Mango Recipes | 37 Raw and Ripe Mango Recipes

Am I the only one who wishes that the mango season was all year? If you are a mango lover like me then you will love this collection of 37 recipes that include both ripe sweet mangoes and unripe sour raw mangoes! Whether you are looking for a healthy breakfast smoothie, delicious fresh snacks, mango preserves, pickles or baking a dessert there is a recipe for you in this collection!

closeup shot of mango mastani drink in two glasses with a text layover


The king of fruits – mangoes are a summer seasonal fruit in India. The mango season lasts from March to May.

Although one can easily get mangoes in the market in the month of June and July and even in August. But many people avoid eating mangoes once rains start pouring because they get spoiled easily. So you have to quickly eat as many mangoes as possible in these two months time !!!

Mango is a seasonal fruit and makes an appearance once in a year during the Indian summers. Along with mangoes, fruits like jackfruit, jamun, mulberries and some more variety of Indian berries also make an appearance.

I strongly believe that one should eat according to the season. So if in season, then do have seasonal fruits or veggies in your meals.

In India mangoes are consumed both ripe and unripe. Usually ripe sweet mangoes are eaten as is or mango desserts or drinks are made with them. 

With unripe green mangoes a variety of recipes are made in the Indian cuisine. Though mango pickle is made in many homes and there are hundreds ways of making mango pickle, there are some recipes like chutney, lentils and beverages that are also made.

There are many varieties of Indian mangoes like kesar, badami, dasheri, langda, safeda, totapuri, chausa, neelam, alphonso (hapus) etc. Everyone has their own favorite variety of mango.

Our favorite is alphonso mangoes which are also called as hapus locally. They are the most juicy, delicious and also the most expensive. They mangoes are grown in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Konkan regions and mostly exported.

While making any sweet based dish or a beverage with mango, use mangoes that are not fibrous and are sweet. Avoid making drinks, desserts or sweets with half-ripe mangoes or even faintly sweet mangoes as these can cause stomach upsets.

Mango Varieties in India

Whenever there’s a mention about the ‘king of fruits,’ it goes without saying that one has to talk about the regional mango varieties that India produces. One can’t be mistaken with the other, as each one of it is unique in its aroma, flavors, looks and most of the times color too.

Although, when in the unripe form, it maybe a little difficult for you to segregate mangoes based on their type and you might be using any one of these for making this Green Mango Chutney as well.

Still, there is no harm in knowing about all these lovely varieties. India houses about 1500 mango varieties. Here are some that dominate the markets, from region to region, during this special season.

  • Alphonso – Let me begin with my personal favorite, also known as ‘hapus’ or the ‘king of mangoes.’ Grown in Maharashtra, (Ratnagiri) and some parts of Karnataka and Gujarat too. Voluptuously delightful is how it is. It also has a natural aroma and is a bit fibrous.
  • Kesar – Since distinctly sweet, these are also known as ‘queen of mangoes’ and grow abundantly in Gujarat (Junagarh and Ahmedabad). The name also is because of the color of the flesh, resembling saffron or kesar. First cultivated in 1931, the Nawabs of Junagarh rechristened it to ‘kesar’ in 1934. Other mango varieties from Gujarat are Paheri or Pairi and Vanraj.  
  • Totapuri – A.k.a. ‘sandersha’ or ‘bangalora’ mangoes, since these are majorly grown in Karnataka. Other states include Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Has a unique look resembling a parrot’s beak. Hence, the name. This type is usually not very sweet. So, best for pickles, chutneys and salads. Karnataka is also a homeland for the Raspuri mango variety.
  • Gulab Khaas – Due to its exclusive rose flavor, this variety is named so, where ‘gulab’ means rose. This variety is non-fibrous and small with a pink/red skin, and grows in Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.
  • Baganpali – Or ‘safeda,’ ‘benishan’ is a variety from Andhra Pradesh. These are larger than an Alphonso with a smooth, firm skin, sweet taste and pleasant aroma. This mango is also non-fibrous. Another mango variety from this side of the country is Neelam.
  • Dasheri, Chausa, Langra – The quintessential trio from Uttar Pradesh. ‘Dasheri’ essentially from Lucknow and Malihabad, ‘chausa’ from Hardoi and ‘langra’ belongs to the holy city of Varanasi or Banaras. All these are basically sweet (except for langra, which is slightly pungent) and wholesome mangoes.
  • Himsagar, Kishan Bhog, Lakshmanbhog, Fazli – This is the popular lot from West Bengal, where the first two belong to the royal city of Murshidabad and next two belong to the Malda district. Fazli mangoes are also grown in Bihar.

