mango pickle recipe with step by step photos – here is a sour, spiced and tasty aam ka aachar recipe made the punjabi way. another one from my mil’s punjabi recipes collection.

this punjabi mango pickle is really good. if you are a pickle lover like me, you are going to love this pickle. i am such a fan of pickles that i have pickles with everything from dal, sabzis, to even with the punjabi kadhi.

i have shared few more mango pickles recipes from regional indian cuisine like:

  1. instant mango pickle (south indian mango pickle recipe)
  2. gujarati mango pickle (does not require sunlight. easy & quick mango pickle to make.)
  3. mango avakaya recipe (popular mango pickle from andhra pradesh).
  4. khatta meetha aam ka aachar recipe (sweet and sour punjabi mango pickle)

in north india we have the mango pickle with aloo paratha, paneer paratha  or any paratha for that matter. my hubby tells me of his childhood school days where he would take parathas with mango pickle in his tiffin box.

i think now what goes in the tiffin box must have changed over a period of time. it also depends in which part of india you live or what is the type of cuisine the family cooks.

4 main spices used in this mango pickle are:

  • fenugreek seeds (methi seeds)
  • fennel seeds (saunf)
  • mustard seeds (sarson – yellow)
  • nigella seeds (kalonji)
spices for punjabi mango pickle recipe

well, just a bit of variation i did to this mango pickle recipe was by adding split mustard seeds. i had just scribbled everything in a book and all the time i was thinking that mustard seeds go in the recipe. now again when looking at it carefully, i saw that mustard seeds are not added. sometimes the mind and the thought processes over power everything.

some folks even add black peppercorns. i have coarsely ground the mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds as i do not get the split mustard seeds as well as split fenugreek seeds here. even the fennel i have ground it coarsely. you can keep it whole.

here i get raw mangoes with really tender skin, so i don’t peel the skin off. but if you get raw mangoes with tough skin, then do peel off the skin.

remember there should be no water or moisture in your jar in which you will keep the mango pickle. the jar has to be clean. you can sterilize the jar if you want. hygiene and cleanliness are very important when you are making pickles. remember this point when you make edibles like jams, sauces, preserves or pickles and for that matter when you make any food.

i wanted the traditional small bharni to keep the mango pickle. went to the market to buy it, but all they had were big bharnis. finally i had to store the pickle in a plastic jar 🙁

punjabi mango pickle recipe below:

punjabi mango pickle recipe
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punjabi mango pickle recipe | aam ka aachar recipe

mango pickle recipe - punjabi mango pickle made with mustard oil and spices.
course condiment, side dish
cuisine north indian, punjabi
prep time 4 days
total time 4 days
servings 1 medium jar
author dassana amit

ingredients (1 cup = 250 ml)

  • 5-6 small or medium sized raw mangoes
  • 1.5 tablespoon split fenugreek seeds (methi dana)
  • 1.5 to 2 tablespoon split yellow mustard seeds (rai dana), optional
  • 2 tablespoon fennel seed, whole or coarsely ground
  • 1.5 tablespoon nigella seeds (kalonji)
  • 1 or 1.5 tablespoon turmeric (haldi)
  • 1.5 to 2 tablespoon red chili powder (lal mirch powder)
  • salt as required
  • mustard oil as required

how to make recipe?

  1. rinse and wipe dry the mangoes.
  2. dice the mangoes. discard the seeds. if you have a garden you can plant the seeds.

  3. mix all the spices, spice powders and salt with the diced mangoes.
  4. mix well so that the spices get evenly coated on the mangoes.
  5. keep this spiced mango mixture in sunlight for 3-4 days.
  6. cover with a thin muslin to protect from dust.
  7. after 3-4 days, add the mangoes to a jar.
  8. pour mustard oil till it just about covers the rim of the mangoes up to 1/2 inch or 1 inch.
  9. stir and mix well.
  10. store the mango pickle in a dry and cool place for 3 to 4 days.

  11. after 3 to 4 days you can start having the mango pickle.

