tomato soup recipe, easy restaurant style delicious tomato soup recipe

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tomato soup recipe with step by step photos – easy to prepare restaurant style delicious tomato soup recipe. tomato soup is popular in all indian restaurants. whenever i see the menu of most of the restaurants in india, i always get to see tomato soup along with the indo chinese soups.

i sometimes wonder why they don’t have other varieties of popular vegetable soups like minestrone soup, spinach soup or cream of mushroom or cauliflower soup.

tomato soup recipe

i have had tomato soup in many places. some restaurants really make a good soup. whereas in some, the soup taste has been from sour to very sweet and. the consistency has been thin like a tomato rasam to very thick pasty consistency. so when i would have these soups, a thought in mind always crossed – i make a better tomato soup that what this restaurant has served me. am sure most of you would have had this thought crossed your mind too, that you can make better soups than the restaurant ones.

a few soups i have been making from my teens. this recipe belongs to that category. its my trademark recipe that you won’t find any where else on the internet and i am glad to share this one.

few points to be kept in mind to make a really good tomato soup recipe:

  • use fresh ripe red tomatoes. avoid using tomatoes which are sour or unripe.
  • there is a balance of tanginess from the tomatoes and sweetness from the sugar and cream. make sure that the soup does not become very sweet. after all its tomato soup and should have the tang in it.
  • the tomatoes are blanched & then pureed. blanching process i have shown in the step by step pics. (the blanching process i follow, is the way i had learnt in my home science cooking lab and have been using this method for years now. )
  • you can skip the onions in the soup if you prefer, but do add the garlic.

i have also shared 4 more tomato soup varieties:

tomato soup recipe below:

tomato soup recipe
4.6 from 54 votes

tomato soup recipe

tomato soup recipe - easy to make tomato soup restaurant style.

course starters
cuisine indian, world
prep time 25 minutes
cook time 20 minutes
total time 45 minutes
servings 2
rough calories per serving 173 kcal
author dassana amit

ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)

  • 4 medium to large tomatoes
  • 2 to 3 small to medium garlic cloves (lahsun), finely chopped or ½ teaspoon finely chopped garlic
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped OR ¼ cup finely chopped onion
  • 1 tej patta (indian bay leaf)
  • 1 teaspoon corn flour (corn starch) + 2 tablespoon water
  • 1 or 1.5 tablespoon butter
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon cream (25- 30% fat) - you can consider adding 2 tablespoon cream or dot with cream when serving the soup.
  • ½ tablespoon regular sugar or unrefined cane sugar or add as required
  • 1 or 2 slices of bread - brown bread or whole wheat or white bread
  • freshly crushed or powdered black pepper as required (kali mirch powder)
  • salt as required

how to make recipe

preparing tomato puree for tomato soup:

  1. first rinse the tomatoes really well and keep aside.
  2. remove the stems if there are any.
  3. in a saucepan or pot take enough water (approx 5-6 cups). so that the tomatoes get immersed completely.
  4. add 1 teaspoon salt to the water and bring the water to a rolling boil.

  5. add the tomatoes and switch off the fire.
  6. close the saucepan or pot with the lid.
  7. let the tomatoes be immersed in the hot water for 20-30 minutes.
  8. drain the water and let them become warm or cool down.
  9. in the meantime, finely chop the onion and garlic. keep aside.
  10. once the tomatoes become warm or cool down, then peel them. slice off the eye part from the tomatoes.

  11. then directly chop the tomatoes above the blender jar so that the juices drop directly inside the blender jar.
  12. if you cannot do this, then chop the tomatoes on a chopping board and add everything to the blender including the juices.
  13. blend the tomatoes to a smooth puree. keep aside. 

toasting bread for soup:

  1. heat a frying pan (tava or griddle) or pre heat the oven.

  2. place the bread in the pan and on a low flame toast the bread till its browned and crisp from both sides.
  3. if using the oven, place the bread in the oven at 200 degrees C and toast the bread till its browned and crisp.
  4. once the bread is toasted and golden, slice it into cubes. keep aside. 

making tomato soup:

  1. make a smooth paste of the 1 teaspoon cornflour with 2 tablespoon water.

  2. melt butter in a pan. add the bay leaf and saute for 1 to 2 seconds

  3. add the finely chopped garlic and saute for some seconds on a low flame. no need to brown garlic.  

