Besan ke Laddu Recipe (Easy Diwali Sweet)

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Besan Ladoo is a popular Indian sweet made from gram flour a.k.a besan, powdered sugar and clarified butter (ghee). Also known as Besan ke Laddu these are round sweet balls made by roasting gram flour and ghee together, and then adding sugar to make a thick pasty dough – that is then formed into delicious, melt-in-your-mouth balls. Make this decadent sweet during festivals like Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi with my easy fail-proof recipe.

besan ke laddu placed in a brass container with a dark pink doily at the side and a glass diya on the top

What is Besan Ladoo

Besan is gram flour which is nothing but flour made from split and husked black chickpeas or chana dal. Gram flour is different from chickpea flour that is made with dried white chickpeas. Both have a different texture and flavor.

There are many ladoo varieties, but besan ke laddu is one of the most popular, especially during festivals like Diwali.

This recipe of besan ladoo is made with an easy method. Generally, the most important part of making a tasty laddu is the roasting method. 

The ingredients need to be roasted enough so that they are cooked thoroughly which also releases their aromatic flavors. Proper roasting also helps in getting the correct dough consistency so that the balls will form and stay together. 

Once you have that down, the rest of this recipe is easy! The roasting method I outline in this post, along with the tips below, will have you making tasty ladoo in no time.

My trick is to dry roast the besan or gram flour first and then add the ghee after some time, opposed to adding the ghee right away.

You then continue to roast it further until it starts giving a nutty fragrance before adding the sugar. Be sure to continue stirring constantly so that no lumps form. 

I learned the roasting method I use in this recipe from my mother-in-law, who has been making tasty besan ke laddu for years. 

Although it is easy, patience is required so that you don’t roast the ingredients too quickly. Patience and a strong stirring arm!

This foolproof method will give you a laddu with the perfect sweet taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture every time. 

besan laddu kept in a round circle on a round brass plate on a dark pink doily

An Alternative Method

If you are looking for a challenge, there is an alternative method to the foolproof one used in this recipe and it gives the laddu a slightly different texture.

This second method, the besan or gram flour is roasted in ghee right away until it starts giving a nutty fragrance.

With the ghee added first there is even more stirring required to ensure that the mixture doesn’t get lumpy and has the right final texture.

For this reason, it is a slightly trickier method and is not recommended for beginners.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Besan Ladoo Recipe

Find below my detailed step-by-step guide which will help you in making perfect besan ke laddu.

Roast Besan

1. Take a heavy kadai or wok or pan and keep on a low heat. Add 2 cups besan (200 grams) in the kadai.

Use besan or gram flour which is within its shelf-period. Make sure it does not taste bitter or has become rancid.

besan (gram flour) added in a heavy kadai or wok

2. Begin to dry roast besan on low to medium-low heat.

begin to roasting besan

3. Stir often so that besan gets browned evenly and does not burn. When you begin to roast besan, you will see small lumps in the flour. These lumps disappear later. 

besan being roasted

4. Below you can see, the besan which has been roasting for 12 mins. You can see the color has changed as compared to what it was in the beginning.

besan is well roasted

Roast Ghee With Besan

5. Then add ½ cup ghee (125 grams). Preferably use the best quality and fragrant desi ghee – Homemade Ghee is always better.

added ghee (clarified butter) to the roasted besan

6. Mix thoroughly.

ghee mixed very well with the besan

7. Continue to stir often and cook this mixture of besan and ghee.

stirring this ghee and besan mixture often while roasting

8. Keep on roasting for about a total of 12 to 15 minutes stirring non-stop. Depending on the thickness & size of pan, intensity of flame the timing of roasting will vary.

mixture color has changed and thickened

9. The mixture will thicken and the color will also change.

mixture still being roasted

10. Soon you will see that the mixture will start releasing ghee and will give a nice fragrant aroma. Some ghee will float on top and and you will see a molten lava kind of consistency where the ghee is floating. 

The mixture will also loose sides of the pan and become one. These are the signs that the besan is fully cooked.

If you add the sugar before the besan is cooked fully then your ladoo will have the taste of uncooked besan. So pay attention to these signs. Once you see these signs, you can move on to the next step.

mixture is roasted well

Make Laddu Mixture

11. Remove the kadai or pan from the stove and keep on your kitchen countertop. Add 1 cup powdered sugar or castor sugar or boora (175 grams) and stir well so that no lumps are formed.

You will get the best taste in besan laddu with boora or powdered unrefined cane sugar which is easily available in Indian markets and many grocery stores. For this recipe I powdered ¾ cup sugar in a mixer.

powdered sugar added to the roasted besan and ghee mixture

12. After adding sugar mix really well. Begin to mix with all the strength from your hands. You have to mix this part vigorously so that the powdered sugar melts in the flour and ghee mixture. 

sugar being mixed

13. Mix very well. The entire sugar has to be mixed evenly with the roasted besan and ghee mixture.

sugar has been mixed very well

14. Add the 1 to 2 tablespoons raisins (chopped), 1 teaspoon green cardamom powder and 10 to 12 cashews which have been finely chopped.

You can use any nuts like almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts. Just finely chop them before adding.

nuts and dry fruits added

15. Mix again very well and let the ladoo mixture become lukewarm or cool at room temperature.

Mixed again and letting the besan ladoo mixture cool at room temperature

Make Besan Laddu

16. Then shape into medium-sized ladoo with your palms. If you are not able to shape in balls then freeze the mixture for 5 minutes or refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Depending on the quality and consistency of ghee as well as the room temperature you may be able to easily shape these or not.

If the mixture looks very dry then add 2 to 3 tablespoon of hot melted ghee and mix again. Let the mixture cool again and then shape into laddu. 

besan ke laddu shaped in neat balls from the mixture

17. Store besan ladoo in an airtight steel container.

besan ke laddu placed in a steel container

18. Serve Besan Ladoo. While serving you can garnish with some chopped nuts or cashews like I have done.

besan ke laddu placed in a brass container and a glass diya (glass lamp) on the top left side

How to store Homemade Besan Ladoo

Besan ke laddu keeps well for a month and more at room temperature. Keep in a clean air-tight jar or container in a cool dry place. You can use a steel jar.

In a highly humid and hot temperature, refrigerate them. Refrigeration makes the laddu dense or hard as the ghee in it solidifies. Before eating let the laddu come at room temperature, so that the ghee softens.

If you live in a cold place, then reheat the laddu in an oven at low temperature of about to 77 to 93 degrees Celsius (170 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit) until the ghee softens and the ladoo becomes lukewarm.