There are many more regional mangoes other than these. Some like Amrapali with a dark red flesh and Mallika with amusing hints of citrus, honey and melon are found all over India. These two are hybrids of Dasheri and Neelam varieties.

About These Mango Recipes

In this post, I am listing mango recipes from my blog made with both sweet mangoes and tangy sour green mangoes.

There are options to choose from sweet mango desserts & sweets, to tangy drinks including some condiments like preserves, pickles and chutneys.

For the desserts, I always use fresh mangoes. If you do not have fresh sweet mangoes available in your city, then you can even use canned mango pulp. Many of the recipes mentioned in the below collection list use mango pulp.

I always blend the mangoes and make the mango pulp, but you can use store brought canned mango pulp.

Note that 1 medium-sized mango will yield about ½ to ¾ cup mango pulp. So if a recipe calls for 2 medium-sized mangoes, then substitute with 1 to 1.5 cups mango pulp.

One can make endless dishes using unripe or ripe mangoes. So take your pick and make your favorite mango recipe – be it any of the popular mango recipes like aamras, mango lassi, amrakhand, mango ice cream and mango kulfi.

I have classified this collection first into Mango Dessert and Sweets made from sweet mangoes. As you scroll below, you will see drinks, condiments made with ripe mangoes.

The last part are the recipes made with green raw mangoes that are tart and sour. You will find recipes like pickles, preserves, rice and lentils based dishes.

Mango Desserts

Find below a collection of popular frozen mango treats from around the world and some Indian mango sweets.

collage of two types of mango ice cream recipes scooped in glass bowls
Easy 30 minutes

Mango Ice Cream Recipe (2 Easy Variations)

Get two mango ice cream recipes that are going to be your new favorite summer treat. Smooth, fluffy and soft these 3 ingredient mango ice creams are ridiculously easy to make with condensed milk, whipping cream and mangoes.
mango kulfi sliced and whole on a white plate with a text layover with a steel spoon
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Kulfi (Quick, No Cook Recipe)

Quick, easy and a cheat's version of making delicious Mango Kulfi with milk, sweetened condensed milk, cream and mangoes.
eggless mango cake recipe
Moderate 1 hour 5 minutes

Mango Cake Recipe (Eggless + Whole Wheat)

This delightfully easy and tasty egg-free Mango Cake with Mango Mousse Frosting is a perfect dessert to make while mangoes are in season. Made with whole wheat flour, fresh mangoes, butter and condensed milk, this moist loaf cake is a delish, simple cake to make.
one slice of mango cheesecake on a white plate
Moderate 47 minutes

Mango Cheesecake (No Bake)

This delicious mango cheesecake is a no bake recipe and has all the creamy goodness you crave, without using eggs or gelatin.
3 bowls of mango pudding on a dark blue table
Moderate 15 minutes

Mango Pudding

A smooth, velvety and soft Thai mango pudding made with coconut milk. The mango pudding has the lovely flavors of both mangoes and coconut.
top shot of aamras in glass bowl with a few saffron strands on top on a green wooden tray
Easy 15 minutes

Aamras Recipe

Aamras is a popular and traditional mango delicacy from the Western Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Enjoy it as it is or with poori (Indian fried bread).
mango falooda served in three glasses with spoons kept on the side.
Moderate 25 minutes

Mango Falooda

Mango Falooda is a summer Indian dessert-drink made with fresh mango puree, chopped mangoes and mango ice cream.
four bowls of vegetarian mango panna cotta topped with fresh cubes of mango on a wooden serving platter
Moderate 30 minutes

Mango Panna Cotta

Mango panna cotta recipe is a creamy and smooth Italian dessert made with mangoes, cream and milk. This is vegetarian recipe made with agar agar.
closeup shot of mango phirni in an earthen bowl.
Moderate 50 minutes

Mango Phirni

This Mango Phirni is a delicious, creamy pudding made with ripe sweet mangoes, milk, rice, sugar, nuts and cardamom. Can be served warm or cold.
eggless mango muffins recipe
Moderate 50 minutes

