentioned in the above post also.

  184. Hi thanks for the great information….this has solved many of my queries…i more thing i wanted to ask that can i take homeopathy medicine in fasting because I’m under medication for some health problems….plz help asap….as Navratri has started from today…

    1. welcome yukti. yes you can take homeopathy medicine because you can’t help it. if your body is not well then all the attention will go to the body. in spiritual practices we should never ignore our body because it always help us. keep your body fit so that you can remember maa through out the day.

  185. Someone told me that I can take normal salt. is it o.k or is it strictly no.
    Also I eat Darehu ka atta, is that fine as well?

    1. one has to have rock salt or sendha namak. normal salt has to be completely avoided. i don’t know what is darehu ka atta.

  186. can i use corn starch in upavas reciepe.or can i use aararowt plz let me know

    1. corn starch cannot be used during upvas or fasting. you can use arrow root.

  187. we avoid coriander powder and haldi, because these ingredients add color and flavor and make food tempting, and whole purpose of fasting is to not stick your feelings to food, not listen to the calling of stomach and worldly pleasures like tastey, colorful food similarly with cold drinks…we avoid other vegetables because they are filling for the stomach and eating them once could curb your hunger for the day whereas this does not happen in case of aloo, singhada samo and other vrat ingredients they are less filling and thus even if you eat them, many a times you feel hungry through the day and that is the main struggle towards devotion…it gives you mental strength

    1. thanks tanvi for this thoughtful comment. it makes sense. many people had queries why we cannot use haldi/turmeric and coriander powder and why certain veggies are not allowed.

  188. I did exactly as per your advice. I put the khetri on flowing water. Thanks for the advice.

    One last question. What is the significance of keeping khetri in the house. I asked my friend (she is the one who told me to keep khetri during Navratri’s) but she also does not know the significance. If you can tell me, then next year I will be able to relate while keeping kehtri.


    1. welcome geetha. i don’t know the exact significance of khetri but generally in my house the khetri growth is related with the blessings of maa on you. the khetri height and health is symbolic to see how much maa is happy on you. bigger the khetri, more is the blessings. the khetri should ideally be of green color and not yellowish in color. it could be superstition also. but my husband says whenever khetri has grown well in their house, that year was good for the entire family in general and 2ndly whenever they have visited mata rani (shera wali mata) shrine in jammu that year also the khetri has grown well in height.

  189. Hi I was just wondering when one is done fasting and ready to eat normal food is there a prayer or a mantra recited before you go back to normal routine. Basically is there a praye to break the fast?

    1. neha, i don’t think so… at least in my mil house they don’t chant any mantra or prayer. doing navratri kanjak pooja and worship of mata rani is done sincerely and with full devotion. while worshiping, the mata rani aarti is also sung.

  190. During Navaratri, we have to eat vegetarian food, it is hard for people who are non veg
    but for vegetarians its not hard. By observing vegetarian food rules, the devotees are uplifting them spiritually.

    There is a big difference when you know your body do not contain any dead matter, blood inside, you feel light and uplifted during these prayers.

    You are praying for all including the animals and birds and fish etc, you become nonviolent towards them and you do not wish their death so how can you eat them and pray.

    At least till the end of the prayer the non vegetarians can observe this rule and slowly Goddess Durga step by step will eventually uplift them when the time comes.

    1. almost all religions have put emphasis on being vegetarian. it helps to be vegetarian if you want to grow spiritually or do any spiritual practice.

  191. Thanks a lot for your advise. I will follow your advise.

    In fact this is the first time I kept Khetri. Hence the confusion.

    1. welcome geetha. its alright. even i also don’t know many navratri rules and have to ask my mil few times.

  192. Thanks for the information.

    I am based in Dubai. Can you please let me know what time Dussera finsihes.

    Once again thanks a million for your advice

    1. welcome geetha. i am sorry, i am not sure about the timing when dussehra will finish. i assume, since it is starting on 1:17pm then it should last for 24 hours. better to check with some astrology related site or with some pandit. i don’t want to give you wrong information.

  193. Thanks Dassana for the advise.

    I am based in Dubai. Please let me know what time Dussera finishes.

    Once again thanks a million for your advise.

