How to make Idlis in the Microwave Oven, Microwave Idli Maker Recipe

by dassana amit updated October 23, 2013

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I like to cook in the microwave oven. I am still exploring the different ways and methods of microwave cooking. One thing, I am really proud of, is my discovery of steaming idlis in the microwave oven.

Traditionally, idlis were always made in the heavy metal idli maker on fire. But the microwave is a great boon. Along with the microwave oven, new utensils like microwave bowls, containers have also come in the market.

One such microwave safe ware is the microwave idli maker. In this post, I will share pictures of the microwave safe idli maker and also how to use it. I have used the pictures of microwave safe idli container for making mini idlis.

For making normal size idlis too, there is a microwave safe idli maker available in the market. I am posting this article for the benefit of many women who are time bound and have hectic schedules. They have to take care of their homes, families as well as their jobs.

Pictures of Microwave Idli Maker and How to use it:

1: This is the complete look of the idli maker from outside. Its the complete set. This entire set goes in the microwave oven. Now lets see what it contains of and how the parts are used for making idlis.

microwave idli maker

2: The picture below is of the top cover with the idli moulds and the base.

top of idli mouls

3: These are the idli moulds. One need not smear oil in the moulds. The idlis once done, can be easily removed from the moulds with a spoon.

idli mould

4:There are 2 set or stands of idli moulds in one microwave container. Each mould set contains of 15 moulds. So two sets make 30 moulds. Thus one gets 30 mini idlis ready in 3-5 minutes. Thats so much of your time and labour saved.

For normal size idlis, each stand has 3 or 4 moulds depending on the make and model. So one gets 6-8 idlis ready in minutes. Its great for working women as it saves a lot of time.

idli mould

5: This is the base of the microwave idli maker. In this base, 125 ml of water is added. When the idlis are being microwaved, it is steam from this water that is utilized for the steaming of the idlis.

microwave idli maker
6: So its simple to use the microwave idli maker and assemble it.

Steps for making idlis in Microwave:

  • You add water in the base.
  • Pour the idli batter in the moulds.
  • Keep the idli moulds on the base.
  • Put the top cover and close properly
  • Keep the idli maker in the microwave.
  • On full power, microwave the mini idlis for 3-5 minutes. This time varies as it depends on the make and model of the microwave oven. Check to see if the idlis are done by inserting a knife or fork in the idlis. If the knife or fork does not come out clean, then microwave again for 1-1.5 minutes.
  • Mini Rava Idlis take 3-3.5 minutes whereas mini idlis made from rice-black lentils batter take 4-5 minutes.

idlis made in microwave oven, microwave idli maker

Note: I have made both rava idlis and the plain idlis in this microwave safe container and trust me, the idlis have always come out great.

Just a word of caution – When you remove the container from the microwave, then be careful as the hot steam coming from the container can burn your hands. Use a glove or a kitchen napkin to open the top cover. Keep your face at a distance and not too close.

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ashwini March 30, 2014 1

How to reheat idlis in Otg? I dnt have a microwave oven.


dassana amit March 31, 2014 2

i don’t reheat idlis in an OTG. so i don’t know how its done. instead of reheating, you can just lightly saute the idlis with little oil or butter/ghee till lightly crisp and browned.


madhulika March 6, 2014 3

Can i use MTR mix for making idlies in microwave idli maker and how much time it will take to cook?


dassana amit March 6, 2014 4

you can use MTR mix for making idlis. depending on the microwave oven, it can take about 3 mins to 4 mins or slightly more time.


m l satyanarayana February 27, 2014 5

I got the useful information Thanking you


dassana amit February 27, 2014 6

welcome m l satyanarayana


sarika Jadhav September 30, 2013 7

Nice receipe ,but i dont know in what temp we have to set in Microvae oven


dassana October 4, 2013 8

there is no temperature setting in microwave oven. its the microwave power setting. you can keep on full microwave power which is known or high or medium high.


deepali June 21, 2013 9

i try..and its gud..but my idlis vry hard:-(


dassana June 21, 2013 10

you must have over cooked the idlis in the microwave. hence they have become hard.


Prachi Naik June 10, 2013 11

How much water to put inside microwave idli cooker?


dassana June 10, 2013 12

1/2 cup is fine. just that the water should not touch the moulds which are below. it also depends on the size of the idli maker. usually in the manufacturer’s booklet the amount of water to be added is mentioned.


Vijay June 8, 2013 13

A wonderful idea. How can we get these moulds. is there any online purchase option or can you please help us. We can use it at our hotel when needed.


dassana June 8, 2013 14

you should be able to get the microwave idli maker in a crockery or kitchenware shop. i don’t know if online this is available. you will have to search on google.


YK May 29, 2013 15

Hi, I am from Pune.
Great to see this receipe. I wil be purchasing idli maker in few days. i want to confirm whether only microwave option is to be selected for making above receipe. How about convection mode? Is convection mode used for making idlies?


dassana May 29, 2013 16

don’t use convection mode for making idlis. convection mode is used only for baking. for making idlis you only have to use the microwave mode.