  12. serve the mango pickle with your dal-rice, curd-rice, parathas & veggie dishes.

recipe notes

  • 1. you can choose to add more red chili powder if you want a spicy and hot pickle.
  • 2. keep the jar and the plates everything clean.

you can make the mango pickle without sun.

  1. just mix everything and pour the mixed mango-spice powders in a jar.
  2. in this case you heat the mustard oil till it start smoking and then when it become cool, you add it to the spiced mango pieces.
  3. cover with a 1 inch layer of mustard oil. always keep the mango pickle covered with a layer of mustard oil.
  4. store mango pickle in a dry place for 2-3 days. but there will be moisture in the mango pieces as they are not dried in sun.

how to make punjabi mango pickle recipe:

1: rinse and wipe the mangoes well with a kitchen towel. chop the mangoes and add them in a bowl.

punjabi mango pickle recipe

2: add all the spices, spice powders and salt.

add spices for punjabi mango pickle recipe

3: mix well so that the spices uniformly coat the mango pieces.

mix spices for mango pickle recipe

4: on a thali or in the same bowl, keep in the sun for 3-4 days. you can cover the thali with a fine seive or a thin muslin cloth, so that dust etc does not fall on the pickle.

making mango pickle recipe

5: the below pic is of the mango pickle on 6th day. i had to keep 2 days extra as for 2 full days we did not get sunlight here. it was cloudy all the time.

on 6th day - punjabi mango pickle recipe

6: pour the entire mango mixture in a jar.

in jar - punjabi mango pickle recipe

7: add mustard oil to the spiced mangoes. now i really like the strong and intense flavor of mustard oil in the pickle. hence i have not warmed nor heated the mustard oil. if you want less pungent flavor & taste to your pickle than warm or heat the mustard oil. heating reduces the pungency in the mustard oil and makes it sweet.

adding mustard oil to mango pickle recipe

8: just add enough mustard oil which covers the rim up to half or one inch above the pickle. always remember to keep the oil floating above the pickle.

punjabi mango pickle recipe

9: close and keep in a cool dry place for 4 days till everything gets mellowed and pickled 🙂 enjoy this punjabi mango pickle plain or with any indian dish. the mango pickle stays good for a year even without refrigeration. but it will get over soon and won’t last for a year 🙂

punjabi mango pickle recipe, aam ka achaar recipe

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  1. Hi
    I have just made this mango pickle. You mention it lasts for a year when sun dried. How long does it last if not sun dried or only partially sun dried?

  2. hi

    I made this mango pickle I think two months ago. But I have to admit … I live in Holland and we have not very hot summers. So I did sun dry the mangoes but I guess that the mango’s did not completely dry. But I followed your procedure as good as I could (next time I will dry the mango’s in the oven I think).

    But now when I taste the pickles, the taste is very good but the mango’s are still very hard, after two months. Why is this ? And is there something I can do to soften the mango’s. There is plenty of mustard oil in the bottle

    1. jan, usually the mangoes do soften after pickling for a few months. i assume that the mangoes have got sun dried too much and thats why the hardness. usually the mangoes do not become hard. or it could be the quality of mangoes – like having less water content in them. one way is cooking the pickle. just heat through but do not boil. with this method the mangoes can soften a bit. once the the pickle has got hot, then let it cool down on its own. do not cover with a lid or you cover the pan with a cotton napkin or muslin. water should not condense as then the pickle can get spoiled.

      1. ok Dassana. I will try.
        But in India you have very hot days in summer, most of our summer days are 20-25 degrees celsius. So I think that I should forget to sun dry the mango’s and better dry them in the oven for 3-4 hours.
        Would love to make some good pickles myself. I also did make your lemon pickle recipe without oil and nimbu ka achaar recipe. The lemon pickle without oil is great !!!
        I made the nimbu ka achaar with limes (because our lemons have rather thick skin. And I think this pickle also has rather hard lime pieces ….

