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Collection of 14 vegetarian pumpkin recipes – pumpkin also called as kaddu is one of the veggies that we use in Indian cuisine. While there are many dishes that are made exclusively only with pumpkin, some dishes include pumpkin with other veggies. In this pumpkin recipes collection I have largely shared posts made with yellow-orange pumpkin.

Pumpkin is easily available everywhere. Being rich in vitamin A pumpkin is very good for the eyes. its also rich in fibre and hence keeps you full for some time. Its also rich in potassium than banana which is good for muscles and maintaining body pressure.

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pumpkin recipes, kaddu recipes

The most difficult part in making any pumpkin dish for me is to peel it or to cut it into small pieces…. Unless you buy pre chopped pumpkin pieces from the market. Once you are able to chop the pumpkin, then more than half of the job is done. from a difficult veggie to chop, the pumpkin transforms into a melt in the mouth veggie when cooked.

I will update this collection as I add more pumpkin recipes on the blog.

Collection of 14 vegetarian pumpkin recipes

1. Kaddu ki sabzi recipe – easy and delicious pumpkin recipe that can be made on regular days and also during Navratri or Ekadashi fasting. this kaddu sabzi is a favorite at home. Kaddu ki sabzi is also known as petha sabzi.

kaddu ki sabzi recipe

2. Pumpkin bread – this is an easy one-bowl pumpkin bread recipe made from whole wheat flour. The recipe yields a moist pumpkin bread which is a vegan and a healthy pumpkin bread.

pumpkin bread

3. Pumpkin soup – easy and tasty recipe of one-pot pumpkin soup. The recipe is more of an european style recipe and does not have any Indian flavors or taste.

pumpkin soup recipe

4. Poosanikai sambar – this is a delicious South Indian sambar variety made with yellow pumpkin. Its a no onion no garlic recipe.

pumpkin sambar recipe

5. Avial recipe – a favorite recipe made from mix vegetables, coconut and curd. Avial is a traditional recipe of Kerala and an essential dish of sadya.

6. Pumpkin erissery – a mild and tempered curry with light sweet tones made with pumpkin, cowpeas (lobia) & coconut. A Kerala traditional dish served during onam sadya.

pumpkin erissery recipe

7. Kaddu ka halwa – sweet pudding made with pumpkin along with cardamom, melon seeds and dry fruits. this is a very easy recipe of pumpkin halwa. the whole halwa is made in the pressure cooker, saving time and energy. i have also shared Kashi halwa that is popular in south India and is made with white pumpkin.

kaddu ka halwa recipe

8. Khatta meetha kaddu – this is one of the easiest sabzi recipe that is made with pumpkin. In hindi Khatta means sour and Meetha mean sweet. The sourness coming from dry mango powder (amchur) and the sweetness coming from sugar/jaggery as well as pumpkin.

khatta meetha kaddu recipe

9. Pumpkin kheer – a flavorsome, easy to prepare, traditional Navratri sweet dish made with pumpkin.

pumpkin kheer recipe

10. Kaddu ka paratha – a quick, healthy and tasty flatbread made from pumpkin, herbs and spices. This is a nutritious recipe as these pumpkin flatbreads are made from whole wheat flour.

kaddu paratha recipe

11. Pumpkin bhaji recipe – simple, easy and minimally spiced pumpkin sabzi with coconut. The coconut also adds to the sweetness of the pumpkin in this recipe.

pumpkin bhaji recipe

12. Lobia pumpkin sambar – simple homely sambar from the Karnataka cuisine made with black eyed peas (lobia or chawli) and pumpkin.

black eyed beans pumpkin sambar recipe

13. Eggless pumpkin muffins – this is an Eggless, diary free, refined sugar free and a wholesome pumpkin muffin. These muffins are spiced with cinnamon, dry ginger and nutmeg powder. Hence they are aromatic too.

eggless pumpkin muffins recipe

14. Kaddu pakora recipe – pumpkin fritters made for fasting or religious vrat. these kaddu pakoras are very soft from inside and are a tasty snack to have during Navratri fasting.

kaddu pakoras recipe

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