Expert Tips

  1. Roasting Besan: It is very important to roast the besan (gram flour) very well until it starts releasing ghee and also starts giving a nutty fragrance. Roast the gram flour on low or medium-low heat and keep on stirring continuously. Depending on the pan thickness, size and intensity of flame, the timing of roasting will vary.
  2. Besan: This recipe works well with both the finer textured besan as well as the coarser textured besan. If you make the ladoo with the coarser variety of besan, the texture of the ladoo will be grainy.
  3. Sugar: The sugar that is traditionally added is what we call “boora” or “bura” in Hindi. Boora is ground unrefined sugar and made with sugar which is not processed or bleached, but nowadays you can also see boora made with refined sugar in the Indian markets.
  4. Powdered Sugar: You can even add powdered sugar or confectioner’s sugar or castor sugar to your besan ladoo recipe. But with castor sugar or powdered white sugar the taste is different as some brands add corn starch in them. Most of the times I powder raw sugar in a mixer-grinder. For this besan ladoo recipe I have powdered ¾ cup sugar in a mixer that yields about 1 heaped cup of powdered sugar.
  5. Adding Sugar: If you add the sugar before the besan is completely cooked then the laddu will have the taste of undercooked besan. Also, once you add the sugar then stir continuously so that no lumps are formed.
  6. Shaping and Forming Ladoo: If you are unable to form the besan ladoo once the mixture has cooled completely, then keep the mixture in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes. The ghee will solidify a bit and you will easily be able to form the ladoo. If the mixture looks to dry or floury while shaping laddu, then add 2 to 3 tablespoons of warm melted ghee. Mix well and let the mixture cool again before shaping. 
  7. Scaling: Double or triple this besan ladoo recipe and store the extra in an airtight steel container for a quick and easy snack or dessert all week.


Besan ladoo is a great kid-friendly sweet as it has a great taste along with the health benefits of the gram flour.

To make besan ladoo recipe even more healthy, you can add dry fruits and nuts like almonds, raisins, cashews, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts or pistachios.

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besan ke laddu, besan ladoo

Easy Besan ke Laddu Recipe

Besan Ladoo or Besan ke Laddu is a popular Indian sweet made during festivals. These are round sweet balls made with gram flour a.k.a besan, powdered sugar and clarified butter (ghee).
4.94 from 136 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine North Indian
Course Sweets
Diet Gluten Free, Vegetarian
Difficulty Level Moderate
Servings 15 besan ladoo


  • 2 cups gram flour (besan) – 200 grams
  • ½ cup Ghee (clarified butter) – 125 grams, add more ghee, if required
  • 1 cup powdered sugar (heaped) or boora or castor sugar or confectioner's sugar – 175 grams (powder ¾ cup white sugar or raw sugar in a mixer-grinder, small blender)
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom powder or 5 to 6 green cardamoms, powdered in a mortar-pestle
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons golden raisins – chopped
  • 10 to 12 cashews – finely chopped


Roasting besan

  • Dry roast the besan in a heavy kadai or pan on low to medium-low heat for about 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Keep on stirring continuously right from the beginning. So that the besan is not burned and cooks evenly.

Adding ghee and roasting further

  • After 12 minutes of total roasting time, add the ghee.
  • Mix very well and continue roasting the besan for some more 12 to 15 minutes stirring non-stop.
  • You will see that the mixture will start releasing ghee and will give a nice fragrant nutty aroma.
    Some ghee will float on top and and you will see a molten lava kind of consistency where the ghee is floating. 
    The mixture will also loose sides of the pan and become one. These are the signs that the besan is fully cooked.
    Once you see these signs, you can move on to the next step.
  • Remove the pan from the stove-top and place it on your kitchen countertop. Add powdered sugar.

Adding powdered sugar

  • Begin to mix with all the strength from your hands. You have to mix this part vigorously so that the powdered sugar melts in the roasted besan and ghee mixture and no lumps are formed.
  • Add the powdered cardamom, raisins and cashews. Mix again.
  • Once you have mixed the ladoo mixture well then let it become lukewarm or cool at room temperature.

Making besan ladoo

  • When cooled, make small or medium-sized besan ladoo and store them in an airtight steel container.
    If you are not able to shape in balls then freeze the mixture for 5 minutes or refrigerate for 20 minutes.
    Depending on the quality and consistency of ghee as well as the room temperature you may be able to easily shape these or not.
  • Serve besan ladoo garnished with some nuts.


  • Besan laddu keeps well at room temperature for a month. Keep in a clean covered jar or container in a cool dry place. You can use a steel jar.
  • You can refrigerate these. But on refrigerating the ghee in the laddu solidifies making them dense or hard. So before serving, let them thaw completely.



  • Besan: You can use both the finer variety of besan or the coarser textured besan. Just ensure that the besan is fresh and has not gone rancid.
  • Roasting: The besan has to be roasted very well so that it starts releasing ghee and gives a nutty fragrance. Roast the gram flour on low to medium-low heat and keep on stirring non-stop. Depending on the pan thickness, size and intensity of flame, the time of roasting will differ.
  • Sugar: The sugar that is traditionally added is called as”boora” or “bura” in Hindi. Boora is basically ground unrefined sugar. It is made with sugar which is not processed or bleached, but nowadays you do get boora made with refined sugar in the Indian markets. You can even add powdered sugar or castor sugar or confectioner’s sugar. Most of the times I powder raw sugar in a mixer and add. With castor sugar or powdered white sugar the taste is different as some companies add cornstarch in them.
  • Adding sugar: If you add sugar into the gram flour before it is roasted well, then the uncooked gram flour will have a raw taste in the finished ladoo and you won’t get the perfect sweet taste. Also, once you add the sugar then stir continuously so that no lumps are formed.
  • Shaping: If you are unable to form the besan ladoo once the mixture has cooled completely, then keep the mixture in the fridge for 20 minutes. The ghee will solidify a bit and you will easily be able to form the ladoo. If the mixture looks to dry or hard, then add 2 to 3 tablespoon of hot melted ghee and mix again. Let the mixture cool again and then shape into laddu. 
  • Scaling: You can easily double or triple this recipe and store the extra laddu in an airtight steel container for a quick and easy snack or dessert all week.
  • Nuts & Dry fruits: You can add nuts like almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts and pecans. You can even add a pinch of saffron strands. 
  • Note that the approximate nutrition values is for 1 besan laddu.

