top 20 eggless cakes recipes | top 20 popular eggless cakes recipes

collection of 20 popular eggless cakes recipes – cakes are one of the dessert items that is popular with people from all age groups. be it birthdays, anniversaries or any celebration, cakes are seen in the menu.

eggless cakes recipes

i have posted around 35 eggless cakes recipes on the blog. in this post, i am sharing the eggless cake recipes which are popular among readers. there are a few more popular cake recipes, that i need to add on the blog. so when i add them, i will also update this post.

you can also check these popular recipes collections:

top 20 eggless cakes recipes

1. chocolate cake recipe – basic eggless chocolate cake recipe made with whole wheat flour. the cake is soft and moist and can be used a base cake for various chocolate frostings. you can also check this eggless chocolate cake recipe (made in pressure cooker) which gives a soft, spongy and moist cake.

chocolate cake recipe

2. eggless vanilla cake recipe – an easy and delicious recipe to make a basic vanilla cake. the cake is moist, soft and makes a good base for cakes & gateau – like pineapple cream cake or chocolate cream cake.

eggless vanilla cake recipe

3. eggless black forest cake recipe – classic black forest cake made easy with step by step photos. to make this delicious black forest cake, you need an eggless basic chocolate cake or a chocolate sponge cake.

eggless black forest cake recipe

4. eggless banana cake recipe – a one bowl cake recipe of banana cake which is eggless as well as vegan. a quick and easy recipe which gives light, soft and moist cake. this banana cake recipe has been adapted from my very popular tried and tested eggless banana bread recipe. i have also shared eggless banana muffins recipe.

eggless banana cake recipe

5. pressure cooker cake recipe – spongy and a soft, light textured delicious cake made in pressure cooker. this eggless sponge cake recipe is very easy. no beating and no whipping required. the recipe can be doubled too.


6. eggless atta cake recipe – an easy recipe of cake made with whole wheat flour, sweetened condensed milk and butter. you can serve this cake plain as a tea time snack or even as a dessert. you can also use this cake as base in trifle pudding and even frost it with any icing. there few more baked recipes made with whole wheat flour like:

eggless atta cake recipe

7. eggless sponge cake recipe – one bowl light, airy eggless sponge cake made with applesauce. in this recipe applesauce replaces the eggs. i used homemade unsweetened applesauce. applesauce works very well as a substitute for eggs. this sponge cake can be used as base cake for gateaus or for making frosted cakes like eggless pineapple cake and eggless strawberry cream cake.

eggless sponge cake recipe

8. fruit cake recipe – light, moist, crumbly christmas fruit cake. eggless and vegan recipe of a boozy cake. you can also check this eggless christmas wine fruit cake recipe.

christmas fruit cake recipe

9. eggless mango cake recipe – easy and delicious mango cake recipe made with whole wheat flour (atta), fresh mangoes, butter and condensed milk. the cake has a nice aroma of mangoes along with a light, soft texture. there is also the nutty aroma of whole wheat flour in the cake. you can also check eggless mango cheesecake recipe.

eggless mango cake recipe

10. choco lava cake recipe – easy recipe of preparing eggless choco lava cake. the recipe is very simple and makes use of whole wheat flour and cocoa powder. if you love chocolate, then you can check these easy chocolate recipes which does not require much time like:

eggless choco lava cake recipe

11. eggless butter cake recipe – this delicious butter cake recipes yields a soft butter cake with a light crumb. this is a heavy and filling cake as its rich with butter, so there is no need to do any kind of icing or add powdered sugar on top. thus goes extremely well with a side of coffee, tea or milk.

eggless butter cake recipe

12. eggless mawa cake recipe – cardamom spiced eggless buttery cake with a caramelized milky flavor. mawa cake is made with mawa (or khoya), whole wheat flour and butter. mawa cake is a popular cake served in irani and parsi bakeries in mumbai.

