60 mushroom recipes

Collection of 60 mushroom recipes including popular mushroom recipes – kadai mushroom, mushroom biryani, mushroom manchurian and mushroom masala.

Mushroom Is all time favorite at home and I often include these high protein ingredient in our food. Mushrooms are versatile and they can be made into a quick snack, curry, soups, stir fries, patties and salads.

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There are few versatile veggies like potato and peas which you can safely add in most of main stream Indian dishes as well as in pulaos and biryani to make them more healthy. Similarly, mushroom and paneer are two all rounders in Indian cooking which are most often used and they pair well with most of veggies as well as curry based dishes.

I often use mushrooms in Indo Chinese recipes or in pulao/biryani or in vegetable gravy dishes. Mushrooms adds a very unique taste to the recipe and makes it more nutritious as well as yummy.

Whenever I purchase mushrooms, then I make sure that I use them within 2 days after purchasing and while cooking I cut the portion of their long stem and wash them thoroughly before using them.

Here I am sharing collection of delicious mushroom recipes from my blog. I hope you will like them and will try these recipes. For ease of reading, I have divided this mushroom recipes post into 6 parts:

  1. Top 10 mushroom recipes
  2. Mushroom gravy recipes
  3. Mushroom dry recipes (sabzi or semi dry gravy recipes)
  4. Mushroom starters, snacks and soup recipes:
  5. Mushroom rice recipes
  6. International mushroom recipes

You can also check these Popular recipes collections:

Top 10 mushroom recipes

1. Kadai mushroom recipe – kadai mushroom Is an easy and quick dish and yet delicious. Sauteed button mushrooms in a semi dry gravy of spiced and tangy tomato sauce along with bell peppers (capsicum). The Indian kadai is like the Chinese wok but much deeper than the wok. The whole recipe is cooked in the kadai and hence the name kadai mushroom.

kadai mushroom recipe

2. Mushroom masala – easy and delicious curry recipe of Punjabi mushroom masala. again an easy recipe of white button mushrooms in an onion-tomato based medium spiced gravy.

mushroom curry recipe

3. Mushroom biryani – spicy and tasty vegetarian Chettinad biryani with mushrooms. The Chettinad biryani is spicy and thats the hallmark of Chettinad cuisine. if you cannot tolerate the heat and spice, then you can cut down on the amount of green chilies. The preparation of this biryani takes some time as both mushrooms and rice are marinated. But the cooking is easy and one pot.

Chettinad mushroom biryani recipe

4. Mushroom soup – easy and quick one pot recipe for making cream of mushroom soup. a creamy smooth soup comforting in the winters. I paired the soup with Peas pulao and a Vegetable salad.

mushroom soup recipe

5. Mushroom fry – a delectable mushroom recipe from goa. Mushrooms sauted with soft succulent onions with a hint of warmth from the chilies and spices.

mushroom chilli fry recipe

6. Mushroom manchurian – spicy and tasty Indo Chinese recipe of dry mushroom manchurian. It goes very well with bread, Veg fried rice, Burnt garlic fried rice and even Indian rotis accompanied with some Schezwan sauce or even red chili sauce.

mushroom manchurian recipe

7. Chilli mushroom – a quick Indo Chinese recipe for making spicy and delicious chilli mushroom. in this quick chilli mushroom recipe, You don’t need to prepare the batter and then fry the mushrooms separately. the mushrooms are stir fried till well browned and then the sauce is made. This is one recipe that you can make when you want to have some hot and spicy Chinese food. Few more Spicy recipes on blog are:

chilli mushroom recipe

8. Mushroom fried rice recipe – delicious Indo Chinese recipe of fried rice with mushrooms. Easy to cook and too good to taste. Mushroom fried rice recipe is simple and can be quick too if you have some leftover rice. The whole dish is stir fried at a high flame and thats what imparts a restaurant like flavor in this dish. few more fried rice recipes on blog are:

  1. Schezwan fried rice
  2. Corn fried rice
  3. Paneer fried rice

mushroom fried rice recipe

9. Mushroom pulao recipe – mild, flavorful mushroom pulao recipe with coconut milk from the Goan cuisine. quick, easy and tasty mushroom pulao recipe made in pressure cooker.

mushroom pulao recipe

10. Matar mushroom recipe – a semi dry delicious vegetable dish made with peas and mushroom. this recipe is more North Indian style and also home style. you can have this matar mushroom with rotis, parathas, Naan or as a side dish with Dal tadka – rice or Dal fry – rice combo. This peas mushroom curry is vegan as well as gluten free.

