Bread Recipes | 25 Breakfast Bread Recipes

For all those who love to bake their own bread and for folks who like bread, find 25 homemade bread recipes made from scratch. Enjoy a slice of savory or sweet bread for your breakfast and snack. You will learn to make breakfast bread recipes like whole meal bread, white bread, brown bread sweet breads. I have also included some pizza varieties in this category.

About Bread

Bread is something I have great reverence for. Since the transition of humans from hunter-gatherers to agriculturalists, bread has been a staple food in basically all cultures the world over. In fact, the oldest evidence of bread making is over 14,000 years old!

Ancient cultures like the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were the first to see the art of bakery as a sign of refinement and civilization. Even in modern day, there are many cookbooks and culinary classes dedicated specifically to the art of bread-making.

Bread is also very culturally significant – we speak of “breaking bread” as a term for eating with our families and friends; “putting bread on the table” means providing for our families; we call things “the best thing since sliced bread” when we speak of innovation. 

Here in India, life’s basic necessities are sometimes summed up as roti, kapda aur makan, which means “bread, clothing and home.” In many ways, bread can be attributed to the evolution of the human species.

This humble food can be made in countless ways, often consisting of nothing more than flour and water. The type of flour used can vary widely, as can the preparation. 

As a home cook who prefers less fussy recipes, you won’t find any bagels or couronnes here. This section is mostly dedicated to simple yeasted bread varieties, including sandwich loaves and pizza doughs, as well as American style “quick breads” like banana bread. I hope you try making these breakfast bread recipes – make them any day and store in the fridge or freezer to enjoy the bread for breakfast.

If you’re looking for Indian style breads like roti, phulka or naan, check out our Indian Bread Category Page for even more deliciously carb-y recipes.

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Is Bread Healthy?

While I’m not a certified nutrition professional, I personally believe that breads can be a part of a balanced diet. Whenever possible, I prefer to make my breads from whole grains to increase their fiber and protein content.

Bread Making Pantry Essentials

The art of making bread is a vast subject with many different recipes, methods and possibilities. For the purposes of this blog, the primary ingredients you’ll want to assemble for yeasted bread recipes are: whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, and leavenings like yeast. For sweet bread recipes, you will need whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, oil, and sweeteners like raw sugar.

Newest Bread Recipes

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