Pickle Recipes

Collection of 20 Popular and Tasty Indian Pickle Recipes with step by step photos.

In Hindi Language Pickles are also called as achaar or achar or aachar.

Pickle is an intrinsic and very important part of Indian cuisine. Without pickle on side, an essential part will be missing from an Indian thali. You will find pickles in most popular thalis like Andhra thali, Gujarati thali, Rajasthani thali or Maharashtrian thali etc.

During summers, its a practice in many Indian homes to prepare pickle in enough quantities so that it lasts for at least a year. Mango, lemon and chilli are the most common pickles and there are hundreds of varieties of pickles.

Each family has its own recipe suited to their taste buds. Pickles can be both sour and sweet as well as spicy. Popular version of spicy pickles are made in Telangana and Andhra Cuisine. Each state of India their own variation of making pickles.

Most pickles go very well as a condiment with simple Indian meals like dal-rice, curd-rice, veg pulao and even with roti-sabzi.

They also come quite handy while packing tiffin box for kids. In North India, it is a common practice to pack Paratha with a pickle.

In this category you will find pickle recipes from regional Indian Cuisine.

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