rice pooris recipe, how to make rice pooris | tandalache vade

rice pooris recipe, tandalache vade recipe

rice pooris recipe with step by step photos – some days when i make usal or black peas curry, i make rice pooris and sometimes rice bhakri/roti. the pooris are […]

piyush recipe, how to make piyush recipe | cooling drink for summers


piyush recipe – this is a smooth and creamy beverage popular in the maharashtrian and gujarati cuisine of western india. to make piyush, shrikhand (a thick yogurt based dessert) and […]

kanda batata poha recipe, how to make onion potato poha recipe

potato onion poha

kanda batata poha recipe – one of the staple breakfast recipe from maharashtra made with onions (kanda), potato (batata) and flattened rice. poha is a easy, quick and healthy option […]

chivda recipe (chiwda), how to make poha chivda | namkeen chivda

poha chivda, chiwda recipe

poha chivda or namkeen chivda recipe with step by step photos – chivda (chiwda) is made by many families during diwali. basically chivda or namkeen as we call, is a savory sweet […]

sabudana khichdi recipe, how to make sabudana khichdi for fasting vrat


sabudana khichdi is usually made during fasting days like navratri or mahashivratri or ekadashi. sabudana khichdi is an easy snack and is a good recipe to be made during fasting days but it […]