American Cuisine

The melting pot of American cuisine is vast and varied. From cakes and cookies to burgers and breakfasts, from creamy comfort foods to satisfying sandwiches, this section is jam-packed with a litany of foods that are popular in the U.S.

What kinds of foods are American?

America is a large country with many different regional cuisines. Partly borrowed from other cultures and partly improvised, American cuisine and foods run the gamut of sweet and savory, rich and healthy. My love of culinary exploration has led me to try many global recipes, and these are over 100 of my favorites from the US.

My vegetarian American recipe index can be categorized as follows:

1. Cookies – Known as “biscuits” in the UK, cookies are a tasty, handheld dessert that is extremely popular in the US. Chocolate chip is perhaps the most ubiquitous flavor, but once you delve into the world of cookies, I have a feeling you’ll want to stay awhile.

2. Pies – Contrary to popular opinion, American pies can be either sweet or savory. I have a nice mix of both here, from the quintessential Apple Pie to the delightfully southern Tomato Pie.

3. Quickbreads & Muffins – These cake-like treats are often served as breakfast or snacks with coffee or tea. Most of my recipes in this category are made eggless and use whole wheat flour to amp up their nutritional content, which makes me feel better about eating them first thing in the morning.

4. Soups – Every culture has their own soups it seems, and Americans are no different. From creamy tomato soup to chunky veg soups, there’s something here for everyone.

5. Sandwiches – If you’re feeling particularly American, make one of these tasty vegetarian sandwiches to pair with your favorite soup. My friends in the US tell me the combo is wonderfully satisfying.

6. Pasta – Noodles are a favorite the world over, and the US is no exception. If you’re unsure of where to start, I humbly suggest you give Mac & Cheese a try!

7. Veggie Sides & Appetizers – Pizza puffs, stuffed mushrooms, creamy mashed potatoes and vegetable fritters are just the beginning. Round out any meal with the addition of one of these tasty dishes.

8. Breakfast Dishes – Waffles, pancakes, coffee cake and doughnuts might taste like dessert, but they’re fully embraced as the “most important meal of the day” by our friends in the US. Once you try eating these tasty treats for breakfast, you’ll understand the hype.

9. Other Desserts – Ice cream, puddings, mousse, cheesecake, fruit crumbles and cobblers are all American style treats that I’m quite fond of. If you’re uninitiated to the world of American sweets, this is a fun place to start.

10. Drinks – From coffee to smoothies, hot chocolate to juice, there’s no shortage of delicious American drinks to choose from.

11. Condiments – Jams and jellies, ketchup and mayonnaise – these are the sauces you need to feel like Uncle Sam. Whether you spread them or use them as dips, these condiments are essential American flavor-makers.

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