  4. add the chopped onions and saute till the onions become translucent.

  5. now add the tomato puree.
  6. stir and then add water, salt and pepper.
  7. on a low to medium flame, let the soup come to a gentle boil.
  8. stir the corn flour paste (since the corn flour settles down) that we made earlier and add it to the soup.

  9. stir well and simmer for 3 to 4 minutes till the tomato soup thickens on a low flame.

  10. now add sugar and stir. then add the cream and simmer for a minute.
  11. pour the steaming hot tomato soup in soup bowls.
  12. add the bread croutons to the soup. 

  13. garnish tomato soup with parsley or coriander leaves.

  14. serve the tomato soup hot.

recipe notes

  1. instead of butter you can use olive oil or coconut oil.
  2. instead of cream you can use coconut cream.

step by step restaurant style tomato soup recipe:

1. first rinse 4 medium to large tomatoes and keep aside. in a saucepan or pot take enough water (approx 5-6 cups). so that the tomatoes can get immersed. add about 1 tsp salt to the water and bring the water to a rolling boil.

tomatoes for tomato soup recipe

2. add the tomatoes and switch off the fire. close the saucepan or pot with the lid. let the tomatoes be immersed in the hot water for 20-30 minutes.

tomatoes for tomato soup recipe

3.  drain the water and let them become warm or cool down. due to the blanching process, the tomato peel shrinks and can be easily removed.

making tomato soup recipe

4. in the mean time, heat a frying pan/tava or pre heat the oven. place the bread in the pan and on a low flame toast the bread till its browned and crisp from both sides. if using the oven, place the bread in the oven at 200 degrees C and toast the bread till its browned and crisp.

toasting the bread for tomato soup recipe

5. make a smooth paste of 1 tsp cornflour with 2 tbsp water.

cornflour paste for tomato soup recipe

6. directly chop the tomatoes above the blender jar so that the juices drop directly inside the blender jar. if you cannot do this, then chop the tomatoes on a chopping board and add everything to the blender including the juices. blend the tomatoes to a smooth puree. there should be no bits or small chunks of tomatoes. it should be a really smooth puree.

tomato paste for tomato soup recipe

7. melt 1 to 1.5 tbsp butter in a pan. add 1 bay leaf and saute for 1 to 2 seconds. add ½ teaspoon finely chopped garlic and saute for  some seconds on a low flame. no need to brown the garlic.

sauting garlic for tomato soup recipe

8. add ¼ cup finely chopped onions and sauté till the onions become translucent.

sauting onions for tomato soup recipe

9. now add the tomato puree.

add tomato puree to make tomato soup recipe

10. stir and then add 1 cup water, salt (as required) and black pepper powder (as required).

spices for tomato soup recipe

11. on a low to medium flame, let the soup come to a gentle boil. stir the corn flour paste (corn starch paste) that we made earlier and add it to the soup.

cornflour paste for tomato soup recipe

12. stir well and simmer for 3-4 minutes till the soup thickens on a low flame. now add ½ tbsp sugar and stir. then add 1 tbsp cream.

add cream to tomato soup

13. stir the cream and simmer for a minute. switch off the stove.

stir cream in tomato soup recipe

14. chop the toasted bread into cubes.

make bread croutons for tomato soup

15. pour the steaming hot tomato soup in soup bowls. add the bread croutons to the soup. you can also garnish the tomato soup with parsley or coriander leaves and dot with some cream if you prefer.

tomato soup restaurant style recipe, tomato soup, tomato soup recipe


dassana amit
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i am passionate about cooking from childhood and learnt cooking from my elders. a home science degree course further enhanced my cooking and baking skills professionally along with an internship in a five star hotel. i am trained both in mainstream indian as well as international cuisines.

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    • yes you can do so. whistles are not required. just pressure cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

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    • corn flour is same as corn starch. so you can use corn flour.

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    • Welcome Meena. Glad to get a positive review on tomato soup from someone who is making it for many years. Thanks for your appreciation.

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    • Nisha, yes you can use arrowroot powder.

