37 Mango Recipes (With Raw & Ripe Mangoes)

Am I the only one who wishes that the mango season was all year? If you are a mango lover like me then you will love this collection of 37 recipes that include both ripe sweet mangoes and unripe sour raw mangoes! Whether you are looking for a healthy breakfast smoothie, delicious fresh snacks, mango preserves, pickles or baking a dessert there is a recipe for you in this collection!

two tall glasses of thick creamy mango shake topped with mango cubes, glazed cherries, nuts on a black background with text layovers.


The king of fruits – mangoes are a summer seasonal fruit in India. The mango season lasts from March to May.

Although one can easily get mangoes in the market in the month of June and July and even in August. But many people avoid eating mangoes once rains start pouring because they get spoiled easily. So you have to quickly eat as many mangoes as possible in these two months time !!!

Mango is a seasonal fruit and makes an appearance once in a year during the Indian summers. Along with mangoes, fruits like jackfruit, jamun, mulberries and some more variety of Indian berries also make an appearance.

I strongly believe that one should eat according to the season. So if in season, then do have seasonal fruits or veggies in your meals.

In India mangoes are consumed both ripe and unripe. Usually ripe sweet mangoes are eaten as is or mango desserts or drinks are made with them. 

With unripe green mangoes a variety of recipes are made in the Indian cuisine. Though mango pickle is made in many homes and there are hundreds ways of making mango pickle, there are some recipes like chutney, lentils and beverages that are also made.

There are many varieties of Indian mangoes like kesar, badami, dasheri, langda, safeda, totapuri, chausa, neelam, alphonso (hapus) etc. Everyone has their own favorite variety of mango.

Our favorite is alphonso mangoes which are also called as hapus locally. They are the most juicy, delicious and also the most expensive. They mangoes are grown in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Konkan regions and mostly exported.

While making any sweet based dish or a beverage with mango, use mangoes that are not fibrous and are sweet. Avoid making drinks, desserts or sweets with half-ripe mangoes or even faintly sweet mangoes as these can cause stomach upsets.

About These Mango Recipes

In this post, I am listing mango recipes from my blog made with both sweet mangoes and tangy sour green mangoes.

There are options to choose from sweet mango desserts and sweets, to tangy drinks including some condiments like preserves, pickles and chutneys.

For the desserts, I always use fresh mangoes. If you do not have fresh sweet mangoes available in your city, then you can even use canned mango pulp. Many of the recipes mentioned in the below collection list use mango pulp.

I always blend the mangoes and make the mango pulp, but you can use store brought canned mango pulp.

Note that 1 medium-sized mango will yield about ½ to ¾ cup mango pulp. So if a recipe calls for 2 medium-sized mangoes, then substitute with 1 to 1.5 cups mango pulp.

One can make endless dishes using unripe or ripe mangoes. So, take your pick and make your favorite mango recipe – be it any of the popular mango recipes like aamras, mango lassi, amrakhand, mango ice cream and mango kulfi.

I have classified this collection first into Mango Dessert and Sides made from sweet mangoes. As you scroll below, you will see drinks made from ripe mangoes.

The last sections are the recipes made with green raw mangoes that are tart and sour. You will find a section for pickles, condiments, chutneys and a section for rice and lentils based dishes made with sour unripe green mangoes.

Mango Desserts & Sides

Find below a collection of popular frozen mango treats from around the world and some Indian mango sweets and a few sides.

Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream is a delightful frozen treat made with fresh mangoes, cream, condensed milk and flavorings, offering a creamy texture with a burst of tropical flavor. It’s perfect for cooling off on hot summer days and is a favorite among mango lovers for its refreshing and indulgent taste.

close up shot of scoops of mango ice cream in a glass bowl garnished with a mint leaf on a green board

Mango Kulfi

Here’s a quick, no cook recipe of Mango Kulfi – a rich and creamy Indian frozen dessert made with fresh mango, milk, condensed milk, cream, and flavored with hints of cardamom and saffron. Unlike traditional kulfi, this version skips the simmering process, making it a simple yet delicious treat.

mango kulfi sliced and whole on a white plate with a text layover with a steel spoon

