collection of 33 bengal gram recipes | tasty recipes with chana dal

Collection of 33 tasty bengal gram recipes – chana dal or bengal gram is a lentil that is used in various ways in the Indian cuisine. Having a very low GI it is good for diabetics.

In this collection, I have shared recipes that I often make with chana dal. As I add more recipes, I will also update this collection. The collection includes dals, parathas, snacks and sweets that are made with chana dal.

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chana dal recipes, bengal gram recipes

Collection of 33 bengal gram recipes

1. Chana dal recipe – Punjabi style chana dal tempered and flavored with Indian spices. the flavors and taste of this chana dal fry is North Indian and the preparation is like the way we make in Punjabi households. the chana dal is best served with steamed basmati rice and a side raita, kachumber (salad) or a vegetable dish.

chana dal fry recipe


2. Chana dal paratha – chana dal is cooked fresh and then mixed with spices. This filling is stuffed in the paratha. This is one of the popular paratha variety made in Punjabi homes. You can check some more paratha recipes in this collection → Paratha recipes.

chana dal paratha recipe


3. Dal vada – yum and a favorite South Indian snack made with chana dal or bengal gram. We love to have these vadas with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup or red chilli garlic chutney. These are so good and addictive that you cannot stop at one.

chana dal vada recipe


4. Lauki chana dal – this is a healthy curry recipe made with bottle gourd (dudhi or lauki) and bengal gram. I make this regular Punjabi sabzi often at home. This lauki chana dal curry is an easy and quick recipe and goes very well with roti or phulkas. this recipe can also be made with zucchini instead of bottle gourd.

lauki chana dal sabzi recipe


5. Cholar dal – a traditional Bengali recipe of chana dal cooked with coconut and spices. traditionally cholar dal is served with luchi or kachori. But it also goes well with plain steamed basmati rice or jeera rice.

cholar dal recipe


6. Chana dal khichdi – a simple and flavorful traditional Punjabi chana dal khichdi recipe. a simple recipe and uses just two spice ingredients besides the rice and chana dal. These two spices are also in minimal amounts so that the nutty flavor and taste of the chana dal comes through very well in the recipe.

chana dal khichdi recipe


7. Sweet kozhukattai – South Indian recipe variation of modaks stuffed with a filling of chana dal, coconut and jaggery. the process and method to make these modaks or kozhukattai is the same as the regular modak. Only the stuffing is different.

sweet kozhukattai recipe


8. Veg vada – crisp vadas made with chana dal and chopped mix veggies. this recipe is a delicious variation of the chana dal vada where mixed veggies are added. Due to the addition of veggies, the vada have a soft texture from within, whereas the outside has a crisp texture. You can serve veg vada with tomato ketchup or coconut chutney or coriander chutney or mint chutney.

mix veg vada recipe


9. Panchmel dal – delicious and aromatic Rajasthani dal made with five lentils. It is also known as panchratna dal. The word panch means five. it is a protein packed dish as it contains the goodness and nutritive qualities of 5 different lentils.

panchmel dal recipe


10. Masala vada – South Indian spiced fritters made with chana dal. the method of preparing masala vadai is similar to falafel. Instead of ground white chickpeas, chana dal is used here. The spices and herbs added here are also different than what is added in falafel. usually I serve masala vada with our evening tea or coffee and at times with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup.

masala vada recipe

11. Chana dal biryani – an aromatic and flavorsome biryani made with chana dal. the basmati rice, chana dal, yogurt and spices… when they all are cooked together in dum, the whole quality of this chana dal biryani changes to a royal feast. This is also known as qabooli biryani. If you love biryani then you can check this collection of 27 veg biryani recipes.

chana dal biryani recipe


12. Trevti dal – home style Gujarati dal made with a combination of three dals or lentils – chana dal (bengal gram), moong dal (mung lentils) and arhar dal (pigeon pea lentils). a no onion no garlic recipe.

trevti dal recipe


13. Cabbage chana dal sabzi – cabbage steamed with coconut and chana dal. Easy to prepare home style tasty sabzi also known as cabbage upkari. You can serve this cabbage sabzi hot with chapatis, dal and rice.

cabbage chana dal sabzi recipe


14.  Chana dal pakora – these crispy fried fritters made from chana dal are one of the favorite tea time snacks at home. They have a crisp texture from out and a soft bite from within.

chana dal pakora recipe

15. Dhaba dal – the dhaba food is known for their taste. we love the dal they serve at dhabas. This is a Punjabi dhaba style dal fry recipe made with a mix of lentils.

