22 Pumpkin Recipes (Savory & Sweet)

Pumpkin also called as ‘Kaddu’ in Hindi, is one of the vegetables that we use in Indian cuisine. There’s not much of a fandom for this vegetable. But let me tell you that the humble pumpkin is so much healthful and tasty. So, I make sure to include this veggie in my family’s diet too. And for the same reason, I have prepared this personalized Collection of 22 vegetarian Pumpkin Recipes that are also super simple to make.

pumpkin sabzi served in a bowl with text layovers.

While there are many dishes that are made exclusively only with pumpkin, some dishes include pumpkin with other vegetables. In this Pumpkin Recipes compilation, I have largely shared dishes made with the yellow-orange pumpkin and the white pumpkin or ash pumpkin (ash gourd/wax gourd/winter melon).

More on Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a versatile and nutritious vegetable belonging to the gourd family. Native to North America, pumpkins have been cultivated for thousands of years and have become popular worldwide for their culinary, decorative and nutritional uses. This list of Pumpkin Recipes collates just that awesomeness of this veggie.

Widely used in various culinary dishes, a pumpkin can be roasted, boiled, steamed, or pureed to create soups, stews, side dishes and more. Pumpkin puree is a key ingredient in traditional desserts like pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and pumpkin cheesecake. Pumpkin seeds a.k.a pepitas, are also edible and often roasted and seasoned as a tasty snack.

The most difficult part while making Pumpkin Recipes is to peel or cut the vegetable into small pieces. Unless, you buy pre chopped pumpkin pieces from the market. Once you are able to chop the pumpkin, then more than half of the job is done. From a difficult vegetable to chop, the pumpkin transforms into a melt-in-mouth veggie when cooked.

Beyond uses in traditional Pumpkin Recipes, this veggie has found its way into modern cuisine in various ways. Pumpkin spice, a blend of warming fragrant spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves, is a classic flavoring used in beverages and desserts. Additionally, savory pumpkin dishes have also gained popularity in contemporary cuisine.

Another important aspect about pumpkins is that they are appreciated for their sustainability since most parts of the plant are used, minimizing waste. Additionally, the plant’s vigorous growth makes it an ideal crop for farmers seeking high yields with relatively low resource inputs.

Why eat Pumpkin

Before you jump onto the lovely Pumpkin Recipes, sharing some reasons on why you should consume this vegetable. Being rich in Vitamin A, pumpkin is very good for the eyes. It is also rich in fibre and hence keeps you full for some time. A good source of potassium which is good for muscles and maintaining body pressure.

Pumpkin Recipes are a must in your diet as this veggie is also low in calories but packed with other minerals. The vibrant orange color of pumpkins indicates a high content of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that the body converts into Vitamin A.

Besides being a nutritious vegetable, pumpkins have been associated with various health benefits. The nutrients in pumpkin, particularly its high antioxidant content, may support immune function, and skin health. The seeds are also believed to promote heart health and support prostate health in men.

Recipes From Global Cuisine

Pumpkin is easily available everywhere. So, making these vegetarian Pumpkin Recipes is also easy. My list of Pumpkin Recipes consists of both savory and sweet dishes featuring this vegetable. Some are classic regional preparations and also popularly prepared during the Hindi fasting seasons.

Also, while you’re at the Pumpkin Recipes like the pumpkin bread, do not forget to check on the similar recipes like Banana Bread and Zucchini Bread.

pumpkin purée in a white bowl with a black rim
Moderate 50 minutes

Pumpkin Puree Recipe (3 Easy Ways)

This homemade Pumpkin Puree recipe can be used for anything that calls for canned pumpkin, and it is completely free of any artificial ingredients. Make a big batch of your own pumpkin puree to use anytime. I share three ways to make homemade pumpkin puree from scratch. I show the pan cooked version and oven roasted pumpkin puree and the Instant Pot method.
two pumpkin pie slices on a white plate
Moderate 1 hour

Pumpkin Pie Recipe Without Eggs

A deliciously easy Pumpkin Pie recipe made without eggs. Filled with fragrant warming spices, homemade pumpkin purée and an all butter homemade pie crust this Eggless Pumpkin Pie is a must make this holiday season.
pumpkin pancakes stacked on green plate drizzled with maple syrup with a side of cubed mangoes
Moderate 30 minutes

Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe (Healthy & Whole Wheat)

Soft, and fluffy, this healthy Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe is made with whole wheat flour and without eggs. Real pumpkin puree, almond milk and other plant based ingredients make these flapjacks naturally vegan. These kid-friendly pancakes are perfect for either a weekday fall breakfast or a lazy weekend brunch.
pumpkin bread
Moderate 1 hour 15 minutes

Eggless Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Moist, soft, sweet, and filled with the flavors of fall, my easy Eggless Pumpkin Bread recipe is made in one bowl using regular pantry staples. Best of all, it is naturally vegan, kid-friendly, made healthy with whole wheat flour.
pumpkin soup recipe
Moderate 30 minutes

Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

This Pumpkin Soup Recipe gives you an easy and tasty homemade pumpkin soup all made in one-pot. The slightly sweet, earthy flavor of the yellow pumpkin, along with added herbs and spices, gives this soup a satisfyingly sweet and savory taste. 

