Paneer Fried Rice

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Paneer fried rice is savory, spiced and delicious stir fried rice variant made with soft paneer cubes (Indian cottage cheese), long grained rice, healthy veggies, fragrant herbs and spices. There are many ways this recipe is made. I share an Indian inspired mildly spiced stir fried rice loaded with mixed vegetables, paneer, aromatics and ground spices that will perfectly suit the Indian taste buds.

paneer fried rice served on a white plate.

About Paneer Fried Rice

Rice and roti are a staple in most Indian homes. And so it is in our home too. There are various ways rice can be featured in any dish. While most of the times steamed rice pairs well with most Indian curries and lentils, sometimes you want to make something different and unique with rice.

It is here that this paneer fried rice recipe fits in. It is similar to the way a classic Chinese Fried Rice is made. Just that the recipe has Indian flavors featuring the usual Indian spices and herbs.

The dish has a comforting savory taste, is mild, not spicy and even kid friendly. You can pack it in the tiffin box too. I also make a similar fried rice variant with button mushrooms and you can check it here Mushroom Fried Rice.

For a vegan option, swap firm tofu with paneer in the recipe. Pan fry the tofu before you mix it with the prepared fried rice.

If you have leftover rice, then the recipe is a breeze to make as you only need to stir fry the ingredients. But for health reasons, I always prefer and suggest to include freshly cooked rice to make the dish

In the recipe, I have added some mixed vegetables like carrots, french beans (green beans) and capsicum (bell pepper). Feel free to swap these vegetables with your choice of veggies.

I would not recommend to omit the vegetables, as they give a good crunch and texture to the entire dish apart from making it more nutritious, hearty and healthy.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Paneer Fried Rice

Cooking Rice

1. Rinse 1 heaped cup regular or long-grained rice rice or basmati rice very well in water. Then soak the rice grains in water for 20 to 30 minutes.

You can include any non-sticky medium grained rice if you do not have basmati or long-grained rice.

soaked rice in a pan

2. After 20 to 30 minutes, drain all the water. Add the rice in a 2 litre pressure cooker with ¼ teaspoon salt or as required.

Note that the rice can be cooked or steamed in a pan on the stove-top or in an electric pressure cooker or instant pot. Just add water as needed to cook the rice using whichever method you follow.

rice added to pressure cooker

3. Pour 1.75 cups water and drizzle ½ teaspoon oil. Stir and mix. Use any neutral flavored oil.

add water and salt to rice

4. Stir and pressure cook the rice for 2 whistles or for about 8 to 10 minutes on medium to medium-high heat. This much cooking time will make for an almost al-dente texture in the rice.

When the pressure falls on its own in the cooker, then remove the lid. Gently fluff the rice with a fork.

pressure cooked rice in cooker

5. Then remove the cooked rice in a large plate or tray. Let the rice grains cool completely. Do allow the grains to cool completely before you add them to the stir-fried veggies.

remove cooked rice on a plate

6. Meanwhile, when the rice is soaking, you can do the prep by grating or shredding the carrot, thinly slicing the french beans, finely chopping the capscium (green bell pepper) and chopping the onion and tomato.

prep and chop veggies

Making Paneer Fried Rice

7. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a deep pan or kadai (wok) and add ½ teaspoon caraway seeds (shahi jeera) or cumin seeds. Sauté till they splutter.

You can use any neutral flavored oil.

caraway seeds in oil in a pan

8. Then add 1 medium sized finely chopped onion (or about ⅓ cup finely chopped onions). Sauté the onions stirring at regular intervals until they turn translucent.

adding chopped onions to oil

9. Add 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste and sauté for some seconds until the raw aroma of ginger-garlic goes away.

added ginger garlic paste

10. Next add 1 medium to large sized chopped tomato (or ½ cup chopped tomatoes).

chopped tomatoes added to mixture

11. Mix well.

mix tomatoes with the mixture

12. Sauté until the tomatoes soften and turn mushy.

saute the tomatoes till soften

13. Now add 7 to 9 thinly sliced french beans (about ⅓ cup thinly sliced french beans).

added chopped french beans

14. Stir fry on a medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes.

stir fry french beans

15. Then add 1 grated/shredded/finely chopped carrot (about ⅓ cup shredded carrots) and 1 finely chopped capsicum (about ⅓ cup finely chopped bell pepper).

added chopped carrots and capsicum

16. Mix and continue to stir fry on a medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes.

mix and continue to fry

17. Then add the paneer cubes (250 grams). Also sprinkle some ½ teaspoon crushed black pepper or pepper powder, ¼ teaspoon red chili powder and ½ teaspoon garam masala powder. Stir and mix very well.

For the best texture, I recommend adding soft, tender homemade paneer cubes. If using packaged paneer, ensure that they are fresh and do not taste sour or tangy.