dhaba style dal fry recipe

16. Leftover dal paratha – these chana dal methi parathas are made with chana dal and freshly chopped methi (fenugreek) leaves. However you can even use leftover chana dal. I always use leftover cooked chana dal for this recipe. if you are making these for breakfast, you can knead the dough, the night before and keep it overnight in the refrigerator.

chana dal paratha recipe

17. Chawli bhaji – simple dry preparation or sabzi made with long beans, spices, coconut and chana dal. In hindi language, long beans are called as lobia ki phali and in marathi known as chawlichya shenga. in english it has various names – yard long bean, long-podded cowpea, asparagus bean, pea bean, snake bean, cow pea beans or Chinese long bean.

chawli bhaji recipe

18. Roasted chana dal chutney – quick chutney recipe for idli, dosa, medu vada or uttapam made with roasted chana dal. roasted chana dal or bengal gram is also called as daria dal or bhuna chana dal or dalia. Not to be confused with dalia which is broken wheat. This roasted chana dal chutney goes very well with any South Indian tiffin snack.

roasted chana dal chutney recipe

19. Chana dal bhel puri – spicy and tangy Indian street food made from masala chana dal or spiced bengal gram. a very simple and quick recipe and a good tea time snack. Ideal for monsoons when you want to eat something spicy and tangy along with a cup of tea or coffee.

chana dal bhel puri recipe

20. Chana dal padwal recipe – delicious and easy recipe made with snake gourd and bengal gram (chana dal). snake gourd is also known as padwal and chichinda in marathi and hindi respectively. this chana dal padwal bhaji recipe is easy to make and does not take much time to cook. You can serve padwal sabzi with chapatis or phulkas.

snake gourd bhaji recipe

21. Chana dal payasam – this chana dal payasam also known as kadalai paruppu payasam is a delicious payasam variety made with coconut milk, chana dal, jaggery and cardamom powder.

chana dal payasam recipe

22. Adai recipe – adai is a delicious protein rich pancake. Making adai is very easy. rice and lentils are soaked and then ground to a slightly coarse batter. Also unlike making dosa you don’t need to ferment the batter.

South Indian adai recipe

23. Vazhaipoo vada – these are crisp and yet soft tasting vadas made with banana flower and chana dal. Banana flower vada is a delicacy from south India.

vazhaipoo vada recipe, banana flower vada recipe

24. Ram ladoo – a popular and yummy street food snack from Delhi. They are basically moong dal pakoras which are served with grated radish, green chutney and lemon juice added to them. The final dish taste absolutely yum.

ram ladoo recipe

25. Langarwali dal – this delicious amritsari dal is made from two lentils – sabut urad dal (whole black gram) and chana dal. There are no spice powders or spices added to the dal. A dal bursting with simple rustic flavors and subtle sweetness. the next day the dal tastes even more better like the way dal makhani tastes.

amritsari dal recipe

26. Red chilli chutney – a slightly hot version of red chilli coconut chutney. like most of the coconut chutneys, this chutney pairs well with idli, dosa, uttapam and medu vada. Also good with starters like pakoras.

red chilli coconut chutney recipe

27. Maah chole di dal – creamy and smooth Punjabi dal recipe made with split black gram (split urad dal) and chana dal. maah choleyan di daal is a staple dal made in every Punjabi house hold.

maah chole di dal recipe

28. Maladu recipe – quick and popular South Indian ladoos made from roasted gram or roasted chana dal. these maa ladoos do taste different from Besan ladoos. they are ready under 15 minutes. They are not only delicious but very nutritious and healthy also.

maa ladoo recipe

29. Kadalai paruppu sundal – this chana dal sundal is tempered & sautéed dry dish made with cooked chana dal, few spices and fresh coconut. it tastes too good with the nutty flavor of chana dal in each and every bite.

chana dal sundal recipe

30. Easy red chutney recipe – i make this spiced red chutney whenever I make mysore masala dosa. you can spread or serve this red chutney with a regular dosa or with idli and medu vada. This chutney does not have coconut in it.

red chutney recipe

31. Groundnut chutney – this quick peanut chutney is a good substitute for coconut chutney. This is a healthy and delicious peanut chutney that goes very well with idli, dosa, medu vada or uttapam.

peanut chutney recipe

32. Mixture recipe – one of the popular and delicious South Indian snacks made during Diwali is mixture, which is basically a mix of various edible ingredients, nuts and dry fruits.

South Indian mixture recipe

33. Dhokla recipe – dhokla is a very popular snack from the Gujarati cuisine. This dhokla recipe is fermented and made with chana dal and rice batter. They taste too good and make for a delicious snack.

Gujarati dhokla

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