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This post has a recipe of the nutritious Milk Masala Powder that was made at home during my growing up years. Made with many nuts and flavoring spices, this blend is not only healthy but good for everyone. With this simple, no-frills recipe, even you can make this homemade Masala Dudh Powder in bulk and use it whenever required.

milk masala powder in a bowl, in a spoon kept in a bowl and a glass of masala milk in the background.

What is Milk Masala Powder

‘Masala’ means a ‘spice blend’ or a ‘mixture of spices.’ ‘Milk powder’ as in this recipe, means a ‘ground powdered form of nuts and spices’ which is added to milk to flavor it.

This fragrant nuts and spice blend can also be added to plant based milks like almond milk or cashew milk. Personally, I don’t like the taste of plain soy milk. So, I am not suggesting it. But you can definitely try with soy milk.

You can also add a few teaspoons of the Milk Masala Powder to various Indian sweets like Phirni, Kheer, Gulab Jamun, Suji Halwa and the likes. This will only enhance the flavor and richness of these traditional Indian sweets.

Apart from adding to sweets, I usually make a beverage by adding this fragrant blend of Masala Dudh Powder to hot milk.

Just add a 2 to 3 teaspoons of this nut-spice powder in a glass of milk (dairy or vegan). Add sugar or any other sweetener you prefer. Stir and sip on.

You can skip the sugar too. Avoid adding honey. As per Ayurveda, honey becomes toxic when heated. Hence, should not be added to hot drinks. If not heating up the milk and serving chilled or at room temperature, then you can add honey.

One glass of hot milk with the Milk Masala Powder in the night also aids in getting sound sleep. The spice nutmeg in the powder calms, relaxes and helps in getting sleep.

With all the nuts and spices in it, this Masala Dudh Powder makes for an excellent milk-based beverage, for both kids and adults alike.

About My Recipe

When we were in school, mom would give me Turmeric Milk in the morning and a cold or warm masala milk (depending on the season) in the evenings or nights.

Well, milk was quite a mandatory for my family. We were never exposed to tea or coffee. Although, an occasional sip of Tea or Coffee was allowed when we would go out to dine at restaurants.

As a family, we have tried both homemade as well as store-brought Milk Masala Powder. I would always give a thumbs up to the homemade one. This recipe is again a family recipe, with a few variations of my own to add a more wholesome touch.

In addition to the nuts (almonds, cashews and pistachios), what I also have added in this Masala Dudh Powder are pumpkin seeds and dried rose petals. These are not essential and you can skip them.

The fragrant spices added are cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, turmeric and saffron. I have also included fennel seeds which are good for digestion. But again, you can skip it.

dry fruits for masala doodh powder.

Saffron is expensive. So, instead of saffron, you can increase the quantity of turmeric powder. I have mentioned the details in the notes section of the recipe card below.

The turmeric powder gives a nice faint yellow color and is good for the body too. If stored in the refrigerator, the shelf life of this masala powder is about 1 to 2 months. You can also store in the freezer to increase the shelf life.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Milk Masala Powder


1. Heat a pan and add the nuts and seeds:

  • ½ cup almonds
  • ½ cup pistachios
  • ½ cup cashews
  • ½ cup pumpkin seeds

Dry roast for 3 to 4 minutes on low heat. Remove and keep aside on a plate or tray.

Use fresh nuts to make the milk powder. Avoid using nuts whose shelf life has expired or nuts that have gone rancid.

dry roasting dry fruits and seeds in a pan for making masala doodh powder.

2. In the same pan, add ½ teaspoon saffron strands (kesar).

saffron added to the pan.

3. Stir till the color of the saffron changes to a darker shade. Remove and keep aside.

roasting saffron till it changes to a darker shade.

4. Grate the nutmeg (jaiphal) and keep aside. Measure and take about 3.5 teaspoons of grated nutmeg or nutmeg powder.

grated nutmeg in a bowl.

