instant pot korma

instant pot korma served in an off-white bowl with a plate of indian flatbreads and a bowl of chopped lemons on a black slate board

Instant pot korma with step by step photos. Vegetable korma is an aromatic, delicious and lightly spiced curry made with mix vegetables. Making korma in the instant pot saves cooking

instant pot chilli paneer gravy

instant pot chilli paneer served in an oval white bowl with wooden chopsticks on left side on a wooden board

Instant pot chilli paneer gravy is a Chinese style recipe of cottage cheese cubes in a spicy, sour, sweet, umami chilli sauce. This is a fusion recipe having the best

instant pot aloo gobi

instant pot aloo gobi served in a small white wok on a grey jute mat

Instant pot aloo gobi with step by step photos. Made in the instant pot, this is a classic Punjabi aloo gobi where potatoes and cauliflower are simmered in a spiced

Instant Pot Dal Makhani

instant pot dal makhani served in a navy blue rimmed white glass bowl with a brass spoon on the side on a white marble board

Instant Pot Dal Makhani made easy with step by step photos. One of our staples during weekends is Dal Makhani which is a slow-cooked lentil dish. This most popular Punjabi

instant pot chilli mushroom

instant pot chilli mushroom

Instant pot chilli mushroom with step by step photos. This is a really quick method to make Chinese style spicy and delicious chilli mushroom in the instant pot. The cooking

instant pot kadai mushroom

instant pot kadai mushroom served in a small enameled white wok on a white plate with two brass spoons by the side

Instant pot kadai mushroom with step by step photos. A delicious semi-dry curry of white button mushrooms and bell peppers cooked in a spiced onion-tomato based gravy. The recipe is

Instant Pot Dal Palak

instant pot dal palak in a light aqua green bowl placed on a white crocheted napkin on a brown-beige wooden board

Instant Pot Dal Palak is an easy and nutritious recipe of spinach with pigeon pea lentils. It is also one of the popular Indian lentil recipes as it combines the

instant pot gajar halwa

instant pot gajar halwa served in a two dark green small plates with two brass spoons at the sides

Instant pot gajar halwa! Yes gajar halwa made in the instant pot in about 15 minutes. So obviously a very quick method to make a delicious gajar halwa in the

instant pot dal tadka

instant pot dal tadka served in a brass pot with a brass spoon inside the brass pot

Instant pot dal tadka with step by step photos. Dal is a staple Indian lentil preparation made with spices and herbs. This instant pot dal tadka is a vegan recipe

instant pot pav bhaji

instant pot pav bhaji

Instant pot pav bhaji With step by step photos. A quick and easy method of preparing delicious pav bhaji using an electric pressure cooker or instant pot. There are some

instant pot pulao

instant pot veg pulao served in a white bowl on a wooden tray

Instant pot pulao with step by step pics. This is a quick and one-pot method to make mix vegetable pulao in the instant pot. The recipe is vegan and gluten-free.

Instant Pot Tomato Rasam

instant pot tomato rasam

Instant Pot Tomato Rasam – An easy recipe to make quick rasam in the Instant Pot. No rasam powder (a special spice blend for making rasam) and tamarind are required.

instant pot rice pudding

instant pot rice pudding in a blue rimmed white bowl garnished with raisins and almonds on a brown jute cloth.

An instant pot rice pudding recipe that gives you a creamy consistency without the addition of any cream. With just four 4 basic ingredients (flavorings excluded) make the best rice

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