65 Best Potato Recipes

Collection of 65 Indian potato recipes. there are many dishes made in the Indian cuisine with potatoes. We add them to curries, rice, flat breads and even sweets are made with them. The best part about potatoes is that they pair well with any veggie.

In this collection, I am sharing Curries, Dry sabzis and Snacks recipes Made with potatoes. Most of them are easy to make and all you need are some Indian spices and herbs.

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These Indian potato recipes pair very well with rotis or parathas or pooris. They also go equally well with bread. The thin gravies or curries can also be served with basmati rice.

You can also check these Popular veggie recipes collections As most of the time potatoes pair well with other veggies like gobi, matar, gajar, palak, baingan, methi etc.

Top 25 potato recipes

1. Dum aloo recipe – a simply delicious recipe of dum aloo made restaurant style. The recipe method to prepare this dum aloo is easy. There are North Indian flavors in this dum aloo and tastes damn good with phulka, rotis or butter naan.

dum aloo restaurant style recipe

2. Aloo paratha – popular Indian breakfast of unleavened whole wheat flatbread stuffed with a spiced potato stuffing. Served with fresh curd or butter or mango pickle.

aloo paratha recipe

3. Potato curry recipe – a simple homely curry with potatoes. this potato curry recipe is also one of those recipes that you can make in a hurry after a tired day’s work or when have no veggies or lentils in your kitchen.

potato curry recipe

4. Aloo matar – a simple and home style recipe of Punjabi peas and potatoes curry. You can serve it with roti, poori or steamed rice.

aloo matar recipe

5. Aloo gobi recipe – easy, simple and delicious homely aloo gobi recipe. Serve with rotis, paratha or bread.

aloo gobi recipe

6. Aloo tikki – popular North Indian snack of spiced crisp potato patties. Serve with green chutney and sweet tamarind chutney.

aloo tikki recipe

7. Kashmiri dum aloo – baby potatoes in a spicy vibrant curd based gravy. A recipe from the Kashmiri cuisine. Served with steamed rice.

Kashmiri dum alo recipe

8. Aloo methi – potatoes with fenugreek leaves made in Punjabi style.

aloo methi recipe

9. French fries recipe – these french fries are crisp from outside and soft & tender from inside. The way the french fries should be.

french fries homemade

10. Aloo chaat – one of the most easy chaat recipe. Aloo chaat is basically fried crisp potato cubes tossed in spicy & sweet chutneys, a few spice powders and then topped with curd or pomegranate arils or sev.

aloo chaat

11. Jeera aloo – one of the easiest and simplest recipe made with potatoes and cumin.

jeera aloo recipe

12. Aloo palak – potatoes in a smooth spinach sauce. Recipe is similar to the way I make palak paneer. Served with soft chapatis, lachha paratha or jeera rice.

aloo palak recipe

13. Potato kurma – South Indian style recipe of a delicious potato korma. Good as a side dish with chapatis, pooris, pulao, or biryani.

potato korma recipe

14. Potato chips – healthy, tasty and crisp oven baked potato chips or potato wafers. this recipe is a healthy alternative for the fried potato chips.

homemade baked potato chips recipe

15. Chilli potato – a spicy starter snack from the indo-Chinese cuisine where fried potatoes are tossed in a spicy, sour and slightly sweet chilli sauce. This chilli potato is a semi-dry version and is simply addictive and tasty.

chilli potato

16. Aloo puri – traditional Punjabi spiced potato curry served with pooris. in most Punjabi homes the sunday breakfast is either aloo poori or bread pakora or different varieties of parathas.

aloo poori recipe

17. Aloo posto – traditional Bengali recipe of potatoes in a lightly spiced poppy seeds paste.

aloo posto recipe

18. Aloo 65 – crisp and spicy potatoes. Makes for a good starter snack.

aloo 65 recipe

19. Potato fry – simple, easy and tasty recipe of potato fry. aloo fry is one of those dishes that you can easily prepare for a quick lunch or dinner option.

aloo fry recipe

20. Potato sandwich – to make these grilled sandwiches with a spiced potato stuffing is very easy. All you need are some boiled potatoes, spices, butter and bread.

aloo masala grilled sandwich recipe

21. Batata vada – a popular Mumbai street food snack. in marathi language ‘potatoes’ are called as ‘batata’ and ‘vada’ means a ‘fried snack’. Hence the name. In south India, batata vada is known as Potato bonda. in Mumbai and the rest of maharashtra this snack is called batata vada.