Mango Cake

This Mango Cake is a healthier twist on the classic cake, using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour and replacing eggs with an alternative like condensed milk. It’s moist, flavorful, and packed with the tropical sweetness of fresh mango, making it a delightful dessert that’s lighter on calories but still indulgent.

eggless mango cake recipe

Mango Mousse

This Mango Mousse is a light and creamy dessert made with fresh sweet mango and cream for a smooth texture. With a lot of garnish options, it’s a delightful treat that’s perfect for those with gluten sensitivities or those looking for a refreshing, fruity dessert option.

mango mousse recipe

Mango Cheesecake

A no-bake, creamy and delish Mango Cheesecake with a mélange of the richness of cream cheese and the natural sweetness of fresh mangoes. This dessert is set without baking, using agar agar to create a firm yet silky texture. A refreshing and elegant treat perfect for warm days.

one slice of mango cheesecake on a white plate

Mango Pudding

You’re in for a treat with this Thai style vegan and gluten-free Mango Pudding, a lusciously satisfying dessert made with coconut milk, ripe mangoes, sweetener and agar agar. This dairy-free version of traditional mango pudding is smooth, flavorful, and perfect for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

mango pudding in 3 glass bowl with three mango cubes in center


Summers and the use of mangoes is incomplete without the mention of Aamras – the traditional Maharashtrian or Gujarati dessert made of pureed mangoes with a touch of cardamom, saffron and dried ginger powder for added flavor. Served chilled as a standalone dessert or often paired with poori.

top close up shot of aamras in glass bowl with a few saffron strands on top

Mango Falooda

Mango Falooda is a delightful Indian dessert drink made with layers of vermicelli or falooda sev, sweet basil seeds, mango puree, chilled milk, and topped with ice cream or kulfi. It’s a refreshing and indulgent treat with a mix of textures and flavors, perfect for cooling off during hot summer days.

mango falooda served in three glasses with spoons kept on the side.

Mango Panna Cotta

A summery twist to the original Italian dessert panna cotta, this Mango Panna Cotta is a creamy and flavorful version infused with the tropical flavor of mangoes and set with agar agar. You can garnish this luxurious and elegant treat with fresh mango slices or a drizzle of mango puree for a delightful finish.

mango panna cotta served in glass bowls

Mango Phirni

Mango Phirni is a yummy rice pudding infused with the exotic sweetness of mango, creating a harmonious blend of traditional flavors with a tropical twist. Each spoonful is a delightful journey through richness and fruity indulgence, making it a must-try dessert for mango lovers.

closeup shot of mango phirni in an earthen bowl.

Mango Muffins

These eggless Mango Muffins are a sunny delight, bursting with the vibrant flavor of ripe mangoes in every bite, perfect for a tropical treat. These moist and fluffy delights are a testament to the magic of mangoes, elevating the humble muffin into a fruity sensation that’s sure to brighten your day.

eggless mango muffins recipe

Mango Kesari

A sheera or halwa becomes a kesari in South India. Here’s the Mango Kesari – a golden symphony of semolina, ghee, and sweetness of mango, weaving a tantalizing melody of flavors and textures. With its vibrant color and rich aroma, each spoonful of this dessert whispers the essence of mango season.

mango kesari garnished with saffron.

Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand)

Amrakhand or Mango Shrikhand, is a heavenly fusion of creamy curd, sun-kissed sweetness of mangoes, cardamom and saffron, swirling together in a blissful dance of flavors. With its velvety texture and tropical essence, every spoonful of this divine dessert sings a harmonious ode to the ‘king of fruits.’

mango shrikhand in a wooden bowl with wooden spoon inside

Mango Modak

Mango Modak is a sweet symphony wrapped in delicate rice flour, filled with the essence of mango pulp, offering a burst of tropical bliss in every bite. These little delights are like golden nuggets of joy, celebrating the fusion of Maharashtrian tradition and exotic flavors in a festive treat.

mango modaks placed over a turmeric leaf kept on a plate.

