mango ice cream recipe, how to make mango ice cream recipe

by dassana amit updated November 20, 2013

mango ice cream recipe

rains have already begun here and it feels strange to post this mango ice cream recipe.

we usually avoid cold foods in the rains. i had made the ice cream when it was really really hot in the month of may. i just was not able to post the recipe.

what offers me consolation is that some parts of india are still reeling under the heat wave. i am also posting this recipe as a dear & frequent reader suhani requested me to post some ice cream recipes. i am late suhani and i hope it has not started raining where you live :-)

mango icecream recipe

this recipe is adapted from the pomegranate gulkand ice cream i had posted some months back. full on with the flavors of mango and vanilla, this is one awesome mango ice cream. this recipe does not require an ice cream maker. 

mango icecream with vanilla

i will be taking a short break for some time as i am travelling to south india. so will not be able to blog frequently the way i was doing passionately before…. in spite of posting 26 recipes in the month of may, i still have quite a lot of pending recipes. so after the break i will resume my joy of blogging and food photography. ciao…….

lets start step by step mango ice cream recipe:

1: peel and chop the mangoes

peel the mangos

2: add sugar or powdered jaggery along with the mangoes in a blender

add sugar to mangos

3: blend to a smooth pulp

blend mangos

4: take the cream in a bowl or pan and begin to whip it

mango ice cream in bowl

5: whip till soft peaks are formed.

mango icecream preparation

6: add the mango pulp and mix well.

add mango pulp

7: add vanilla powder.

add vanilla to mango ice cream

8: mix well and pour the ice cream contents in a freezer proof container or box. cover the container tightly with a lid.

freeze the mango ice cream

9: keep the mango ice cream in freezer for a few hours till the ice cream is half set. remove and add the ice cream to a blender.

mango ice cream recipe

10: whip again for a minute and pour in the same container and freeze till set. remember to cover the container with a lid.

mango ice cream

11: once set, then serve the mango ice cream scoops topped with honey, chocolate sauce or you can even serve it with slices of cakes as a dessert.

serve mango icecream dessert

p.s – i am not a pro in taking photos of ice cream. they had begun melting when i started taking the photos. so till i garner much expertise in clicking ice cream photos, i leave you with the melted ice cream clicks in this post.

mango ice cream recipe details are below:

mango ice cream
Prep time
Total time
mango ice cream – creamy & soft without an ice cream maker.
Recipe type: dessert
Cuisine: world
Serves: 6
  • 3 cups cream (i used amul 25% low fat cream)
  • 2 large alphonso mangoes
  • 1.5 tsp vanilla powder or 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • sugar, powdered jaggery or honey as required
  • honey or any sweet syrup to top over the ice cream
  1. peel and chop the mangoes.
  2. blend the mangoes and sugar to a smooth pulp.
  3. whip the cream till soft peaks are formed.
  4. add the mango pulp.
  5. mix well.
  6. check the sweetness and add more sugar if required.
  7. add the vanilla powder or vanilla extract.
  8. mix well.
  9. pour in a tray or container and place in the freezer. cover the container.
  10. when the ice cream is half frozen remove from the freezer.
  11. whip again for a minute.
  12. pour the ice cream contents again in the container with lid.
  13. freeze till set.
  14. scoop the mango ice cream and serve with honey, cakes or just plain.

instead of whipping the cream separately, you can also just whip the cream in a blender with the mango puree till soft peaks are formed.

sweetness can always be adjusted as per your requirements.

for best results and a softer texture, whip the cream really well. you can also whip the cream in a blender or a hand blender.

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Kate December 30, 2013 1

Hi Dassana,

Thank you very much for the recipe. We just found some ripe mangoes at the store! I do not have a blender of any kind, and I was wondering if it is possible to whip the half-frozen ice cream by hand, or would it be better to skip the step entirely?

Thank you,



dassana amit December 31, 2013 2

hi kate. you will have to let the ice cream defrost at room temperature a bit before you start whipping by hand. else it will be difficult. i suggest to whip in the second round as it does help in making the ice cream soft.


