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paneer butter masala recipe indian

collection of 27 indian paneer recipes – paneer or cottage cheese is an ingredient which is popular in the indian vegetarian cuisine.

paneer dishes can be made in various ways, either as a dry curry or with gravy. it can be combined with with veggies like peas, potatoes, capsicum, spinach or even with mushroom.

to make the paneer dishes, you can either buy ready made cottage cheese from market or you can also make paneer at home. i always prefer to make paneer at home since its cheaper and also more hygienic. homemade paneer is softer and better than the store brought one.

paneer if often made on festive or celebratory occasions. also when there are guests at home. some of the recipe mentioned below can be made when guests arriving or you want to make a special dish for an occasion. most of the paneer recipes in this collection are tried and tested by the readers.

27 indian paneer recipes

 paneer butter masala
soft succulent cottage cheese cubes
in a creamy tomato based gravy.
palak paneer

soft paneer cubes cooked
in a smooth spinach curry
kadai paneer dry
restaurant style semi dry curry
made with cottage cheese,
capsicum/green bell peppers & indian spices.
 kadai paneer gravy

slightly spicy and tangy recipe of
cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes
and freshly ground coriander
and dry red chilies in a kadai.
 matar paneer
spiced and home style curry
with peas and cottage cheese
 shahi paneer
royal & semi sweet gravy
with soft paneer cubes.
 malai kofta
potato and paneer koftas in a
creamy, rich, mild and lightly sweet gravy.
aloo paneer kofta

a melt in the mouth soft textured koftas
with a crisp exterior.
 paneer makhani

succulent cooked cottage cheese cubes
in a lightly spiced smooth sauce
of tomatoes & cream,
with a hint of tang & sweetness.
malai paneer

semi dry dish of creamy
and lightly spiced cottage cheese cubes.
a restaurant style recipe.
 paneer tikka

spiced marinated grilled cottage cheese cubes.
popular tandoori snack
 paneer tikka masala
grilled paneer cubes in
onion-tomato-yogurt based curry.
 quick paneer tikka
quick cocktail or mocktail snack
with paneer and bell pepper.
 paneer pakora

gram flour coated cottage cheese fritters.
a fried snack.
 chilli paneer

a spicy and saucy
indo chinese recipe of chilli paneer
 paneer manchurian

sweet and sour indo chinese recipe.
paneer jalfrezi

tangy, mild and semi dry dish of
paneer cooked with vegetables.
step by step recipe.
 tawa paneer masala

a semi dry curry with
bell pepper, onions, tomatoes and
paneer cubes cooked on tawa or a griddle.
popular restaurant side dish.
 paneer tikka pizza

whole wheat pizza recipe
with paneer tikka topping.
 paneer veg sandwich

sandwich made using
paneer, veggies and herbs.
 paneer bhurji

scrambled spiced cottage cheese recipe.
 paneer pav bhaji

popular street food of mumbai.
 dhingri dolma

a delectable mushroom paneer recipe
from the awadhi cuisine.
 aloo paneer tikki

easy and quick recipe for making tikkis
or patties with potatoes and paneer.
paneer pasanda
paneer pasanda
shallow fried paneer sandwiches
in a smooth, creamy rich
onion-tomato gravy.
achari paneer
achari paneer
creamy as well as robust flavored
paneer gravy with achari masala
or pickling spices
methi malai paneer
methi malai paneer
creamy, mildly sweet gravy
with hints of bitterness
from methi leaves


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  1. hungry says

    I live in Canada and recently bought paneer. However its not like a block. Its sorta mixed with a bit of left over curd from the preparation process – probably to increase shelf life (to get am image of what I’m saying google neilsen cottage cheese haha). I was wondering if I can drain it out and use it or use it directly in cooking paneer bhurji? Or are there some other useful recipes?