chutney recipes – 30 easy chutney recipes | indian chutney recipes


collection of easy chutney recipes – including popular chutney varieties like coconut chutney, mint chutney, coriander chutney, green chutney and sweet chutney for chaat.

chutney recipes originated in the indian sub continent. indians have taken food very seriously as a science and experimented with the spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits to come out with best recipes from them. like indian architecture, music, dance etc… indian food is also very rich, vast as well as colorful.

chutney plays a very multiple role in indian cuisine despite the fact that it can be easily tucked away in any corner of the plate. its an important ingredient for serving idli, dosa, vada, uttapam, sandwiches, most chaat items samosa, pakora, tikkis/patties, dabeli, sev puri, bhel puri, ragda patties and so on. in short, indian street food is powered by chutneys.

  • chutney acts as an appetizer and also some are good for digestion.
  • they adds their own flavor and many recipes like idli, dosa or chaat items like samosa, tikki cannot be enjoyed totally without an accompanying chutney. if you serve idli or samosa without a chutney to an indian food lover then it will be an incomplete meal for him. such is the importance of chutney.
  • sweet chutney can be applied to biscuits, crackers and sandwich. basically the sweet chutney is more used in europe where the european traders took the chutney recipes from india in the 17th century. european style of making chutney has a thick consistency and almost like a jam or jelly. whereas indian chutney recipes are not so thick and are semi-liquid in type.

chutney can be made with fruits, vegetable, herb or spices. usually in most chutney recipes, one ingredient predominate the taste and thats how the chutney is named. most of the famous chutney recipes are made using coconut, mint, coriander, cilantro, garlic, ginger, mango, tamarind, red chili, green chili, lime, peanut, cumin, fenugreek, asafoetida and tomato.

chutney stays well for few days, if stored in refrigerator. but always better to consume it fresh.

30 easy chutney recipes

coconut chutney
coconut chutney
coconut chutney recipe
for idli, dosa, medu vada.
mint chutney
mint chutney
tangy mint chutney for tandoori snacks
step by step recipe.
coriander chutney coriander chutney
easy coriander chutney
no onion and no garlic recipe
goes well with sandwiches pakora.
hotel style coconut chutney hotel-style-coconut-chutney-recipe
a quick coconut chutney hotel style.
used roasted bengal gram or chana dal
step by step recipe.
tamarind date chutney tamarind-date-chaat-chutney-sweet
sweet chutney for chaat items
like pani puri, bhel puri, tikki
step by step recipe.
mint coriander chutney mint coriander chutney
used as a spread for sandwiches.
also goes well with pakoras, samosas,
chaat, chole, potato chips.
green chutney
green chutney
mildly sweet & lightly tangy
made from coriander and mint.
red chilli coconut chutney red chil coconut chutney
a slightly hot version
of red chili coconut chutney.
green mango chutney green-mango-chutney
sour mango chutney
made from raw mangoes
no onion no garlic recipe.
peanut chutney peanut chutney
healthy & delicious peanut chutney
for idli, dosa or any indian snack.
step by step recipe.
garlic chives chutney green-garlic-chutney
easy and garlicky chutney
made from chives
and fresh coriander/cilantro.
sesame coconut chutney sesame coconut chutney
sesame coconut chutney pairs well
with idlis, dosa and with rice kanji
easy coconut chutney for dosa dosa-idli-coconut-chutney
easy and simple coconut chutney
for idli, dosa, rava idli, vada
made with desiccated coconut.
sweet ripe mango chutney mango chutney
quick sweet ripe mango chutney
goes well with dal-rice combination.
south indian style & coconut is used.
mango chutney mango-chutney3
sweet and tangy in taste
made using semi ripe mangoes.
green chutney – punjabi style punjabi-green-chutney
tangy and strongly flavored
punjabi green chutney.
curry leaves chutney
a versatile chutney made with
curry leaves, coconut & roasted bengal gram.
red chutney for dosa red-chutney-recipe
red chutney for mysore masala dosa.
easy recipe and
does not require coconut.
mint coconut chutney mint-coconut-chutney-recipe
mint coconut chutney
for idli, dosa or uttapam.
red chili coconut chutney red-chili-coconut-chutney
a slightly hot version
of red chili coconut chutney.
sweet green chutney green-chutney-recipe
mildly sweet and lightly tangy
green chutney made from
coriander and mint.
coriander coconut chutney
another variation of coconut chutney
goes well with idli, dosa, vada, upma
or other south indian tiffin snacks.
garlic coconut chutney
chutney recipe with flavors of
garlic along with coconut,
chana dal, coriander & curry leaves.
 coconut garlic chutney
made with coconut, garlic, green chilies
& flavored more with tempering spices
 pomegranate chutney
dry pomegranate or anardana chutney
for fritters, samosa or tandoori snacks.
saunth chutney
sweet and tangy chutney made with
tamarind, jaggery and ginger powder.
 onion tomato chutney
easy to make onion tomato chutney
for idli and dosa. stepwise recipe.
coconut curd chutney
another variation of a delicious
coconut chutney made with curd/yogurt.
excellent with idli and dosas
phalahari chutney for fasting
green chutney from fresh coriander leaves
made for fasting or vrat.
coconut chutney for fasting
a no onion no garlic coconut chutney
made simple & easy
with just three ingredients.
for religious fasting or vrat.
tomato chutney

spicy & tangy chutney.
no onion no garlic recipe.
red chutney for chaat recipes

spicy and hot red chutney.
made with just 3 ingredients.

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    Hello dassana, it’s great there r so many options for chutneys to try, which would go well with handva n dhokla? Please suggest..!! And one request please post handva recipe.

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    Hi,I am a keralite and have lots of Tamil Telugu friends who make variety of chutneys…would you be able to post in few more varieties of tomato chutneys…i love them with idli/dosa..

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    helo, am from South and we have many vegetables for chutnies. We use brinjal, red pumpkin, ridge gourd, cabbage, carrot, beetroot , chowchow, for chutny. It’s my humble suggestion that along with your chutnies you may add these too, or have I missed seeing yours if you had already given. I liked kata meet a chutny,the tangy sweet one . Seem to be at your site very much at this age!!!! Don’t mind a long as people around enjoy and I can cater them with non familiar items. God bless u. DK

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