  194. The information given above about Navrathri is very good and useful.

    Can we eat non-veg on Dushera. Please let me have your advice.

    I did Kanya poojan on 8th but I did not immerse the Khetri in water and I started having normal food (as I did not know that I have to immerse Ketri after that only I can have normal food) . Is there any problem. Can I immerse the Kehtri in water on Dusera. Please let me have your advice.

    1. Geeha, today till 1:17 pm you could have immersed the khetri in water or kept it below pipal tree. now please wait till dussehra timing is over. dussehra has started on 1:17 pm today. so don’t immerse the khetri today and once dussehra is over then immerse the khetri. as long as khetri is there in your house, navratri fasting rules are applicable. e.g. you can not eat non-veg food, alcohol or eat onions, garlic etc. today on television also, in shraddha channel it was advised to immerse the khetri before 1 pm. so better wait. i hope it helps.

  195. A heartfelt thanks for the time & effort taken by u to come out with this detailed article on Navratri fasting.For someone like me who is clueless about it but wants to embark on a spiritual journey it is such a blessing..Jai Mata Di & God Bless !

  196. thx Dasana for those amazing pumpkin recipe. I will make kaddu ka halwa @ home for thanksgiving day. My kids love pumpkin pie so much.

    1. ranjan, as per navratri rules, you can not drink alcohol, eat non-veg food or include onion-garlic in food till navratri is over. drinking alcohol is not allowed on navami also even though you have done pooja on asthami. jai mata di.

  197. Hello Dassana, we did Navami pooja this morning and also did Kanjak pooja. Can one consume alcohol this evening? I mean on 12th evening?

  198. Hi dassana,
    Well I m keeping this fast for the first time..thank u for all the information…but m not sure about the kanya pooja…I live in London and it’s not possible for me to find any girls nearby …in that case what should I do???

    1. shweta, my mil suggested that you can offer the shringar items (cosmetics) to mata temple in your city. like bindi, bangles, red chunri, sindhur, lipstick, nail polish, mehendi, one red color string or mauli tied to coconut (use the coconut which has water). also make suji halwa, kala chana and poori and offer as bhog to mata in the temple and make some donation there. you can make donation to pandit also. whatever new shingar items you can find in london you can offer to mata temple. don’t take it too seriously to find all the singhar items. just be pure in your intentions… thats the most important thing.

      in addition to this, you can burn 9 diyas in temple. if diyas or earten lamps are not available then make diya of whole wheat dough and burn these homemade 9 ghee diyas in the temple. the 9 diyas are like your offering to 9 forms of mata. you can also offer ladoos and yellow flowers marigold flowers in temple (if you can find them).

  199. hi dassanna check below navami started according to the below table fasting should complete on navami day

    indian thiti:

    Ashtami Start Time : Fri, 11/10/13, 05:38 PM
    End Time : Sat, 12/10/13, 03:26 PM
    Navami Start Time : Sat, 12/10/13, 03:26 PM
    End Time : Sun, 13/10/13, 01:17 PM
    Dasami Start Time : Sun, 13/10/13, 01:18 PM
    End Time : Mon, 14/10/13, 11:16 AM
    Ekadasi Start Time : Mon, 14/10/13, 11:16 AM
    End Time : Tue, 15/10/13, 09:24 AM

    1. anusha, today is 12th in india. so navami has still not started… it is still ashtami going on. my mil is breaking fast on 9th (navami) after doing kanjak pooja and khetri immersion. the pooja will be completed before 1 pm (which is close to the time you are sharing in the table).

  200. hi dassana i dint kept any khetri infornt of god actually i m doing fasting for the first time i donno much about it if i m breaking my fast on 8th wt should exactly i have 2 do .

    1. anusha. if you are not keeping khetri then no issue. you can keep fast on 8th (ashtami… last day) and do the kanjak or kanya pooja on 9th. 9 girls for kanjak pooja is ideal otherwise do it with minimum two girls. do the kanjak pooja before 1 pm (indian time) as after that dussehra period will start for this year, 2013. so after doing this kanjak pooja on 9th you can break the fast. this instructions are taken from my mil who has further taken it from her family pandits.