Kate December 18, 2012 3

Hi Dassana,

I’m really looking forward to making this ice cream, great as it does not contain eggs & we are making it for when a pregnant friend is coming for supper. I am wondering though, how much sugar to use. In the recipe you state as required although the image shows a fair amount in the blender. How much would you recommend?
Huge thanks


dassana December 20, 2012 4

thanks kate. it depends on the sweetness in the mangoes. i would suggest about 1/2 cup of sugar. if the ice cream mixture is still less sweet, then you can add some more sugar.


fabeena November 7, 2012 5

hi i dont have mangoes in hand ,so im going to use mango puree . so plss tell me how many cups i have to use for this recipe . thx


dassana November 7, 2012 6

i think 1.5 to 2 cups of mango puree can be used.


CS June 18, 2012 7

Nice recipe!


Siva June 12, 2012 8

Hi, I like all the pics of your recipes….makes them that much easier to prepare. Could you also upload the recipe of the maharastrian dal amti for me please?


dassana June 15, 2012 9

thanks siva. the maharashtrian dal amti is my favorite. will post in some time.


bharti June 9, 2012 10

could u give me some good eggless cake recipe


dassana June 15, 2012 11

it is very strange but a fact, i have only posted two eggless cakes recipes till now. plan to add more in the future.
both the recipes on this link:


Anisha June 8, 2012 12

I’m not an ice cream person… I know it’s kind of rare… but your pictures are so tempting even to a person who doesn’t love ice creams…


Lubna Karim June 8, 2012 13

Your pictures are convening how yum the ice cream is… the color….perfect summer treat…I am carving for some right now….


dassana June 11, 2012 14

thanks lubna. will visit your blog once i am back from the short break :-)


miss nancy lewis June 7, 2012 15

hi dassana i like it so much.its so easy n lovely photos also i want to try this early i ever go to ur website thanks…………….


dassana June 7, 2012 16

sure do try this mango ice cream and thanks for your sweet comments.


Caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy June 7, 2012 17

oh my oh my that looks so refreshing and delicious! i love mango so much mmm!! thanks for sharing! glad i found your blog!


dassana June 7, 2012 18

thanks caralyn :-)


suhani June 6, 2012 19

Hey Dassana..thanks a lot for the recipe dear..i was just waiting for has been so hot here that this recipe is such a needed one..anyways i have been addicted to ur site very much and u r going for a vacation! m gonna miss u a lot..have a great holiday and plz come soon.. bye..


dassana June 6, 2012 20

hey suhani, nice to know it is still hot where you live ;-)

i will not be able to post or visit other blogs, but i guess i will be able to check my emails.

i will also miss your comments.

thanks, i hope i have a nice time. i hate travelling :-(


Samina June 6, 2012 21

Hii Dear;

Your Ice Cream looks truly delicious never thought it would be so easy .
Would definately try as it is very hot here in Dubai.
Wanted to ask you same procedure could be followed for different fruit?


dassana June 6, 2012 22

yes samina, the same procedure can be done for any fruit. you only have to make the pulp or puree of the fruit and then add it to the whipped cream.


supriya June 6, 2012 23

Dassana the ice cream looks fab!


Sia | Monsoon Spice June 6, 2012 24

I LOVE mangoes! Period :) After I am done with sucking the mangoes to my heart’s content, I am going to try this recipe. The fisrt pic is so drool-worthy, Dassana!


dassana June 6, 2012 25

thanks sia. i had enough of mangoes this year. so many recipes i tried from mangoes this year. wish i had taken the pics :-(


Renuka June 6, 2012 26

Hi Dear,

First of all let me relieve u from guilt of posting recipe late. We in north are still tolerating upto 47.5 degree s of temperature…so keep watering our mouths with these icecreams…if u still have any in ur store….

Dassana…ur photography is even more fascinating than ur recipe…feels as if watching cookery show on TV…….urs is the best cookery blog I have seen till now

I wonder can a home made ice cream too turn out like this !!!!!!
and 1 main question…..can we have replacement for cream…diet conscious people u know ;))


dassana June 6, 2012 27

thanks renuka.

i know the north is still bearing the heat.

you are the second person who has said that my blog looks like watching cookery show or cookery channel. feels nice :-)

the ice cream was good. if you really whip the cream well, you will get a soft ice cream. using this recipe as a base, you can make many fruity ice creams.

in this recipe, unfortunately there is no replacement for cream. i have used 25% low fat amul cream which i think is ok.

using milk will not give you this texture. again i wont suggest using condensed milk as they too are high in calories.


Tanvi@SinfullySpicy June 6, 2012 28

Never used jaggery in an ice cream. But I can imagine it would be so good with mangoes. YUM!


