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Collection of 21 cabbage recipes – cabbage also called as band gobhi or patta gobhi in hindi is loved by many folks. You can make variety of dry sabzis from cabbage like poriyal, thoran, upkari etc. While making dry sabzis, cabbage goes very well with green peas and potatoes.

Some people also have cabbage in salads. If using cabbage raw in salads, then do blanch and then use them. Most of the times I blanch cabbage and add it to the dish. This to kill the insects or worms if any inside the cabbage.

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This how I blanch cabbage – remove the outermost top layer, if its bruised. Then quarter or halve the cabbage. Heat water in a pan or pot till it comes to the boiling state. Switch off the flame and keep the cabbage halves in the hot boiling water for 5 minutes. Cover the pan. If not using the entire cabbage, then once cooled, keep the blanched cabbage in the fridge or in the freezer.

Here, I am sharing collection of cabbage recipes already posted on the blog. So that its easier for you to find cabbage recipe of your choice. I will keep on updating this post with more recipes as they are added on the blog. you can use any colored cabbage like green, red/purple to make these recipes. you can also check these Popular recipes collections:

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Collection of 21 veg cabbage recipes:

1. Cabbage fried rice recipe – Indian style fried rice made with cabbage, onions, tomatoes and spices. the dish is not spicy and the sweetness of the cabbage compliments the aroma of the spices as well the basmati rice.

cabbage fried rice recipe


2. Cabbage paratha recipe – whole wheat flat bread stuffed with a spiced cabbage stuffing. these no onion no garlic cabbage parathas make for a healthy breakfast as well as makes for a good tiffin box brunch or lunch.

cabbage paratha recipe


3. Cabbage kofta recipe – crisp and soft cabbage koftas (fried dumplings) in a spiced curry/sauce. Kofta recipes are very popular in north India and are made with different vegetables like lauki, zucchini, potatoes or paneer.

cabbage kofta recipe


4. Cabbage vadas recipe – deep fried snacks made from ground lentils and finely chopped cabbage. vada or vadais are quite popular in south India. There are many variations of vadai. These cabbage vadas are made from ground lentils and finely chopped cabbage.

cabbage vadas recipe


5. Aloo patta gobhi sabzi recipe – this dish is a simple homely recipe of a dry sabzi made with potatoes and cabbage. potatoes and cabbage make a good combination in dry veggie dishes.

aloo patta gobhi sabzi recipe


6. Cabbage bhaji recipe -a simple home style sauteed and steamed cabbage sabzi made with minimal ingredients like coconut and few spices.

cabbage bhaji - cabbage recipes


7. Cabbage kootu recipe – tasty South Indian style recipe of cabbage and moong lentils with coconut and spices.

cabbage kootu recipe


8. Cabbage pachadi recipe – South Indian recipe of a spicy and tangy chutney made with cabbage.

cabbage pachadi recipe


9. Cababge pakora recipe – fried crisp fritters made with cabbage, besan/gram flour and spices. Easy and quick pakora recipe.

cabbage pakora - cabbage recipes


10. Cabbage upkari recipe – cabbage steamed with coconut and chana dal.

cabbage upkari recipe


11. Cabbage poriyal recipe – lightly spiced, sauteed and steamed cabbage recipe from the South Indian cuisine.

cabbage poriyal recipe


12. Cabbage foogath recipe – Goan style steamed cabbage with coconut. this is an easy and simple recipe to make and is also known as fugad de repolho.

cabbage recipes


13. Cabbage thoran recipe – cabbage thoran or cabbage stir fry is a dry vegetable dish made in Kerala cuisine. Thoran is basically finely chopped or grated vegetables cooked with shallots, chilies, fresh grated coconut and spices.

cabbage thoran recipe


14. Cabbage coleslaw recipe – easy and simple coleslaw recipe with a mayonnaise dressing. coleslaw is a salad which is said to have originated from netherlands. Basically its a cabbage salad which has a mayonnaise dressing or sour cream in some instances.

cabbage coleslaw recipe

15. Chinese pakora recipe – Chinese pakora are crisp and spiced fried vegetable fritters. Chinese pakoda is one of the inventions from Mumbai city and is popular there. It is a well known Street food from Mumbai.

Chinese pakoda recipe

16. Veg Chinese toast recipe – vegetable Chinese toast is a yum snack of toasted bread stuffed with a filling of mashed potatoes and mix veggies.

veg Chinese toast recipe

17. Jini dosa recipe – jini dosa is popular and delicious dosa variety from the Mumbai street food scene. In jini dosa a stuffing of mix veggies like cabbage, carrots, capsicum are semi cooked in schezwan sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup and a few Indian spice blends.

jini dosa recipe

18. Vegetable lollipop recipe – veg lollipop are crispy fried balls made with mix vegetable filling. This veg lollipop has more Indian tastes and flavors as I have used more of Indian spices. You can serve veg lollipop hot With any dip or chutney or sauce of your choice like mint chutney or mint coriander chutney or green chutney

veg lollipop recipe

19. Veg American chopsuey recipe – veg chop suey can be made both With Boiled noodles and Fried crispy noodles. in this recipe I have shared the method of making with fried noodles. You can compare veg chopsuey to mix veg fried crispy noodles with a sauce. The sauce is tangy, sweet, spiced and oh tastes so good with the crisp fried noodles and the crunchy mix veggies.

veg American chopsuey recipe

20. Chinese bhel recipe – Chinese bhel is an adaptation of veg chopsuey recipe and also a fusion recipe that is made for Indian tastebuds. Similar to Bhel puri, Chinese bhel has sweet, tangy and spicy taste. This recipe of Chinese bhel is too delicious and tastes exactly like a chaat snack.

Chinese bhel recipe

21. Singapore fried rice recipe – one of the fusion rice varieties from the Indo Chinese cuisine is singapore fried rice. Its a spicy rice variety that is a part of the menu of many Indo Chinese restaurants and even street food stalls in India.

singapore fried rice recipe

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