        I will let you know if cooking the mango pickle did work

        1. fine jan. yes of course you can try doing the oven method. it will work. i will be sharing one more version of lemon pickle made in kerala style in some time. the nimbu achar which is posted and which i do make on occasions has soft lime pieces. i am wondering why the lemon or mango pieces are becoming hard. usually for most pickling recipes, i keep the pickle for 2 to 3 days in the sun and in the night i keep the pickle inside. you can also try the mango avakaya (spicy andhra mango pickle)which does not need heavy sunlight. the recipe i have shared is large in quantity and stays good for a year, but you can halve the recipe.

          sure do let me know how the cooking goes about.

      2. could you say something about how the mango’s should look like (or feel) and how you can see they are ok for making pickles ?

        1. jan, the mangoes should be firm, feel hard and have a green to dark green color. the flesh should be firm and white colored. a pale yellow colored flesh indicates that the mango has ripened slightly.

  3. hey dassana ..
    Ur recipes are just wowww.
    please help I have dried mangoes but because of monsoon there is no sunlight can I dry them under the fan it’s a second day and I have to kept it in the room what should I do please reply soon
    thank you

  4. Hey i have dried the pickle in sun for 4- days and now have added oil but after 5 days it is still very hard n not softened a bit. I am very scared wht should i do ??

  5. Please help i dried the mango with masala for 3 days as suggested in recipe even after adding mustard oil its been 7 days and the mangoes taste like amchoor rather than pickle . i have been making this pickle from past 3 years never had this problem as i used to dry only for a day instead of 3 the pickle used to be soft and juicy but now its become very hard what do i do

    1. no worries. after soaking them in oil for some days, the mango pieces will soften. looks like the mango pieces have become too dry. if you keep the mango pieces in the jar for a few weeks, then they will soften. as the pickle matures, it will soften much more.

  6. Just about to make the punjabi mango pickle Could u please tell me the exact quantity (measure) for salt? Last time I went wrong with the salt! Thank u

    1. mini, 2 to 3 tablespoons of salt should be fine. just mix everything and taste the masala. if you feel salt is less, then you can a few teaspoons or tablespoons more of the salt.

  7. Very simple and easy method.. dasanna.
    i have tried lot of your recipes and have been successful.
    with my mango pickle, the first time, even after keeping for 3 days in sun, fungus grew on it so i had to throw all of it.
    Second time, i dont have the courage to keep it in a thali covered with the jaali, so i have stored straight in a glass jar , mixed all spices and plan to keep it in the sun. Monsoons are here and there is hardly any sunlight. hope this works…

    1. okay… one needs a really strong sunlight. this does not allow the fungus or any mould to grow. storing in a bottle is a good option. i hope it works. monsoons are here too. what i would suggest is to heat the mustard oil and add in the mango mixture. cover the pickle with at least 2 to 3 inches of oil floating on top. you can check the method in this post of gujarati methi mango pickle, where the pickle is not sun dried – https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/gujarati-mango-pickle-recipe-methia-keri/

  8. Ma’am can you please post the recipe of green chilli pickle that stays good for 1year or so..

  9. I have tried many recipes of yours like Dal tadka, Mango Dal, Palak Dal, Methi Dal and some Paneer recipes. Always everyone enjoyed it. Now I am attempting the Punjabi Aam ka Achar. In your recipe the spices are mentioned for 5-6 mangoes. What will be the approximate weight of these mangoes. Continue to add more recipes.

  10. Hi there,
    If I have a bharni jar with me, how can I cover them with the mixed mangoes in it? Do I need to tightly cover them or just close them as usual way? Because I have seen people tying a piece of plastic over the mouth of the jar and later covering the pot with the usual lid.

  11. Dear dasana,
    It has been 2 years and you have still remained my favourite recipe site. Your simplicity of ingredients and visual instructions are very very helpful. You are my go to person if I want to plan a meal. Even my mother has been impressed with my cooking and asked for recipes when I make some of your dishes. Hats off to you for taking the time and effort in sharing this wealth with us mere mortals.

  12. Hi amit…

    Can we dry it by pre heating the oven. Or any other method of sun drying without actually keeping it out in sun…

      1. Thanks amit.. Can u put it in the oven with the masala or without it.. Also do I have to set the timing in the oven for 7hr after pre heating it.

