vrat ke chawal ka pulao or samvat pulao recipe | sama rice pulao

vrat ke chawal ka pulao or samvat pulao recipe

vrat ke chawal ka pulao or samvat pulao is made during navratri fasting or ekadashi fasting.

sama or samvat  is also commonly called as vrat ke chawal. since during fasting we abstain from cereal grains and to make any rice based dishes we use samvat or sama grains instead of rice.

these are not a kind of rice variety or even associated with rice. basically they are from the millet family. the english name for sama ke chawal is barnyard millet. the other indian names for barnyard millet is vari, varai, sanwa, samwa and swang. they are small tiny millet creamish grains as shown in the pic below.

sama rice are good health option during fasting days and also make a good gluten free grain. you can have them plain or with vrat ki kadhi.

sama rice or vrat ke chawal

this millet is frequently used during religious fasting days in india. generally i make a simple plain rice, khichdi and this pulao from sama ke chawal. but you can also make sama ke rice ki idli, sama rice khichdi and sama rice kheer recipe.

in india, fasting rules varies from community to community. its always better to check with your family members before deciding the menu. while making this samvat pulao, i have added whole garam masala and curry leaves. but some families, don’t use garam masala and curry leaves during fasting. so you can skip adding whole garam masala and curry leaves. if in doubt then please ask elders in your family about the fasting do’s and dont’s.

vrat ke chawal ka pulao or samvat pulao recipe

if you are looking for more fasting recipes then do check sabudana khichdi, singhare ki puri, jeera alookaddu ki sabzi, vrat wale aloo and rajgira paratha recipe.

vrat ke chawal ka pulao or samvat pulao recipe below:

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samvat ka pulao
samvat pulao - a simple and easy pulao made with vrat ke chawal/samvat or barnyard millet.
CUISINE: north indian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1 cup sama or vrat ke chawal or barnyard millet
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • ½ inch cinnamon stick
  • 2 green cardamoms
  • 2-3 cloves
  • 3-4 whole black pepper
  • ½ inch ginger + 1 green chili (crushed in a mortar-pestle)
  • 8-10 curry leaves
  • 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
  • 2 tbsp peanuts
  • 2 medium potatoes, peeled & cubed
  • 8-10 whole cashews
  • 8-10 almonds
  • 2 tbsp oil or ghee
  • 2.5 to 3 cups water
  • 1 tbsp chopped coriander for garnish
  • rock salt/sendha namak as required
  • lemon juice and lemon wedges as required
  1. rinse the sama or barnyard millet a couple of times in water like the way we rinse rice.
  2. soak in enough water for 20-30 minutes.
  3. dry roast the peanuts on a pan or in the oven till they become crunchy.
  4. coarsely powder them in a mortar-pestle or in a dry grinder.
  5. heat oil or ghee.
  6. add all the whole spices - cumin, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and black pepper.
  7. saute till the oil become fragrant and the cumin crackles.
  8. add the crushed ginger-green chili and saute for half a minute on a low flame.
  9. add the cubed potatoes & curry leaves, chopped coriander leaves and saute for 3-4 minutes on a low flame.
  10. now add the peanuts powder and stir.
  11. drain the sama rice and add to the sauted mixture.
  12. stir.
  13. add water & salt and pressure cook for 4-5 whistles till the water is absorbed and the millet grains are cooked.
  14. when the pulao is cooking, you can dry roast the cashews and almonds. when they are cooled, slice or chop them.
  15. when serving the samvat pulao, garnish with the dry fruits and coriander leaves.
  16. when serving also sprinkle some lemon juice in the pulao. you can also keep some lemon wedges by the side of the samvat pulao while serving.
if you are not making the samvat pulao for fasting, then you can add peas, cauliflower, beans to the pulao.

i wanted the millet grains to have a good soft texture so have added 3 cups water. please reduce the water to 2.5 cups for a more separate texture.

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  1. Kishor Dutt says

    I want to purchase the Sama Grain and Millet but cannot find it any where. If you are selling these products please give me cost of purchase and shipping. My location is Sacramento, CA 95832′. Thank you.

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    This looks so good. I love your photos and your website. My husband and I moved to India from the US about a month ago, and I was definitely surprised at how different the availability of ingredients is. So I have to adapt and learn Indian cooking. I used to cook a lot in the US, but not Indian food. I love your recipes and a lot of them seem easy enough for me to try. It’s just a matter of finding the ingredients, which should be easy since I live in India now. 😉 I have saved several of your recipes. Thank you for an awesome website.