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collection of 30 best indian breakfast recipes – breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day, as you start your day with it. at times it is skipped because of shortage of time. always try to keep some time to have your breakfast.

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every state of india has its own cuisine. so the breakfast recipes varies from state to state. e.g. idli, dosa, uttapam are popular in south india. in north india different varieties of parathas are quite popular for breakfast.

for some folks, i know of, one of the simple breakfast are toasts, plain or buttered with eggs (omelette or scrambled). for vegetarians you can make a tofu or paneer bhurji or a besan chilla (vegetarian omelette) to go with the toasts. the simplest one is butter bread or butter toasts. aloo poori is also a popular breakfast and is had all over india but with different ways of making the aloo sabzi. in this post, i am sharing the top breakfast recipes which are popular among the readers.

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top 30 breakfast recipes:

1. rava upma recipe – upma is a traditional south indian breakfast dish made from rava. rava is also called as sooji in hindi and cream of wheat in english. upma is usually served with coconut chutney, lime slices or lemon pickle. it can also be had plain. there are many popular variations of upma made for breakfast like:

  1. tomato upma
  2. oats upma
  3. idli upma
  4. poha upma
  5. bread upma
  6. mtr style khara bhath

breakfast recipes

2. rava dosa – rava dosa is a popular south indian dosa variety. making rava dosa is very easy and the best part is that no grinding or fermentation is required. the recipe shared here gives crispy rava dosa. dosa is usually served with coconut chutney and sambar. apart from rava dosa, there are many popular varieties of dosas made in south indian cuisine like:

rava dosa, rava dosa recipe

3. soft idli recipe – idli is a traditional breakfast made in every south indian household. its not only healthy but also a delicious breakfast option. idli is usally served with coconut chutney and sambar. there are many popular variation of idlis made in south indian homes like

  1. kanchipuram idli
  2. ragi idli
  3. poha idli
  4. oats idli

breakfast recipes

4. aloo paratha – popular indian breakfast of unleavened whole wheat flat bread stuffed with a spiced potato stuffing. among the various paratha recipes, aloo paratha is the most famous one. aloo paratha can be served with pickle or curd or with butter or dal makhani. few more popular punjabi parathas you can make for breakfast are:

  1. paneer paratha
  2. onion paratha
  3. methi thepla 
  4. dhaba style aloo paratha

breakfast recipes

5. poha recipe (onion poha) – a popular breakfast dish from maharashtra made with flattened rice or beaten rice. onion poha is a quick, easy and healthy dish to make. other variations of poha which are popular in different places are:

  1. batata poha recipe (potato poha)
  2. indori poha recipe
  3. chura matar recipe from uttar pradesh cuisine
  4. potato onion poha
  5. aval upma

kanda poha recipe

6. appam recipe – these lacy soft hoppers also known as appam or palappam are a popular kerala breakfast served along with vegetable stew or kadala curry. you can also check this kerala style appam recipe made with yeast.

appam - breakfast recipes

7. pongal recipe – popular south indian breakfast made with rice and yellow moong lentils. there are many variations possible. at times grated coconut is also added. you could even add some chopped veggies to make a mix veg pongal. few other variations which you can make at times are:

  1. sweet pongal (if you have a sweet tooth)
  2. chakkara pongal (made with rock sugar or sugar candy)
  3. rava pongal

breakfast recipes

8. misal pav recipe – a popular maharashtrian breakfast of usal (sprouts curry) topped with onions, tomatoes, farsan (fried savory mixture), lemon juice and served with pav. it can be had as a breakfast, snack or as a brunch. its a delicious and wholesome meal, especially if the pav (buns) is made from wheat flour. other popular breakfast recipes from maharashtra are:

breakfast recipes

9. grilled sandwich recipe – delicious mumbai style vegetable sandwich spiced with cilantro chutney and grilled to perfection. sandwiches are quite easy and quick to make. health-conscious people can use whole wheat bread or brown bread or whole wheat sandwich bread. if you like sandwiches then you may like these sandwich recipes:

  1. cheese sandwich
  2. veg sandwich
  3. club sandwich 
  4. potato sandwich
  5. paneer sandwich

breakfast recipes

10. besan chilla recipe – savory and healthy pancake made with gram flour, spices & herbs. grated veggies can also be added to make the cheela more nutritious. cheela are quick and easy to make breakfast option. few more similar recipes you may like making for a quick breakfast are:

  1. rava chilla
  2. moong dal cheela
  3. oats cheela recipe
  4. tomato omelette recipe

breakfast recipes

11. methi thepla recipe – popular gujarati flat breads made from fresh fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour and gram flour. these can be munched anytime of the day. makes for a healthy breakfast, tiffin or picnic brunches. two more thepla variations you can make are:

  1. mooli thepla
  2. lauki thepla

methi thepla recipe

12. dal pakwan recipe – it is one of the most famous sindhi breakfast recipe. dal pakwan is basically chana dal served with pakwan (crisp fried indian bread). this delicious chana dal can also be had with roti and rice. dal pakwan is usually taken as breakfast but you can have this dal pakwan snack as a brunch or in lunch too.

dal pakwan recipe

13. idiyappam recipe – idiyappam also called as nool puttu are string hoppers and a popular breakfast in kerala. this idiyappam recipe gives you soft and smooth idiyappam which tastes very good with a curry or any side dish of your choice like:

  1. veg korma
  2. veg stew
  3. potato peas korma
  4. mushroom korma
  5. kadala curry.