        1. you can put in the oven with the masala. yes you will need to set the timing. i would suggest to break the time. first dry for 3 to 4 hours. check and then again continue to dry for 3 more hours. do keep a check as it the mango pieces should not become like papads and break.

  13. Hi,
    Please share which sarsoon seeds to be taken. Yellow one or black one. And can I dry the mango pieces for a while before applying all the masalas to it?

  14. HI,

    Even after following your post step by step, my achar caught fungus. Though i had kept it for 7 days in sunlight without oil. What could be the possible reason? 🙁

    1. reason can be moisture in the pickle or cleanliness. the pickle should be dry. and also keep the pickle covered with oil. what you can do is now, remove the fungus part. the fungus will be only on the top. usually when pickles start getting fungus, they get it at the top first. so remove this part. cover the pickle jar’s mouth with a muslin cloth and keep it in the sun for 2 to 3 days. also cover the pickle with 1 or 2 inch oil floating above.

      1. While drying itself, it caught fungus in between the mango prices.I had to throw off and again started preparing. Hoping this time it won’t catch fungus. And also I don’t get enough sunlight here. Can you pls suggest what to do exactly? Will be grateful. Thanks.

        1. okay. the sunlight should be strong and a good one, like the sunlight we have in delhi and parts of north india or in maharashtra and gujarat. what you do is keep on giving sunlight at all the times. meaning keep on changing the position of the plate to where the sunlight falls in its maximum intensity. i would also suggest to cover the plate with a meshed lid or a fine muslin cloth, so that dust particles do not settle down on the pickle. use a large plate or bowl, so that the mango pieces are distributed evenly and have enough space. looks like sunlight is an issue where you live. so you can try this gujarati mango pickle, where you do not need sunlight – https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/gujarati-mango-pickle-recipe-methia-keri/

  15. a friend of mine ghita her mum used to make this and living in amsterdam hot sunny days are few so she used to dry out the green mango in a low oven and the end result was always fantastic.

  16. I like my mango pickle dry(at least some of it)as it is easier to carry whilst travelling and less messy.I wonder if you can just keep drying this without oil addition.How woul it work?I once had oil less mango pickle with all the masala and it was wonderful.However the lady would not part with the recipe.Do you have any recipes for dry mango pickle?

    1. in this recipe oil is essential. i do not have any recipe of a dry mango pickle. i will check with my family members if they know of such a pickle and can try the recipe during mango season.

  17. Can I add vinegar before I add the mustard oil or along with it, and what would be the proportion

  18. thanks a lot for all your wonderful delicious recipes. I have tried out many. I just want to know that it is compulsory to put mustard oil in mango pickle. as i like dry pickle more.
    and i want to try it soon..

  19. Thanks you for posting such a fabulous recipe. I am in the drying process at the moment. I think the answer is obvious but I will ask anyway. I am up to the third day now and moisture is building up at the bottom of the containers that the mango pieces are drying in. Am I supposed to drain this liquid, discard it and keep drying out the mangoes?

    1. welcome. for even drying do turn the mango pieces everyday with a clean spoon so that all of them ate dried evenly and uniformly. ideally you should not get moisture. i think the light is not reaching the bottom and hence the moisture. discard this liquid. better to dry in a large tray or plate. this way all the mango peices will get even sunlight. place all of them in a large tray or plate and keep in the sun for drying. you can easily dry upto a week also.

  20. sanjay kumar suman

    I want to product mango pickle for commercial purpose as cottage industry. so, kindly tell me about all machinary used for preparation mango pickle and also tell me from where i can purchase that all machinary .

  21. Hi Dassana, just wondering what estimate of salt you’d recommend? I think not having enough salt may encourage the mold that others are encountering.

    1. when i made this pickle, i just added salt eyeballing the other ingredients. i think 2 tbsp should be fine. the pickle masala can be tasted and if less salt, then more can be added.