To get a spicy taste, add some more crushed black pepper and red chilli powder. For some light sour and umami flavors, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of naturally brewed soy sauce.

added paneer cubes to mixture

18. Then add the cooked rice which is cooled completely. Season with salt as required.  If using leftover rice, add about 3 to 3.5 cups of cooked rice.

add cooked rice to mixture

19. Gently stir and mix everything very well. You can add the cooked rice in parts if you prefer.

stir and mix paneer fried rice

20. Check the taste and add more of the spice powders or salt as per your taste preferences.

cooked paneer fried rice in the pan with right amount of salt added

21. Serve paneer fried rice with a side veggie salad or raita variety like boondi raita or onion tomato raita or cucumber raita. It tastes good as it is also and can be served plain without any accompaniment.

For more delicious paneer recipes you can check this collection of Paneer Recipes.

paneer fried rice served in a white plate with a spoon

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paneer fried rice recipe

Paneer Fried Rice

This Paneer Fried Rice is an Indian inspired delicious recipe of a mildly spiced, savory stir fried rice made with tender paneer, healthy mixed vegetables, fragrant spices and herbs.
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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Cuisine Indian
Course Main Course
Diet Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Difficulty Level Moderate
Servings 3


For cooking rice

  • 1 cup rice – heaped, regular or basmati rice or long grained rice – 200 grams or 3 to 3.5 cups leftover cooked rice
  • 1.75 cups water
  • ½ teaspoon oil – any neutral flavored oil
  • ¼ teaspoon salt or add as required

Other ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons oil – any neutral flavored oil
  • ½ teaspoon caraway seeds (shahi jeera) or cumin seeds
  • cup finely chopped onions or 1 medium-sized
  • 1 teaspoon Ginger Garlic Paste or 3 to 4 small to medium garlic cloves + ½ inch ginger – crushed to a paste in a mortar
  • ½ cup chopped tomatoes or 1 medium-sized
  • cup shredded carrots or 1 small to medium-sized, shredded or finely chopped
  • cup thinly sliced french beans or 7 to 9 french beans- thinly sliced or finely chopped
  • cup finely chopped capsicum (green bell pepper) or 1 small-sized bell pepper
  • 250 grams Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) – chopped in cubes
  • ½ teaspoon crushed black pepper or pepper powder, add as required
  • ¼ teaspoon red chili powder or add as per taste
  • ½ teaspoon Garam Masala
  • salt as required


Cooking rice

  • Rinse the regular rice or basmati rice very well in water for a few times. Then soak the rice grains in water for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After 20 to 30 minutes, drain and add the rice in a pressure cooker. Add salt.
  • Pour 1.75 cups of water and oil.
  • Stir and pressure cook the rice for 2 whistles or for about 8 to 10 minutes on medium to medium-high heat.
  • When the pressure falls on its own in the cooker, remove the lid and gently fluff the rice. You can also cook the rice in a pot. If using leftover cooked rice, add 3 to 3.5 cups.
  • Transfer the cooked rice grains in a large tray or plate and let them cool completely at room temperature, before you proceed further with stir-frying.

Prepping veggies

  • Meanwhile, when the rice is soaking, you can do the prep work by grating or shredding the carrot, thinly slicing the french beans, finely chopping the capsicum, onion and tomato.

Making paneer fried rice

  • Heat oil in a deep pan or kadai (wok) and add caraway seeds or cumin seeds. Fry till they splutter.
  • Then add the finely chopped onions and sauté stirring often till they turn translucent.
  • Add the ginger-garlic paste and sauté for some seconds till the raw aroma of ginger-garlic goes away.
  • Next add the chopped tomatoes. Mix well and sauté till the tomatoes soften and turn mushy.
  • Now add the thinly sliced french beans. Stir fry on a medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Then add the grated carrots and finely chopped capsicum. Mix and continue to stir fry on a medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Then add paneer cubes. Also sprinkle some the crushed black pepper or pepper powder, red chili powder and garam masala powder. Stir and mix very well.
  • Then add the cooked rice. Season with salt as required.
  • Gently stir and mix everything very well. You can add the rice in parts if you prefer. 
  • Check the taste and add more of the ground spice powders or salt according to your taste preferences.
  • Serve paneer fried rice hot or warm with a side veggie salad or raita. I usually serve this dish with raita varieties like onion raita or boondi raita or cucumber raita. However it also tastes good even without any accompaniments or sides.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Paneer Fried Rice
Amount Per Serving
Calories 584 Calories from Fat 288
% Daily Value*
Fat 32g49%
Saturated Fat 14g88%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 9g
Cholesterol 55mg18%
Sodium 628mg27%
Potassium 268mg8%
Carbohydrates 57g19%
Fiber 3g13%
Sugar 3g3%
Protein 17g34%
Vitamin A 2781IU56%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 1mg5%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin C 20mg24%
Vitamin E 5mg33%
Vitamin K 8µg8%
Calcium 443mg44%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 21µg5%
Iron 1mg6%
Magnesium 29mg7%
Phosphorus 98mg10%
Zinc 1mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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