kerala idiyappam recipe

14. bread pakora – bread pakora is often made for breakfast in punjabi homes. this popular breakfast snack of bread pakora is stuffed with a filling of spiced mashed potatoes. the filling could also be of paneer or cheese or mix veggies. you can make many variations of this popular snack with different filling like:

bread pakoda recipe, bread pakora recipe

15. akki roti recipe – akki roti is one of the staple breakfast in karnataka and is made with rice flour. you can add veggies of your choice in the dough. akki rotti makes for a good healthy breakfast. another flat bread which is popular in karnataka cuisine is jowar roti recipe.

akki rotti

16. aloo poori recipe – this yummy meal of poori with spiced potato curry is popular all over india. each region has its own variation. in maharashtra its called as poori bhaji and the potato curry is dry as compared to potato gravy served in north india. for south indian version you can check this poori masala post. in north india, we love to dunk pooris not only in spiced potato curry but also in chana masala. so you can enjoy poori with various chole varieties like

aloo poori recipe

17. luchi recipe – luchi is a deep fried and much loved bengali bread. luchi can be made for breakfast, lunch or dinner but often made for breakfast. luchi is best served with cholar dal or bengali dum aloor. for a change you can even try having luchi with sooji ka halwaaamras, punjabi chole or aloo tamatar ki sabzi or aloo tamatar jhol.

luchi recipe

18. pesarattu recipe – these moong dal dosas are a healthy and nutritious dosa variety. vegan as well as gluten free. a popular breakfast recipe of andhra pradesh. two more healthy dosa variations you can make at times are:

  1. urad dal dosa
  2. mixed dal dosa recipe.

Moong Dal Dosa

19. dal kachori recipe – these flaky kachoris are made with a spiced moong lentils stuffing. kachoris can be made and stored for a couple of days in the fridge. kachori goes well with tamarind dates chutney, green chutney or red chili garlic chutney. you can also have these kachoris with dubki wale aloo or aloo rasedar. some curd also goes well with kachoris. few more delicious kachori recipes posted on blog are

dal kachori recipe

20. mumbai style cheese chilli toast – tasty toast sandwiches made with cheese, green chilies, green chutney and spices+herbs. few more delicious variations which are equally popular are:

  1. cheese chili toast
  2. cheese garlic toast
  3. corn cheese toast
  4. cheese toast sandwich recipe

mumbai style cheese chilli toast recipe

21. adai recipe – adai is a delicious protein rich pancake. making adai is very easy. rice and lentils are soaked and then ground to a slightly coarse batter. also unlike making dosa you don’t need to ferment the batter.

south indian adai recipe

22. aloo kulcha recipe – kulcha and chole bhature are very popular in punjabi homes specially in punjab and delhi. they are a popular street food and many variations of kulcha are made and served in restaurants like paneer kulcha or plain kulcha which is served with matar gravy made dried white peas (safed matar).

aloo kulcha recipe

23. gobi paratha recipe – gobi paratha is another popular paratha from punjab which is made for breakfast. its also served in dhabas. apart from this there are many parathas which you can make for breakfast like

gobi paratha recipe

24. set dosa recipe – very soft, light and spongy dosa. these soft dosas are called as set dosa as they are served in a set of 3 dosa per serving. you can serve set dosa with your favorite coconut chutney or veg sagu or potato sagu or veg korma or sambar.

set dosa recipe

25. paneer bhurji recipe – a popular north indian breakfast recipe made from crumbled paneer. bhurji means scrambled. so in this dish, the paneer aka cottage cheese is scrambled. few more quick paneer recipes you can make are:

paneer bhurji recipe

26. chow chow bath recipe – a delicious breakfast dish popular in bangalore. this breakfast comprises of basically 3 dishes, which are – savory khara bath, a sweet rava kesari and coconut chutney. the combo of sweet dish along with a savory dish accompanied with a coconut chutney is too good.

chow chow bhath recipe

27. oats idli recipe – healthy, tasty and instant oats idli recipe. no fermentation is required to make this quick idli recipe. this recipe is similar to the way we make instant rava idli. there are few more breakfast recipes with oats that can be made like:

  1. oats dosa
  2. oats porridge
  3. oats cheela
  4. oats khichdi
  5. fruits oats smoothie

instant oats idli recipe

28. aval dosa recipe – this is one dosa which is amazingly soft, spongy, porous and stays so even after some hours. excellent for tiffin boxes with some dry chutney or podi. this poha dosa recipe is an andhra speciality. for more recipes made with poha you can check this collection of 23 poha recipes.

poha dosa recipe

29. roti-sabzi combo – rotis made with whole wheat flour or atta are a staple in north india. usually dry sabzis are made for breakfast to accompany roti or plain parathas or lachedar paratha or jeera paratha. at times plain parathas is just served with an pickle like mango pickle or lemon pickle or green chilli pickle.

these dry sabzis are quick to make and can also be packed in tiffin boxes. few of the popular sabzis made for breakfast in north india are:


30. malabar parotta recipe – kerala parotta is a layered flaky flat bread that is popular across the whole of south india. it is a variation of the north indian lachcha parathayou can serve kerala paratha with any vegetable curry like veg korma or potato pea korma or veg kolhapuri or veg kadai or veg handi or lentil curry like dal makhani or with paneer ghee roast. even the simple dal tastes so good with the kerala parotta.

kerala parotta recipe

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