matar mushroom recipe

Mushroom gravy recipes

1. Kadai mushroom gravy recipe – a delicious variation of the popular Kadai paneer gravy recipe, where button mushrooms along with other ingredients are cooked in a kadai or work. i have used white button mushrooms, but you can use any variety of edible mushrooms.

kadai mushroom gravy recipe

2. Mushroom matar recipe – mushroom and peas in a creamy makhani sauce/gravy. mushroom mata makhani is best served with Tandoori roti or naan or Ghee rice or even with rotis. This recipe can also be made on special occasions. few more Popular makhani recipes on blog are:

mushroom matar makhani recipe

3. Aloo mushroom recipe – this potato mushroom curry is spiced with a tang coming from the tomatoes and a mild sweetness, creaminess coming from the cashews and onions. serve aloo mushroom masala with rotis, tandoori rotis, naan, Khasta roti or with some steamed rice or Jeera rice.

aloo mushroom masala recipe

4. Mushroom butter masala – one of the much loved makhani or butter masala gravy dish made with mushrooms. serve mushroom butter masala with rotis or naan. Also goes well with jeera rice or Biryani rice.

mushroom makhni recipe

5. Mushroom kurma recipe – delicious South Indian style mushroom korma made with a coconut-cashew base and Indian spices-herbs. one pot recipe. If you like korma, then you can have a look at these Korma recipes:

mushroom korma recipe

6. Palak mushroom – a healthy and delicious curry recipe made with spinach and mushrooms. I love to include greens in my diet. fenugreek, spinach and amaranth are my favorite greens to experiment. I make many recipes with greens like:

palak mushroom recipe

7. Methi mushroom recipe – a delicious curried dish made with button mushrooms and methi (fenugreek leaves). this methi mushroom recipe taste very good and is a classic adaptation of the famous non vegetarian dish methi murgh.

methi mushroom recipe

8. Mushroom tikka masala – restaurant style mushroom tikka masala gravy recipe. Mushroom tikka can be made both in the oven or on stove top. I have listed both the methods in the step by step photos.

mushroom tikka masala recipe

9. Mushroom paneer – this paneer mushroom curry is a restaurant style recipe with a super delicious taste. The gravy is creamy, slightly tangy and mildly sweet with tender mushrooms and soft paneer in it.

mushroom paneer masala recipe

10. Mushroom manchurian gravy recipe – a popular spicy, sweet and sour Indo Chinese recipe with mushrooms with sauce or gravy. mushroom manchurian gravy goes very well with veg fried rice, burnt garlic fried rice or Veg noodles or Hakka noodles.

mushroom manchurian gravy recipe

11. Mushroom peas curry recipe – a rich and delicious recipe of South Indian mushroom and green peas curry. the curry is full on with flavors of coconut & cashews along with the flavors of mushrooms and peas. Serve this South Indian curry either with Basmati rice or Rotis-chapatis or the Kerala paratha or a Plain paratha.

mushroom peas curry recipe

12. Mushroom vindaloo recipe – spicy and hot recipe of mushroom vindaloo from portuguese Goan cuisine. Vindaloo is best had with plain boiled rice or the Goan bread/pav. You can also have it with normal pav or ladi pav. The spiciness of the dish can be reduced by using less amount of red chilies.

mushroom vindaloo recipe

13. Chinese style garlic mushroom – medium spicy sauce based dish made with white button mushrooms, garlic and spices. This garlic mushroom gravy goes very well with veg fried rice, veg noodles, hakka noodles or Chow mein. you can even serve with a fragrant rice like basmati rice or jasmine rice.

garlic mushroom recipe

14. Mushroom caldin recipe – this is a vegetarian as well as vegan version of the popular Goan bright yellow curry generally made with fish. this curry is not spicy and can even be made for kids.

mushroom caldin recipe

Dry sabzi or semi dry mushroom recipes

1. Chilli mushroom – easy to prepare spicy and tasty Indian Chinese recipe of chilli mushrooms. this dry chilli mushroom recipe is pretty simple to make and goes well as starter snack or brunch.

dry chilli mushroom recipe

2. Tawa mushroom recipe – a delicious recipe of tawa mushroom masala where button mushrooms are cooked in a spiced onion-tomato based gravy. the recipe I follow is the same as that of the Paneer tawa masala.

tawa mushroom masala recipe

3. Mushroom do pyaza recipe – button mushrooms cooked in a semi dry gravy of double the amount of onions. Do pyaza recipes are popular and there are many variations through which they can be made. I have also shared Paneer do pyaza and Bhindi do pyaza recipe.