Make Milk Masala Powder

5. Once the nuts cool, add them in a mixer-grinder jar or spice grinder along with the ingredients listed below:

  • 3.5 teaspoons of grated nutmeg
  • ½ to 1 tablespoon dried rose petals
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds (saunf)
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ¼ teaspoon black peppercorns
  • seeds from 20 grams green cardamom
  • 5 tablespoons sugar

If you have a small dry grinder jar, then you will have to grind in batches. Remove the husks of the green cardamoms and add only the seeds.

roasted dry fruits, seeds, grated nutmeg, dried rose petals, fennel seeds, turmeric powder, black peppercorns, cardamom seeds and sugar added to a dry grinder jar.

6. Grind to a fine powder. While grinding, grind in short spurts and not at a stretch, so that you do not end up making a flavored mixed nut butter from the various nuts.

ingredients ground to a fine milk masala powder.

7. Remove the Masala Dudh Powder and keep in an air-tight container or jar. Store in the refrigerator, as the nuts may get rancid.

The recipe yields a medium jar of Milk Masala Powder. If stored in the refrigerator, then shelf life of this powder is about 1 to 2 months. You can also freeze it.

milk masala powder in a steel jar.

8. To serve, dissolve 2 to 3 teaspoons of Milk Masala Powder in a glass of hot milk or chilled milk. Add sugar if required. Stir and serve.

milk masala powder in a bowl, in a spoon kept in a bowl and a glass of masala milk with text layover.

Expert Tips

  1. If skipping saffron, add an overall ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder in total.
  2. In case you decide not to add the pumpkin and melon seeds too, then, the following spices need to be reduced in quantity – 14 to 15 green cardamoms, ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon black peppercorns, ½ teaspoon fennel seeds (optional), 2 to 2.5 teaspoons nutmeg (grated or powdered), ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder.
  3. Make sure to use fresh nuts and the edible seeds that are in their shelf life and have not turned rancid.
  4. While grinding the ingredients, ensure removing the cardamom husks and use only the seeds.
  5. This milk spice blend stays good in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2 months.
  6. For a dairy free or vegan version, use almond milk or soy milk. If using soy milk, then use organic and Non-GMO soy milk.

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masala milk powder recipe, masala doodh powder recipe

Milk Masala Powder | Masala Dudh Powder

Milk Masala Powder is a fragrant healthy mix or blend that is added to flavor milk. This healthy blend is made with nuts, rose petals and a few fragrant spices.
4.89 from 17 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Cuisine Indian
Course Condiment
Diet Gluten Free, Vegan
Difficulty Level Moderate
Servings 1 medium jar


  • ½ cup almonds – unsalted
  • ½ cup cashews – unsalted
  • ½ cup pistachios – shells removed and unsalted
  • 20 green cardamoms – only seeds and the husks removed
  • 3.5 teaspoons nutmeg powder (jaiphal powder) or half of a nutmeg – grated or powdered
  • ½ to 1 tablespoon dry rose petals – optional
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper – if you prefer you can increase the amount to ½ teaspoon
  • ½ teaspoon saffron strands – check notes if you plan to skip saffron
  • 5 tablespoons raw sugar or regular white granulated sugar. you can also add as required
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds – optional
  • ½ cup pumpkin seeds or melon seeds (magaz) – check notes if not adding pumpkin seeds – optional
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder for additional yellow color. check notes if you want to skip saffron and just add turmeric powder, optional


  • Heat a heavy frying pan or skillet and add these ingredients – almonds, pistachios, cashews, pumpkin seeds/melon seeds.
  • Dry roast for 3 to 4 minutes on a low heat stirring often until lightly toasted.
  • Remove and keep aside in a plate or tray. Use fresh nuts and not the ones whose shelf life has expired.
  • In the same pan, add the saffron strands.
  • Keeping heat to a low, stir and roast for more than half a minute, till the color of the saffron changes to a darker shade. Remove and keep aside.
  • Grate the nutmeg and keep aside.
  • Once the nuts cool down, then add everything in a dry grinder jar, including rose petals, fennel, black pepper, turmeric powder, cardamom seeds and sugar.
  • If you have a small dry grinder jar, then you will have to grind in batches. Grind to a fine powder. Grind in short spurts and not at a stretch.
  • Remove the Milk Masala Powder and keep in an airtight container or jar. Store in the fridge or freezer, as the nuts may get rancid.
  • The recipe yields a medium jar of milk powder.
  • To serve, dissolve 2 to 3 teaspoons of the Milk Masala Powder in a glass of hot milk or chilled milk. Add sugar as required. Stir and serve the flavored milk.