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    • thanks a lot shipra. there is no need to strain the soup. the onion and garlic is felt when having the soup. however if you want a smooth consistency, then you can follow this method –

      – heat a pan and add butter. then add tejpatta and garlic.
      – saute till the raw aroma of the garlic goes away. then add onions and saute till the onions become translucent.
      – then add chopped tomatoes. add water and salt. cover and cook till the tomatoes soften.
      – switch off the flame. let the mixture cool down a bit. remove the tej patta and then using a hand blender blend everything.
      – strain through a soup strainer.
      – pour back the pureed tomato mixture in the same pan. add some pepper and sugar if required.
      – gently bring the soup to a simmer on a low flame. you can add some water if the soup looks thick.
      – in this method you have the option to skip or add corn starch.
      – when the soup comes to a gently boil, then add cream. mix and switch off the flame

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    • thanks harish for the feedback. i have read about corn starch too. but then i think a little is fine. i would suggest arrow root flour. i have used it in other recipes and it works well. then there is gram four (besan), maize flour (makki ka atta) and rice flour. but these will impart their taste in the soup. thick soups are healthy if cream or excess butter are not added to them. if they are just pureed vegetables then they are good. even thin soups are good. you can go through this list of soup recipes –

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    • cream gives a nice taste and balances the tanginess of the tomatoes. i would then suggest you to add honey instead of sugar in this recipe. you can add honey as per your choice taking care that the balance of sweetness and tanginess is there.

  94. I am planning to make the soup tonight in dinner.. What is unrefined cane sugar..can we use normal sugar??

    • you can use normal sugar.

  95. Really good crop of tomatoes this year and we had pulped them to freeze for the winter. I had never tried making my own tomato soup and when I decided to give it a go I found this recipe and had to try it. Outstanding, we love it and so easy too.

    • thanks paul. glad to know that you liked the tomato soup.

  96. thnx to share restaurant style tomato soup recipe,i like this soup.

    • welcome jaswant

  97. Hey, I’m very exited to try this recipe. But I have one question.
    When you say CREAM, what kind of cream do you refer to?
    Could you be more specific please?
    I’m brazilian, and i’m not used to the vocabulary of cooking.

    • the cream refers to dairy cream. this is not whipping cream. just regular milk cream which is added in pasta or soups or veggie recipes. you can use ready available cream which has 20% to 30% fat. this link will be helpful –

  98. Wow so INVITING of my fav.s…hav tried many times..but never get dat restaurant taste…wil giv dis one a shot..fingers crossed..:) Happy New year dear

    • thanks rads. wishing happy new year to you and your family.

  99. This sounds delicious and I like that there is very little cream in it! Can I used canned or boxed tomatoes in this recipe? Thank you …

    • you can use canned tomatoes. however fresh tomatoes have a much better taste and flavor than canned ones. but if there is no option you can go for canned tomatoes. you may need to adjust the proportions of sugar, water and cream accordingly.

  100. Because this recipe is very good, I want to share this with my country’s people. May I translate this recipe into Korean and post the translated recipe on my blog? Of course, I will inform that this recipe is yours and link your blog. I will wait for your answer. If you don’t want, I won’t post it. Thank you.

    • thanks. yes, please do so. i give you the permission to translate and share the recipe provided you give the credit to the source.

  101. Great blog, Thanks for sharing this tomato soup recipe. I like tomato soup ..

  102. Mam my soup tastes cmpletely lik restaurant soup
    Bt my soup clolor is not red
    What reason behind it

    • thats due to the color of the tomatoes.

  103. I lov dis recipe … It tastes lik restaurant soup n I njoyed it alot

    • thanks sneha

  104. I made this soup today and it was better than what I usually hv in restaurants. Thanks for the recipe. .its a keeper

    • thanks suhani for positive feedback on tomato soup recipe.

    • thanks sumanta for sharing the link.

      • Dear Dassana( I checked twice before typing your name, I get confused whether it is double “s” or double “n” or both 🙂 )

        I am really happy to see your blog getting such recognition. I follow you regularly. Thanks for all your recipes.

        Wish you loads of luck.


        • welcome H. thanks a lot for your best wishes.

          • Loved the soup!!! Its easy to prepare and very yummy!

            • thanks aparna

              • can i use oil insted of using butter or cream

                • yes. if using oil, then use olive oil or a neutral flavored oil like sunflower oil. skip the cream.

            • Tomato soup is good

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