baby corn recipes | collection of 12 veg baby corn recipes

Collection of 12 baby corn recipes – baby corn is a versatile veggie and can be included in many recipes, be it salads, soups, fritters, curries, rice, pasta and even stuffings for sandwiches. The crispiness and crunch which baby corn brings adds lot of flavor to the dish. Its one of those veggies, that is liked by most folks including kids.

All of us at home, like baby corn. Usually I add them in Indo Chinese recipes or make a simple stir fry or sabzi or a delicious gravy with it.

The baby corn sabzi or dry curry goes very well as a side dish with a main course of dal-rice or sambar-rice or khichdi.

Here, I am sharing a collection of all baby corn recipes posted on the blog. So that it easier for you to find all recipes where baby corn is used in one place. I will keep on updating this post when new baby corn recipes are added on the blog.

12 veg baby corn recipes

1. Baby corn manchurian – an excellent starter of fried batter coated baby corn stir fried in a spicy, sweet & umami Indo Chinese sauce.

baby corn manchurian recipe

2. Baby corn pulao – this is a slightly spicy baby corn rice recipe with a complex flavor profile. The aromatic garam masala, the spiciness of the green chilies, the slight tang of the tomatoes and the light sweetness of the baby corn – all in one dish.

baby corn pulao recipe

3. Chilli baby corn recipe – quick recipe of a Goan style chilli baby corn. The recipe is slightly spicy.

baby corn recipes

4. Baby corn fry recipe – simple, easy and quick baby corn fry recipe made with 5 ingredients. This is one of those recipes I make as a side dish to go along with main course like khichdi, dal-rice or sambar-rice.

baby corn recipes

5. Baby corn masala recipe – a creamy baby corn masala made in the classic North Indian style. the creaminess comes from the blended cashews, magaz (melon seeds) and tomatoes.

baby corn curry recipe

6. Baby corn jalfrezi – a delicious dish made with stir frying the veggies and then slow cooking them tomato puree. You can also add paneer or tofu in this dish. tangy, slightly sweet and spicy in taste.

baby corn jalfrezi recipe

7. Indo Chinese baby corn chilli gravy – a spicy baby corn chilli in a gravy or sauce. this baby corn chilli gravy recipe is spicy and the heat depends on the kind of green chillies you use. For a lesser hot dish, you can use chillies which are mild.

baby corn recipes

8. Chilli baby corn – crisp and spicy Indo Chinese recipe of chilli baby corn. The baby corn is pan fried for a lighter and healthier version. For extra crispness, you can shallow or deep fry the baby corn.

baby corn recipes

9. Paneer jalfrezi – tangy, mild and semi dry dish of paneer cooked with vegetables. In this recipe, I have added veggies like carrots, baby corn and capsicum (green bell pepper). Feel free to add your choice of veggies or skip the veggies completely.

paneer baby corn recipe

10. Thai yellow curry – aromatic, lemony and spicy Thai vegetable curry. This is a spicy vegetarian as well as vegan Thai curry made with coconut milk and Thai herbs-spices.

Thai curry baby corn recipe

11. Vegetable pasta in white sauce – smooth and creamy dish with pasta and vegetables in white sauce. you can use your choice of veggies in the pasta.

pasta baby corn recipe

12. Goan vegetable curry – lightly spiced vegetable curry with flavors of coconut and spices, from the land of goa.

vegetable baby corn recipe

12. Baby corn manchurian gravy recipe – a spicy, sweet and sour gravy that tastes great with Veg fried rice or Veg noodles or Veg hakka noodles. this baby corn manchurian can also be served with a rice dish like Burnt garlic fried rice or 5 spice rice or Jeera rice or even plain steamed rice.

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