  22. Hi
    Can I use sesame oil instead of mustard since I have that at home or should I go for canola oil?

  23. Hi,
    It’s my first time for making any type of pickle n I have started with your recipie n have completed one day of drying. I live in a gulf country n currenty it’s winter here. There is still good sun here as the winter is not that strong. I want to know after one day drying where n how should I keep my pickle? Do I have to keep in glass bottle n in the fridge? Or just lying outside? I want to dry for more days but I’m scared as I don’t want them to spoil. I do see a little wetness in them that needs to dry up. Please advise me.

    1. Hi sofia, i would suggest you to dry them completely. Keep for one or two days more in the sunlight. If there is wetness, then the pickle might get spoiled. Usually pickles are kept outside. After sun drying, in the night, just cover the mango pieces and keep outside in acool dry place.

  24. I followed your recipe and method to a t but after 4 days on my window sill in zero sun the mango pieces had this cobweb like white fur on them?!

    1. thats fungus. cleanliness is very important while making pickles. did you cover the mango pickle with a layer of oil. all the mango pieces should be completely immersed in oil.

      1. I was in the middle of the sun drying part. I have since started again and have omitted the sun part seeing as we have no sun at the moment in gloomy Leeds and have instead opted for the straight to oil method. I am hoping I will at least get some sort of mango pickle this way! lol

        1. okay. thanks for letting me know. i did think later as to what must have gone wrong. actually the sun drying was not complete and hence the mould. i have made pickle with the shade drying method too and never had an issue. to avoid the mould growth, always cover the pickle with at least about 2 inches of oil. no mango piece should float or come out even a little bit out of the oil. when you add oil, allow the jar to stand for some minutes. the oil will begin to float. later you add more oil in required.

          you can check this recipe too on gujarati mango pickle. this does not require sun drying. at the moment we are still relishing this pickle. recipe link here – https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/gujarati-mango-pickle-recipe-methia-keri/

  25. Hi, since the sky has been cloudy, cannot keep the mangoes i the sun, can i dry it under the fan??

    1. savita, you have to preferably keep it in the sun. if there is no option then keep in a dry place or under fan. but shelf life might reduce. as sun rays kills microorganism.

      other better option sis – just mix everything and pour the mixed mango-spice powders in a jar. in this case you heat the mustard oil till it start smoking and then when it become cool, you add it to the spiced mango pieces. cover with a 1 inch layer of mustard oil. always keep the mango pickle covered with a layer of mustard oil. store mango pickle in a dry place for 2-3 days. but there will be moisture in the mango pieces as they are not dried in sun.

  26. Hi….I am liking the way u have made the aam ka achar but I don’t know why its getting fungus when I am keeping it in sun after adding masalas.I have tried it for the 2nd time.

    1. if you keep in the sun, fungus should not come. the sunlight won’t allow the fungus to come. are the spices fresh and within their shelf life date. if the spices shelf life date is expired, then there might be issues of mould growing on the pickle.

  27. I have made the pickle bt now I have tasted it n it has less salt.what should be done?if I add salt then it will drain water in the jar.

  28. Hi,
    Thanks for your recipe. I did try it, but I think I over dried the mango and also the pickle has very less masala. Any suggestions how I can rectify it? Or would I need to discard it 🙁

    1. welcome hazel. i don’t know that you can do now for over dried mangoes. if you want to spice it up little just add some chillii powder from top and mix well. don’t add any other spices because mustard and other spices they age and thats what gives flavor to the pickle.

  29. after I prepared the pickle only, I realised tat salt s not sufficient.. so can I add after oil s poured into the jar.. will it spoil the pickle??

  30. As a child I remember eating Aam da Achar that was dry & coated in masalas. I ate this hungrily with chapatis & or parathas & loved it. Will your version (with all the mustard oil) be dry as I remember it?

  31. Dear

    I am from Kerala. Normally we used different method to make Mango pickle. Definitely this look very tasty.. My question is instead of mustard oil can I use any other oil like coconut or sesame oil?

  32. Hi

    Can I use Steel Bowl for mixing the pickle and keeping it in the sun (till I pour it in the glass jar)?