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Easy Besan ke Laddu Recipe
Amount Per Serving (1 besan ladoo)
Calories 155 Calories from Fat 63
% Daily Value*
Fat 7g11%
Saturated Fat 4g25%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 2g
Cholesterol 15mg5%
Sodium 11mg0%
Potassium 151mg4%
Carbohydrates 18g6%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 10g11%
Protein 4g8%
Vitamin A 7IU0%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 1mg5%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin C 1mg1%
Vitamin E 1mg7%
Vitamin K 2µg2%
Calcium 9mg1%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 70µg18%
Iron 1mg6%
Magnesium 30mg8%
Phosphorus 58mg6%
Zinc 1mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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This Besan Ladoo recipe post from the archives, first published in Oct 2013 has been republished and updated on 21 October 2022.

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  1. Hi have tried many recipes but i guess yrs worked out good but I still have to do something about the texture.

    First I added more ghee, ½ cup was less.
    How do I make it look more silky like yours.

    1. Thanks. The amount of ghee will vary with the quality and texture of besan and also the quality and consistency of ghee. You can always add more ghee if unable to form the ladoo. The glossy, silky appearance is due to ghee only and also because of using finely ground besan. Hope this helps.

  2. Is it okay to add sugar when the mixture is hot or shall I wait for the mixture to cool down ?

  3. Hi Dassana,
    vegrecipesofindia has been my go to site for years ! I tried making besan laddoos yesterday and they turned out awesome ! Thank you ! Sushma

    1. Hi Sushma, thank a lot. Also thanks for the feedback on the recipe and good to know. Most welcome and happy cooking.

  4. Thank you for the recipe… The ladoo turned to be Super tasty.. god bless you🙏🙏5 stars

    1. Thank you Isha for the feedback and rating on the recipe. Thanks for your kind wishes too.

  5. First time I tried it did not turn out well the next time I tried it turned out really well everyone really liked it.Thank you for this recipe .4 stars

  6. Hello Dassana 🙂
    Great blog,great recipes ..
    For how many days do these laddoos stay good..??

    1. hi ashley, thanks a lot. besan ladoo stays good for a couple of months.

  7. Hello Dassana!

    as I said in my last comment, I have made the ladoos following your recipe.

    First I made some ghee, then I made boora by following some videos; mine turned out too clumpy, and it took me ages to break apart, until I realized I could use a blender…
    I roasted kishmish and cashews in ghee to give them some more taste, and I used a lot more than you suggested, as they seemed too little for the amount of flour.

    Anyways, I set off roasting the besan flour, and added the ghee after a while as you suggested.
    Now the problems started arising; I made exactly 3/4 cups of ghee, but even though I added all of it, the flour just absorbed it all right away and was incredibly crumbly.
    Yours looked like a paste, but no matter how much I mixed, it would still be crumbly. I should have made more ghee!

    I added the sugar and had a hard time melting it in the dough, but finally managed it, trying to mix and squish the crumbs.
    After adding cashews, raisins, and cardamon, and mixing them in, came the hardest part.
    The dough looked like it dried up even more and there was no way it could hold its shape, so my mom suggested to add some water and work it as a standard dough.

    I was pretty discouraged after nothing I made looked like your pictures, and I was unsure about adding water, but I didn’t have many other possibilities.
    So I went on and managed to form balls, adding more water when required.

    From start to finish, it took me about 4 and a half hours… I’m that slow.
    After they cooled down I tried them out, and well… I didn’t like them. Nor did my parents. I felt pretty bummed at this point, after all that work and following directions, the result wasn’t even satisfying.

    Two days later, I brought one to work to let my indian colleague taste it, and tell her about how I failed completely; yet, to my surprise, she actually liked it and ate all of it!
    Apparently everything was OK and adding water after cooking didn’t affect the taste or the consistency.
    The next day I ate two of them in a row, and then I stopped liking them once again. I guess I’m just not used to the taste.

    I had some relief, I managed to make some besan ladoos after all, I simply don’t like them and gave them all to my colleague 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind these long comments!

    Thanks for the recipes,

    D5 stars

    1. hi D, you can write long comments. no issues there. i feel here it is more of the tastes we have grown up with and accustomed too. the sugar was the culprit. i also grind sugar in a blender or grinder and never have any issues. the sugar powder has a fine texture and not at all clumpy. good to read that your colleague approved of the taste and texture and liked them. this means that the besan ladoo has turned good. some water and milk can always be added if the ladoo do not bind well. welcome.

      1. Hello Dassana,

        I was updated on the ladoos, and even her family liked them and wished there were more! That’s very surprising because, as she tells me, she’s the only one to eat indian sweets when travelling back to India whereas her family doesn’t want them.
        Maybe it was the surprise of finding ladoos far away from home!

        Is there any way to embed a picture in the comments? Maybe Amit could help here 🙂


        D5 stars

        1. hi D, thanks for replying back. there is way pictures can be embedded in the comments, but we don’t implement as then the page becomes heavy to load with many images from the readers. as it is adding step by step images also makes the pages heavy.

          hope this helps. happy cooking.

      2. Hello Dassana,

        wow, so many dishes I couldn’t even imagine!
        I’m discovering a world, here.

        I see, the page already contains many images, and procedural loading helps a lot.

        I will try out the chilla, it looks inviting and easy to make; I only have to buy cumin, fresh ginger, and coriander.

        I will report the results, thanks!

        p.s.: if I posted a link to an image hosted elsewhere, would it be picked up by the automatic comment filter, or can I do that? I could use Imgur to host pictures and just add a link in the comment

        D5 stars

        1. hi D, thank you. yes, making the chilla will be the easiest. i hope you like the taste. it is savory and spiced. sure do let me know.

          if a link is posted, the comment filter directs it to spam. it is the software that we use. many times even simple comments from readers without any links go in the spam folder. i am not sure what the program detects as spammy. i will check your comment from the spam folder and remove it. so you can add an imgur link in the comment. but later when replying, i will have to remove the link so as to tell that the program that is not a spam.

  8. I have never seen a ladoo before, so, I was wondering, how wide is a medium-sized ladoo? Two centimeters across… about? The one in the photo looks huge, perhaps four centimeters across, but I think it more likely that you have delicate hands. I want to make this and want to do it right.

    1. a medium-sized ladoo will be about 4 to 4.5 centimetres. the ones in the photo are not huge and about the 4 to 4.5 centimeters. hope this helps.