batata vada recipe

22. Potato rice – this is one of those rice recipes that you fall back on when you do not have veggies. But you do have rice, potatoes and the regular Indian spices-herbs in your kitchen

potato recipes

23. Potato bhaji – warm and lightly spiced aloo bhaji or sabzi with hints of coriander, ginger and other Indian spices. Excellent with pooris or chapatis. this is the Maharashtrian version of potato curry with pooris.

poori bhaji recipe

24. Poori masala – South Indian potato masala gravy or sabji for pooris. This spiced potato dish also goes very well with dosa or poha dosa or rava dosa or even chapati.

poori masala recipe

25. Potato wedges – easy recipe of crispy baked potato wedges. Potato wedges makes for a good finger food snack or a party snack. You can easily increase the proportions of all the ingredients and make a large batch for a party. serve baked potato wedges with tomato sauce or coriander chutney or pudina chutney.

baked potato wedges recipe

Aloo sabzi recipes – dry potato recipes

1. Aloo gajar matar – quick and easy dry curry made with potatoes, carrots and peas. No onion no garlic recipe. Serve with phulka, bread or pooris.

aloo gajar matar

2. Dry aloo matar – tangy, mildly spiced dry sabzi of baby potatoes with green peas. Serve with rotis or bread.

aloo matar recipe

3. Aloo baingan – quick and easy to make dry curry made with potatoes and eggplants. Serve with Rotis or bread.

aloo baingan recipe

4. Aloo capsicum – stir fried spiced potatoes with green bell peppers. serve with rotis, parathas or bread. If you want to check some more capsicum recipes, check this link -> 25 capsicum recipes

aloo capsicum recipe, aloo shimla mirch recipe

5. Aloo french beans recipe – spiced french beans and potatoes stir fry made in Punjabi style.  serve with rotis , parathas or bread.

aloo beans recipe

6. Mashed potatoes – this mashed potato is a family favorite recipe which tastes awesome, is easy to make and does not need any special equipment. A one bowl mashed potatoes recipe.

mashed potatoes

7. Aloo biryani recipe – Hyderabadi style layered and dum cooked biryani made from baby potatoes. Hence the name dum aloo biryani or aloo dum biryani.

dum aloo biryani recipe

8. Aloo chokha recipe – spiced mashed potatoes from the Bihari cusine. aloo chokha is one of the side dishes that is served with Litti chokha.

aloo chokha recipe

9. Aloo gajar recipe – simple homely dry sabzi or veggie preparation with potatoes and carrots. being a dry sabzi and one which is not spicy, this aloo gajar recipe goes very well as tiffin box lunch with some soft chapatis or parathas.

aloo gajar recipe

10. Potato capsicum – a semi gravy recipe of capsicum (green bell peppers) and potatoes in an onion-tomato base.

aloo capsicum masala recipe

11. Aloo patta gobhi sabzi recipe – potatoes and cabbage make a good combination in dry veggie dishes. This easy Punjabi aloo patta gobhi sabzi is how I make at home. At times I also add some green peas to this sabzi. For more cabbage recipes, kindly check this link -> 14 cabbage recipes.

aloo patta gobhi sabzi recipe

12. Baby potato fry – homely South Indian style baby potato fry recipe. I make this potato fry as a side dish with sambar or rasam.

baby potato fry recipe, small potato fry recipe

Indian potato curry recipes

1. Aloo rasedar gravy – spiced, thin potato curry made with tomatoes, ginger & spices. No onion no garlic recipe from Uttar Pradesh cuisine. Best served with matar kachori, pooris or luchi.

aloo rasedar

2. Mathura ke dubki wale aloo – spiced, thin potato curry flavored only with spices. No onion no garlic recipe and a specialty from mathura. Best served with khasta kachori, pooris or luchi.

mathura ke dubki wale aloo

3. Aloo gobi masala – a rich creamy aloo gobi made restaurant style. Serve with rotis, naan, phulkas or with steamed rice or jeera rice.

aloo gobi recipe

4. Aloo gobi gravy – the classic aloo gobi in an onion and tomato based sauce simmered with spices. Served with rotis or steamed rice.

aloo gobi recipe

5. Aloo gobi matar – lightly spiced North Indian curry made with cauliflower, peas and potatoes. Served with rotis, pooris or bread.

aloo gobi matar recipe

6. Aloo chole ki sabzi – a spiced chickpea potato curry from the famous kwality restaurant in Delhi. Goes best with bhatura or poori.

aloo chole recipe

7. Punjabi dum aloo – creamy and delicately spiced & flavored dum aloo.  serve with rotis, naan, veg biryani, veg pulao or jeera rice.

dum aloo recipe

8. Bengali dum aloor – lightly spiced and slightly sweet potato curry made with onions, tomatoes and spices. Served with luchi or pooris.

