chocolate fudge recipe | quick & tasty chocolate fudge recipe in 15 minutes

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chocolate fudge recipe with step by step photos. a quick, easy and tasty recipe of preparing chocolate fudge. this chocolate fudge recipe is made with just 3 ingredients and takes 15 minutes to prepare.

this is an easy version of preparing chocolate fudge and not the traditional old fashioned method. the 3 ingredients used are sweetened condensed milk, chocolate and butter. i have added chopped walnuts, but its optional. you could add dry fruits of your choice too.

chocolate fudge recipe

you can just make the fudge plain without any dry fruits. if adding almonds or cashews, then just roast them in a pan or in the oven. once cooled, chop and add them.

chocolate fudge can be made on any celebratory or festive occasion. the recipe can be doubled also.

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chocolate fudge recipe below:

chocolate fudge recipe
4.5 from 16 votes

chocolate fudge recipe

chocolate fudge - quick and easy recipe of chocolate fudge with just 3 ingredients - chocolate, condensed milk and butter.
course desserts
cuisine world
prep time 5 minutes
cook time 10 minutes
total time 15 minutes
servings 350 grams
author dassana

ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)

  • 150 grams chocolate, sweet or semi sweet or 1 cup chopped chocolate
  • 200 grams sweetened condensed milk or ⅔ cup or half a can of condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon butter, salted or unsalted
  • ¼ cup walnuts, chopped (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla powder (optional)

how to make recipe

  1. first line an aluminium foil or butter paper in a 6 x 6 inch square pan. the foil or butter paper has to cover all the sides.
  2. take the chocolate in a bowl or pan. if you have a slab of chocolate, then just keep the whole slab in a zip lock bag and with a pestle, break the chocolate. also add 200 grams condensed milk and 1 tbsp butter. you can use either salted or unsalted butter. keep the bowl or pan aside. you could use any good quality chocolate. good quality chocolate chips can also be added instead of chocolate.
  3. heat water till it becomes hot, in a pan or dekchi/pot.
  4. lower the flame and place the pan or bowl of the chocolate, condensed milk and butter on the pan.
  5. stir and allow the chocolate to melt. continuously stir the fudge mixture while melting the chocolate.
  6. once all the chocolate is melted, switch off the flame.
  7. quickly add chopped walnuts and vanilla extract or vanilla powder. stir very well.
  8. then pour the whole chocolate fudge mixture in the pan lined with aluminium foil.
  9. let the fudge cool at room temperature. do not cover the pan.
  10. once the fudge has cooled at room temperature, cover the pan and refrigerate the fudge for 2 to 3 hours or overnight, till it sets completely.
  11. later remove the chocolate fudge along with the foil and place it on a chopping board.
  12. slice the chocolate into squares.
  13. serve these chocolate fudge or wrap them in foil or butter paper and keep covered in a jar or box in the fridge.

recipe notes

butter - ghee
milk chocolate - dark chocolate, white chocolate or chocolate chips
walnuts - any dry fruits of your choice

the recipe can be doubled.

step by step chocolate fudge recipe:

1. first line an aluminium foil or butter paper in a 6 x 6 inch square pan. the foil or butter paper has to cover all the sides.

aluminium foil for chocolate fudge recipe

2. take chopped chocolate in a bowl or pan. if you have a slab of chocolate, then just keep the whole slab in a zip lock pouch and with a pestle, break the chocolate. also add 200 grams sweetened condensed milk (half a can of condensed milk) and 1 tbsp butter. you can use either salted or unsalted butter. i used milk chocolate. but dark chocolate also tastes very good. keep the bowl or pan aside. you could use any good quality chocolate. chocolate chips can also be added instead of chocolate.

chocolate for chocolate fudge recipe

3. heat water in a pan or dekchi/pot on a medium to high flame till the water becomes hot.

water for chocolate fudge recipe

4. lower the flame and place the pan or bowl of the chocolate, condensed milk and butter on the pan. you can also melt the chocolate in the microwave. i prefer using this double boiler method than melting chocolate in the microwave.

melting chocolate for chocolate fudge recipe

5. as soon as you keep the pan, the chocolate will begin to melt with the heat coming from the hot water.