  9. Thanks Dassana… I tried making these laddos today and they were so amazing ! I’ve tried so many of your recipes.. and they always turn out so nice.
    Thanks a ton !!5 stars

  10. I have tried this recipe earlier. Buy it never turned out so perfect. I used organic jaggery. It is perfect and yummy. When I added ghee, its consistency was bit loose, once I added jaggery, it was perfect. Thanks a lot.5 stars

  11. I’ve recently started cooking and being a vegetarian, your blog has become my go to option for anything and everything. Every single one of your recipe is awesome and really easy to prepare. Thanks a lot

    1. thanks a lot lekshmi. so glad to read your feedback. wish you all the best. thanks again and happy cooking.

  12. Your recipes are so fine n yummy easy to cook with step by step process…my family loves it. I was not knowing the cooking but to cook with your step by step .learned to cook n my cooked food is loved by everyone.
    Thanx to you..

    1. that is great megha. thanks for sharing. anyone can learn to cook, if guided well. i am happy that recipes and the step by step instructions are helpful. thanks again. wish you all the best.

  13. Hi ,
    I tried the recipe exactly as guided by you.. i found it very easy to make as you have given all the steps in detailed.
    Color, texture and binding all the phase become easier by watching steps…the only problem which i found is in content of ghee which on higher side in my laddo which make it little heavy…
    Thanks5 stars

    1. thanks neha for the detailed feedback and rating on the besan ladoo recipe. i am glad that the pictures and the steps were helpful. ghee has different viscosity and texture depending on the type of milk and also on how it is made. so next time you can add a little less ghee and still the besan ladoo will taste good.

  14. Hi,
    I made this using the 2nd method. I found the 2nd method a lot easier. So thank you.
    Though mine came out really good, I was surprised to see that it was not yellow like yours. I also added ground coconut and almond flour to mine for added texture, and omitted the raisins, since I don’t like raisins. I’m guessing that’s why mine did not release the Ghee as your recipe suggested. Also, I used the basan, mine still has that slight chickpea taste to it. As I already had ground cardamom, I use that rather than grinding my own. Have you any suggestions for me, for the next time I try it?5 stars

    1. indira, you can roast the besan for some more minutes to get a more deep yellow color and also for the slight besan taste to go away. i guess the color was not yellow as both coconut and almond flour were added and this is also the reason that ghee was not visible. you can add some more ghee and sugar when adding additional ingredients to keep a balance in the ratio of ghee, sugar and besan. cardamom can be ground beforehand and then added. hope these tips help.

  15. Hi Dassana,
    Thank you so much for your clearly written recipes with pictures. I made this ladoo recipe but could not form the ladoos as the mixture was too grainy and would not stick together in a round form. Could it be due to the texture of the besan? I used lado besan which was courser grind than the powdered besan.5 stars

    1. Nandini, could be because of the texture of besan. so you need to add more ghee.

  16. Hi

    I always try ur recipe at home and my family members love it and appreciate

    Thanks to u5 stars

    1. thanks arpa. nice to know that your family members like the recipes. welcome and happy cooking.

  17. Hi
    Thanx for all your recipes. You actually tend to make cooking look simpler for people like me who are not agreat cooks :P.
    Thanx a ton. This simple recipe helped me a lot
    Best wishes5 stars

    1. thank you smriti. so glad to read your comment. best wishes to you too and happy cooking.

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    1. thanks a lot sri. so glad to read your comment. i hope you enjoy making these besan ladoo as much as i enjoy them. happy cooking. wish you a happy diwali.

  19. Thank you,It’s an easy and perfect recipe for a beginner like me…I made it5 stars

      1. I tried it 2 times,it’s really tasty n easy recipe,thanks for sharing,keep posting new ones,best luck n happy Diwali to u n ur family4 stars

  20. Hi, tried your ladoos, followed the recipe yet they tasted a lil bit raw n stuck in my mouth..what am I doing wrong

    1. nimmy, the besan has to be roasted well. if it is not roasted well, then the ladoos can stick in the mouth. so while roasting use heavy kadai and roast till the besan changes color and become aromatic. a slight darker color is also fine. roasting besan takes time. its better to roast properly rather than having half roasted besan. also stir the besan non-stop after it begins to change color. hope these tips help.

  21. I just love it.. besan ladoos…N making thise recipe in diwali is just fun..N help mom ????for make it, she also will be happy..????thank you.. N happy diwali.thank you..☺????

  22. Thanks Dassana for the detailed recipe…laddus came out well. Every one in my family liked it.
    I have tried making laddus many times but they always turned out undercooked or burnt.
    This time they came out really good. Thanks once again. Keep up the good work.God bless.5 stars

  23. Tried so many recipes. This receipt is so easy and perfect. Nothing less nothing more5 stars

    1. I did exactly as u said, but the laddoos have bitter taste.. Dont know y and what to do.. I didn’t over roast, or under roast.. Added extrasugar also.. What might be the reason

      1. bitterness could be if the besan flour has got spoiled or on the verge of getting spoiled or the ghee has gone rancid. too much browning can also make laddu bitter but as you mention you did not over roast it, so either the besan or ghee is the culprit.

  24. Hi,

    I have been following your blog from quite some time but this is the first time I am posting a comment. 🙂 First of all, thank youfor your effort for posting the recipes both in text and then with pics. I am a blogger myself so know how time consuming can this be. Now coming to ladoos recipe. Usually my mom makes besan ladoo for me and hers come out this way exactly. This time I thought I’ll give this a try . I did everything as suggested in the post. In fact since I have failed once as I burnt the besan. I used a heavy bottom kadai, slow flame and stirred continuously for more than 30 mins – first 20 mins without ghee and next 20-25 with ghee. Though the color looks exactly the way it should, I feel the taste of besan is still little bit raw. I am not sure why is it so.


    1. thanks aditi for the understanding. for roasting besan, it depends on the type of kadai used. when i say type, i mean the heavy indian kadais, be it aluminium or cast iron work very well for recipes when besan or wheat flour has to be roasted. the kadai has to be heavy. it looks like the besan is not getting roasted. just increase the flame sightless. you can keep it medium low and roast the besan. the color should change. a darker color of besan is also fine, but it should not be raw or kaccha. so try again roasting the besan for some more minutes keeping the flame to medium-low.

      and wish you all the best in your blogging journey.

  25. Hi

    Hope you are doing well .
    I tried it and as usual it came out damn good . Your recipies are really simple and makes me wonder ‘ am i really this good at cooking?’
    Coz I never got a chance to cook and when I had to ….. I found you and life is sorted since then .

