Glossary of Legumes, Lentils or Pulses in English & Hindi

by dassana amit updated December 30, 2013

Glossary of Legumes Lentils

The Glossary of legumes and lentils or pulses used mainly in Indian Cuisine is presented here. The first column consists of their names in English, whilst the second column consists of their names translated in Hindi.The names of the legumes, lentils are listed in an alphabetical order.

Just for your information :-

  • In Hindi, the word ‘ Sabut’ is used for lentils which are whole.
  • The word ‘ Dal ‘ is used for spilt lentils.
  • The word ‘ Dhuli ‘ is used for spilt and skinned lentils.

English – Hindi

  1. Bengal gram flour – Besan
  2. Bengal gram spilt and skinned – Chana dal, Chane ki dal
  3. Bengal gram whole – Kala Chana, Chana
  4. Black eyed beans, Cow peas – Lobhiya, lobiya, chawli, chavli
  5. Black peas – kala vatana.
  6. Black gram skinned – Urad dhuli
  7. Black gram split – Urad chilka
  8. Black gram whole – Urad sabut, urad saboot,
  9. Chick peas, Garbanzo beans – Kabuli Channa, Safed Chole, Chole
  10. Field bean – Val
  11. Green gram dal – Moong dal
  12. Green gram split – Moong chilka
  13. Green Gram Whole – Moong sabut , Mung sabut
  14. Horse gram – Kulthi
  15. Lentil Dal, Pink Lentil – Masoor dal, masar dal, masur dal
  16. Moth Bean – Moth, matki, mataki
  17. Peas – Mutter, matar, mattar
  18. Peas spilt, green peas spilt – matar dal, green matar dal
  19. Pigeon peas spilt and skinned – Arhar, tuvar, toor, tur dal
  20. Red Kidney Beans – Rajma
  21. Soyabean – Bhatma

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gaye hatfield December 29, 2013 1


Just wondering if I could use toor dahl in place of moong dahl for Korean pancakes. They are called Bindaetteok (Korean Mung Bean Pancakes). I guess it must be the amount of carbohydrate in the beans that hold them together. Not sure.


dassana amit December 31, 2013 2

with toor dal, the taste would be different. i suggest using both toor dal and chana dal. you can even make only with chana dal.


manpreet December 16, 2013 3

i m thankful


dassana amit December 16, 2013 4

welcome manpreet


nazli July 8, 2013 5


Is french Lentil the same thing as moong whole ?

The other day i ate a fish dish prepared with french lentils, I wanted to try the dish at home and closest lentil in color and size was moong whole, any thought on that ? :)


dassana July 9, 2013 6

nazli, i am not sure about it. so can’t say.


B. D. Bade June 21, 2013 7

Very good information indeed.
However I could not get english name for JAWAS seed. can you please send me.
Thanks & regards
B. D. Bade


dassana June 21, 2013 8

from what i have seen on the web, javas are flax seeds. they are called as alashi in marathi.


Kajal June 12, 2013 9

hw i wished if u hd posted images of the lentils along with their names.. :)neways no problem i wl google it..thanks for posting


dassana June 14, 2013 10

kajal, posting so many images is difficult and slows down the webpage too.


kajal June 14, 2013 11



Lydia D'Souza June 10, 2013 12

What would you call alfalfa seeds in Hindi or Marathi?


dassana June 10, 2013 13

in hindi, these seeds are called as ‘rajko‘. you can also refer below link on alfalfa seeds


Swap May 28, 2013 14

In one of d recipes I read, it was written ‘beans’ so which bean should I consider


dassana May 30, 2013 15

which bean are you referring and which recipe?


gaurav March 5, 2013 16

Thanks..Dassana?? Anyway… thanks so much for this info.


dassana March 5, 2013 17

welcome gaurav.


Deep June 26, 2012 18

Plz correct ,
pigeön pea is not tuvar dal or arhar dal.

As far as i knw it is called as kala chana
or chana dal


dassana June 27, 2012 19

dear deep, pigeon pea is tuvar dal. kala chana is called as bengal gram.


shek November 25, 2010 20