sun dried potato chips, how to make potato chips at home


potato chips are an all time favorite in the household whether they are sundried or not.

i have been addicted to the sun dried ones from my school days. there were days when i did not want to take the chapati-sabzi for tiffin or the idli-dosa just coz i wanted to have these chips from the school canteen.

they used to be laden with so much of chili powder that even at that age i would love them. and when sometimes they would get over in the canteen, i would feel not so nice. typical emotions of a tender age. so i would make it a point to rush to the canteen as soon as the bell rings so that i can have them.

these potato chips are not made by me. they are made by my mom in law. i recently met up with my in laws at sadhguru jaggi vasudev’s ashram.


there, she got a lot of things for us, some being food stuff like potato papad, punjabi wadis and these sun dried potato chips, which were not many.

i also took the details on how to make the potato chips at home. when we arrived back home, it was pouring so heavily here plus it always dark. there is virtually no sign of sun. so i gave up the plans of making the chips at home.

so here i am sharing mom in law’s recipe again of making the sun dried potato chips at home. you can read the details below on how to make them. once they are dried completely then store them in an air-tight container.


the only good part of these dried potato chips are you can make them as many you want. then whenever you want you can fry them & they are ready to be served in no time.

after you fry them, sprinkle some salt and red chili powder. yummy chips are ready to be devoured. both salt and red chili powder does wonders to the chips.

these potato chips can be had plain or as an accompaniment with dal-rice or even sambar-rice. you can also serve them as starters.

to make these chips all you need are good quality large or medium sized potatoes, water, salt and a good sun light. once they are dried you have a nice jar of potato chips ready to be made any time.

this is really not a recipe but more a method of making the chips at home. the quantity of water and salt can be easily adjusted while preparing the chips.


details on making sun dried potato chips below:

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sun dried potato chips
sun dried potato chips
CUISINE: indian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
ingredients to make the chips:
  • potatoes as much as you want
  • water
  • salt
  • mandoline or slicer
  • a plastic sheet or a clean cotton napkin
  • a large tray
ingredients for frying the chips:
  • oil for deep or shallow frying
  • salt or black salt
  • red chili powder or cayenne pepper
making the chips:
  1. wash the potatoes well in water.
  2. peel the potatoes.
  3. in a huge bowl mix some salt with water and keep aside.
  4. now start slicing the potatoes with a slicer and as you slice them let the slices fall in the salted water.
  5. you can even slice them with a knife.
  6. the slices should be neither too thick nor thin.
  7. we are adding the slices in the salt water so that they potatoes don't darken.
  8. finish off like this with all the potatoes.
  9. the water should cover the slices completely.
  10. now in another large pot take water and add salt to it.
  11. the quantity of water should be so such that all the potato slices should get immersed in it.
  12. bring this salt water mixture to a rolling boil on a high flame.
  13. now add the potato slices to the hot salted water.
  14. blanch the potato slices for 3 or 4 minutes in the hot boiling water. don't lower the flame.
  15. after 3 or 4 minutes, switch off the flame. cover the pot and let the slices stay in the hot water for 3 to 4 minutes.
  16. the slices should look translucent.
  17. then drain the slices in a colander or strainer.
  18. arrange them on a tray lined with a clean plastic sheet or just place them in a plate or tray.
  19. keep them in the sun for 1 or 2 days till they are dried completely. cover with a muslin cloth to avoid dust from getting into them.
  20. you can also keep them in a dry shaded place, if you don't get sunlight.
  21. change the sides of the slices when one side is dried.
  22. store in an air tight jar in a cool & dry place.
to serve:
  1. shallow or deep fry the potato slices.
  2. drain on kitchen tissues.
  3. sprinkle some salt and red chili powder before serving.
  4. serve them potato chips hot as if you keep them out for a longer time, they become soft.
you can either shallow fry or deep fry the chips.

you can also spice the chips with your favorite choice of spices or herbs

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  1. Vincy says

    hey preity lady,hope lykwise ur dishes,u too r a beautiful one…amazingly u teach,luv it :* …hv a query abt,i hv seen ppl adding alum during boiling it necessary to do…? N wat else spices we cn use,i usually sprinkle chatmasala,salt,red,n black peppr over it…i want new variation if therez any(such as any flavour)

    • says

      thanks. we don’t add alum. in fact knowing that adding alum is new to me. you can use any spice seasoning. be it indian flavors or western flavors. even a spicy mexican seasoning will taste good.