    1. i always make achaar or pickle at home. so have no clue how achaar is made commercially and in huge quantities. so unfortunately unable to help you.

  33. Hi Dassana
    Made this pickle today..I had cut the mangoes and dried them overnight as there is no sun here and the mangoes were right to make the pickle so I didnt wait anymore..anyhow..dried them overnight and mixed all masalas now.its now in a steel bowl covered with cling film trying to get daylight..do u think I shud immed transfer to glass bowl/barni? Will the pickle spoil?

    1. you can transfer the pickle to a bharni or glass jar. the pickle won’t spoil. don’t use a clingfilm. better to use thin cotton or muslin napkin to cover the pickle. how did you dry it overnight?

  34. Hi Dassana,
    unfortunately we don’t get much sun here in Vancouver Canada. Is it possible to make this without the aid of the sun?

    1. yes jas, you can make the mango pickle without sun. just mix everything and pour the mixed mango-spice powders in a jar. in this case you heat the mustard oil till it start smoking and then when it become cool, you add it to the spiced mango pieces. cover with a 1 inch layer of mustard oil. always keep the mango pickle covered with a layer of mustard oil. store mango pickle in a dry place for 2-3 days. but there will be moisture in the mango pieces as they are not dried in sun.

  35. hello dassana i have done all the procedure infact from the time i started communicating wth u. however, my recipe has all the delicias smell but the chopped mangoes a still blital and moreova this is a day 5 of the last procedure. the whole recipe looks like i have just soaked my spiced mangoes in cooking oil

    1. i did not understand – “mangoes are still blital”. it looks like that. the mustard oil helps in preserving the pickle. thats how this pickle is supposed to be. keeping 5 days in the sun is also alright. some folks keep for 1 week too. actually depends on the intensity of the sun. here in india, the summers are very strong. the sunlight is intense and hot. so 2-3 days is fine if pickling in india where the summers are hot.

  36. thanx dassan for the quick reply… i have started my recipe 2day and so far so good though i checked with indian shops but i cudnt find some of the ingredients however, i maNaged to get mysef; turmeric, mustard seeds, kalonji, in addition an indian guy also gave me orianda seeds and aarcha masala pwder. i did the mix and now the recipe is looking just like ur third step.

    my worries are that i might not get good sunlight for next three days coz of the clowds and also i cant find mastard oil, can i use any oil even the one we use 4vegitableS and other food stuffs?

    1. hi simon, thats the aachar masala…. meaning pickle masala. you can use any flavorless oil like sunflower oil. avoid using olive oil. however, mustard oil gives a good pungent flavor and taste and is traditionally used. just keep the pickle out even if its cloudy.

  37. Ur plain joped mangoes looks like they were about to get rip which brings me to the Q that am i suppose to only use mangoes that are neary riping?…. also i am based in zambia where we have different variety of mangoes and usually they start geting ready during and after october, what exactly type of mango should i use as i may not understand by the term “raw mango”. ur blog is interesting and i look forward to preparing ur recipe on a larger quatinty probably on a 20lt bucket.

    1. these mangoes are no where near riping. use only unripe mangoes. they should be sour and tart and no where close to riping. raw mango means unripe mango. all the best pickling mangoes.

  38. dear i forget to ask i kept the pickle mixture in the sun here in Doha its too hot and sometimes windy and dusty so i covered with cling sheet (food wrapper) i noticed watervapour on it
    when i open to just stir the mixture the vapor forms water and drops into it.. In this case will my picke get spoil on a long run

    1. its better to cover with fine muslin or a finely weaved cloth or napkin. since you have used cling film the vapor accumulated due to the slow sun cooking, cannot be released and hence its condensing on the surface. it can spoil the pickle. my suggestion would be to refrigerate the pickle as soon as its done.

  39. dear i tried your mango pickle Punjabi type too good, but instead of adding whole methi, saunf and kalonji can i powder it and use as that irritates. secondly does eating of pickles causes harm to our bones. tks keep it up

  40. Hi ,

    Thanks for such a lovely recipe 🙂

    Please can you let me know the quantity of all ingredients that I should take if I am using one kg of raw mangoes.