    Thank u soo much for sharing your recipies with all of us .

    Vidhi5 stars

    1. Welcome Vidhi. I am fine and hope the same for you. Glad to know that recipes are coming out well and adding to your confidence in cooking. Thanks for your sweet and positive feedback.

  26. I always wanted to prepare besan ladoo and today I was able to prepare the best ever ladoos with your recipe.If you correctly follow this recipe then the ladoos will come out like the ones shown in the picture.I was really happy and surprised to see the results.Thank you so much for the detailed recipe and pictures.It was very informative also!5 stars

    1. Welcome Akhil. Glad to know that this recipe helped you in making besan ladoos. Its an easy recipe. Do try some more recipes and thanks for this awesome feedback.

  27. Hi Dassana
    I made this today…got 15 perfect besan laddoos. One more super recipe from you to bank on ! Many thanks !5 stars

    1. Welcome Jennifer. Thanks for sharing this positive feedback on besan ladoos. Glad to know that you liked the recipe.

  28. Hello Dasanna.
    I need help…tried to make laddu ..but the consistency of batter is more like a gooey halwa…the mixture has nearly reached room temperature…what can be done now?
    Thanx in advance

    1. archana, keep the ladoo mixture in the fridge for 30 to 45 minutes. the ghee will solidify and then you can shape mixture into ladoos.

  29. Excellent and simple reciepe. The ladoo turned out delicious.5 stars

  30. Tried this recipe yesterday. The ladoos were delicious. Thank you for your generosity in sharing all these recipes. Happy Diwali to your family and you.5 stars

    1. Welcome Pavithra. Glad to know that you liked besan ladoo recipe. Happy Diwali to you and your family.

  31. Hello,

    A great fan of your recipies. I made this just now, but the mixture is very greasy and refrains from forming a circle like ladoo instead melts apart. Is there any workaround for this?5 stars

    1. keep in the fridge for some minutes like say 20 to 30 minutes and then try shaping the ladoos.

  32. Hey buddy thank you so much for your amazing recipe……..mene aaj hi bnaya and am so happy ..

    Thanks you & happy diwali brother.

  33. Hi,
    I’m a little confused….do we add sugar immediately after we swtch off the flame or wait for it to cool first? Wont the sugar melt in the hot mix?4 stars

    1. sugar has to be added when the besan is hot. sugar does melt but not like a syrupy solution. as soon as you place the kadai down, add the sugar and mix very well with a spoon.

  34. Hi..can you please give the measurements in grams for these besan ladoos?

    1. 2 cups besan = 200 to 210 grams
      1 cup powdered sugar = 200 grams
      1/2 cup ghee = 125 grams

  35. hi – thanks for the lovely recipe – quick question – does 2 cups flour mean 500 grams of flour? thanks5 stars

    1. welcome vimikolhe. thanks for your positive feedback on besan ladoo recipe.

  36. Hi Ms D

    I have been quite a fan of your site. Thank-you very much for posting these wonderful receipes. However this time i seemed to have done a boo-boo:-{. I think I added too much ghee so it is like a thick paste. Like a dosa batter in consistency. Is there any way to rectify this or after adding sugar it will become thicker and it will be of the righ consistency then ??

    1. Welcome Farah. Thanks for your positive words. After adding sugar it will be fine. also if you refrigerate the ladoo mixture for some minutes then the ghee will solidify and the mixture will look solid. and you can easily make ladoos.

  37. Hi dasanna.. I tried many of ur dishes it turned out to be good Everytime.. I like your picture guide ND thnx again ????… The notes the hardness ND softness of d cook u describe priscribly it helps lotzz for me this ramazan… Thank again ????

    1. thanks fazila. glad that the recipe details and notes are helping you.

  38. Hello dassana! I tried many of ur dishes ND it turned out to be good Everytime… Am inspired by ur dishes … As am not such a good cook ur guidance helped me out this ramazan … ????I love d way u picture guide ND say important notes .. dt really helps us lotzz especially while cooking … The time, the hardness softness all u describe priscribly I loved it… Thank again,????

    1. Welcome Fazila. Glad to know this. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback. Do try some more recipes and feel free to ask any query on recipes.

  39. Hi ma’am, I have added normal sugar by mistake instead of powdered sugar. Can anything be done now?

  40. Hello, can we. Add refined oil instead of ghee? And will the quantity be same for the oil too?5 stars

    1. indrani, with oil the besan ladoos don’t hold shape. i had once made with coconut oil and with coconut oil they hold shape. both coconut oil and ghee becone solid at cool temperature or in the fridge. but with coconut oil the aroma of coconut oil is felt. you can use 1/3rd cup coconut oil. add more if required.

    1. Welcome Fathima. Boora is powdered sugar. You get it easily in shops in north india.

  41. Can I use regular white sugar instead of Boora? I don’t know what Boora is or where to find it.

    1. you can use white sugar. but powder the sugar in a mixer-grinder and then add.

  42. Hi,l tried this recipe n the ladoos r very tasty.Thankyou for posting this recipe as l love these ladoos.l visit this site frequently as ur recipes r easy n the photos be a help.Thankyou once again.5 stars

  43. MadamJi, These days due to hectic schedule ppl have forgotten to celebrate festivals & when they forgot festivals, they even stop preparing Sweets…
    You are doing great job by not only posting recipes but also giving alerts for festivals, your are the ppl who are securing the culture & Tradition of our great Nation
    I5 stars

    1. Thanks Shailesh for your positive feedback and kind words. Its the power of internet.

  44. Besan seems to be not fully roasted after tasting ladoos . What to do . Please help5 stars

    1. break the ladoos and then mix everything. cook them on a low flame stirring often, till the besan gets cooked. cool the mixture and then again shape in ladoos.

    1. if the ghee is burnt, then the aroma of the burnt ghee will also come in the ladoos. so better to avoid.

  45. Another superb recipe frm u dat came out so yummy..i m so glad dat i tried ur recipe to make ladoos for d first time in my life. And they came out just so scrumptious dat one cannot be satisfied just by one ladoo…a no fail recipe…thumbs up to u..?5 stars

  46. Made this for diwali. My parents loved it. Followed every detail that has been mentioned and it turned out more yummy than I expected. Thanks dassana. Love your blog.

    1. thanks aditi for this lovely feedback on besan ladoo. glad to know. wish you a happy diwali.

  47. Made this recipe for diwali. The ladoos just melt in the mouth. Thanks a ton for a nice recipe with proper measures. My family loved the ladoos 🙂

  48. When you mention powdered sugar do you mean the powdered sugar that has corn starch which you get in American grocery stores or sugar that is grounded?