mushroom do pyaza recipe

4. Dhingra dolma recipe – mildly spiced, delicious mushroom paneer curry recipe from the Awadhi cuisine. its a really good dish of mushroom and paneer in a lightly spiced onion-tomato base. few more delicious recipes from Awadhi cuisine are:

mushroom paneer curry recipe

5. Mushroom pepper fry recipe – spicy mushroom and capsicum pepper fry. The pungency of black pepper is one of the highlight of this recipe. the aroma of fennel seeds are also felt. To give some color and crunch, I have added capsicum. Though you can give it a skip.

mushroom pepper fry recipe

6. mushroom roast recipe – this is a quick recipe that can be made with just mushrooms and a few Indian spice blends or masala. There is no chopping of any other veggie for this recipe, except the mushrooms.

mushroom roast recipe

7. Mushroom sabzi recipe – a simple and delicious Goan style mushroom masala recipe made with fresh coconut and spices paste.

Goan style mushroom masala curry recipe

8. Butter mushroom recipe – quick, easy and a yum recipe of white button mushrooms sauteed with butter, garlic and herbs. Less ingredients but packed with full flavor.

garlic butter mushroom recipe

9. Mushroom fry recipe – easy and a quick method to prepare an Indian style mushroom stir fry.

mushroom stir fry recipe

Mushroom rice recipes

1. South Indian mushroom biryani – a spicy, hot and super delicious South Indian style mushroom biryani recipe. This mushroom biryani recipe came very close to the one served at the isha yoga center cafe. This South Indian mushroom biryani pairs very well with a Kachumber salad or plain onion-tomato raita, as the yogurt tones down the spiciness and balances the heat of the biryani. In fact you can also serve this biryani with just plain curd/yogurt.

mushroom biryani recipe 

2. Pressure cooker mushroom biryani – easy and delicious recipe of mushroom biryani in pressure cooker. This mushroom biryani has dum cooked flavors and is adapted from the Pressure cooker veg biryani.

mushroom biryani recipe in pressure cooker

3. Mushroom pulao in pressure cooker – easy and delicious recipe of mushroom pulao made in pressure cooker. this mushroom pulao does not need coconut milk and all you need are the usual Indian spices and herbs. you can have this mushroom pulao plain or accompanied with a salad, Mango pickle or some masala pyaaz or raita.

mushroom pulao recipe

4. Mushroom rice recipe – an easy and quick recipe of mushroom rice made in european style. it is not an elaborate or complicated recipe. Easy for bachelors, students and single people. If you have leftover rice than you could use it right away to make this recipe.

mushroom rice recipe

5. Ambur veg biryani recipe – a vegetarian version of the famous biryani from Ambur. The Ambur biryani tasted very good. if possible use seeraga samba rice to make Ambur biryani. It brings out the real flavor. If you do not have seeraga samba rice, then use any medium or short grained rice but do not use basmati rice. Basmati rice won’t work well in the recipe.

Ambur biryani recipe with mushrooms

6. Mushroom dum biryani recipe – the mushroom biryani is made in the traditional way of cooking on dum. Dum pukht is a technique of cooking in steam by not allowing the steam to pass. i have used birista in the layers as well as crushed the fried onions and added them to the gravy and the birista does add a great deal of flavor, aroma and taste to the biryani.

mushroom dum biryani recipe

7. Dindigul veg biryani recipe – easy to prepare vegetarian version of the Dindigul biryani made with mushrooms. for the rice I have used seeraga samba rice. If you do not have seeraga samba rice, then use basmati rice. Mushrooms can be substituted with mixed veggies. This recipe is not a spicy version. According to your family preferences, you can increase the spiciness by adding more green chilies.

Dindigul veg biryani recipe

Mushroom recipes – starters, snacks and soups

1. Mushroom puff recipe – Indian style mushroom puff or mushroom patties recipe. To make the mushroom puffs, I have used white button mushrooms. Though you can even use cremini, shiitake or portobello mushrooms. You can also check this Veg puff recipe and Easy method of making rough puff pastry sheets.

mushroom puffs recipe

2. Mushroom sandwich recipe – an easy sandwich recipe made with sauteed mushrooms. The recipe is simple to make and tastes good too. Make these sandwiches as a brunch or snack. Serve these mushroom sandwiches with Pesto, Coriander chutney or Tomato sauce.

mushroom sandwich recipe

3. Mushroom tikka recipe – this is a very easy recipe. You just need to marinate the mushrooms and then grill or bake the mushrooms in the oven. You can even use a tandoor or grill if you have these. this mushroom tikka recipe is an adaptation of the famous amritsari fish or amritsari maachli.

