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Chocolate covered strawberries recipe with step by step photos – before the strawberries season go away here, I would like to post this recipe of chocolate covered strawberries.

This is an easy and uncomplicated recipe. Here I have used strawberries to dip in the chocolate, but you can also use fruits like apple, oranges, banana, pineapple, chickoo or pears. use good quality chocolate. It can be white, milk or dark chocolate.

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chocolate dipped strawberries recipe

I have use belgian dark chocolate with 73% cocoa….. and since the chocolate was a tad bitter, I added some fine sugar, but the sugar refused to get dissolve while melting the chocolate!!!

Never mind… We all loved this sweet treat. Few more strawberries recipes on the blog are:

chocolate dipped strawberries

Also use ripe, juicy and sweet strawberries. ensure that the skin is not soft. You can keep the leaves if you want or remove them.

This is one dessert that you can make at home and you don’t need to spend a lot on buying such chocolate desserts from out. You can even dip roasted dry fruits like almonds, cashews and pistachios with chocolate.

How to make chocolate dipped strawberries

1. First chop or break the chocolate and take them in a bowl along with oil. You can either microwave the chocolate or melt them in a double boiler.

melted chocolate in a bowl

2. Let the melted chocolate becomes warm. Rinse and wipe dry the strawberries completely. There should be no trace of water on the berries. pick the strawberry with its stem and dip in the chocolate. Cover 3/4 or fully. If there is no stem, then insert a toothpick in the strawberries and dip them in the chocolate with the help of the toothpick.

melted chocolate

3. Roll the chocolate covered strawberry on desiccated coconut. You can also use a coarse mixture of almonds, cashews or pistachios.

chocolate covered strawberry on desiccated coconut

4. On an aluminum foiled lined tray place the strawberries and let them cool.

Strawberries On an aluminum foiled lined tray

5. Once they are completely cooled at room temperature, keep them in the fridge so that they set completely. Serve chocolate covered strawberries plain or as a topping on cakes, puddings or mousse.

chocolate covered strawberries recipe
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STEP BY STEP PHOTOS ABOVEMany of my recipes have detailed step by step photos and useful tips to help you make it easily and perfectly.

chocolate covered strawberries

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Yum chocolate strawberries where juicy strawberries are coated in melted dark chocolate. 
chocolate covered strawberries recipe
Author:Dassana Amit
Prep Time:15 mins
Total Time:15 mins
Servings (change the number to scale):12 to 15 strawberries covered chocolate
(1 CUP = 250 ML)


  • 12 to 15 medium to large sized strawberries
  • 100 to 125 grams dark chocolate
  • 2 to 3 tablespoon unsweetened dessicated coconut
  • powdered sugar as required (optional)
  • ½ tablespoon oil or butter at room temperature


  • Chop the chocolate first. Take the chocolate and oil in a bowl.
  • If using microwave for melting the chocolate, follow the below steps.
  • On microwave 80 power, melt the chocolate for 2.5 to 3 minutes.
  • Even after removing, the chocolate will continue to melt, so be careful as you don't want the chocolate to become tough and thick.
  • Keep on checking after a minute or so and stir with a wooden spoon before keeping to microwave again.
  • You can also boil the chocolate in a double boiler.
  • Rinse the strawberries and dry them completely with a kitchen towel.
  • Place an aluminium foil or butter paper or parchment paper on a tray or plate.
  • If using desicatted coconut then spread some coconut on a plate.
  • Dip each strawberry in the chocolate and cover it 3/4th or fully.
  • Now roll the strawberry in the dessicated coconut. Place it on the aluminium foil.
  • Do this for all the strawberries. Don't move or disturb them.
  • Let the chocolate cool at room temperature. Keep this tray in the fridge.
  • Refrigerate the strawberries till the chocolate sets.
  • Serve chocolate covered strawberries plain or use as these chocolate covered strawberries as a topping for cakes, custards or mousse.
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  1. nice recipe

  2. Tangy-sweet combination….
    looks and taste delicious.5 stars

  3. Wow irresistible…. so tempting…

  4. Hi,
    Wishing you Happy Womens Day !!!!

    I tried this recipe today and shared it with my office friends on Womens Day..
    They all just loved it. 🙂
    Thankyou for sharing this recipe.I really like all your dishes.Your Blog has made cooking very creative,easy and fun.

    Neeta5 stars

    • same to you neeta. thanks for all the positive comments. glad to know your office friends loved the chocolate covered strawberries.

  5. Hi,

    Superrrb.. will definitely try this.. 🙂 I had told you once that any strawberry dish tastes like medicine. But with chocolate.. yummmmmmmmm 🙂

    • i remember janhavi. with chocolate, strawberries don’t taste like medicine 🙂

  6. This is one of the easiest, simple and delicious desserts ever! A real treat and I often make them for last minute parties. I use white chocolate since my little one loves white chocolate.
    Your strawberries look yummy!

  7. so how was the taste dassana because strawberry is tangy and chocolate is sweet ?

    • in india we get too tangy strawberries. so the taste was tangy & sweet, it was khatta meetha 🙂

  8. I made these recently, and somehow it did not click me at all that I can probably insert a tooth-pick and make the messy work so much easy. Thanks for that tip. 🙂

    • welcome charul.