    1. sangavi, its just plain sugar which is ground and without corn starch. in india we just get ground sugar without the addition of corn starch. i usually grind sugar granules in the grinder to get a fine sugar powder.

  49. Hi,
    Tried the recipe today. Tastes very well. But the ladoo is too soft and is not retaining its shape. Where would I gone wrong? I added a little extra ghee. Is that the problem? Thanks.

    1. could be that the extra ghee is the problem. just let it cool down a bit more and then shape into ladoos. the ghee needs to solidify a bit and then you can shape them into ladoos.

  50. I made the laddoos today.. they taste good but the colour has become dark.. what can I cover them up with.. like a coating..nariyal may be??5 stars

    1. looks like the besan has got roasted more. just coat them with desiccated coconut. or you can even go a step ahead and coat them with melted chocolate. melt some milk chocolate or sweet chocolate in a double boiler. if the chocolate is not sweet, then you can add some powdered sugar. let it cool a bit or become warm. roll the besan ladoos in it and then place them on a foil. once cooled the chocolate will harden up and there will be a nice coating of it on the ladoos. but coating with coconut is an easier and quick option.

      1. Thanks a ton for the quick response.. will try both chocolate and dessicated coconut.. it will add to the variety 😉

  51. Really thanks for the step wise receipe of ladoo. Its great success.. i always view/refer your site for any any anything receipe i think of making.. it really helped me a lot always..
    And if made step by step as u said, the receipe never fails till now…
    Thanks5 stars

  52. Hello Dassana ,
    I made these ladoos today, the besan was roasted well but i think there was an excess because of which the ladoos were not getting shape , i kept the mixture in the refrigerator and then formed the ladoos , then it took the perfect shape but soon lost their shape and began to flatten, i thought keeping them in the fridge would retain its shape… did tht but now the ladoos have become hard 🙁 and lost their shape … wht should i do?

    1. deepshika, just keep them at room temperature and they will be fine. its due to the ghee getting solidified. you can keep at room temperature only. no need to keep them in the fridge. keep in a cool dry place in your kitchen.

  53. Mam, i jst loved this recipe of urs.
    I hve been following ur recipes though i make some changes and modify the recipe. Bt there are many recipes which i simply followed since i ws new to those recipe. U r a true inspiration for me…

    1. pleased to know this sushree 🙂 thanks for positive view and kind words.

  54. Hi dassan,
    Thank you for this recipe.. it turned out very well and everyone loved it.
    However, i have one query.
    When i was mixing sugar in the roasted besan mixture.. a lot of lumps were formed.. i gave the entire mixture a quick run in the mixture grinder and that solved the problem.. however, how can i avoid formation of lumps from next time..

    Thank you for all your amazing recipes..5 stars

    1. thanks nia. depending on the quality and texture of besan, lumps can form. you can sieve the besan twice or thrice and this will help in getting rid of lumps. another method is to add more ghee.

      1. Thanks again 🙂 adding a little extra ghee really helped.. made it again today 🙂

  55. I tried this on ganesh chaturthi n it came out well. Thank you for this recipe. I’m gonna do it often.5 stars

  56. Hi Mam, I am not a big fan of besan ladoos as i like boondi ladoos more but these are my Husband’s favourite so i tried these ladoos by following your recipe ist time and they came out so good. Tastes bettre then sweet shop ladoos . Even i like taste of these ladoos however i didnt like besan ladoos before. All thanxx to u ..U r sooo good.

    1. very pleased to know this, thank for positive views and kind words. glad you both liked the besan ladoos. you are welcome.

  57. Hi Dassana…. could you please tell me how much sugar and ghee will be required for one kg besan?

    1. since i have not measured the besan in grams, it will be difficult for me to tell you the proportions for 1 kg besan.

      1. You could try a besan-sugar-ghee proportion of 4:2:1, and then add a little more ghee as needed. That would be 1 kg besan, 500 g of sugar and 250 g of ghee. That’s what I followed (I halved Dassana’s the recipe) and it turned out great! Just be sure not to add too much ghee or the laddoos won’t hold shape.

  58. I made these laddoos following steps.. N it came out very well.. I hv made it for Ganesh chaturthi prasad.. At first it was runny but letting it sit for some time the shape came well.. Thanks fr the recipe.. It was a big success as I hv tried it for the first time.. Now I will make again n again.. 🙂4 stars

    1. pleased to know this subhangini 🙂 glad you were successful making the besan ladoos. thanks for positive feedback.

  59. Hi, I follow your so many recipes, but this time it didn’t come out well. After adding boora, still d dough was too loose to shape laddus. What could hv gone wrong.?

    1. neha, let the laddoo mixture cool down and the ghee solidify a bit. then you can shape the ladoos. if the ghee is too fluid or molten then its difficult to shape the ladoos. so let it solidify till you can shape the ladoos.

  60. Hi dasna,
    Thanks for the recipe, this is exactly how my grandma would make them, i remember having peeked as a kid.
    I plan to make them and hope they will be as tasty as she would make them 🙂
    Just one quick question app. how many ladoos will this measurment yield?5 stars

    1. welcome sneha. nice to know this. it will make around 10-12 medium sized besan ladoos.

    1. you can use melted unsalted butter. but with the butter the taste of the ladoos will be different.

  61. The ladoos came out very well! This was de frst time in tryin’ sweets wid besan! I shared my ladoos wid my frnds and cousins, and dey reallie loved it! I thought I cud’ve made more ladoos! Thankyou so much!5 stars

    1. welcome nashara glad you liked the besan ladoos 🙂 thanks for positive views.

  62. Hi, i made these laddus twice- once with roasting with ghee from starting and once dry roasting besan and then adding ghee after 10-12min. With the second method, the laddu is sticking in the mouth. What I understand from few other queries and yours answers is that either the besan is not roasted enough or I used super fine besan. To correct it, can I break the laddus and re-roast them again for a while? Will that help?4 stars

    1. arshi, for any besan to be roasted with ghee or without ghee, always use a heavy kadai or a thick bottomed pan or kadai. from experience i have seen is that if the kadai is made of steel and does not have a thick bottomed base, then the besan gets roasted uneven with some of it too browned and some raw. yes you can break and re roast them. there is no issue with that. it will change the texture and the stickiness will go away as then the besan will be roasted well.