Mango Halwa

It is a super easy and delicious dessert made with mangoes, semolina, sugar, ghee, milk and nuts. You can use any sweet, non-fibrous varieties of mangoes to make this halwa.

mango halwa recipe

Mango Raita

Super easy, simple to make, yet flavor laden, this Mango Raita is a much-needed change to your otherwise regular raitas. This recipe has a delightful dance of sweet and savory, combining juicy mango chunks with creamy curd and a hint of spices for a refreshing side dish to your meals.

mango raita recipe

Mango Salsa

Salsa lover? Add a tropical fruity twist to the otherwise tomatoey preparation. With a vibrant dance of sweet mangoes, zesty lemon, colorful peppers and earthy spices, this Mango Salsa adds a burst of tropical freshness to every bite. It is a fiesta for your taste buds, bringing a touch of sunshine to any dish.

mango salsa recipe

Mango Drinks

In this list, you will find mango drinks that are popular all over the world, including an Indian raita and chutney.

Mango Lassi

A fruity twist to the traditional Punjabi lassi, this creamy, thick and fruity version of lassi is a golden elixir that marries the velvety smoothness of curd with the tropical allure of ripe mangoes, creating a refreshing symphony for the taste buds. Each sip of this drink is like a blissful journey to mango paradise.

Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Shake

With dairy-based and vegan recipes, here’s a Mango Milkshake recipe that is a golden dream in a glass, blending creamy milk with the sweetness of mangoes for a refreshing tropical escape. With its smooth texture and eruption of fruitiness, indulge in a delightful taste of summer with this drink.

mango milkshake recipe

Mango Juice

This is a vegan and gluten-free Mango Juice, made with just 2 ingredients – fresh mangoes and water. Add ice cubes, if you wish to and prepare a summer favorite beverage that is simple, refreshing, naturally sweet, free from gluten, and bursting with tropical mango flavor.

mango juice recipe

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie is a vibrant sunrise in a cup, blending ripe mangoes with creamy yogurt for a refreshing and invigorating start to the day. With this recipe, you’ll hit a jackpot as I share 5 ways of making this mango flavored nutritious beverage that’ll transport you to a beachside paradise.

mango smoothie recipe, mango yogurt smoothie recipe

Mango Mastani

Mango Mastani is a royal indulgence, blending creamy mango milkshake with scoops of ice cream for a regal treat fit for kings and queens. Topped with nuts, cherries, and a sprinkle of magic, each sip is a journey through the opulence and flavors of Maharashtra’s culinary heritage.

closeup shot of mango mastani

Mango Iced Tea

Mango Iced Tea is a tantalizing fusion of chilled tea infused with the sweetness of mangoes, creating a refreshing symphony of flavors that’s perfect for a sunny day. With its golden hue and fruity aroma, each sip is a cooling escape to a tropical haven, making every moment a sip of summer bliss.

mango tea in two glasses

Indian Mango Pickles & Condiments

In this category, get the evergreen and favorite mango pickle recipe (aam ka achar), a few Indian mango preserves, salad, lentils and rice dishes made with unripe green tart mangoes. Enjoy!

Mango Pickle

Punjabi Aam Ka Achar or Mango Pickle is a tangy symphony of raw mangoes, aromatic spices, and a hint of chili, preserving the flavors of summer in every bite. With its bold flavors and mouthwatering aroma, each spoonful of this traditional pickle is a spicy delight that adds a zing of excitement to any meal.

mango pickle in a wooden spoon above ceramic pickle jar.


Blending the tangy goodness of raw mangoes with a symphony of spices, creating a pickle that’s bold, vibrant, and unforgettable, the Andhra-style Avakaya or Avakai is a fiery masterpiece. With its punchy and spicy flavors, it is a classic journey into the culinary heritage of Andhra Pradesh.

amla avakaya recipe

Instant Mango Pickle

This is an instant South Indian-style Mango Pickle a.k.a Manga Achar or Kadumanga Achar, which marries the sourness of raw mangoes with a medley of aromatic spices, crafting a pickle that’s a burst of flavors on your palate. With its robust taste, this traditional delicacy adds a delightful tang to every meal.

