21 Salad Recipes (Tasty and Healthy)

Collection of 21 Tasty and Healthy Salad Recipes from around the World. Salads are one of the healthiest food options you can add to your meals.

While some of you might think salads are only limited to the green, leafy variety, I’m here to show you otherwise! With these 21 salad recipes (and counting!) there are plenty of options here to satisfy every palate, even if you’re not a fan of lettuce.

What is Salad?

Generally composed of a mixture of natural ingredients, at least one of which is raw, salads come in a whole host of different guises. From creamy potato salad and starchy pasta salad to light garden salads and sweet fruit salads, there is a wide world of options to choose from.

In this category, you’ll find a delightful mix of both Indian and global recipes — one of which even includes ice cream!

What is the best way to eat salad?

In our house, salads are typically eaten as a light meal for lunch, or as an appetizer or side to other heartier dishes at dinnertime. That said, it all depends on the salad! 

Fruit salads make an appealing breakfast or brunch, but can also be right at home next to more savory dishes at dinnertime.

Potato or pasta salads and coleslaws are popular options for serving at BBQs. The more you familiarize yourself with the flavors of each recipe, the better you’ll know how to serve them.

Is salad healthy?

While salads are an excellent way to add more vegetables to your plate, they aren’t always necessarily the healthiest option on a menu. In order to keep your salad choices as healthy as possible, I suggest opting for vinaigrette dressings over mayonnaise-based varieties. 

It is also advisable to limit the number of highly caloric add-ins like cheese and croutons to keep your salads more virtuous. Vegetable-based salads are often more nutritious than starchy options like pasta salad or potato salad, but that isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Please consult with a certified nutritional professional before making any major changes to your diet.

How do I pick ingredients for a salad?

With vegetables and fruits, look for bright, fresh colors and unblemished exteriors. Each recipe may have suggestions for picking any “tricky” ingredients, like how to choose the best avocado or mango.

In terms of picking ingredients for creating your own salads, simply think about flavors that meld well together. Classic flavor pairings like tomato & basil or cucumber & onion are always a good place to start.

How do I store salad?

Again, that depends on the salad. For leafy green salads, it is not advisable to store them after they have been tossed with dressing, as they have a tendency to wilt.

Sturdier options like chopped salads, pasta salads, or potato salads often do well with a bit of time to marinate in the refrigerator. Please refer to each recipe post for greater detail on how to store the salad in question. 

Can I freeze salad?

Generally speaking, it is ill-advised to freeze salads. Most fresh ingredients are not well suited to freezing without a considerable change in texture.

Newest Salad Recipes

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