Mango Muffins Recipe

Mango Muffins Recipe made with fresh mango pulp, a few fragrant spices, butter, condensed milk and whole wheat flour to make it a bit healthier.
mango kesari garnished with saffron and served on a black platter.
Moderate 25 minutes

Mango Kesari | Mango Sheera | Mango Halwa

Mango Kesari (also known as Mango Sheera or Mango Halwa) is a variation of the very popular Kesari or Suji Halwa. Made with semolina or cream of wheat (rava/suji), this one is flavored with mango. It is smooth, silky and quite an easy recipe for keeps.
mango shrikhand in a wooden bowl with wooden spoon inside
Moderate 4 hours 15 minutes

Mango Shrikhand (Amrakhand)

Mango Shrikhand or Amrakhand is a lovely fruity dessert made with yogurt and ripe sweet mangoes. This recipe has no artificial colors or flavorings. Enjoy as a dessert or serve amrakhand with poori.
mango mastani served in tall glasses
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Mastani

Mango Mastani is a popular dessert-drink from Pune. It is a creamy, thick milkshake topped with vanilla or mango ice cream, mangoes and nuts, dry fruits.
mango halwa recipe, mango sheera recipe
30 minutes

mango halwa

Mango sheera or halwa is sweet and smooth pudding with mango flavors.
mango shikarni recipe, mango rasayana recipe
10 minutes

Mango Rasayana

Mango shikarni or mango rasayana is basically mango pulp and its juice mixed with some cardamom powder, jaggery and milk.
mango modaks placed over a turmeric leaf kept on a plate.
Moderate 30 minutes

Mango Modak

Mango Modak is a delicious variant of modak prepared with fresh sweet mango pulp and khoya/mawa (evaporated milk solids).

Ripe Mango Recipes

In this list, you will find mango drinks that are popular all over the world, including an Indian raita and chutney.

closeup shot of mango lassi with mint sprigs filled in a glass on a red and white checkered cloth
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Lassi Recipe (Creamy & Thick)

Mango Lassi, an all time Indian favorite summer drink is a creamy, thick, refreshing and delicious variation of lassi. Make this easy Mango Lassi recipe in less than 15 minutes with ripe mangoes, yogurt and your choice of flavorings – cardamom, saffron or rose water.
mango milkshake in two tall glasses on white table with a black background
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Shake Recipe (2 Delicious Milkshake)

A sweet and refreshing mango shake is the perfect drink to enjoy when mangos are in their peak of the season. Here I share two equally easy and delicious recipes for making rich and creamy mango milkshakes – one with dairy and a vegan version made with coconut milk.
mango smoothie in a glass on a matted wooden tray
Easy 10 minutes

Mango Smoothie Recipe (5 Ways)

Bright and refreshing mango smoothies are easy to make as a healthy breakfast or sweet snack. Here I share with you 5 unique mango smoothie recipes. There are versions with yogurt, oats, additional fresh fruits, and even almonds – give them all a try and discover your favorite and healthy mango smoothie recipe.
mango raita recipe, sweet mango raita with ripe sweet mangoes
Moderate 20 minutes

Mango Raita Recipe

Mango Raita is a tangy, sweet accompaniment or side dish that is made with curd (yogurt) and ripe sweet mangoes. This Mango Raita recipe is unique. The crackling tempering that goes into it gives it a new dimension which results in a beautiful mix of flavors and texture too.
mango tea in two glasses
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Tea (Mango Iced Tea)

Mango Tea is a refreshing and delicious fruity summer drink made with ripe sweet mangoes and black tea. This recipe is for a mango iced tea and can also be made with green tea.
sweet mango chutney recipe, ripe mango chutney recipe
10 minutes

sweet mango chutney with coconut

This sweet mango chutney is a South Indian chutney made from sweet and ripe mangoes along with coconut.
mango salsa served in a white bowl.
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Salsa Recipe

This sweet, spicy and tangy Mango salsa is made with fresh ripe mangoes, red bell pepper, onion, herbs and spices. An easy condiment that is lovely all by itself as well as when paired with others.