chocolate for chocolate fudge recipe

6. stir while the chocolate is melting.

melted chocolate for chocolate fudge recipe

7. more chocolate has melted.

stir chocolate fudge recipe

8. continuously stir the fudge mixture while the chocolate is melting.

stir chocolate fudge recipe

9. once all the chocolate is melted, switch off the flame.

stir chocolate fudge recipe

10. quickly add chopped walnuts and vanilla extract or vanilla powder.

walnuts for chocolate fudge recipe

11. stir very well.

stir chocolate fudge

12. then pour the whole chocolate fudge mixture in the pan lined with aluminium foil.

chocolate fudge mixture

13. let the fudge cool at room temperature. do not cover the pan. once the fudge has cooled at room temperature, cover the pan and refrigerate the fudge for 2 to 3 hours or overnight, till it sets completely. i kept the fudge overnight in the fridge.

set chocolate fudge
 15. now remove the chocolate fudge along with the foil and place it on a chopping board.

16. slice the chocolate into squares. the yield is 350 grams of chocolate fudge from this recipe.

chocolate fudge recipe

serve these chocolate fudge or wrap them in foil or butter paper and keep covered in a jar or box in the fridge.

easy chocolate fudge recipe


dassana amit
i started in feb 2009. it is a pure vegetarian blog and shares recipes with step by step photos.

i am passionate about cooking from childhood and learnt cooking from my elders. a home science degree course further enhanced my cooking and baking skills professionally along with an internship in a five star hotel. i am trained both in mainstream indian as well as international cuisines.

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102 thoughts on “chocolate fudge recipe | quick & tasty chocolate fudge recipe in 15 minutes

  1. Hello Dassana,
    Can we double/ triple this recipe?

    • yes madhavi you can double or triple.

  2. Is there any substitute for condensed milk ?

    • Pranjal, you can use evaporated milk, if you can get it.

  3. Hi dassana
    Can i melt the chocolate in microwave ??

    • nikki, you can melt chocolate in the microwave.

  4. I tried the recipe but then oil got separated and chocolate didn’t melted properly help me

    • the chocolate has to melt properly. the stirring has to be often so that all the chocolate melts. what you can do is form balls from the chocolate mixtur and coat the balls in desiccated coconut or cocoa powder or chopped dry fruits or powdered sugar. also i have used butter. oil is not used in the recipe.

  5. I dont hav butter paper nor aluminium foil wt can i do…plzzz help

    • just grease a pan or tray very well with some butter and then use it.

  6. hi dassana,
    tried the chocolate ice cream. turned out amazing!!!!!!! thank you so much for your suggestions. now i want to try the chocolate fudge. but i have hershey’s cocoa powder and a very small amount of condensed milk( left from my ice cream preparation 🙂 ) for the above give measurements of items how much cocoa powder should i use? in my case as i will be adding both sugar and condensed milk, should i i first add the sugar,melt it then add condensed milk and cocoa powder ?

    • welcome radhika. with cocoa powder, the method is different. you need to cook the cocoa powder, sugar, butter/ghee and milk/condensed milk till you get a barfi like consistency. it can also be like a halwa consistency. first heat ghee (2 to 3 tbsp), keep flame to a low. add cocoa powder. stir and then add milk/condensed milk. if using condensed milk you won’t need to add sugar. you can 1 to 2 tbsp if the sweetness is less. then stir non stop till the mixture starts leaving sides of pan. pour in a bowl or tray and let it set. you can even use half-half of milk and condensed milk. but here you will need to add some sugar as milk will dilute the sweetness of condensed milk. you can add 2 to 3 tbsp cocoa powder or more. hope this helps.

  7. Hi dassana. I would like to know which brand of choclate i should use for white choclate.

    • anita, you can use callebaut brand. i have used it and it is good. also use any good brand but avoid morde chocolates. basically avoid compound chocolate and use couverture chocolate.

