kokum sherbet or kokum juice recipe, how to make kokum sherbet recipe

by dassana amit updated March 23, 2014

kokum sherbet: kokum sherbet recipe, easy kokum sherbet

kokum sherbet or kokum juice is a summer coolant and is popular in goa. kokum is available in small cans and bottles in every store there.

i usually avoid buying the readymade kokum sherbet as i find them too sweet and also white sugar is added to it. i prefer to make my own kokum sherbet.

kokum also known as garcinia indica is a fruit bearing plant from the mangosteen family. the plant yields dark red colored fruits. you can see the dark red color fruits in the below pics. read more about kokum here on wiki.

kokum sherbet

the outer cover of the fruit is dried in the sun to get what we call as kokum or aamsol. after drying they yield blackish purple color. they are sour to taste and have a sweetish aroma.

this dried kokum is used to sour curries, dals and veggie dishes in the maharashtrian, gujarati, konkan, kerala and goan cuisine. it is mostly used to sour fish & prawn curries in the malvan and goan cuisine.

the dried fruit is a mildly souring agent. i add the kokum to my dals as well as make kokum curry-sol kadhi from it.

kokum aamsol

recently when buying veggies in the local market, i saw these red kokum fruits and had to buy it. i knew instantly what i was going to make from these red lovelies.

kokum fruit

usually i make kokum sherbet from dry kokums. this is the first time i made the sherbet from fresh kokum fruits. if you can manage to get semi dry or dry kokums than do make kokum sherbet at home. they are the best cooling fruits in nature.

when you slice the kokums into two there will be the outer cover and the soft pulp inside with the seeds. these kokums which i had were very ripe. the outer shell had a very sour and a mild sweet taste while the inner pulp was very sour.

kokum fruits sliced

i sliced kokums all into two. removed the seeds with the pulp. then removed the pulp also. discarded the seeds. chopped the outer cover. put them in a blender and blended till smooth.

kokum blended

then strained the entire mixture and kept aside…. i forgot to take a pic of this one :-(

you can now add sugar to the strained mixture or cook sugar with water till the sugar dissolves. make a thick sugar syrup. then add the strained kokum extract to the sugar solution when it cools. spice the sherbet with some powdered cardamom and cumin.

the kokum sherbet has to be refrigerated. store in an airtight jar or a bottle. for a serving of one glass of water, add 1-2 tablespoon of the kokum sherbet. serve chilled with ice cubes added to the kokum sherbet.

kokum sherbet from scratch

a few health benefits of kokum:

  • kokum is one of the best natural coolants for the body.
  • kokum is excellent in reducing the pitta dosha as per ayurveda.
  • kokum sherbet and kokum curry helps in digestion and improves the appetite.
  • kokum is rich in vitamin c and is an anti oxidant.
  • kokum is also used to treat heat rash. on a side note i remember my mom rubbing the kokum on the heat rash which we would get as kids.

so what are you waiting for…. beat the heat this summer with this refreshing and rejuvenating summer drink of kokum sherbet.

kokum sherbet

if you are looking for more indian summer drinks then do check salted chaasmint juicejaljeera, aam ka panna and sweet lassi.

check notes below for making kokum sherbet from dry kokum:

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kokum sherbet
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
kokum sherbet – refreshing and rejuvenating summer drink.
Recipe type: beverages
Cuisine: goan
Serves: 1 medium size bowl
  • 1 cup kokum fruits, chopped or dry kokums
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 5-6 cardamoms powdered or crushed
  • 1 tsp roasted cumin powder
  • a pinch or two of black salt or salt (optional)
  1. rinse the kokum fruits in water. (see notes below on making the sherbet from dry kokum)
  2. chop the kokum fruits and remove the seeds.
  3. keep the pulp and the outer cover.
  4. grind the fruit and pulp with little water.
  5. strain the whole kokum mixture.
  6. boil the sugar and water until the syrup becomes a little thick.
  7. cool the sugar syrup and then add the strained kokum mixture to it.
  8. add the roasted cumin powder and powdered cardamom.
  9. mix well. store kokum sherbet in a jar or bottle and refrigerate.
  10. when serving, dissolve 1 or 2 tbsp of the kokum sherbet in one glass of water.
  11. add ice cubes and serve chilled kokum sherbet.
follow this method if making the kokum sherbet from dry kokum peels:
1: rinse the dry kokum in water.
2: soak them in 2 cups of water for 3-4 hours.
3: collect the kokum in a blender and reserve the water.
4: grind them with some of the reserved water to a smooth mixture.
5: boil sugar with the remaining reserved water till the mixture becomes thick.
6: cool the sugar syrup and then add the kokum mixture to it.
7: add the powdered cardamom and cumin powder.
8: mix well and store in an airtight bottle or jar in the fridge. if you do not want to make sugar syrup, then just dissolve the sugar in the kokum extract. in this case you don’t need 2 cups of water. just 1 cup water can be used to soak the dry kokums and then grind them to a smooth paste. also you will need 1 cup sugar.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 4-5

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Sandy March 21, 2014 1

I am sure you definitely have some Goa connection . As most Goan dishes which you mentioned mostly Goans know about it.

I loved your blog. I do not know from where to start but I will prepare Mattar paneer first.

Keep up your good work. God bless you


dassana amit March 21, 2014 2

thanks sandy. you are right. my mother is from goa. keep visiting.


edwin March 8, 2014 3

its very nice,healthy,tasty


dassana amit March 8, 2014 4

thanks edwin


Patricia Carvalho April 28, 2013 5

The recipe is simple. If I use the dry kokum, do I have to refrigerate the syrup?


dassana April 28, 2013 6

always better to refrigerate any syrup that we make at home. since like commercially produced syrup or squashes we don’t add preservatives at home. so my suggestion would be to refrigerate the syrup.


Patricia Carvalho May 1, 2013 7

Can I preserve fresh kokum for use later on?


dassana May 1, 2013 8

you can preserve fresh kokum. generally the rind is sun dried and preserved with salt. you can check on google how exactly this method is achieved.


Archana April 14, 2013 9

Thanks. I have brought th efruits and want to “take care ” of them asap. This is what I had in mind.


CS June 8, 2012 10

Loved the recipe and your photos.


dassana June 11, 2012 11

thanks cs


Manjari June 1, 2012 12

I had always known about wat is called aamsul. But came to know about the fruit just a few years back.

Can you please tell me wat the fruit is called in India.

I have this drink in summers..


dassana June 2, 2012 13

i am sorry manjari, i did not understand your question clearly.

which fruit are you talking about?


suhani May 25, 2012 14

i made the sherbet tastes so good even my hubby liked it..i used the dry kokum..thanks dassana


dassana May 25, 2012 15

thats cool suhani…. thanks for sharing.


suhani May 21, 2012 16

hey dassana how much dry kokum should i take for making the sharbat..


dassana May 21, 2012 17

same amount… 1 cup dry kokum… have mentioned it in the recipe details already :-)


Anamika @ madcookingfusions May 21, 2012 18

Simply loved the color of the drink, it looks so refreshing!


radha May 21, 2012 19

Really refreshing. And superb pictures


Asmita May 21, 2012 20

Gorgeous drink and a gorgeous color too! I love this drink. I use a lot of kokum in my cooking since my hubby ‘s family is originally from Goa.


Courtney Rae Jones May 20, 2012 21

What a beautiful colour!


Kanan May 20, 2012 22

I knew about dry kokum and use in cooking. but ever seen fresh kokum fruit. I doubt that I can find it in USA here. I khow you said that this can be made using dry kokum but I am curious to use fresh one. I love the color of drink. must be tasting awesome.


dassana May 20, 2012 23

the taste of the sherbet was fresh. quite different than the one made with dry kokums. i don’t think you will be able to get fresh kokum in USA :-(