  63. Thanks a lot for this recipe. I just made the ladoos and they were perfect and I could shape them also perfect. The taste is great and I have made around 30 ladoos. Once more thank you! <35 stars

    1. thats nice to know 🙂 thanks for sharing your experience and also thanks for the feedback on the besan ladoo recipe.

  64. Hey,

    I just tried your receipe..tastes yummy..but I roasted my besan for 12 minutes and it turned dark brown just like sooji halwa..also I wasn’t able to make round shape of laddus 🙁 any tips for shaping them..5 stars

    1. the besan has got too much roasted and thats why the dark brown color. depending on the thickness and quality of pan or kadai used, it will take less or more time for the besan to roast. the besan should not become dark brown. try adding a few teaspoons of ghee and see if you can make a round ladoos.

  65. I once made using less ghee ,n yes they remained intact at room temperature.. But a generous amount of ghee makes the ladoos tastier.. Thanx for ur valuable tips.. ☺ I have received lots of complements for these ladoos5 stars

    1. thank you dimpi for your positive feedback 🙂 glad you liked the besan ladoos.

  66. Awesome recipe…I tried it for the 1st time n the laddoos were great..laddoos were soft ,becomes hard when kept in refrigerator..n it tastes even better when it is intact.. It again softens when kept at room temperature.. How can we keep the laddoos intact in room temperature?

    1. thanks dimpi. they become dense or hard as the ghee in them solidifies at cool temperatures which is there in refrigerators. at room temperature they will soften as the ghee also softens. to keep them intact at room temperature, you need to find a cool dry place in your kitchen. keep them in this place. they won’t be intact like that in the fridge, but will be a bit intact. another option is to add less ghee. as less ghee will keep them intact.

  67. hi, how long can i store these in a dry, cool place// what is the shelf life? and how long can i store them if i keep them in a refrigerator?

    1. besan ladoos stay good for a month at a room temperature which is cool and dry. in a humid and warm or hot temperature zone or climate , they good for a week to 15 days. in a refrigerator you can store them for a month.

  68. Perfect recipe. We added some samolina (rava) to make it more nutty. We loved it.5 stars

  69. U are doing an awesome job!! Just need to ask the shelf life if these ladoo’s

  70. Hi mam, i am a regular follower of ur site. I also have made most of ur shared recipes. Plz mam can u share some soybean recipes as it is my favorite one….

    1. thank you sandeepta. by soybean you mean the beans or the soybean chunks and granules? i do not use soybean chunks and granules as i have heard that in india they do not make it well. if its the beans, then i can add recipes with them.

  71. I prepared yesterday following ur steps, dey r melt in mouth, really very tasty

  72. hi,maam, i made besan laddoo yesterday but there is still raw taste. is there something i can do to fix it. i had refrigerated the mixture.Can i add ghee and cook them again ?Please help. Thanks in advance

    1. yes you can add ghee and roast them again. just bring to room temperature before you begin to roast them.

  73. Hi Mam,your recipes are really awesome,the laddoos I made was yummy,but the besan was sticking to the mouth for some reason,which I can’t understand,and your recipes are very easy to cook and very delicious

    1. thanks priyanka. if the besan is roasted well, it won’t stick on the mouth. very finely ground besan can also give this sticking effect. so i would suggest to use besan which is not very finely ground. usually for ladoos, i use homemade besan. i grind the chana dal in the near by grinding mill. i have heard, the besan which is available in shops, contain less of chana dal and more of ground peas.

  74. You are just awesome… I love all your recipes.. You make all dishes look easy and possible. Specially when you explain each step with pictures…

  75. Thank you for sharing the recipe!
    If I want to make besan halwa, instead of ladoo, what should be done differently?

    1. for besan halwa, you will need to add water or milk to get the halwa consistency. first roast the besan till it become golden and fragrant. then add ghee and sugar. mix very well. then add hot water. stir very well so that lumps are not formed. cook for a few minutes stirring often. when the halwa leaves the sides of the pan, this means that its done. add dry fruits and raisins. mix well and then serve. for this recipe you can use about 2 cups water. also increase the ghee to 3/4 cup.

      1. Thank you.. Such a prompt reply!
        Wondering if you know the recipes by heart or something…

        1. thankyou gordon we make these quite often so kind of know the recipe well 🙂

        2. Many a thanks to you.. we made the halwa and it turned out so nice.. so smooth and velvety
          Only that I overdid the sugar, but I’ll rectify that the next time

        3. thank you gordon. yes the halwa is very smooth. sugar can be improved upon the next time 🙂

  76. i love ladoos.this is my first time making ladoos and thanks to your recipe they came out pretty well.5 stars

  77. I’m super excited to try these. I love ladoos!! I’m wondering if you or anyone else has tried to make them with artificial sweetener. (diabetic) I have the stevia kind that measures the same as sugar, cup for cup. I don’t mind trying and posting results but if you already have experience with this please let me know.

    1. surely try and let us know as we have never tried ladoos with stevia and thankyou heather.

  78. Hello dassana
    I just finished making these ladoos. They came out really good. I have to thank you for your big heart that you share everything via your blogs. It’s such a blessing for women like me. Good work dassana. God bless you.5 stars

    1. we are pleased to know this shaivy 🙂 you are welcome. glad to know we could help women like you 🙂 and you are always welcome god bless you too.

  79. Very easy recipe,i had also tried pani puri infact my cousin post a comment by using my name,thank u dassana and i really want to celebrate divali and hooly5 stars

    1. thankyou selena 🙂 surely celebrate both holi and Diwali also Diwali is just coming soon.

  80. Hi Dassana, very delicious recipe. What is ‘boora’? Is this a Hindi word? Any English equivalent for this? Here in US we get powdered sugar but never heard of boora. Please enlighten me. Also, I have another question – I have noticed in the Indian grocery stores here they sell two varieties of besan flour – one is really fine and the other is somewhat coarse (actually it looks like a blend of fine and coarse flour and they label it as ladoo flour). What would you recommend for making this ladoo? fine or coarse?

    1. hi rom, boora is punjabi hindi word and it is the desi variety of powdered sugar. you can use the regular powdered sugar. i usually use fine flour for making besan laddoos. you can make with the coarse flour also, but then the proportions of ghee and sugar will change. i have tasted the coarse besan ladoos as a temple prashad and they have a granular texture and these ladoos tastes different from the ladoos made with fine flour. personally i feel with fine flour they taste better. just my personal preference.