YK May 29, 2013 17

Thank you for the imp. info. One last query on the same is..can we put the idly mould open inside the microwave while cooking (without cover with only one mould in a plate with water). Pl suggest.


dassana May 30, 2013 18

yogesh, you can just put the idli moulds directly without the water at the base or covering it with the lid.
i have made idlis just by keeping the stand directly in the microwave oven.


Vidhi May 25, 2013 19

Hi.. i am also from delhi.. cn u pls letme knw frm whr u bought d mini idly maker..


dassana May 25, 2013 20

i got it from sadar bazaar in gurgaon. i don’t remember the name of the shop. i have seen many shops which sell kitchen stuff in gurgaon, have microwave idli makers.


naren April 21, 2013 21

Thanx for the tips. My idlys came out 80% OK after 5 mins of microwaving … Will b 100% next time.


Mary April 15, 2013 22

Quick recipes


valarine March 19, 2013 23

Hi, the idlis came out exellent… thnx…just a query, should i preheat the oven?


dassana March 21, 2013 24

for microwaving you don’t need to preheat the oven.


m b sukumaran menon October 14, 2012 25

Very nice! Thank you very much.


Chandra Prakash June 5, 2012 26

I followed The instructions and Idlis came out just yummy. Thanks for the tips.


dassana June 5, 2012 27

welcome chandra…..


saurin May 18, 2012 28

you have not mentioned how much temperature i have to set in microwave oven for 3-3.5 minute.


dassana May 18, 2012 29

i have mentioned it in the post. it is full power… that is microwave on high for 3 to 3.5 minutes.


manas November 25, 2012 30

you know what, different microven has different max temp range settings , so it would be nice, if you could let me know, what’s exactly the temp. you set for your one.


dassana November 29, 2012 31

i use the full power when i cook in the microwave, unless the recipe calls for a different power.


Deepshikha Gupta April 4, 2012 32

Can we make idlis in microwave without using water.


dassana April 4, 2012 33

yes you can. i have made idlis in the microwave both with water and without water. they taste the same.


Rocker February 9, 2012 34

hey guys not sure what ever this site says I never ever cooked anything in my life and thought it was pretty much easy and wanted to give surprise to my wife by making these idlis but to my shock after 5 mins the upper cover of idli maker was cooked i mean just melted that what did i do wrong it ruined my evening tell me man i have been facing the fire from wife since two days now.


dassana February 9, 2012 35

this post is just a guide to cooking idlis in a microwave safe idli maker and not about marketing microwave idli makers.

i am sorry to hear about what happened, but from your account it looks like idli maker was not a good quality one nor microwave safe. its better if you contact the manufacturers.

for microwave cooking, always use microwave safe bowls or containers.


shivani January 31, 2012 36

i tried maing idli today morning in microwave, but evrytime it comes out uncooked. i kept it for 5 min but it was the batter and did not cook at all. i tried it several times but i failed.


dassana January 31, 2012 37

dear shivani

i am unsure why the the idlis were uncooked. they should get cooked as its the microwave energy that cooks them. 3-4 mins on full power is enough to cook mini idlis. you can get checked your microwave oven by the company people to see if everything’s fine in it.


Kadambari January 25, 2012 38


Thanks for the tips in your recipe. I have the same microwave mini idli maker as you. But however when I opened it I noticed there are four holes in each mould. I am worried that the idli batter will drip down and fall through the holes in the mould before it is cooked and becomes solid. How did you solve this problem? Please let me know. Thanks.


dassana January 25, 2012 39

dear kadambari, it did not even come to my mind that the idli batter would drip when i first used the microwave idli maker… and trust me, it won’t drip. the idli batter is a thick batter. so there are no chances of it dripping. just go ahead without worry and make the idlis in the microwave :-)


CM Paul November 15, 2011 40

Hi frinds,
Shall we want to fill water in the base for making idlys? If yes, then how much we want to fill for 6 molds?


dassana November 15, 2011 41

you will have to fill water in the base. usually in the instruction booklet it is mentioned how much water one has to add in the base.

the water should fill around 1/3rd of the base.


Mary Ticchione February 26, 2011 42

IshopIndian also sells microwave idli makers. I buy their products all the time, they’re fantastic! Shipping only takes a few days, they are very quick.
Their website is:

They definitely sell the microwave idli maker, that’s where I bought mine from .


dassana February 26, 2011 43

thank you mary for the info.


sanjay parmar January 16, 2011 44

best idlis . enjoy


sachin February 6, 2011 45

I am looking for these kind of idli makers in USA. Can you please let me know where
I can get these. I need to buy these especially microwaveable


dassana February 7, 2011 46

i brought the microwave idli maker from delhi. in india in any city or metro you can get these microwave idlis makers. i do not know anything about usa. see if you can order it online from usa or india. may be you can get these microwave idli makers online.


Mimi February 21, 2011 47


I found them on in the US. I’m sure you can find it in Indian supermarkets as well.


dassana February 22, 2011 48

thanks mimi for the information. i am sure that this info will help people who do not live in india and are looking for these microwave idli makers.