  2. Neha says


    What if we don’t get enough sunlight? Are there any other ways to dry them?
    And, rather than frying, can they be baked in oven?

  3. Roshni Palan says

    I tried dis potatoe chips but as soon as spread it on a plastic sheet it started getting dark, kind of black color…
    Y dis happened as per d recipe I kept it in salt water

    • says

      hi roshni, the potatoes have to be a bit cooked. if they are not cooked, then they darken. depending on the thickness of the slices and the quality of potatoes, the cooking time needs to increase or decrease. in this recipe, their immersion time in the hot water. if they are raw then they will darken.

  4. says

    if you have a mailing list for your blog, please add me!
    i found you by looking for banana chips. In Guatemala they make them for sale, very thinly sliced, only salt on them… thank you for helping me know how to do myself

    I am trying to find your Thoran recipe, no luck so far

    • says

      carrie, i have added you in the mailing list. please use google search button to search for recipes in the blog. thoran recipe is already posted.

  5. deepti says

    hey,I tried ur sun dried potato chips they turned into brown in colour. My children they say that these chips they r burnt.pls kindly suggest me for tasty & colourful chips.

    • says

      if you have followed all the steps correctly than the chips should not become browned. we make these often at home and they don’t turn brown. also its important to slice them directly in salted water and then later add them to hot salted water. also i don’t know how the chips are colored. you can check google and hopefully someone must have posted a method.

    • pooja says

      hey Deepti, I think i have the answer to why your chips turned brown in colour. It was because they were not boiled enough and were still raw.While making sun dried potato chips it is very important to see that the potatoes do not remain uncooked, otherwise they will not last long …at the same time they should not be overcooked otherwise they they will be difficult to separate and dry.

  6. Gauri Kasautyar says

    it was amazing i love your tps thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mariya khan says

    Hi dassana..Thanks 4 sharing such lovely nd yummy recipes.. dear need ur help..wl be very grateful to u if u could tell me some easy recipe by which i can make red sauce pasta at home..

    • says

      when you say red pasta sauce, i hope you mean the sauce made with tomatoes. this is how i make pasta at home with the red sauce very much similar to the recipe posted here:

      when you make the pasta from the above recipe, just do not add the mushrooms… thats it. you can add some cayenne pepper or red chili powder if you want. add dry or fresh herbs, mainly – basil & oregano

      you can also add mix herbs or italian seasoning if you have them. if the tomato mixture looks too dry, then add some veg stock or water.

  8. suhani says

    i love a little thick potato chips and that too freshly deep and crispy..laden with lots of red chili powder..and when u have the recipe in ur hands what else could u wait for..

  9. says

    Can i broil these with a little oil! i think they will work well that way too. now if only i can get 1-2 day of bright sun :) we will probably get a month of continuous hot sunshine:) someday.. someday soon! love the chili sprinkle on the tower!

    • says

      yes richa, you can broil them. even i sometimes heat little oil and then fry these potato chips adding a few at a time.

    • says

      i know about okra, bitter gourd/karela but never heard about sun dried brinjal chips. thanks for sharing this riyas.

  10. safiya says

    Didn’t knew potatoes could be dried n this recipe is very new to me..will surely try dis as my both kidz r huge fans of potato chips …
    thank u vry much for sharing recipes like dis bcoz i am a vry confused mom wen it comes to the fooooood of kidzz..

    • says

      your kids will love these. avoid adding chili powder. just sprinkle some salt. i know it is not easy to understand to children and their ever changing food habits.

  11. says

    Hey Dassana. these chips took me back to my childhood, loved reading about it…my grandmaa and maa both use to make these at home and we use to see them doing it but never exactly knew what all was happening then but now after reading it felt so nice :)! Thanks for sharing this, really loved it!

  12. says

    Dassana,these chips reminds me of childhood memories. Every summer my grandmom used to make these chips and other things and we used to enjoy them with Palak daal & rice..Yumm!!!…Thanks for sharing.

  13. says

    I Love how you manage to bring about so many good memories of food we ate as children and capture the essence of the times gone by!! Beautiful post.