  8. What brand of milk chocolate did u use if we use milk chocolate won’t it be too milky can we use cadbury bournville

  9. Thanks for the recipe. But when I followed this method, the whole mixture started coming together at the melting stage, instead of forming a liquid slurry as appearing in the pictures. It was kind of stringy and sticky. I used some MI brand of dark chocolate (75% cocoa) from godrej nature’s basket, nutralite butter and nestle milkmaid. I also added about 3 tsp of sugar as the taste was very bitter otherwise. I wonder what went wrong? Any suggestions? The sugar grain size was big. Could that be the culprit? The mixture cooled down very quickly to room temperature and I have now put it in the freezer section. It seems fine as of now but I doubt if it can be stored outside the freezer.

    • its due to the sugar. looks like the sugar cooked to a string consistency and that why the mixture started coming together. whenever you use dark chocolate for melting, then use super fine grained sugar or powdered sugar. the large grained sugar gives problems. once i tried making a chocolate icing with large grained sugar and the sugar only has not melted and the chocolate has melted. so the grainy texture of the granulated sugar was felt in the icing. i has to discard the whole icing and make a fresh one with powdered sugar. its better to keep in the fridge as condensed milk is used.

      • Thanks ! Noted your suggestion. Yes the same thing happened- the sugar did not melt fully and we could feel a crunch while chewing- but my folks loved it! The accident actually turned out to be yummy 🙂 and after setting in the fridge overnight, the end result turned out to be awesome. Thanks for Sharing this easy yummy recipe.

        • nishtha, good that your family liked the crunch. yes setting does help to firm the texture of the choco fudge. thanks.

  10. Helllppp dasana jiii…. My chocolate didn’t set ?? I don’t know the reason it’s like sticky like clay but not hard ?

    • deekhsa, chocolate needed to be cooked more. but isn’t the sticky chocolate tasting good. some fudge recipes do have a sticky consistency.

  11. okay I shall try it that way the next time and see how it works out. Thanks

  12. My chocolate fudge isnt turning out smoothly. Once I melt the chocolate and add in the condensed milk after mixing it for a while, its starting too get too crumbly. The consistency and texture of it is too different as shown in your receipe. This is the second time its happened. Wt exactly is the problem?

    • madhavi, the chocolate is getting cooked too much and hence the crumbliness. condensed milk is not added when all the chocolate is melted. add everything in the pan – chocolate, condensed milk and butter. then melt the chocolate in a double boiler. if you do this way, then the fudge will have a smooth consistency.

  13. Woww…finally got a perfect recipe of a fudge….it turned out yummm….super easy recipe too…tnx heaps to u mam….

    • thanks again divya.

  14. Hi lovely recipe, would want to try it. Could you please tell me which brand chocolate should I buy?

    • imported brands are good always. even some indian brands are good. just do not buy morde, as it less or no chocolate and more chemicals etc. i have used callebaut brand. i also have used cocoa craft which is an indian brand for some other recipe. when buying always read the ingredients.

  15. Hi Dasanna!! I tried with chocolate available here in my place but the fudge didn’t come out that good, probably due to poor quality of chocolate.
    Can you please suggest me how to make fudge with cocoa powder?

    • okay. with cocoa powder, you need to cook it with milk or cream or sugar till the fudge reaches a soft ball stage and them butter is added. condensed milk can also be used. one of my friends used to make very good chocolate fudge with condensed milk and ghee. unfortunately i do not have her recipe as i never asked for it. you can check this easy fudge recipe from hershey’s website –

      • Thank you for your reply, Dasanna!
        Oh you mean if I add cocoa powder I won’t get the fudge consistency, rather it becomes peda sort of texture, is it?

        Love your blog! Keep going
        Thank you!

        • welcome jayasri. with cocoa powder, you will get fudge consistency. it will be more like a thick halwa consistency. i have seen how the fudge is made with cocoa powder, so i know it does give a fudge consistency.

  16. Like it… Thnku

    • welcome rishabh, thanks.

  17. yummy ?

  18. is it necessary to grease the aluminium foil with butter or something?

    • anushka, no need to grease the foil.

  19. Hi should the fudge be refrigerated? ? can’t it be cooled and set at room temp and then boxed in an air tight container?

    • refrigeration makes it more firm. you can set at room temperature too. but it will be kind of soft at room temperature. also depends what is the room temperature. if you live in cold countries and winter is at its peak, then you can easily set at room temperature.