  201. Hi dassana, is it necessary to avoid onion and garlic during whole navratri if we have kept fast only on first and last day?

    1. gagandeep, as per navratri rules, we should not eat onion and garlic during whole navratri fasting period. no matter we are keeping fast or not.

  202. hi dassana on 8th day n 9th day after we complete fasting can we use normal salt n eat all vegetables and dal.

    1. anusha, my mil says that once you do navratri kanjak pooja and immerse the khetri in water (or keep it below pipal tree) then you can start eating normal food like vegetables and dals.
      so if you plan to do kanjak pooja on 8th (ashtami) then on 7th you can keep the fast and after (kanjak pooja + khetri) is done then that day you can start having normal food. in this case, you don’t need to observe fasting food rules on 9th or navami.
      otherwise, if u plan to do kanjak pooja on 9th (navami) then keep fast on 8th and after doing kanjak pooja and khetri immersion start eating regular food at home.

  203. dassana October 9, 2013 56
    as per navratri rules, we can not use cauliflower and cabbage for navratri fasting food
    dassana October 9, 2013 58
    i don’t think we can drink cold drink or eat jain pav bhaji of hotel. if you are keeping navratri fast then avoid eating food from hotels. the food should be prepared at home. some people don’t even use paneer or curd bought from market as we don’t who has made them and how they have made them. in religious fasting, purity is must.

    Hi dassana,
    Who made Navratri rules? Any Indian manuscript has it???
    What about people living out of their home like students… So they should not do fasting as they don’t cook at home, cold drink is just flavoured carbonated water.
    And how can you be sure about the saabu dana and other things that who and made them?? As per you we should grow at home and milk the cow at home?
    You know Bengali people (who are more religious for Devi Durga) eat non-veg during navratri. You know why…because they say “it is time to celebrate and be happy so we should do everything good we can eat good, wear well, speak well and do well”
    I am not a Bengali but I like the thought ….
    We should maintain purity in fasting but we should be flexible as per new age. We cannot be sure of what we have that from where it came and who made it, might be possible ki Mata ku chunar ya diay ya kuch aur kisi aur dharm wale ne banaya ho. You cannot make/grow everything. Flexibility will allow new people to follow and spread our religion.

    1. hemant… u can follow the rules which make sense to you. these are the general rules followed for navratri fasting and i am just sharing the facts.

      few points which you mentioned in your comment, i am clarifying here.
      1. cold drink is not just flavoured carbonated water as many chemicals and preservatives are added to it.
      2. you must have heard about famous mystic from bengal.. ramakrishna paramhansa. he tried many spiritual paths and realized the oneness or spiritual awakening from all the paths… but while following any particular path he followed the rules completely….e.g. while doing non-duality sadhana as prescribed by saint totapuri, he had to kill the image of his beloved goddess from his mind and then only he fell into ultimate nirvikalpa samadhi.

      so my suggestion is either to do fasting or to do feasting. but please don’t mix the two. whatever spiritual sadhana you do, follow the rules completely. rest is up to you.

      lets close this discussion here.

      jai mata di


  204. Its a very nice article…It helped me a lot… There are many healthy ways to fast during Navratri.

    1. anand, we can not eat corn or use corn flour while keeping navratri fast. you have to use fasting flours like singhare ka atta, kuttu ka atta, rajgira ka atta as binding agent for making pakoras or for making pooris, rotis, parathas etc

    1. i don’t think we can drink cold drink or eat jain pav bhaji of hotel. if you are keeping navratri fast then avoid eating food from hotels. the food should be prepared at home. some people don’t even use paneer or curd bought from market as we don’t who has made them and how they have made them. in religious fasting, purity is must.

  205. Why cant we eat other vegetables? like cauliflower, cabbage, because they are either fruits, flower or leaves. I believe we should avoid cereals (daal, anaaj), spices, onion and garlic.

    1. as per navratri rules, we can not use cauliflower and cabbage for navratri fasting food.

  206. This is my first time.. And i am doing first and last day fasting? And i have taken non-veg today. Can i do last day of navratri?