Bengali dum aloo recipe

9. Banarasi dum aloo – no onion no garlic recipe from the Uttar Pradesh cuisine of baby potatoes in a tomato based curry. Served with luchis or pooris.

dum aloo recipe

10. Dahi aloo – an easy recipe of potatoes simmered in curd sauce. Served with rotis or steamed rice.

dahi aloo recipe

11. Potato peas korma – a South Indian style potato peas korma made with coconut, poppy seeds, cashews and red chilies. Served with rotis, parathas, pooris or steamed rice.

potato peas korma recipe

12. Aloo kofta recipe – potato cheese koftas served on a bed of rich creamy spiced gravy. Koftas are deep fried balls which can be made from veggies or paneer or cheese.

aloo kofta curry recipe

13. Aloo mushroom – this aloo mushroom recipe is spiced with a tang coming from the tomatoes and a mild sweetness, creaminess coming from the cashews and onions. This is an onion-tomato based gravy and tastes delicious with chapatis or even parathas. More mushroom recipes at this link -> 49 mushroom recipes.

aloo mushroom masala recipe

14. Aloo tamatar jhol recipe – one more easy recipe of a thin spiced potato and tomato curry. Aloo jhol is a dish from the Uttar Pradesh cuisine and served with pooris. You can also serve this spiced potato curry with luchi or crisp pooris.

aloo tamatar jhol recipe

15. Potato stew recipe – Kerala style potato stew made with coconut milk and spices. the recipe of this potato stew is so easy to prepare and yet tastes so good. I prepare potato stew to go with appam or ghee rice.

potato stew recipe

16. Potato sagu – potato sagu is lightly spiced potato curry from the Karnataka cuisine usually served with pooris, chapati, poha dosa or rava idli.

potato sagu recipe

Potato snacks recipes

1. Aloo tikki chole – crisp & browned spiced potato patties served with a spicy North Indian chickpea curry (chana masala) along with green chutney and sweet chutney and with some tidbits.

aloo tikki chole recipe

2. Dahi aloo tikki – a popular street food snack of potato patties topped with yogurt, sweet tamarind chutney, green chutney and spice blends.

dahi aloo tikki recipe

3. Potato bhaji for masala dosa – mildly spiced potato curry filling for masala dosa, rava dosa or uttapam.

potato curry for masala dosa

4. Dahi papdi chaat – a popular chaat snack which is sweet, spicy and tangy.

dahi papdi chaat recipe

5. Schezwan chilli potato – Indo Chinese recipe of fried crisp potatoes in spicy and hot schezwan chilli sauce.

schezwan chilli potatoes recipe

6. Ragda patties – Ragda Patties or Ragda Pattice is a popular Bombay chaat recipe. In  Ragda Patties, pan fried or shallow fried potato patties are topped with ragda (dried peas curry) and the various chaat chutneys, sev and spice powders. So the final dish has various textures, tastes and flavors – spicy, sweet, savory, tangy, crunchy, crispy, soft.

Mumbai Ragda Patties Recipe

8. Aloo tikka recipe – spiced & marinated potatoes which are either grilled or pan fried. this aloo tikka recipe uses curd for marination.

aloo tikka recipe

9. Aloo chana chaat – spicy, tangy, sweet chaat recipe with boiled potatoes and white chickpeas. if you have some boiled chana left, then its pretty simple to assemble this chaat.

aloo chana chaat recipe

10. Potato sev recipe – – crisp sev made with potatoes and gram flour (besan). the texture and taste of this potato sev recipe is not like aloo bhujia. The taste is like that of a spiced sev. They are crisp and Chatpata. serve potato sev as tea-time snack or anytime snack.

potato sev recipe

11. Aloo kulcha recipe – popular flat bread recipe from North Indian cuisine. Aloo kulcha are crisp as well as soft leavened breads stuffed with a spiced potato filling. Kulcha is very popular in Delhi and the state of Punjab. You can serve the kulcha with curd or mango pickle or with recipes like chana masala or dal makhani or dal bukhara.

aloo kulcha recipe

12. Frankie recipe – thin rotis stuffed with crisp aloo tikki, veggies and yogurt raita. the recipe is good for kids who love frankies or wraps.

aloo tikki frankie recipe

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