  20. Hey. .fudge looks so yummy. .just wanted to ask that can I use coco powder instead of chocolate. .plz reply

    • in this recipe cocoa powder cannot be used. with cocoa powder the recipe and method is different.

  21. Hey….I just wanted to ask that . how to make cupcakes without OVEN…..!!!!
    Plz reply….!!!

    • you will need an oven to make them. you can make in a pressure cooker to. if you google on how to make cakes in a pressure cooker, you will get the steps and method involved. try the same for making cupcakes.

  22. Hello. I just wanna ask cn i try ds recipe widout vanilla essence as i dnt hv. Pl help

    • charu you could add 1/4tsp nutmeg powder or 1/2 tsp cardamom powder instead of vanilla essence.

  23. Hi I wan ask though it may b silly….this is how we can make chocolates also…molded ones.


    • not a silly query 🙂 you need small metal or silicon moulds for the chocolate to set. simplest way is you melt the chocolate and pour in the moulds. allow it to set and you have shaped moulded chocolates. you can add your flavors like vanilla or cinnamon or orange or lemon in the melted chocolate. sweetness can be adjusted by adding powdered sugar as required. also you can add your own choice of dry fruits.

  24. Tried this yummy fudge and it really turned out awesome. I used amyl dark chocolate and amul mithai mate. Came out perfect. Thank you so much.

    • welcome megha. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive feedback.

  25. Seems to be easy to make chocolate fudge. Let me try it for my kid.

  26. Very easy to make recipe n luks yummy….wl surely try out

    • thanks khadija

  27. Hi tried dis recipe but it doesn’t comes as same.. when chocolate start melting oil gets out from it.. help m out where I goes wrong..

    • i think its due to the quality of chocolate. the chocolate must be having some kind of fat like butter or oil in it.

  28. I tried this recipe, and it turned out very nice. Just wanted to know, if there is any other way to cool the mixture – directly into a glass or metal box.

    • thanks asit. it will be difficult to remove chocolate fudge from glass.

  29. which brand Ka chocolate I should use

    • kulmeet, use callbaut or amul brand

  30. Hi Dassana…
    Any substitute for condensed milk..??

    • anamika, khoya can be used. but recipe will change a lot.

      • Thanks… I got condensed milk now…actually wanted try yesterday only… But then could not resist on trying one and got condensed milk…

        • okay fine anamika.

  31. I tried it. Thanku so much. It was awesome.

    • welcome pooja

  32. Actually I am going to make this fudge right now. N I don’t have alluminium foil or butter paper. Pls give me suggestion How can I make this fudge without butter paper or aluminum foil.

    • pooja, then grease the pan very well with butter or oil.

  33. If aluminium foil is not available then what should we usd instead of aliminium foil.

    • you can use butter paper or parchment paper.

  34. Nice choclate fudge recipe….I vl try it..seems to be easy and a quick recipe.

    • thanks bhani

  35. Hey , can i use white chocolate instead of condensed milk??

    • no. you can use white chocolate instead of the regular brown chocolate.

  36. Hi dassana,i love all your recipes and everytime i try new recipes.i tried choc fudge,it taste yummy and my husband just loved it.only problem i faced was during cutting was bit soft and bcame messy while cutting in pieces.i had used milk compound and followed all steps properly.

    • thanks maitry. it could be because of the quality of chocolate. even i had used milk compound and the fudge was solid and easily cut. fudge can have the texture you are describing. this type of fudge is had with the spoon.

  37. I tried it. Though tasty, faced same issue as others related to texture which made cutting a bit messy. Could you recommend some cooking chocolate brand available in India? Also, I would love a recipe from you for dark chocolate like Bournville that’s available in market .

    • thanks neera. depending on the quality of chocolate the melting and cooking time will vary leading to textural changes. currently i am using callebaut brand and its okay i felt. i have also got cocoacraft dark chocolate. but not yet made anything from it. both these brands i got from a local superstore. cocoacraft is an indian brand and from kerala. so i think you should get their chocolates easily.

      • Thanks for your swift reply. I shall be eagerly waiting for some quick and easy recipe from you using dark chocolate. We are a chocolate loving family and health conscious on top of that.

