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Bottle gourd recipes – collection of 14 lauki recipes. Lauki also known as bottle gourd or opo squash is used in Indian cuisine in various ways.  lauki is also called as dudhi (marathi and Gujarati), ghiya (hindi) and sorakaya in regional languages.

In this collection I have shared the recipes which I make often with bottle gourd and are a regular at my place. Apart from curries and sabzis, there are also a few flat breads and sweet recipes made with lauki in this collection.

Lauki is very healthy and its good to include this veggie in your diet. You can also check these Popular veggie recipes collections:

Collection of 14 lauki or bottle gourd recipes:

1. Lauki kofta recipe – a light tomato based curry dunked with koftas made from bottle gourd. the curry is mild spiced and has a good flavor and slight tang due to tomatoes. The koftas along with the curry taste really yummy. Few more popular Kofta recipes posted on blog are Malai kofta, Cabbage kofta and Kofta recipe.

lauki kofta recipe


2. Lauki sabzi recipe – this is an easy and slightly spiced version of lauki sabzi. this is a very homely recipe and is the like the food which we cook everyday. Making this lauki sabzi also does not take time and gets done quickly.

lauki ki sabji recipe

3. Lauki thepla – nutritious thepla made with bottle gourd. Making the theplas is easy and makes for a healthy breakfast or brunch. They remain soft and so go well in tiffin boxes or as picnic food.

lauki thepla recipe


4. Lauki paratha recipe – nutritious whole wheat flat breads made with bottle gourd. These lauki parathas can also be packed as tiffin box snack or lunch. The taste of lauki is not felt in the parathas. So good for kids who do not like to eat healthy veggies like lauki.

lauki paratha recipe


5. Lauki halwa recipe – sweet Indian dessert made from bottle gourd. This method of making halwa with the milk takes a little longer, but is handy when you do not have ready khoya at home.

lauki halwa


6. Lauki chana dal sabzi – this is a healthy curry recipe made with bottle gourd and bengal gram. I make this regular Punjabi sabzi often at home. This lauki chana dal curry is an easy and quick recipe and goes very well with roti or phulkas.

lauki chana dal sabzi recipe


7. Lauki kheer recipe – the recipe is very simple and even a beginner in cooking can make this kheer. Just make sure to use fresh milk. You can use pre boiled milk or pasteurized milk. Lauki should be tender and should not taste bitter.

lauki kheer recipe


8. Dudhi bhaji recipe – easy Goan recipe of lauki sabzi made with minimal ingredients. This is a simple, home style bhaji or sabzi recipe.

lauki sabzi recipe


9. Lauki raita recipe – easy Punjabi raita recipe made with lauki. Lauki is a cooling veggie and good during summers.

lauki raita recipe


10. Lauki curry recipe – this lauki curry is made with coconut milk and yogurt. So triple cooling for the body. The curry is soothing and very light on the tummy.

lauki curry recipe


11. Lauki pakora recipe – lightly spiced bottle gourd fritters made with gram flour (besan). the method of making these lauki pakoras is similar to the way any other Pakora is made.

lauki pakora recipe


12. Lauki yakhni recipe – fried bottle gourd slices in a light and aromatic yogurt sauce. lauki yakhni is a dish from Kashmiri pandit cuisine which does not use onion and garlic.

lauki yakhni recipe


13. Lauki wadi recipe – yet another comfort food for all of us at home is this Punjabi lauki wadi. Lauki is simmered in spicy curry with Punjabi wadis – sun dried lentil dumplings.

lauki wadi recipe


14. Lauki soup recipe – thick, rich, creamy and nutritious soup made with bottle gourd. the bottle gourd soup can be served with bread, rice or as a starter. You could even have it as a brunch or a light night meal. Also you could make the same recipe with zucchini (courgettes). If you want to check some more soup recipes then you can check this collection of 21 veg soup recipes.

lauki soup recipe

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