    1. thanks anam. it would be not easy for me to give the measurements without looking at the quantity of mangoes. i would suggest you to eye ball the ingredients and use the method of andaaz or approximation when adding the spices and mustard oil. you can also taste the mixture when preparing the pickle.

  41. Dassana, thanks for this recipe.. I made it this summer and it came out really good 🙂 i have also posted this on my blog.

  42. Hi , dassana could you please tell me how can i make this acchar in rainy season b’coz i want to make it .but rainy season started! is it possible? plz reply me.

    1. palchin, since rains have started it is little tricky. you need to put the acchar in sun. so if you feel that next few days its not going to rain then give it a try. but you have to be careful because if it rains then your pickle might get mouldy.

  43. Hi,
    thank you so much for the recipe, but just one doubt , do i need to put hot ■mustard oil or just pure it ….. kacccha oil , do reply me please


    1. priti, you have to heat the mustard oil and then cool the oil and then add. you can also add kaccha oil but then the mustard oil flavors are very strong. i have done it this way (kaccha oil) but everybody does not like strong mustard flavors in their pickle. its an acquired taste. heating will reduce the pungency of the mustard oil. in my home they use mustard oil directly without heating it and thats how authentic punjabi mango pickle is made.

  44. Thanks dassana.my mango pieces are during 2 days at sunlight.but i still didn’t added that masala and salt.can i add now?i suddenly found your blog.thanks again

  45. Hi dassana I tried your mango pickle but when I left the mangoes with the dried masala in the sun the mangoes left lot of water.The mangoes did not dried as u showed on the third day.So please suggest what should be done.

  46. Hello Dassana,

    I had 2 queries regarding the recipe:
    1) Should mustard seeds and methi seeds to be dry roasted before grinding?
    2) Is it preferable to use fortune rice bran oil instead of mustard oil?

    1. sarika, no need to dry roast the seeds before grinding. to get a authentic punjabi mango pickle taste you should preferably use mustard oil.

  47. Hello Dassana,
    I want to start making the mango pickles ASAP but have heard all sorts of stories about waiting for ‘right’ mangos and apparently the season doesn’t start till June? Is that true? Waiting anxiously for help to recognise the ‘right’ mangos

    1. hi naveen. the raw mangoes start coming as early as march. having been in goa, where there are so many mango trees, i see raw mangoes flooding the market very early. actually i have heard the opposite and the other way around. one should not have mangoes when the rains begins. at least in india, the monsoon begins in june and so mangoes should not be consumed in june or later. i would suggest not to wait as may is the best time to get a really hot sun and clear days which is good for pickling and drying. mangoes are also also good in this month. so you can start with the preparations of the pickle.

  48. I’ve just tried this recipe but was able to keep the achar in the sun for just two days as its been cloudy since then. It smells great though. I’m waiting for it to become tender. Thanks.

  49. I’m in the process of making the pickle, though now I can’t sun dry it anymore as its been raining for the past few days. Any other option to finish the pickling process ? Please help ! I have already mixed the spices with the mango 2 days back ! So far it looks okay !

  50. Madhurima sarma

    Its really tempting,one thing i want to ask u if i mix the mixture of spice and oil on the same day and cover the jar up (keep in sunlight), then the pickle will be spoil or not?

    1. actually the water or liquids should get dried before adding the oil. hence we keep the pickle mixture in the sun. if there is moisture in the pickle, then the pickle spoils.

  51. Hi Dassana,
    I’ve watched my dad make pickles all the time and recently i’ve started to make them as well. The taste is just better and fresher when you make it yourself. I’ve never seen a punjabi version of this pickle as I’ve grown accustomed to the Gujarati version which I use DIY ingredients with corn oil (never used mustard oil before but interesting)
    I must say that I want to try this out. So, two quick questions
    1) Is nigella seeds/kalonji same as black sesame seeds?
    2) When you mix your spices with the raw mango cubes, what do you do with the water that drains from the mango due to salt? I usually throw it away but just curious.