        • welcome neera. yes i will be adding dark chocolate recipes.

          • Dark chocolate recipes – yum!! Already looking forward to them.

  38. Tried the fudge yesterday. Followed the recipe all the way (added dark chocolate compound), the fudge is still very gooey. Can I melt a little more of the chocolate and add it to the existing fudge mixture?

    • the chocolate has not cooked properly. melt the whole mixture again on a double boiler and reset it.

  39. Hi Dassana,

    Your recipes are just wonderful… Have been trying quite a few lately. I wanted to ask, which chocolate should be used here? the regular chocolates we get in the market? i mean the cadbury ones which we have? or the chocolate bars used for making chocolate?

    • thanks ravijot. i used the chocolate bars meant for making chocolates as well in desserts and baking. its not the cadbury ones.

  40. hi, v happy to found this recipe ..though i m not baker still going well:)
    so plz can share shruzbery biscuit recipe

    • do try baking bhavana. its good 🙂 shrewsbery biscuit i have had before. they are too sweet for me and full of maida/all purpose flour. i will try to make a healthier version of these biscuits with whole wheat flour.

      • thank u so much ……..ur all recipes r awesome …..keep going

  41. Hi,

    Followed this recipe ditto; however it was too sweet and too soft and sticky. Not firm. Any idea what went wrong?

    Do I have rate the recipe; may the recipe is right but I made some mistake.

    Just need your inputs..

    By the way, thanks for this blog. It is superb. Best Wishes for both of you:-)

    • welcome mridula. the fudge is soft but not too soft. sweetness can depend upon the condensed milk and the chocolate also. may be the chocolate didn’t reach the correct consistency after melting. thats why it was soft and sticky. did you keep in the fridge?

  42. I get totally what ur saying..I made this brilliantly easy dish and was thinking all the while tht it seems like melting chocolate and setting it again..but the consistency and the taste of the final fudge is totally different..there is slight softness which chocolate dsnt have, probably coz of the condensed milk…plus the taste is Not just the flavored chocolate of the market but a mix of dark chocolate and the condensed milk…I made it with dark cooking chocolate, a hint of milk chocolate and nuts with raisins…it was very tasty..

    • thanks anwesha. yes the texture is totally different than the outside chocolates. you are right, the condensed milk gives it that softeness. i also make dry fruits chocolate rocks with cooking chocolate and their taste and texture is totally different then the fudge. if you live in india, then the best fudge is from a hill station in maharashtra – lonavala. coopers at lonavala serve a really good melt in the mouth fudge. i have had a couple of times and its toooo good. here the consistency is different and somewhat like a halwa. do try if at anytime you visit lonavala.

  43. Hi Dassana,

    I will surely try this this Sunday and take it for my friends to eat to office on Monday 😀

    Your instructions are always so simple and clear that the dishes turn out to be perfect 🙂

    Tried your recipe for malai kofte and rice kheer and everyone loved them.

    Some people were surprised how did I cook what grandmothers used to cook.

    All credit goes to you .

    Keep up the great work.

    – Amrita

    • thanks a lot amrita for sharing this positive feedback. we all can cook these dishes but its just that in this hectic life some times its difficult to get enough time to cook. happy cooking.

  44. What a fudge.Really simple ,drooling at the pics.

    • thanks sathyapriya

  45. wow my favorite and this makes me to grab right from the screen

  46. Looks beautiful….so tempting….:)

    • thanks nisha

  47. I’m sorry but what’s the point in breaking a readymade chocolate and making a chocolate again….chocolates with milk and nuts are very much available….!!!

    • its fine priya. this is not chocolate available outside. its a fudge which has a different texture than chocolate. and the chocolate used here is compound chocolate. not the regular flavored chocolate. apart from compound chocolate, real chocolate can also be used. these chocolates are meant for baking and desserts. they are different than what is available outside with dry fruits etc. even homemade flavored chocolates with or without dry fruits are made with these.

      • Hi was just wondering that is there any way to make the fudge little harder so it can take warm temp as my fudge melts as soon as i get it out and place it on the plate

        • just cook the chocolate for some more seconds. this will make the fudge little harder.

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