paan gulkand drink recipe – betel leaves drink or paan shots recipe

by dassana amit updated February 10, 2014

paan gulkand drink

i call this drink – paan gulkand drink.

this was again shared by my mom. she had seen this drink on some tv channel. she has made it so many times since then and recommended me highly too make it. every time i met her or called her, she had to ask me whether i made this drink. i always said no.

finally, i decided to make and glad i did. i brought the fresh paan leaves from a flower shop to make these. if you live in india, you can easily get these leaves from a paan shop or a flower market.

paan gulkand drink recipe

so as you see by the title, this paan gulkand drink is made from paan or betel leaves. the leaves are pureed. betel leaves have complex flavors. you have to taste it to experience what i am saying. they have a hint of everything… sweet, bitter, astringent, lemony, minty and so many other flavors.

paan or betel leaves

here the sweetener used is gulkand – rose petal preserve which is made in india. gulkand is a cooling ingredient and is recommended as well as used in some ayurvedic medicines. apart from these two cooling ingredients  the third cooling one is sabza or basil seeds.

in the absence of gulkand, use sugar and add some rose syrup or rooh afza. in the pic below you see the pureed betel leaves, the soaked basil seeds and the gulkand. the gulkand was removed from the fridge and was frozen.

paan gulkand sabza

and lastly milk is added. i have used almond milk. all these made this paan gulkand drink super cooling and very refreshing. not to forget its healthy too. the drink tastes similar to falooda. the drink has a faint green color with the myriad paan flavors coupled with rose fragrance & flavors.

paan gulkand drink recipe

i had no idea that betel leaves can be used in such a way. i always know that betel leaves are usually used in india to make paan – a formulation with various stuff that makes these very addictive and with adverse health effects. the adverse side affects is mainly because of the addition of areca nut/supari in the paan.

whereas, betel leaves has got many medicinal properties and is used for last 2000 years in south east asian countries. they helps in curing respiratory disorders like bad breath and cough. they also help during headaches and constipation and also have diuretic properties. betal leaves are known for their aromatic stimulant properties.

paan gulkand drink recipe

overall, i would recommend you to try this drink if you love experimenting and open for new drinks with an acquired taste like jal jeera. it has a little unusual taste. indians who have eaten paan will immediately recognize the paan taste in this drink. if you love eating paan then i am sure you will like this drink.

if you are looking for more beverages then do check mango milkshake, banana milkshake, sweet punjabi lassi, shikanji and tulsi green tea.

paan gulkand drink recipe details below:

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paan gulkand drink
Prep time
Total time
paan gulkand drink – a summer cooler made with pureed betel leaves, gulkand and almond milk along with basil seeds.
Recipe type: beverages
Cuisine: indian
Serves: 3
  • 6-7 betel leaves/paan – gives approx ⅓ or ½ cup of puree
  • 4 cups chilled almond milk or cow’s milk or 3 cups of milk + 1 cup chilled water
  • ½ tbsp basil seeds/sabza soaked in enough water
  • 1 tbsp rose syrup or rooh afza (optional)
  • 4-5 tbsp gulkand or as required
  • 2 to 3 tbsp of chopped dry fruits – almonds, pistachios, cashews, dry figs etc (optional)
  1. rinse the betel leaves well in water.
  2. in a small blender, puree the betel leaves with some water.
  3. in a bowl or jar, mix the betel leaves puree and almond milk.
  4. stir well.
  5. now add the gulkand and stir well again.
  6. strain the soaked sabza seeds and add these.
  7. stir in the rose syrup or rooh afza.
  8. add the chopped dry fruits.
  9. mix well and serve the paan gulkand drink in tall glasses.
  10. you can also chill the drink and serve paan gulkand drink later.

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priya May 31, 2013 1

Hi There,

I enjoy your recipes.. thank you for your ideas… your pics makes it look even easier to try them out..

In this one.. at what stage do you add the gulkand?


dassana June 1, 2013 2

hi priya, you add the gulkand after you add the milk. will update in the post too. thanks.


kirti September 21, 2013 3

hiiiii dassana,
tried this out…taste was divine….did one mistake used the blender …coz of this cream appeared in milk…thanks a lot…i just came across ur blog n tried paneer butter masala …i just can’t stop myself from trying more of ur recipes…simple descriptive n delicious…hearty thanks to u


dassana September 21, 2013 4

thanks kirti for trying this recipe as well. blender is alright. may be the the milk got blended too much, hence the cream. however even with the cream, the drink is delicious :-)
do try some more recipes :-)


Charul @ Tadka Masala May 26, 2013 5

Such a refreshing dish! :)


Neetu Gupta May 24, 2013 6

I have tasted it in a restaurant and it was very refreshing. Though my husband did not like it.
Thanks for sharing the recipe.


dassana May 24, 2013 7

this drink has little unusual taste and some people will like it and some will not.


Raks May 22, 2013 8

Very new to me, sounds really interesting. Lovely shots


prathibha May 21, 2013 9

I just love this and is called as Pan shots in many restaurants in Mumbai,best way to finish up the meal..I too make this and I use vanilla ice cream and avoid sabza seeds,I wish I could get a shot now..


dassana May 21, 2013 10

thanks prathibha. nice to know more about this paan drink. i think paan shot is a better name to this drink as it has a punch.


sangeeta May 21, 2013 11

Lovely drink. Something I would die for :-)
Been having subza in Delhi heat with all possible herb iced teas, works wonders.


Divya May 21, 2013 12

Looks gorgeous,first time I’m seeing betel leaves being used this way!


Vimitha May 20, 2013 13

Very healthy drink. Surely will give a try


Radhika Vasanth May 20, 2013 14

I have been wanting to try something different with pan and this will be the first thing that I would want to make


Divya Shivaraman May 20, 2013 15

I loved this….got to collect pan leaves to try this for sure….am bookmarking…this is sure a rich dish with calcium as for i know because of pan leaves