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Collection of 26 soup recipes – winter is the time when we look forward to a cup of hot tea or coffee or have a hot bowl of soup. Soups are excellent for winters. Warming, comforting as well as nourishing.

If you are looking forward to having soup this winter, then here is a collection of 26 vegetarian healthy soup recipes for you. They are easy to prepare and make for good brunch or lunch/dinner starters.

Soup recipes

1. Tomato soup recipe – Easy to make restaurant-style tomato soup. Step by step recipe. This is one of the most popular soup recipe on the blog.

tomato soup
2. Veg soup recipe – a very simple recipe to make a clear veg soup. This soup is light, healthy and nutritious. You can use veggies of your choice or any spare veggie that you have in the fridge.

clear vegetable soup recipe
3. Corn soup – a creamy sweet corn soup made from fresh sweet corn. Step by step recipe.

sweet corn soup

4. Manchow soup – spicy and hot soup made from mixed vegetables. An Indo Chinese step by step recipe. in the Indian Chinese restaurants, this soup is served with fried noodles. Just to give a restaurant like flavor, I also added fried noodles.

manchow soup

5. Spinach soup – Easy and creamy palak soup recipe with video. Good way to include healthy greens in your diet.

spinach soup

6. Mushroom soup – easy and quick one pot recipe for making cream of mushroom soup. A creamy smooth soup comforting in the winters.

mushroom soup recipe

7. Broccoli soup – smooth, creamy and comforting soup made from broccoli florets. this soup can be served plain or with a toasted buttered bread or baguette.

broccoli soup recipe

8. Hot and sour soup – spicy, sour and hot soup made with mixed vegetables. An Indo Chinese step by step recipe which can be easily doubled or tripled.

soup recipe

9. Pumpkin soup recipe – easy and tasty recipe of a one pot pumpkin soup. the recipe is more of an european style recipe and does not have any Indian flavors or taste.

pumpkin soup recipe

10. Carrot ginger soup recipe – easy recipe of a comforting carrot and ginger soup. There is sweet taste in the soup coming from the carrots along with the warmth of ginger.

carrot ginger soup recipe

11. Lemon coriander soup – a clear vegetable soup flavored with lemon and coriander leaves. Lemon adds to the tangy taste and coriander leaves give subtle citrus notes in this vegetable soup.

lemon coriander soup

12. Tom yum soup recipe – this delicious tom yum soup is a spicy and sour soup recipe from the Thai cuisine. I am sharing a vegetarian version of this soup made with mushrooms, carrots and french beans.

tom yum soup recipe

13. Noodle soup recipe – this recipe of veg noodle soup is a clear soup which is lightly spiced and mild. The soup is made with mix veggies and noodles. the taste of the soup is faintly sour with an umami flavor. The recipe of this Indo Chinese style veg soup is simple and easy to make.

14. Mix vegetable soup recipe – light and nutritious clear soup made with mixed vegetables.

mix vegetable soup recipe

15. Cream of tomato soup recipe – delicious creamy tomato soup made without cream. The soup has a creamy, smooth consistency with a light tanginess from the tomatoes.

cream of tomato soup recipe

16. Carrot tomato soup recipe – one of the easiest soup to make with carrots & tomatoes and onions.

carrot tomato soup recipe

17. Veg sweet corn soup recipe – sweet and creamy corn soup made with fresh corn, milk and veggies. The creaminess and sweetness in this soup, comes from the corn kernels. You can also make this soup from tinned corn kernels. But fresh corn is the best. step by step recipe.

corn vegetable soup recipe

18. Roasted tomato soup recipe – a tangy soup made from roasted tomatoes.

tomato soup

19. Thai veg tofu soup recipe – a soothing, warming and healing Thai veg soup to beat the chill in winters. Step by step recipe.