    1. deepak, yes you can keep fasting on last day of navratri. but please don’t take non-veg, alcohol or eggs till navratri is over. since you have eaten non-veg in between so the first day fast will be considered nullified. so you have to ideally now keep fast on last 2 days. as two day (jodha) fast (1st and last day) is done. so keep fast on last 2 days.

  207. I do wants to know the same that if we can use dhaniya leafs thn why not the powder ? and haldi is the purest thing more over its not aun , if arbi kachhalu nd allu r not aun then haldi cant be then why it can not be used?

    1. @pooja and @seema. i don’t know why certain spices are used and why some are not used. these customs are decided by wise people and i am just sharing the facts. as i mentioned before in my comments too… some people use coriander and some don’t. please note the ‘*’ marked before coriander. coriander is a herb whereas coriander powder comes from it seeds. may be thats why this difference. about haldi or turmeric, i have no guess why its not allowed.

  208. This was extremely useful and thank you for putting in all of the details. I’m new to the spiritual ceremonies in Hinduism and this was such a good summary. Bookmarking your website now 🙂 Thank you! Ritu

  209. Hi, Thanks for list of things allowed and to be avoided during fasting! Just what I needed!
    Wish you and your family a Very Happy Navratri!

  210. hi i want 2 ask u if iam breaking my fast on 8th day by doing kanya pooja i dont get 9 girls here my baby is a girl can i do only 4 my baby girl and break d fast……….n one more thing can we eat non veg next day

    1. anusha, i checked with my mil and this is what she has to say regarding your query.

      as per navratri rules, avoid eating non-veg till navami or 9th day. you can start having non-veg once navratri is over.
      although, many people do kanjak pooja on 8th day and then break their fast but they also avoid eating non-veg and alcohol till the navratri fasting period is over.

      2ndly, if your baby girl is older than one year then she can sit for kanya pooja with one more girl. as per custom, minimum two girls should sit for kanya pooja. there is no restriction on doing pooja with more than 2 girls.

      if your baby girl is less than one year then also she can sit for kanya pooja but then you have to wait for one year for goddess blessing or kripa.

      remember, it is minimum two girls and should not be altered as one girl one boy… as in some families one boy is also included in the kanya pooja.

  211. Thanks Dassana
    You really simplified my Navratri fast plans. Iam an inspired first timer and your article gave me an affirmation on yes I can do it.
    Beauty of Indian festivals is it gives you flexibilityto experiment and be part of it.
    Jai Matadi

    1. welcome rajeev. in my house we use tomatoes and my mother in law who keeps all navratri fast also use tomatoes. scientifically and botanically, tomato is classified as a fruit.

  212. if we use green coriander then why we not use coriander powder in navratri vrat

    1. anu, some people use coriander and some don’t. please note the ‘*’ marked before coriander. coriander is a herb whereas coriander powder comes from it seeds. may be thats why this difference. every community has different rules for navratri vrat.

  213. me pichhale 6 saal se navaratry ka upvas rakhta hu par ye upyogi jankari aj mili bahut bahut sadhuvad aur jai mata di

    1. welcome arvind. glad to know that the navratri post has helped you. jai mata di.

  214. great work, great pictures 🙂
    happy navratri

    (maybe its off topic but would have been great if you also included some philosophy about fasting.. )

    all the best 🙂

    1. thanks ayush. your suggestion is good and i will think about it. happy navratri to you.

  215. I like your site which is very helpful all those who are keeping navratri fasting.

  216. I needed to confirm on certain items allowed in the vrats and your article helped me in clearing my doubts.thanks. and jai mata di.

  217. Hi, Just dropping a BIG THANK YOU for such an elaborate list of things allowed and to be avoided during fasting! Just what I needed! Thanks a ton!
    Wish you and your family a Very Happy Navratri!

    1. welcome krishi. wishing happy navratri to all your family members. jai mata di.

  218. I m keeping navratri fast for the first time n this article has reallly helped me a lot………
    thanks you

        1. gaurishanker, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and eating non-veg strictly.

        2. Thank you so much, Its a great information you shared. It will be definitely helpful for me.

        3. Mam how many times we can use black salt (sendha namak) per day during vrat. 1-2 times or more than this. and may we use palak as vegitable.

        4. some people use palak during fasting. you can use sendha namak in all the food that you make.