  • If you want to skip saffron and add turmeric powder, then just add an overall amount of ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder.
  • You can also skip adding turmeric powder, if you prefer.
  • If not adding pumpkin/melon seeds, then reduce the quantity of following spices to:
    Green cardamoms – 14 to 15
    Black pepper – ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon
    Fennel seeds – ½ teaspoon, optional
    Grated or powdered nutmeg – 2 to 2.5 teaspoon
    Turmeric powder – ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon, optional
  • If stored in fridge, then shelf life of this milk masala powder is about 1 to 2 months. You can also store it in the freezer. 
  • For a dairy free version, use almond milk or soy milk. If using soy milk, then use organic and Non GMO soy milk. 
  • Note that the approximate nutrition info is for the entire lot of the blend made with this recipe.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Milk Masala Powder | Masala Dudh Powder
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1713 Calories from Fat 1017
% Daily Value*
Fat 113g174%
Saturated Fat 16g100%
Trans Fat 0.03g
Polyunsaturated Fat 29g
Monounsaturated Fat 59g
Sodium 27mg1%
Potassium 2381mg68%
Carbohydrates 149g50%
Fiber 33g138%
Sugar 74g82%
Protein 55g110%
Vitamin A 181IU4%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 6mg30%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin C 12mg15%
Vitamin E 21mg140%
Vitamin K 34µg32%
Calcium 500mg50%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 103µg26%
Iron 19mg106%
Magnesium 754mg189%
Phosphorus 1509mg151%
Zinc 13mg87%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This Milk Masala Powder recipe from the archives first published in August 2014 has been updated and republished on January 2023.

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    1. You can add makhana. But for ragi flour, it will need to be cooked with the milk. It will also thicken the milk.

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  3. I made the Masala for Milk. Turned out pretty good, reduced a bit of nutmeg and pepper. I should have ground it a little finer that happens when we grind the badam fine. Loved it, as I don’t add much sugar to the milk.5 stars

    1. You can add raisins and chuara (dry dates) both. Add about ¼ cup of raisins (without seeds) and 4 to 5 chuara.

  4. How much does 1/2 cup measure in grams in your recipe. Please let me know. I’ve checked websites but the give different measurements

    1. 1/2 (half) cup in grams will be different for different dry ingredients. eg 1/2 cup granulated sugar will measure 100 grams, 1/2 cup whole wheat flour will measure 60 grams. so each solid and dry ingredient will weigh differently.

  5. Thank u for this recipe..will try soon.
    Can i add walnuts also??

    1. Hi Dassanaji,
      For how much days we can keep this milk masala at room temperature in winters of rajasthan.

      1. Whether winters or summers in India, I would recommend keeping the milk masala in the fridge at all times. Even a slight increase in the temperature may cause the powdered nuts to go rancid.

  6. Hi Dassana,
    Thank you for a great recipe. However, I have a question. Can I not use fresh milk instead of powdered milk and stir the masala in and have it?4 stars

    1. welcome sulekha. i have also used fresh milk. i have not used milk powder. in the last line in step 8, the word ‘milk powder’ actually means the masala milk powder. i will change it. thanks for getting it to my attention.

    1. saffron is heaty and almonds when taken raw are also warming. but if you soak almonds in water overnight, then they become cooling. overnight soaked almonds are cooling and a ground paste or powder made from them can be used in drinks in summers. this milk powder is excellent to be had during winters and monsoons.