Thai soup

20. Tomato shorba – easy and light tomato soup spiced with Indian spices. tomato shorba is a simple as well as a quick soup recipe and gets done within 20 to 25 minutes. It is minimally spiced, light and goes very well as a starter soup.

tomato shorba recipe

21. Celery soup recipe – a one pot soup recipe with celery and potatoes. i have not used milk and all purpose flour to thicken the soup. Instead added potatoes to thicken the soup.

celery soup recipe

22. Clear mushroom soup – an easy recipe of Chinese style mushroom soup. This is a clear soup recipe. I have not used any veg stock in the recipe and cooked the mushrooms in water. If you have veg stock, you can use it.

mushroom soup recipe

23. Spring onions soup recipe – in this soup, apart from spring onions I have used one potato to thicken the soup. The soup is made with minimal ingredients so as to bring out the best of spring onions. An easy soup recipe.

spring onion soup recipe

24. Russian borscht soup recipe – borscht is a russian and ukranian soup made primarily with beetroots and other veggies.

russian soup recipe

25. Bottle gourd soup recipe – thick, rich, creamy and nutritious soup made with bottle gourd or opo squash.

bottlegourd soup

26. Makai ka shorba recipe – a light and easy to prepare delicious Indian style corn soup. there are quite a number of shorba or soup recipes in the Indian cuisine and this is one such delicious soup recipe.

makai ka shorba recipe

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  1. I have tried 4-5 of your soups recipe they all came out delicious to say the least. Thanks a lot and do continue posting new recipes because I think there are lots of people like me who love to try them.

  2. I made the manchow soup yesterday. But while making I felt a dash of tomato sauce gave it a better taste. Otherwise the recipe was very good. Tomorrow I am going to make another one. I keep trying many of your recipe and they all turn out very well. Specially restaurant style dal makhni and rajma recipe which my family love. Thank you

    • thank you. a bit of tomato sauce can be easily added in most indo chinese soup recipes and it gives a good taste. glad to know that you like the recipes from the blog. thanks again.

  3. I tried the lemon coriander soup and it was soooooo yummmmm.. made me fall in soups .. gonna try another soup recipe tonight ????
    Thank u veg recipes of India.

  4. you, my dear, are amazing to put together this largest collection of vegetarian recipes that I know of. I keep coming back to your website time and again for last few years now. Please keep up the fantastic work. Are you going to publish a book?

  5. I have been trying your recipes from the past 4-5 years. they are just superb n easy to understand even for beginners. keep going… Your recipes have never failed me n keep inspiring me in cooking new recipes every time I feel to cook/experiment. lots n lots of love and thank you from middle east.

  6. Hi,
    I have always been following your recipes, I just love the way you post each step clearly with pictures which makes us easy to prepare.
    Big fan of your blog.

  7. Hi ,

    I have learned many dishes from you. As I am living away from my family I always search food recopies on your blog and try them on my own. Once I saw someone serving Pea(Matar) & Tamarind (Imli) soup. Can you guide me the recepie for that as well? It would be great.

    • thanks tanima for the review on recipes. it would be difficult to tell the recipe as i would need to taste it to get an idea about the ingredients added.

  8. Hi Dasaana,
    I just am a great fan of your food blog. I went to Playstore today, thought I would download your app,but couldn’t find it… Can you please share the link to it.

  9. Hey Dear… Thank u so much for wonderful recipes… Almost I tried your method n step when doing n trying something new in my menu.. It’s really helpful.. I m looking for Frankie recipe…
    Do you have anything???
    Kindly suggest something…
    With love…

  10. Excellent recipes..!
    I really love and enjoy making any dish with the help of your recipes. Thank you so much.
    Could you please tell me the beetroot-spinach-carrot soup recipe.

  11. I love your recipes.

    Wanted to know regarding soups, can we make them in a slow cooker, as in follow the same cooking recipe and make it in a slow cooker?

  12. It will be great if we can follow via email. DO you all think it would be possible to do that so that recipe alerts are easy to see.

  13. Hi Dassana,
    I live in the U.S. and love cooking…stumbled upon your site. Very nice selection of recipes and helpful step by step photographs. I like how you”crack” restaurant recipes!
    Good work

  14. This website is just mind blowing,its just too good.
    This site has helped a lot in my cooking lesson and I am becoming a better cook day by day.Hats off guys.
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