Nurukku Manga Achar

Sweet Mango Pickle

Here’s a traditional condiment bursting with sour, sweet and spicy notes – Sweet Mango Pickle or Punjabi-style Aam Ka Meetha Achar is made by marinating raw mango in a blend of spices and jaggery or sugar, adding a zesty kick to Indian meals.

aam ka meetha achar in a white bowl

Mango Chutney (Bengali Style)

A tantalizing blend of sweet and tangy flavors, marrying juicy semi-ripe mangoes with aromatic spices and a hint of heat, creating a condiment that’s a burst of excitement – this Bengali-style Mango Chutney is a culinary adventure. The USP is the panch phoron, a special Bengali spice mix. Try it to know.

mango chutney in a white bowl

Raw Mango Chutney

This is a South Indian-style vegan and gluten-free Raw Mango Chutney with a burst of fresh flavors, blending tangy raw mangoes with coconut, chilies and garlic, creating a condiment that’s both vibrant and nourishing for all diets. Adds a yummylicious twist to your meals while catering to dietary preferences with ease.

green mango chutney in white bowl.

Aam Ka Murabba

Vegan and gluten-free, the quintessential North Indian specialty Aam Ka Murabba preserves the essence of unripe mangoes in a syrupy concoction infused with aromatic spices, offering a burst of summer sunshine in every spoonful. Each bite of this traditional delight is pure nostalgia.

aam ka murabba in a glass jar.

Chunda Recipe

Gujarati Chunda is a sweet and spicy ambrosia, blending the golden sweetness of grated raw mangoes with a fiery kick of spices, creating a vibrant and delightful condiment that adds a tasty twist to your meals.

aam chunda in a glass jar on a green board.

Unripe Raw Mango Recipes

Mango Rice

Karnataka-style Mavinakayi Chitranna or Mango Rice is a symphony of tangy raw mango, aromatic spices, lentils, fluffy rice and more, weaving together a melody of flavors that dance on your taste buds. It has a vibrant hue and refreshing zing, and adds a burst of freshness to your plate.

mango rice served in a green plate.

Aam Panna

If there’s one Indian beverage that captures the essence of summer, in all its glory, it is Aam Panna made by blending tangy raw mangoes with cooling mint and a hint of spices, resulting in a revitalizing and flavorful drink. This refreshing beverage quenches your thirst with every drop.

Mango Dal (Mamidikaya Pappu)

Here’s a dish that’s vibrant, rich, earthy and a harmony of flavors and textures on your plate. Mango Dal or Andhra-style Mamidikaya Pappu is a comforting embrace of creamy lentils infused with the tangy sweetness of raw mango. Brings warmth and satisfaction to every mealtime of yours.

mamidikaya pappu served in a green bowl.

Mango Salad

This Mango Salad is a Gujarati-style recipe, masterpiece that blends the tanginess of raw mangoes with crunchy onions, ground spices and seasonings to create a refreshing dish that’s a feast for the eyes and the palate. A burst of summer goodness in each bite.

raw mango salad garnished with a mint sprig and served in a white bowl.

Amchur Powder (Amchoor or Dry Mango Powder)

Crafted from sun-dried green mangoes, Amchur Powder a.k.a Amchoor or Dried Mango Powder is a tangy secret weapon in the Indian kitchen. Each dash of this powder elevates the taste of curries, chutneys, and snacks, making it a must-have ingredient for culinary adventures.

amchur powder in a jar on oval bamboo tray.

Mango Chaat (Mango Bhel)

Call it Mango Chaat or Mango Bhel, this dish is a supreme fusion of tangy unripe mangoes with crunchy sev, peanuts, fresh onion, tomato, coriander leaves, and a burst of spices to create a symphony of flavors in every morsel. A favorite street food indulgence during mango season.

mango chaat served in a white bowl with a steel spoon.

Mango Varieties in India

Whenever there’s a mention about the ‘king of fruits,’ it goes without saying that one has to talk about the regional mango varieties that India produces. One can’t be mistaken with the other, as each one of it is unique in its aroma, flavors, looks and most of the times color too.

Although, when in the unripe form, it maybe a little difficult for you to segregate mangoes based on their type and you might be using any one of these for making this Green Mango Chutney as well.

Still, there is no harm in knowing about all these lovely varieties. India houses about 1500 mango varieties. Here are some that dominate the markets, from region to region, during this special season.