  7. Can I skip nutmeg, safforn, dried rose petals.

    I have salted pumpkin seeds and salted pistachio. Can I use that?

    1. yes you can skip all the three. i suggest to use seeds and nuts which are not salted.

  8. Do we have to grind the mixture with the cane sugar also or add it while drinking. It’s not mentioned clearly

    1. the sugar is added while grinding. agree its not clear. will change. thanks for letting me know.

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    Please keep writing….

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    I have got pistachios which are lightly salted…
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    1. avoid adding salted pistachios. i don’t think the salt can be easily removed from the pistachios.

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    1. thanks mamta. i will add some more savory recipes like savory muffins and cookies.

  14. can this powder be consumed in all seasons or in winters only……pls reply

    1. poonam, its better in winters. as in summers it can be heaty. also depends where you stay. good for cold climate.

  15. When dry roasting the nuts and seeds, how do you know when they’re okay before setting them aside? I’m not too sure how much they should be roasted.

    1. claire, they should not get browned… not even light brown. i roast for 2-3 minutes on slow flame. i hope it helps.

    2. Claire, they should be lightly roasted. just roast them for 3 to 4 minutes on a low flame. no need to brown them.

  16. Hi Dassana,

    My powder doesn’t dissolve properly in milk, it makes lumps. Please tell me what went wrong..

    1. i think some oil has released from the nuts. what you do is just warm a little milk in a microwave safe glass or bowl. then add the milk powder and make a smooth paste. break the lumps with the back of the spoon. then add remaining of the hot milk and sugar.

        1. bhavana, when you are grinding then use the pulsing method. pulse for a few times and then scrap. don’t grind at a stretch. in case, if the grinder becomes hot then let it cool down and again pulse.

  17. Recipe is very easy to make and also would it be benifiting to elder or will it be to heavy in point of calories.. as we live in delhi and winters are very harsh here..4 stars

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    1. rama, what is paneer rose petals? if you just mean rose petals then you can sundry them and add them.

  19. Thanks for step by step recepie for masala milk…prepared it for the first time I followed your steps& it really came out well

  20. Hi Dassana,
    Great recipe! I had already prepareda dry fruit mix for my baby, but setting your recipe was tempted to drink masala milk. As recommended in your recipe I added grated nutmeg to milk along with the powder and tasted awesome. It’s an amazing drink! A warm cup of masala milk keeps you going in this cold season. However the powder that I ground is quiet grainy I like your smooth finish powder as my baby is only a year old I have to strain it and give it to her, which I don’t like. How do I get a smooth non grainy powder?

    1. thanks hazel. use a good & powerful grinder for grinding the nuts. you have to scrape the sides and continue to grind. but do make sure that oil does not get released from the nuts or seeds. you can also pulse for some seconds, scrape and then again pulse. another way is to seive the grainy powder. then add the remaining granular powder back to the grinder and then grind again. then seive. a bit troublesome, but you will get fine textured powder.

  21. Also mam plz tell d calorie content of a tsp or a tbsp if d masala powder..I knw its wierd Q bt my bro is v.calorie consciouss n m making it for him..Appx values wud also b appreciated..Ty

    1. i did try to get a software for counting calories, but it was not compatible with the theme and giving errors on the web page. i don’t know how much calories will be there. so unable to help you in this matter.

  22. Cardamom pods means wid skin right? n cn u plz tell me wat if v use cardamom powder..hw much tsp of it?

    1. thats right. cardamom pods are with skin. you can add about 1 to 1.5 tsp cardamom powder.

  23. Good morning Dassana

    Im happy today dt I gv my child a healthy drink by making ur recipe of masala milk powder.He enjoyed thinking it’s juice.
    My question is it dnt come out as shown in ur pics.when im trying to grind,it’s getting wet n so unable to grind it more.any tip for this pl.
    Overall im happy n gonna try more of ur recipes n vl sure gv a feedback too.
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    1. thanks deepshika. thats so sweet. if the dry fruits are completely cooled, then there will be no moisture or wetness while grinding. you can also take breaks while grinding, if the grinding is taking long. long grinding heats up the motor as well as the jar, so the contents also become moist. hope this helps.

