pomegranate raita recipe, how to make pomegranate raita recipe

pomegranate raita recipe

pomegranate raita is a pleasant fruity raita. like all the other raita recipes, this pomegranate raita too is very simple and easy to prepare. fresh pomegranate arils in a creamy sweet spiced yogurt base in a raita, that is as good as a sweet dessert.

for our sweet tastebuds, we prefer sweet with sweet. however, if you prefer the salty version, then just don’t add sugar to the raita. but do spice it up with roasted cumin powder, black pepper and some chaat masala for that extra pep.

if making a salty version, then just add black salt or rock salt as required in the raita along with all the three spice powders mentioned above. if making for fasting, than add rock salt only.

there are few more variations of making pomegranate raita… like some people add pomegranate juice or boiled potatoes or finely chopped onions and cucumber to the raita. i have kept this pomegranate raita plain and simple as we like this way. but you can try and experiment with your raita recipe.

this pomegranate raita is so good that you can have it plain. you can also serve it as a side dish with a veg biryani, veg pulao, yakhni pulao, saffron rice or even jeera rice.

pomegranate raita even goes well with indian chaat snacks like aloo tikki chole, papdi chaat, ragda patties and dahi sev batata puri.

pomegranate raita

if you are looking for more raita recipes then do check pineapple raita, boondi raita, onion tomato raita, palak raita and cucumber raita.

pomegranate raita recipe below:

pomegranate raita
pomegranate raita - sweet raita made with fresh pomegranates and spiced with roasted cumin powder, black pepper and chaat masala.
CUISINE: indian
INGREDIENTS (measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)
  • 1.5 cups chilled yogurt, dairy or vegan
  • ¾ cup fresh pomegranate arils/anardana
  • ½ tsp roasted cumin powder
  • ¼ tsp black pepper powder
  • a pinch of red chili powder or as required
  • ¼ tsp chaat masala powder (optional)
  • a pinch of black salt or rock salt (add rock salt if making for fasting or vrat)
  • sugar as required
  • a few coriander or mint leaves for garnish
  1. whisk the yogurt till smooth.
  2. season with the spice powders, salt and and sugar.
  3. stir till sugar is dissolved.
  4. add the pomegranate arils and reserve a few for garnish.
  5. stir and pour the raita in serving bowls and garnish with the pomegranate pearls and coriander or mint leaves.
  6. you can also chill and serve the pomegranate raita later.
while making pomegranate raita for kids, skip the black pepper powder and red chili powder.

if using cashew yogurt, then to get a sour taste in the yogurt (as cashew yogurt has a sweet taste) add ½ tsp lemon juice or as required.

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      either make your own or you can buy them online or at indian grocery store. just dry roast some cumin seeds in a pan till they become aromatic. when cooled, powder them fine in a coffee grinder or a dry grinder. store in an air tight bottle at room temperature.

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    This is just what I need. It’s so here and I could definitely do with some cooling, smooth yogurt with pomegranate. This looks delicious!