    1. homemade pickles are better than outside ones. mustard oil gives a strong pungent flavor to the pickle.
      1: nigella seeds are different from black sesame seeds. though they do look similar, the taste, flavor and texture is totally different.
      2: i never throw away the water. since i sun dry the mixture, the water gets evaporated.

  52. Hi, I’m really excited to see a Mango Pickle recipe with measurements in tablespoons (not grams!) I am definitely going to try this one! I do have one question though, can you tell me roughly how much salt you used? Thanks 🙂 ~Katherine

    1. hi katherine, i don’t even remember how much salt i had added as i had made the pickle many months ago. i would suggest to just add 2-3 tbsp of salt first. then taste the pickle and if required then add some more salt, till you get the salt taste that you prefer.

  53. Two questions really. 1) What role does the sun play in making of the pickle ? 2) Is Mustard Oil a must, as I am in a small village where olive oil is easily available, and sun rarely shines.

    1. dear van, first of all the sun gently cooks the pickle over a period of time. secondly along with drying the mango pieces as well as the pickle masala mixture it also kills the micro organisms that might be harboring on the pickle. all these factors help in sustaining the shelf life of the pickle.

      in india we make a lot of sun dried pickles, both sweet and sour. in the months of april-may the sun it at its peak here and it is very hot. the temperature varies between 35 to 45 degree C in different parts of india.

      mustard oil is one of the essential ingredient, if you want to make the authentic punjabi mango pickle 🙂 it has a strong pungent flavor and taste that blends well with the pickle. i would not suggest using olive oil as i don’t know how the taste & aroma of olive oil would blend with the pickle. i would suggest to use a non aromatic oil like sunflower or canola oil.

      you can make this pickle even without the sun. just heat the oil and when it cools down add it to the pickle mixture.

      to know more about the sun and the pickling process, here is a informative post here

      hope all these info helps you.

  54. can i make this achar without the sun in thid rainy season or put it on stove or microwave loved the recipe

    1. yes zarina, you can make the achaar without sun. just mix everything and pour the mixed mango-spice powders in a jar. in this case you heat the mustard oil and then when it cools you add it to the spiced mango pieces. cover with a 1 inch layer of mustard oil. always keep the achaar covered with a layer of mustard oil. store in a dry & dark place for 2-3 days.

  55. Anamika @ madcookingfusions

    I hardly use to prepare pickles at home till late when I tried my hands on the mix veg pickles, my mom prepares the mango pickles the same way as yours. I get mango pickles always from mom & mom in law :). Loved the clicks as always!

  56. Gorgeous clicks! Would love to have this jar at home! Don’t know how long it would last though. I love pickles with roti, dal-chawal or simply plain.

  57. i have started the process of making the pickle..m grinding the masala for it..will surely let u know the outcome soon..here its too hot..my mango pickle will not take too long to tenderise.

  58. Susmitha - Veganosaurus

    Looks heavenly!! I used to eat pickle everyday with stuff like vegan curd rice and chapathi, but somehow that habit got broken and now pickles are a once in a while thing for me. Now, when I do eat them, it’s straight out of the jar. Pick up a piece and pop it in my mouth. :op

    That pickle/paratha photo you’ve posted is killing me!! I’m craving it so badly right now. LOL And it brings back beautiful memories from school. The Marwaris used to bring the best paratas and pickles ever!! The rest of us used to grab for their lunch boxes. Haha

    1. even i had some marwari friends in school and i would love to eat from their tiffin, especially their pickles and parathas 🙂

  59. Dassana, the mangoes look so fresh and I am sure they taste the best. Also, pickle looks fabulous Unfortunately, the raw mangoes we get here are mostly sweet in taste and slightly sour.

    Love the wick basket and the plate in the pics.

  60. Tanvi@SinfullySpicy

    I adore pickles for the mustard oil. Cant get good mangoes here. This recipe is just the way I make green chilli pickle also. Love it.

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