  • Alphonso – Let me begin with my personal favorite, also known as ‘hapus’ or the ‘king of mangoes.’ Grown in Maharashtra, (Ratnagiri) and some parts of Karnataka and Gujarat too. Voluptuously delightful is how it is. It also has a natural aroma and is a bit fibrous.
  • Kesar – Since distinctly sweet, these are also known as ‘queen of mangoes’ and grow abundantly in Gujarat (Junagarh and Ahmedabad). The name also is because of the color of the flesh, resembling saffron or kesar. First cultivated in 1931, the Nawabs of Junagarh rechristened it to ‘kesar’ in 1934. Other mango varieties from Gujarat are Paheri or Pairi and Vanraj.  
  • Totapuri – A.k.a. ‘sandersha’ or ‘bangalora’ mangoes, since these are majorly grown in Karnataka. Other states include Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Has a unique look resembling a parrot’s beak. Hence, the name. This type is usually not very sweet. So, best for pickles, chutneys and salads. Karnataka is also a homeland for the Raspuri mango variety.
  • Gulab Khaas – Due to its exclusive rose flavor, this variety is named so, where ‘gulab’ means rose. This variety is non-fibrous and small with a pink/red skin, and grows in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.
  • Baganpali – Or ‘safeda,’ ‘benishan’ is a variety from Andhra Pradesh. These are larger than an Alphonso with a smooth, firm skin, sweet taste and pleasant aroma. This mango is also non-fibrous. Another mango variety from this side of the country is Neelam.
  • Dasheri, Chausa, Langra – The quintessential trio from Uttar Pradesh. ‘Dasheri’ essentially from Lucknow and Malihabad, ‘chausa’ from Hardoi and ‘langra’ belongs to the holy city of Varanasi or Banaras. All these are basically sweet (except for langra, which is slightly pungent) and wholesome mangoes.
  • Himsagar, Kishan Bhog, Lakshmanbhog, Fazli – This is the popular lot from West Bengal, where the first two belong to the royal city of Murshidabad and next two belong to the Malda district. Fazli mangoes are also grown in Bihar.

There are many more regional mangoes other than these. Some like Amrapali with a dark red flesh and Mallika with amusing hints of citrus, honey and melon are found all over India. These two are hybrids of Dasheri and Neelam varieties.

This Mango Recipes collection from the archives was first published on April 2013. It has been updated and republished on April 2024.

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  1. Excellent collection of mango recipes. However, under mango varieties you forgot to mention (may be you are not familiar with these varieties) some gems from Andhra Pradesh. These are: Rasalu, Cheruku Rasalu (Cheruku means sugar cane in Telugu and the fruit juice tastes like sugar cane juice), Panchadara Kalasam (sugar bowl)(this variety is full of juice and is loaded with sugar) and Suvarna Rekhalu (mango with golden hue and deep red patches on the top) (very thick juice with chunks of mango). Of course most of these varieties are widely popular in coastal Andhra Pradesh and not exported to other states much. Just for your information as well as for your readers I mentioned all these mango types.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks a lot Rom. Great to know about these mangoes from Andhra Pradesh. On my next trip to Andhra in the summers, I will lookout for these varieties. Yes, sure the info will be helpful to the readers. Thanks again.

  2. sorry to have sent the same comment as I thought I hadn’t pressed the post comment button.u can also use badami mango if available & u can also add 2-3 methi dana whilst tempering or just add 1/4 tsp mango achar masala

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  3. Hi Dassana! I would like to share a mango subzi recipe wth u.
    heat 1-2 tblsp oil,add 1/4 tsp mustard seeds,1″ cinnamon,2 cloves,pinch hing,1/4 tsp haldi pwdr,(90% ripe) unpeeled rajapuri mango#1 / 2# kesar Keri cut into big wedges,it’s stone,1/2 tsp red chilli pwdr,1/2 tsp dhania-jeera pwdr,Jaggery( as per taste),tamarind pulp(optional),salt,1/4 cup water.mix & let it simmer for few min. goes well wth chapatis,phulkas

    1. thanks a lot meveera. have noted down the recipe. will give a try. rajapuri mangoes i won’t get here. so will try with other varieties of mangoes.

  4. I love each and every recipes from here. Really this website is really a great source of vegetable recipes. I found some other interesting recipe sites like allrecipes.com, themasalaroute.com but yours is really the best one… Hope to get more recipes from you… 🙂

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