mushroom recipes – 40 delicious veg mushroom recipes

matar mushroom recipe, mushroom matar recipe

collection of 40 mushroom recipes including popular mushroom recipes – kadai mushroom, palak mushroom, mushroom manchurian and methi mushroom.

mushroom is all time favorite at home and i often include these high protein ingredient in our food. mushrooms are versatile and they can be made into a quick snack, curry, soups, stir fries, patties and salads.

there are few versatile veggies like potato and peas which you can safely add in most of main stream indian dishes as well as in pulaos and biryani to make them more healthy. similarly, mushroom and paneer are two all rounders in indian cooking which are most often used and they pair well with most of veggies as well as curry based dishes.

i often use mushrooms in indo chinese recipes or in pulao/biryani or in vegetable gravy dishes. mushrooms adds a very unique taste to the recipe and makes it more nutritious as well as yummy.

whenever i purchase mushrooms, then i make sure that i use them within 2 days after purchasing and while cooking i cut the portion of their long stem and wash them thoroughly before using them.

here i am sharing collection of delicious mushroom recipes from my blog. i hope you will like them and will try these recipes. you can also check this collection of top 10 paneer recipes.

40 mushroom recipes

mushroom manchurianmushroom manchurian
spicy indo chinese recipe of
dry mushroom manchurian. step by step recipe.
mushroom biryanimushroom biryani
mushroom biryani or kalaan biryani.
its a south indian biryani recipe.
kadai mushroom drykadai mushroom recipe
kadai mushroom is an easy & quick dish
and yet delicious.
kadai mushroom gravymushroom recipes

button mushrooms cooked in a
spiced onion-tomato based gravy.

mushroom & peas currymushroom peas currystep by step recipe of
south indian mushroom and peas curry.
aloo mushroom masala
mushroom recipes
simple homely potato mushroom curry.
methi mushroommethi mushroom
methi mushroom – restaurant style
this recipe is a classic adaptation
of the famous non vegetarian dish methi murgh
chilli mushroomchilli mushroom
quick indo chinese chilli mushroom
this chilli mushroom recipe is very spicy
as green chillies & red chilli paste is used
mushroom tikkamushroom
easy to prepare, marinated and grilled
mushroom tikka video recipe
palak mushroom
mushroom recipes
easy and delicious
spinach mushroom curry
 mushroom matar makhani

mushroom and peas in a
creamy makhani sauce/gravy.
matar mushroom

semi dry curry of peas & mushrooms
made north indian style.
mushroom pulao
mushroom pulao recipesimple and easy recipe of
mushroom pulao made in
pressure cooker.
goan mushroom pulao

mushroom pulao in goan style.
recipe is similar to goan prawn pulao
my mom makes at home,
but minus the prawns.
simple, quick & extremely tasty.
 mushroom soup
mushroom soup recipeeasy recipe of clear mushroom soup.
mushroom korma
mushroom korma recipedelicious south indian style
mushroom korma recipe
 mushroom sandwich
mushroom sandwich recipeeasy to prepare mushroom sandwiches.
can be toasted or grilled.
stuffed mushroom
stuffed mushrooms recipeeasy recipe of baked stuffed mushrooms.
 mushroom puffs
mushroom puffs recipeindian style mushroom patties
mushroom cutlet
mushroom recipesdelicious patties made with mushrooms,
mashed potatoes and spices.
 mushroom pepper fry
mushroom pepper fry recipespicy recipe of mushrooms with black pepper.
 mushroom stir frymushroom stir fry recipe

easy to prepare indian style
mushroom stir fry recipe.

 butter mushroom
mushroom recipequick recipe of sauteed mushrooms
with garlic & herbs.
italian garlic mushroom
italian garlic mushroom recipe in olive oil.
this is an easy and quick recipe
made with mushrooms and herbs
mushroom vindaloo
mushroom vindaloo
step by step recipe of mushroom vindaloo.
vindaloo is a portuguese goan recipe
and is really spicy.
mushroom dum biryanimushroom dum biryani
mushroom biryani e dum pukht.
the mushroom biryani is made
in the traditional way of cooking on dum
penne mushroom pasta with olivespenne mushroom
penne with tomato mushroom and olives.
pasta lovers will love this italian recipe.
mushroom spaghetti bolognesemushroom spaghetti bolognese
for pasta and mushroom lovers, this recipe
of mushroom spaghetti bolognese is a treat.
mushroom ricemushroom rice
easy and quick recipe of mushroom rice.
this mushroom rice recipe
is more european style
than chinese or indian style.
mushroom & spinach cream saucemushroom and spinach cream sauce
step by step recipe to make
mushroom and spinach cream sauce.
its an easy and quick recipe.
mushroom caldinmushroom-caldin
coconut milk based
goan mushroom curry.
flavorful and non spicy.
mushroom chili fry
delectable goan recipe
mushrooms sauted with
soft succulent onions.
mushroom fried ricemushroom recipes
stir fried chinese style
fried rice with mushrooms.
mushroom roast
mushroom recipes
quick recipe that can be made
with just mushrooms
& few indian spice blends or masala.
cream of mushroom soupmushroom recipes
a one pot quick & easy recipe
of cream of mushroom soup.
vegetarian recipe.
creamy mushroom pasta
one pot recipe to make a
delicious creamy mushroom pasta
garlic mushroommushroom recipes

simple yet delicious
chinese garlic mushrooms recipe.

ambur veg biryani
ambur veg biryani recipevegetarian version of ambur biyrani
made with mushrooms.
 dhingri dolma
Dhingri Dolma
dhingri dolma recipe from awadhi cuisine.
mushrooms and paneer are tempered
with shah jeera & cooked with tomatoes.
chettinad mushroom biryani
chettinad mushroom biryani recipespicy veg biryani with mushrooms
from the chettinad cuisine.

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