Unripe Raw Mango Recipes

In this category, get the evergreen and favorite mango pickle recipe (aam ka achar), a few Indian mango preserves, salad, lentils and rice dishes made with unripe green tart mangoes. Enjoy!

mango pickle in a wooden spoon above ceramic pickle jar.
Moderate 4 days 15 minutes

Mango Pickle | Punjabi Aam ka Achar Recipe

An authentic Punjabi recipe of Mango Pickle or Aam ka Achar made with unripe green mangoes, spices, salt and mustard oil. Easy and absolutely delicious.
top shot of avakaya pachadi in a glass jar with text layovers.
Moderate 30 minutes

Avakaya | Avakai (Avakaya Pachadi)

Avakaya or Avakai is a spicy, robust pickle made with green, unripe mangoes. This pickle is a popular pickle variety from the Andhra cuisine.
Nurukku Manga Achar
Moderate 12 minutes

Instant Mango Pickle | Manga Achar | Kadumanga Achar

This Nurukku Manga Achar is a 15 minute tempered Kerala Style Instant Mango Pickle prepared with green mangoes for Onam Sadya. This pickle also doesn't require any sunlight or much of cooking process.
mango rice served in a green plate.
Moderate 40 minutes

Mango Rice Recipe (Mavinakayi Chitranna)

This Mango Rice recipe (also called as Mavinakayi Chitranna in Kannada) is tangy, comforting and loaded with flavors. It is made with unripe green mangoes, coconut, spices, peanuts, sesame seeds and herbs.
aam panna in glass on a green table.
Moderate 20 minutes

Aam Panna Recipe – With Boiled and Roasted Mangoes

Aam ka panna is a cooling Indian summer drink made with unripe green tart mangoes. It is slightly sour and sweet to taste and is flavored with cardamom, cumin and black salt. This recipe post shows the method of making both aam panna syrup concentrate and the drink using the method of boiling as well as roasting mangoes. 
mango chutney in a white bowl
Moderate 20 minutes

Mango Chutney (Indian Bengali Style)

This is an easy, Bengali style Mango Chutney recipe made with semi-ripe mangoes, ginger, jaggery/sugar, panch phoron and has a distinct taste and flavor.
mamidikaya pappu served in a green bowl with text layovers.
Moderate 40 minutes

Mamidikaya Pappu (Mango Dal)

Mamidikaya Pappu is an Andhra Mango Dal recipe made with raw, green unripe sour mangoes, pigeon pea lentils, onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices.
raw mango chutney in white bowl on a black backdrop.
Easy 15 minutes

Raw Mango Chutney | Green Mango Chutney

This Raw Mango Chutney is one of the easiest chutney condiment made with coconut, unripe sour mangoes, green chillies and garlic. Its sour, spicy, pungent and will absolutely perk up your meals.
mango dal recipe
30 minutes

healthy raw mango drumstick dal

This healthy and tasty lentil dish is made using pigeon pea lentils/arhar dal, raw mangoes and drumsticks.
aam ka murabba in a glass jar.
Moderate 25 minutes

Aam Ka Murabba | Mango Murabba | Indian Mango Preserve

Aam Ka Murabba or Mango Murabba is a sweet and tangy, fragrant raw mango preserve. You could also term it as an Indian Mango Jam or Indian Mango Preserve. The recipe is vegan and gluten-free.
raw mango salad garnished with a mint sprig and served in a white bowl with text layovers.
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Salad Recipe

This Mango Salad recipe is sour, spiced and lightly sweet tasting salad made with unripe green tangy mangoes, chopped onions and spices.
amchur powder in a jar on oval bamboo tray.
Moderate 21 hours 15 minutes

Amchur Powder | Amchoor (Dry Mango Powder)

Made from scratch homemade Amchur Powder or Amchoor (also known as Dry Mango Powder) which is often added to North Indian recipes for a slight tang and sourness. Can be made in two ways – by sun drying or dehydrating in the oven.
aam chunda in a glass jar on a green board.
Moderate 25 minutes

Chunda Recipe | Aam Chunda | Mango Chunda

Aam Chunda is a spicy, sweet and sour mango pickle made with raw green unripe mangoes, sugar and spices. This is one of the jewel pickles from Gujarati cuisine and is easy to prepare too.
mango chaat served in a white bowl with a steel spoon.
Easy 15 minutes

Mango Chaat | Mango Bhel

Mango Chaat is a quick recipe of tangy, spicy chaat snack made with raw green unripe sour mangoes, puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, peanuts, lemon juice, herbs and spices.

This Mango Recipes collection post from the blog archives first published in April 2013 has been updated and republished on April 2023.

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