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mango milkshake

mango milkshake is one of most sought after healthy drink during summers in india.

in fact, mango milkshake and banana milk shake are two very popular drinks in north india where coconut water is not so easily available as in south india.

mango milkshake is very filling and it simply recharges your body. very rarely you might come across a person who does not like mangoes. they are so sweet and juicy, no wonder they are called king of fruits.

i have made this mango milkshake using cashew milk. you can use other nut based milk also like almond milk. if you want then you can use regular milk too.

mango milkshake

be very choosy, about the type of mangoes you use for making mango shake. i suggest avoid the mangoes which are too much fibrous and instead prefer the mango variety which is more juicy, sweet and easy to peel. sweeter the mango, lesser the amount of sugar we need and more healthier it will be.

to make this mango shake even more healthy, i have added coconut jaggery. you can even use jaggery or organic sugar. there are few alternatives to flavor the recipe. e.g. saffron and cardamom powder. i have used saffron in this recipe. in case you want to use cardamom powder then you have to mix it with the mango pulp in the initial stage while blending so that it mixes well.

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mango milkshake recipe details below:

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mango milk shake
refreshing mango milkshake flavored with saffron
RECIPE TYPE: beverages
CUISINE: world
SERVES: 3 glasses
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 2 medium size alphonso mangoes
  • 2 cups of almond milk or cashew milk or cow's milk
  • 2 teaspoon of sugar or jaggery (optional)
  • 4 small ice cubes (optional)
  • pinch of saffron (optional)
  • dry fruits like cashew, almond, pistachois to garnish (optional)
  1. wash the mangoes and peel them.
  2. chop the mango pulp into small pieces.
  3. add the mango pulp into the blender along with milk
  4. add the sugar or jaggery as per your taste and also considering the sweetness of mangoes.
  5. add saffron.
  6. you can add ice cubes also at this stage or you can add the ice cubes while serving the mango shake.
  7. blend everything till smooth.
  8. add the chopped dry fruits, if you want for garnishing.
  9. and serve the mango shake with few saffron strands for garnish.

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  1. Ashrita says

    Hi Dassana!
    Can I use mango purée instead of mangos? And if I can, how much do I use?

  2. Renuka says

    oh……Dassana….i will not be able to concentrate on work whole day……..
    ….feeling like having it right now…..mouthwatering pictures….loved the glass mugs and wooden tray too….fantabulous presentation……..ur blog is indeed unique……..

    • says

      thanks renuka. when i used to work before, in the mango season, i would always have 2-3 mango milkshakes in the office cafeteria everyday. so much i would like them. this time i plan to preserve mangoes in the form of a jam or preserve so that we can have them for a long time :-)

  3. says

    i am waiting for a good mango :) and eagerly waiting to post most of the mango recipe ! yours look fabulous loved the saffron addition !