Indian Pumpkin Recipes

kaddu ki sabzi served on a white bowl placed on a white tray.
Moderate 35 minutes

Kaddu ki Sabji (Easy Pumpkin Recipe)

Kaddu ki sabji is an easy and delicious vegan pumpkin recipe made with yellow pumpkin, whole spices and herbs. This is a satvik recipe made without onions and garlic.
pumpkin halwa recipe, kaddu halwa recipe
Moderate 40 minutes

Pumpkin Halwa | Kaddu Ka Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa is called Kaddu Ka Halwa in Hindi. Subtly flavored, this halwa variant made with pumpkin along with cardamom, melon seeds and nuts – is quite easy to prepare and makes for a delightful dessert as well.
pumpkin kheer recipe, kaddu ki kheer recipe
Moderate 40 minutes

Kaddu ki Kheer (Pumpkin Payasam)

Sweet, creamy, and warmly spiced, this Kaddu ki Kheer (also known as Pumpkin Kheer or Pumpkin Payasam) is a flavorsome, easy-to-prepare traditional sweet dish for the Navratri Festival. This tasty pudding like dessert is made with pumpkin, whole milk, ghee, sugar and nuts.
kaddu paratha recipe, pumpkin paratha recipe
45 minutes

Kaddu Paratha

Kaddu ka paratha is a quick, healthy and tasty whole wheat flatbread made from pumpkin, herbs and spices. 
pumpkin sambar recipe, poosanikai sambar recipe, yellow pumpkin sambar recipe
Moderate 40 minutes

Pumpkin Sambar | Poosanikai Sambar

Pumpkin sambar is a delicious South Indian sambar variety made with yellow pumpkin.

White Pumpkin Recipes (With Ash Gourd)

mor kulambu served in a black bowl.
Moderate 30 minutes

Mor Kulambu Recipe | Mor Kuzhambu

Mor Kulambu is a yogurt or buttermilk based sauce or curry from the South Indian cuisine. This recipe has ash gourd (winter melon, petha, white pumpkin) added to the Mor Kuzhambu and also includes a ground rice, lentils, spices and coconut paste which makes it very flavorful and tasty.
ash gourd thoran served in a white bowl.
Moderate 35 minutes

Ash Gourd Recipe | Ash Gourd Thoran

This Ash Gourd Recipe is a dish from the Kerala Cuisine called Ash Gourd Thoran. It is simply ash gourd cooked in coconut oil with onions, spices, herbs and finished with coconut.
olan recipe
Moderate 40 minutes

Olan Recipe

Olan is a delicious curry made with white pumpkin (ash gourd), cowpeas (red lobia or chawli) and coconut milk. Olan recipe comes from the Kerala cuisine. 
ash gourd halwa recipe, kashi halwa recipe, white pumpkin halwa recipe
Moderate 40 minutes

Kashi Halwa | Dumroot Halwa | Ash Gourd Halwa

Kashi Halwa also called Dumroot Halwa is a unique, tasty and rich halwa made from ash gourd or white pumpkin, sugar, nuts, ghee, raisins and flavored with saffron.
poricha kootu recipe, poosanikai kootu recipe, white pumpkin kootu recipe
Moderate 30 minutes

Poosanikai Kootu | Poricha Kootu

Kootu is a lentil and vegetable based dish from the South Indian cuisine. This recipe of poosanikai kootu is made with white pumpkin (ash gourd), moong lentils and spices+coconut paste. 

Recipes With Pumpkin and Other Veggies

overshot shot of sambar filled in a white bowl placed on white plate
Moderate 45 minutes

Traditional Sambar Recipe

I share our favorite Sambar Recipe which I have perfected over the years. Make this flavorsome, hearty and nutritious South Indian vegetable-lentil stew with this easy method. Enjoy the sambar with South Indian snacks like idli, dosa, uttapam, medu vada or simply pair it with rice for a comforting, healthy and filling meal.
arachuvitta sambar recipe
Moderate 1 hour 15 minutes

Arachuvitta Sambar

Arachuvitta Sambar is a delicious variation of sambar made with lentils, vegetables and freshly ground sambar masala prepared from roasted spices and coconut. This is a no onion, no garlic recipe.
varutharacha sambar recipe
45 minutes

Varutharacha Sambar

Kerala varutharacha sambar is a delicious variety of sambar made with mix veggies, lentils, roasted spices & coconut. Roasted coconut is one of the highlights of this sambar. 
mathanga erissery served in a ceramic bowl.
Moderate 50 minutes

Mathanga Erissery | Pumpkin Erissery Recipe

Pumpkin Erissery is a mild and tempered curry with light sweet tones made with pumpkin, cowpeas and coconut. A Kerala traditional dish served during onam sadya.
avial recipe, aviyal recipe
Moderate 1 hour

Avial Recipe

Avial is a healthy, flavorful dish of mix vegetables in a coconut and yogurt sauce with a finishing of coconut oil and curry leaves. It is a popular traditional recipe from the Kerala cuisine.
1 hour

Dhansak Recipe

Dhansak is a hearty, healthy and delicious vegetable and lentil preparation. It is a traditional Parsi lentil dish. This Dhansak recipe also features the Dhansak masala that gives this preparation that extra punch.
rishi panchami sabzi recipe
Moderate 1 hour

Rishi Panchami Bhaji | Rushichi Bhaji

Rushichi Bhaji is a unique mix vegetable preparation that is made during Rishi Panchami which is celebrated on the second day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. For this reason, it is also commonly referred to as Rishi Panchami Bhaji. It is one of those delicious veggie recipe that is super healthy, vegan and gluten-free too. Usually seasonal veggies and tubers are used to make this one.

This Pumpkin Recipes collection from the blog archives was first published in June 2017. It has been updated and republished on October 2023.

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