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    It’s been just two days I visited ur site n the way u explain step by step process in pictorial format I really liked it. Yesterday was r anniversary n I tried ur paneerbutter masala recipe n evrybdy loved it. Thanks to u fr a easy recipe.
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    1. thanks deepshika. nice to know that the blog is helping you. keep visiting.

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    It’s been just two days I visited ur site n the way u explain step by step process in pictorial format I really liked it. Yesterday was r anniversary n I was looking for sm gud paneer recipe n I tried ur paneer butter masala recipe n evrybdy loved it. Thanks to u fr a easy recipe.
    I hv an two yr old son n ws worried what wud b the rite milk drink fr him coz these days the kind of news v get abt the m

    1. thanks for the feedback deepshika. best is to make a dry fruits nuts mix or powder. we don’t but any milk drink from out. don’t know what goes into them. we add this masala milk powder to the everyday milk we have.

  26. wonderful recipe…….i always prefer for home made recipies like this.

    keep it up

    happy cooking5 stars

  27. Hey, thanks for sharing variety of recipes 🙂 I gotta say Everything is delicious 😀

    I had tried this masala milk powder. Its lovely 😀

    But what about the oil comes out from it when grinding? is it bad if it forms oil? or Did I grind it too long than its supposed to be?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. oil does not appear. i think you ground a bit too long. thats why the oil. even if you get a semi fine powder, its alright. its not bad if the oil comes.

  28. For vegans – I discovered an OUTSTANDING fresh nut milk (to which turmeric, saffron, nuts, fruit, etc) may be added.

    Mix/emulsify Brazil nuts & almonds with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, dates, water and vanilla extract. Sieve/strain (cheesecloth works) to remove any pulp. Then add masala or whatever. It’s amazingly yummy.

    1. thanks for sharing the recipe on making the fresh nut milk. am sure it will help the readers.

  29. Hi Dassana, Thank you so much for the recipe. I was trying to go off store bought milk flavourings and searching for a recipe like this. Your recipe was god send. I especially liked adding rose petals. Could you also post a recipe for sambar powder please.

    1. thanks preeti. i will add sambar powder in some days. its one of the most requested recipe.

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    1. mansi, i wanted to add thandai but just could not make it. may be next year.

  31. Very nice mix Dassana.

    I would imagine that this powder could be used in cakes and muffins that call for almonds and/or seeds, and with the addition of saffron and rose petals would feel very luxurious.

    Thank you for sharing this.


    1. welcome rosa. your ideas are good and the powder will work very well in muffins or cakes.

  32. Thanks for all your recipes step by step with images. Like it. I like cooking different varieties always. Thanks again. Bimla5 stars

  33. Hi dasaana ,
    I like masala milk powder and never forget to buy this . Would love to try this recipe(homemade is always better)
    I blindly follow ur recipes n was never disappointed.
    But I have few doubts ,the one I use gives yummy nutty flavour n very aromatic. As this recipe contains black pepper n nutmeg ,would it be little spicy like” Thandai”???As u mentioned above what is the purpose of adding milk powder in this recipe (though u skipped it)
    Thanks in advance as I always ask so many questions n ur so generous to ans them all 🙂

    1. in this masala milk powder, there is not that spiciness which thandai has. you will though feel a faint hint of pepper. nutmeg gives a good aroma and does not give any hint of spiciness. black pepper is advised as its helps in digestion. milk powder just adds more body to the powder. but i think its not essential and for me it does not make sense at all to add milk powder.

  34. first time hearing the powder from home made. very very nice photos, tempting me to try those powders, i am sure these are healthy and tasty as well as . lovely clicks.

    1. priya, i forgot to mention it. if stored in fridge, then shelf life is about 1 to 2 months.