Milkshake Recipes

Get 17 easy, refreshing and hearty milkshake recipes, both vegetarian and vegan versions. Various kinds of milkshakes are popular with kids and even adults. Milkshakes are easy and quick to prepare. You can have them as a healthy drink for breakfast or brunch or as an evening or after school snack.

Fresh or frozen fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, ice cream, milk (dairy or vegan) are some of the ingredients that are used to make shakes. Milkshakes can be customized with various flavorings, spices, cookies, and herbs. In fact you can have fun experimenting with various add-ins and try to make the best one for yourself and your family.

Milkshakes are filling as well as healthy, provided we keep a few points in mind while making them.

Helpful Tips

Pairing and Compatibility

Keep in mind the the compatibility of the milk and the fruits that you will use to make your milkshake. While most of us, prefer dairy to make milkshakes, the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda has a different opinion.

According to Ayurveda, almost all the fruits are not compatible with milk or any dairy products. Mango is the only fruit that is compatible with dairy.

With other fruits, depending on your body constitution you may have indigestion problems or you may feel sluggish. Most often with other fresh fruits, I prepare milkshakes with lite coconut milk or almond milk. I also find milkshake made with coconut milk or almond milk lighter and easier to digest.


For fruit based shakes, ensure that you use fresh fruits that are at the peak of their ripening and sweetness. Of course, you can also make milkshakes with frozen fruits. It is best to use fruits which are in season. If possible, buy the fruits that are cultivated organically. Avoid using processed fruit pulps that can be loaded with preservatives or additives.

Always serve milkshake fresh and don’t refrigerate them to be served later. The freshness lessens and the taste also changes after keeping it for some hours.


Including a sweetener in your milkshake recipe can be skipped if the fruits are sweet. But, you can always add some sweetener if you prefer. Sweeteners like honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, unrefined cane sugar and jaggery are better options than plain white sugar.

Most of the times while making milkshakes and cakes, I use coconut sugar, jaggery powder or unrefined organic cane sugar. Coconut sugar has a similar taste to that of palm jaggery.

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There are some milkshakes that are an evergreen favorite with many people. These milkshakes are also popularly served in many cafes and restaurants.

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