raw mango recipes | mango pickle recipes | 17 indian raw mango recipes

raw mango recipes – collection of 17 recipes made with raw mangoes or kachi keri or unripe mangoes.

raw mango recipes

mango is a seasonal fruit and makes an appearance once in a year during the indian summers. along with mangoes, jackfruit, jamun, mulberrries and some more variety of indian berries also make an appearance.

i strongly believe that one should eat as per the season. so if in season, then do have seasonal fruits or veggies in your meals.

mangoes are consumed both ripe and unripe. usually ripe mangoes are just had plain or many mango dessert recipes can be made with them. for recipes made with ripe mangoes, you can check this collection of 33 mango recipes which has many popular recipes with ripe mangoes like:

  1. mango kulfi
  2. mango ice cream
  3. mango lassi
  4. aamras recipe

with unripe mangoes also many dishes are made. though mango pickle is made in many homes and there are hundreds of way of making mango pickle, there are some more recipes like chutney, dals and beverages that are made.

in this post i have compiled all the raw mango recipes shared on the website.

collection of 17 indian raw mango recipes:

1. mango pickle recipe – aam ka aachar recipe made the punjabi way. this mango pickle is really good. if you are a pickle lover like me, you are going to love this pickle.

punjabi mango pickle recipe

2. andhra mango pickle recipe – mango avakaya or avakaya pickle is a spicy, robust mango pickle from the andhra cuisine. andhra cuisine is known for its spicy as well as tasty recipes. this mango pickle is also no different and is one of the gems from andhra cuisine.

andhra mango pickle recipe

3. mango rice recipe – spiced, tempered and tangy rice made from raw mangoes. tempered rice made from raw mangoes are popular in andhra, karnataka and tamil nadu cuisine. this recipe is inspired from the raw mango rice that is made in karnataka cuisine, also known as mavinakayi chitranna.

raw mango rice recipe

4. instant mango pickle recipe –  this instant mango pickle recipe is quick and easy to make. the pickle is prepared with raw unripe mangoes, mustard seeds, curry leaves and some spice powders. best part of this pickle recipe is that it can be made in less than 15 mins.

instant mango pickle recipe

5. aam panna recipe – a cooling traditional summer drink in most parts of india is aam ka panna. its also called as kairi ka panna. in this version of aam ka panna i have roasted the unripe mangoes.

6. mango chutney recipe – this mango chutney is very easy and is ready in 20 minutes. in this mango chutney semi ripe mangoes are used so there is a sweet and tangy taste to the chutney. there is also ginger, so there is a fresh ginger flavor in the chutney.

mango chutney recipe

7. gujarati mango pickle recipe – spiced, sour mango pickle made with split fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds. this pickle does not require sunlight and secondly, its one easy & quick pickle to make. this gujarati mango pickle is called as methia keri since it has a good amount of split methi seeds (split fenugreek seeds in english & methi kuria in hindi) added to it.

gujarati mango pickle recipe

8. aam ka murabba recipe – tangy, sweet and aromatic raw mango jam or preserve. aam ka murabba is a preserve made from tart sour mangoes. its basically a two ingredient recipe – mangoes and sugar. both are cooked till you get a jam like consistency and there you have a finger licking sweet-sour tasting preserve.

aam ka murabba recipe

9. mango panna recipe – this version of aam ka panna is made by boiling the raw mangoes. the drink is slightly sour and sweet to taste with a hint of cardamom and black salt. it is cooling in nature and excellent for beating the heat in the summers. apart from aam ka panna, there are many traditional beverages which you can make during summers like:

  1. thandai
  2. bel ka sherbet
  3. jigarthanda
  4. nannari syrup
  5. mango lassi
  6. neer mor (spiced buttermilk)
  7. sweet lassi recipe.

aam ka panna recipe

10. khatta meetha aam ka achaar – an easy, simple no fuss mango pickle without any oil. this is a punjabi style sweet and sour mango pickle recipe.

khatta meetha aam ka achaar

11. raw mango salad recipe – a quick salad made with raw mangoes and chopped onions. this is a sour, tangy and spiced salad. ‘khatta’ or sour tasting mangoes are complementing the slight pungency & sweetness of the onions.

raw mango chaat recipe

12. aam ka chunda recipe – spicy, sour and sweet mango preserve made with raw unripe mangoes and spices. you can serve aam ka chunda as a side condiment with a gujarati or north indian meal or you can also have it with chapatis, methi thepla, lauki thepla, mooli theplapooris, dhebra or rotis.

aam chunda recipe

13. mango dal recipe – lentil made using arhar dal (pigeon pea lentils), raw mangoes and drumsticks. the mango dal goes very well with basmati rice. an excellent dish to be made in the summers when we have the availability of raw mangoes.

mango dal recipe

14. green mango chutney recipe – since the mangoes are raw, so this chutney is a sour in taste. we usually have this mango chutney with dal-rice or with rice kanji/pej (savory rice porridge).

green mango chutney recipe

15. amchur powder recipe – to make amchur, unripe mango strips or chips are dried in sunlight for few days until they become brittle and crisp. then these mango pieces are ground to fine powder. thats why amchur is called as dry mango powder in english. amchur is one of the most important ingredient in punjabi cuisine. it is added to many popular punjabi recipes like:

amchur powder recipe

16. raw mango chaat recipe – tangy and spicy chaat made with raw mangoes, puffed rice and other ingredients. if you prefer a balance of sweetnees and tang, then add some sweet tamarind chutney or saunth chutney in the chaat. or you can also add sweetened yogurt/dahi (curd in which some sugar is added).

raw mango chaat recipe

17. sweet mango chutney recipe – this chutney recipe is a south indian chutney made from sweet and ripe mangoes along with coconut. it goes very well with dal-rice combination. since it is sweet and made along with coconut it tastes good with idli and dosa too.

sweet mango chutney recipe


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