eggless mawa cake recipe

13. honey cake recipe – honey cake is a well known dessert made famous by the south indian bakeries, especially iyengar bakery. this super delicious honey cake recipe is made from whole wheat flour (atta), unrefined cane sugar and uses less oil. thus makes for a healthier option for a cake.

honey cake recipe

14. cake without oven recipe – this delicious eggless chocolate cake is soft, moist, light and tastes like dutch truffle cake.

chocolate cake recipe in pressure cooker

15. eggless orange cake recipe – an easy, simple and no fuss recipe to make vegan and eggless orange cake. the cake has the orangish flavor with a light orange color. a soft and light cake made with whole wheat flour. adapting this cake recipe, i have also made eggless orange muffins recipe.

eggless orange cake recipe

16. pound cake recipe – easy to prepare delicious eggless pound cake made with whole wheat flour. this rich pound cake has a slightly dense but light texture with a buttery and milky taste. i have not flavored the cake with any spice. however, you can add a bit of spice like cardamom powder or nutmeg powder.

eggless pound cake recipe

17. tutti frutti cake recipe – easy recipe to make a soft, moist eggless tutti frutti cake. i usually buy tutti frutti from outside. however you can make them at home also. few more recipes where you can add tutti frutti are:

tutti frutti cake

18. apple upside down cake recipe – the cake is light, soft and has a good crumb. almost like cakes baked with eggs. if you don’t have apples, then make the same cake with pears or pineapple and it would still be delicious. you can also check these recipes:

  1. eggless apple cake
  2. eggless apple muffins
  3. apple halwa recipe
  4. pineapple upside down cake

eggless apple upside down cake recipe

19. dates walnut cake recipe – an easy and light dates walnut coffee cake. the recipe is easy to make. even a novice in baking can make this cake and get full marks.

dates walnut coffee cake recipe

20. eggless fruit cake recipe – one easy and tasty recipe for making a kerala style christmas fruit cake. the fruit cake is soft, moist and crumbly. do use dry fruits of your choice, but do not skip on the candied orange peels. these give a lovely bitter note in some bites while savoring this fruit cake.

eggless fruit cake recipe recipe

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  1. Hi,
    I have always baked your recipes and they turn out awesome like all your dishes😊so just a request can you add an eggless cupcake if possible

  2. Hi dassana didn’t knew where to post it so posted here. It’s been a long time since you posted new cake recipes so just want to request you to plz make red velvet cake without any coloring I know you would use beets I have tried using it but failed I don’t know why but I see hope in you so plz post making red velvet thanx 🙂

    • no problem shweta. i also tried with beets for the red color and thrice i experimented and all the times the cake failed. i had almost given up making red velvet cake with beets. thanks for the trust. i will give a try again.

      i recently posted a few cake recipes – biscuit cake, carrot cake and butter cake. you can check them in your free time.

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    I really follow ur recipes and the presentation is really good which makes it more easy for the reader to follow. I have a question, I recently bought one Otg for baking purpose. I saw different four racks are there. Now, since u r a pro, if can tell me the functions of the racks. Where to place cake, biscuits or vegetables for baking?

    • the racks structure depends on the size of the oven. usually for cakes, breads or cookies, keep in the center rack. same for veggies. for pizzas to get a brown crust you can keep close to the lower rack or on the lower rack. but care has to be taken so that the pizza base does not get burnt. for grilling, that is to get crisp charred edges for veggies or paneer, you can keep close to the top heating element, which means on the top rack. this is used if you are making paneer tikka or veggie tikka.

  4. Hi dassana love all ur recepies and they all turn yummy and delicious
    is there any cookery book of yoursandwhat can i use instead of condensed milk

    • thanks suvi. there is no cookery book yet. if you live outside india, you can use sweetened evaporated milk instead of condensed milk. with any other substitute for condensed milk, the recipe will change.

    • for sugar free recipes, you can use fruit purees like apple sauce, pumpkin puree or any fruit puree. you can even use dates puree. some experimentation will be required if preparing any cake or cookie sugar free.

  5. It is really very good.., I hope this will help me in Christmas party… I just love baking cakes as well eating and enjoying them…