mushroom tikka recipe

4. Hot and sour soup – spicy, sour and hot soup made with mixed vegetables. An Indo Chinese step by step recipe which can be easily doubled or tripled.

vegetable hot and sour soup recipe

5. Mushroom 65 recipe – crispy and tasty mushroom 65 is a delicious starter snack that can be served with any Indian main course. i have also few more vegetarian 65 recipes like:

mushroom 65 recipe

6. Tofu soup – a soothing, warming and healing Thai veg soup to beat the chill in winters. Step by step recipe. Few more popular Thai recipes on blog are:

Thai veg tofu soup recipe

7. Mushroom cutlet – delicious cutlets made with mushrooms, mashed potatoes and spices. Now this is a really good recipe of a vegetarian mushroom cutlet. Makes for excellent snack or starters or a party appetizer. You can also double the recipe easily. For more such delicious recipes you can check this collection of 22 tikki recipes.

mushroom cutlet recipe

8. Clear mushroom soup – an easy recipe of Chinese style mushroom soup. This is a clear soup recipe. I have not used any veg stock in the recipe and cooked the mushrooms in water. If you have veg stock, you can use it.

mushroom soup recipe

9. Mushroom noodles – a quick and tasty recipe of stir fried mushroom noodles. This mushroom noodles recipe is simple and easy to make like most noodle recipes. No extensive chopping of veggies here, as we need to only chop the mushrooms and spring onions along with the usual garlic, ginger and green chilies.

mushroom noodles recipe

10. Tom yum soup recipe – this delicious tom yum soup is a spicy and sour soup recipe from the Thai cuisine. I am sharing a vegetarian version of this soup made with mushrooms, carrots and french beans.

tom yum soup recipe

11. Manchow soup – spicy and hot soup made from mixed vegetables. An Indo Chinese step by step recipe. in the Indian Chinese restaurants, this soup is served with fried noodles. Just to give a restaurant like flavor, I also added fried noodles.

veg manchow soup recipe

12. Vegetable soup – light and nutritious clear soup made with mixed vegetables. This vegetable soup is also a good way to use leftover veggies from the kitchen. Just add whatever veggies you have and you get a hearty bowl of soup. The flavor and taste of the mix veg soup will depend on the vegetables you add. So you can also add veggies of your choice.

mix vegetable soup recipe

International mushroom recipes

1. Spinach mushroom lasagna recipe – creamy, cheesy vegetarian lasagna made with spinach and mushrooms. Accompany this lasagna with a starter soup like Tomato soup or any Soup recipes and you have a good meal. Do end the meal with a lovely dessert.

spinach mushroom lasagna recipe

2. Stuffed mushroom recipe – baked stuffed mushrooms is an easy and quick snack which does not require much cooking skills. stuffed mushrooms should be served immediately otherwise with time they become soggy and you won’t get the best flavor. stuffed mushrooms makes for a good party snack.

baked stuffed mushrooms recipe

3. Italian garlic mushroom – an easy and quick recipe made with mushrooms, garlic and herbs. As a variation, you could also add baby corns. Adding baby corns makes the dish great and awesome. Without baby corns too this dish tastes great.

Italian Garlic Mushroom Recipe in Olive Oil

4. Tomato mushroom penne pasta – this one is a vegan recipe as I have not added any cheese. Yet you could add some soft creamy cheese or parmesan cheese to the tomato mushroom sauce. Fresh cream can also be added. Also the herbs that you can use can be fresh or dried. Choose your own mix of herbs and be innovative and creative.

tomato mushroom penne recipe

5. Mushroom spaghetti bolognese – smooth, flavorful and spiced pasta dish that even beat the gourmet food that one gets outside. The mushrooms adds a lot of texture to the dish and combines with the smoothness of spaghetti very well.

mushroom spaghetti bolognese recipe

6. Mushroom pasta – one pot recipe to make a delicious creamy mushroom pasta recipe. to make this creamy mushroom pasta, you don’t have to make the white sauce separately. The sauce is made during the cooking process.

creamy mushroom pasta recipe

7. Kale recipe with mushrooms – kale leaves and button mushrooms in a lightly spiced ginger sauce. being a superfood, kale is very rich in essential nutrients.

kale and mushrooms in ginger sauce

8. Mushroom and spinach cream sauce – this recipe is easy and quick. This kind of creamy recipes taste great with pasta, noodles, lasagna. Since we had made some rice we had the creamy mushroom spinach sauce with rice.

mushroom and spinach cream sauce recipe

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