Reva June 6, 2012 29

Ice cream looks super yummy..I love the bright yellow colour of the icecream..
It is summer in a bowl..:))
Loved it..


uma June 6, 2012 30

Hi Dassana,

This one looks very tempting, had a doubt, i always thought ice-creams need gelatine to set, but you have not used any gelatine and also wanted to know if vanilla powder is easily available


dassana June 6, 2012 31

vanilla powder is easily available. but in the stores in india one generally gets the synthetic vanilla powder which is white in color. what i use are organic natural crushed vanilla beans. i get them from fabindia here. hence the dark brown color.

if you do not have vanilla powder or vanilla extract, then flavor it with spices like cardamom powder or crushed saffron. this will give the ice cream a more indian taste. you can also add cinnamon powder. in this case add 1 tsp cinnamon powder or 1 tsp cardamom powder or a pinch of saffron.

there are may things that are added to ice creams like gelatine, eggs, stabilizers to improve their texture. i generally avoid adding these ingredients. in india when we make ice creams at home, we generally don’t add these things.


uma June 12, 2012 32

hi Dassana,
looks like you are on a holiday, learnt from the other posts.have a wonderful time, i am really missing your recipes. will def try this recipe this weekend.
have fun


dassana June 15, 2012 33

thanks uma. i really had a good time after a long long time. will write about the holiday in a separate post.


ayesha June 6, 2012 34

wow this looks yummyyy and super easy. m gonna try this soon. cud u plz giv a rough estimate, as to hw much sugar to be added? and which cream? the regular amul cream that u get in tetra packs?


dassana June 6, 2012 35

the sugar can be approx 1/2 (half) to 3/4 (three-fourth) cup. i used the amul cream available in tetra packs. it is 25% low fat and i think is the only amul cream available everywhere in india.


ayesha June 6, 2012 36

yeah thats why i asked. yayyyyy m gonna make this tmrw itself :)
thank u so much for the prompt reply!


dassana June 6, 2012 37

welcome ayesha


ayesha June 8, 2012 38

hi dassana
i tried this recipe yesterday. earlier i was a bit scared as no matter hw much i whipped the cream it didnt form soft peaks :(… i even tried chilling the cream, chilling the blender blades and everything bt no soft peaks :(
bt then i guess the recipe is soooooo foolproof that my ice cream still came out to be AWESOME! my husband and son loved it. thank u soooooooo much :)
bt what do u think cud b the reason for the cream not thickening up?


dassana June 11, 2012 39

thanks ayesha. i am not sure why the cream did not get soft peaks. must be to do with the quality of cream. but nice to know that the ice cream turned out to be great.


ayesha June 11, 2012 40

bt i used amul fresh cream only. and yeah… i used an electric beater. shud i try doing it manually the next time? do u think that makes any diff? i always think that its just easier n faster wid an electric mixer


dassana June 15, 2012 41

i don’t think using electric beater or doing it manually makes any difference. in fact electric mixer is better anytime than whipping manually.

i have always found the amul cream so thick. when i would make cream at home from malai, it would not be as thick as amul cream. i have noticed that whipping homemade cream lends better and softer peaks than amul cream. even i did it manually like many times and finally got some soft peaks. all the time i was like i should have whipped the cream in the blender.

another suggestion which i forgot to mention earlier was that let the cream come to room temperature and then whip it. it is difficult to get soft peaks when the cream is chilled. if using cream at room temperature, then do place some ice cubes beneath the bowl. this helps the cream not to get buttery while whipping.


chinmayie @ love food eat June 6, 2012 42

I am so sure this ice-cream is creamy and delicious! Yum!


kankana June 6, 2012 43

You have a beautiful blog and the photos are stunning :) I never make ice cream at home because I do not have ice cream maker. But looking at this recipe .. i am inspired!


dassana June 6, 2012 44

thanks kankana. this recipe does not require ice cream maker. at least in india we don’t make ice creams with ice cream makers.


familycook June 6, 2012 45

This is absolutely drool worthy! Our Summers in Texas have just begun and we are already having temperatures between 36 deg C to 38deg C. Mangoes are also just making a show in the stores. So, I can make this ice-cream while staying indoors to beat the heat:)

Already missing you. Have fun on your trip!


dassana June 6, 2012 46

thanks familycook.