      1. Dassana, thanks so much for your prompt response. You are doing a great service for many cooking enthusiasts by providing invaluable recipes through your website. Thanks again. Rom

  81. Easy receipe for ladoo. I had already tried your receipes I.e. malai kofta kaju kari dal makhni all are very easy n tasty. Thnx

  82. Very good recipe, easy and available ingredients. thanks to a good besan laadu.

  83. Hiii…

    Yesterday i tried this & everyone liked this . Thanks for the simple & easy sweets 🙂 .

  84. I tried ur besan ladoo receive.made it first time..but with the help of ur recipe I made it too good.everyone like it.ur method for preparing recipe is too good….thanks.5 stars

  85. I love besan ka ladoo but when I make them they become hard.
    What should I do to make them soft..?

    1. asavari, add some more ghee. try this recipe and besan ladoo will be soft.

  86. Excited to make these today! What if I have added the ghee, but during the cooking it seems too dry? Can I add more ghee during that time or will it become spoiled?

  87. I made the ladoos exactly using the same quantity, however the besan sticks up in the mouth. What mistake would have I made while preparing? Have I not roasted the besan enough? It is the first time I have prepared any sweet so I am not sure, what I have done wrong. Can u guide me?

    1. when the besan sticks in the mouth, it means its raw. there is some rawness in the besan. so probably it was not roasted well enough.

  88. I make it just now…. it is very sweet in taste bt it is black in colour.. why it is not in golden colour

  89. Amazing! I am addicted to basan ladoos lol! I am so trying this out!5 stars

  90. I tried it and really it was amazing .
    Actually I am not a good cook.but I got appreciation for my laddoos.really happy. Thank you so much.all bcoz of you.

    1. welcome shareena. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive feedback on besan ladoos.

  91. hi I have some multigrain flour left at my place. I think it’s a mixture of bajra, rice, etc. Can I substitute besan in the above recipe with the multigrain flour?

    1. meena, i am not sure whether multi grain flour will work in this recipe.

  92. i roasted the besan properly and followed ue instructions but after addition of ghee n further frying for 5-6min there was no sign of ghee. The mixture looked like breadcrumbs.
    I added powdered sugar and mixed well but still no sign of ghee. I again put back the mixture on slow fire so that may be the sugar will melt and it will have a binding consistency but still no good results. At last i added litlle milk, then the mix got some binding consistency n i cud form laddoos. The texture of laddoos is sticky, more like barfi. I m not satisfied with the end result. Kindly tell what must hv went wrong.

    1. the entire mixture should have a glossy and shiny look which comes from ghee. if you would have stirred for some more minutes, then i think you would have seen the ghee releasing on the surface and sides. depending on the intensity of the flame and the thickness of the pan, this will take less or more time. the time measured in the recipe post is just a guideline.

      1. Same happened to me too. Are you sure we have to use just 1/4 of Ghee for the 1 measure of besan ? I added some more ghee runtime and it was better.Receipe is the best though very nicely explained and yummy pics 🙂5 stars

        1. thanks bhumi. i used organic cow ghee which is very good quality than the other brands of ghee. if you use a good quality of ghee then less amount is needed. so its good you added some more ghee. recently i have started using baba ramdev cow ghee and found it good.

    2. Mine were like this as well. Besan must come in different grain sizes. My besan is called “ladu besan”, but it is a coarse grain. As a result, the mixture always looked like breadcrumbs, and no amount of cooking would have changed that. The ghee could also not be absorbed by such a coarse, hard flour. When I tried one of the finished ladoos, the large grains were crunchy.

      Additionally, if the ladoos had turned out, I would have wanted to add more cardamom as the flavour was almost undetectable.

  93. Thank you for your wonderful recipes. Every one that I have tried has become a staple at home. Bihari vangi, kadai mushroom, dal tadka, and now this besan laddoo. All turned out amazing. It has always been difficult to make good veggie recipes…my husband never appreciated my effort. We eat non veg too. Now, my husband and I can’t get enough of the yummy veggies. Thanks again! You are now my go to gal for all my vegetarian recipes.5 stars

    1. thanks uma for this positive and sweet feedback. good to know that you are enjoying veggie recipes. happy cooking.

  94. Thanks for the recipe,
    My ladoos taste of raw besan.
    You told to add more sugar and roast it again.
    Wont it get hard after roasting?

    1. welcome kusum. if you roast for few minutes then it will not hardened. moreover thats the only option left now.

  95. Hi chef ,
    Thank u for sharing the recipe. Can I make besan ladoo without those golden raisins and cardamoms ?
    .5 stars

    1. welcome dibyarashmi. you can easily skip golden raisins. cardamoms give good aroma. but if you want then you can skip cardamom also.

  96. Hiii you r really amazing I tried ur moong dal halwa today it was really delicious I will try ur more recipes thank you so much

    1. thanks mohsina for the feedback on moong dal halwa. do try the other recipes as well.

  97. Hi I am living in the south america guyana and I want to try to make the besan ladoo but over here we don’t have besan gram could you suggest what I could use instead thank you

    1. see if you can get any other lentil flour. the recipe would work with other lentils flours too.

  98. Perfect….I tried making this before but without success….your recipe is thumbs up..

  99. I tried your kadai paneer and besan ladoo recipes. Both turned out great! At first the besan ladoos tasted raw because I under cooked them 🙁 And then I put them back on the stove and cooked them a bit more; and refrigerated them. I served them the next day and got good reviews! The kadai paneer I also loved, great simple recipe. Thank you!5 stars

    1. welcome poornima. glad to know that recipes worked for you. your quick thinking saved the besan ladoos.

  100. My ladoos just won’t bind together. I used what was termed “ladoo besan” at the indian store and had a coarser texture than fine besan. Besides that I followed the recipe to the T. What could I be doing wrong?

    1. i think the reason would be due to the coarser texture. in this scenario, you could have added some ghee or a few tbsp of warm milk.

  101. Dear Dassana,
    I had posted a comment before. It didn’t appear! Don’t know why!

    Tried this recipe. Added more ghee than required.Then kept the mixture in fridge for about 30 minutes. I could then form laddoos. The laddoos don’t have a raw taste. Yet they feel slightly sticky in mouth. I wonder if it’s because of the quality of the gram flour… Thanks a ton for the recipe and very helpful tips.

    P.S: I have been following recipes from your website since sometime. And they have been a great help in improving my cooking skills. I had tried making dhoklas manytimes before. But those attempts were a failure. Imagine my joy, when I followed your recipe and they came out right! Finally! Look forward to many more joyful discoveries on your blog…5 stars

    1. i have replied to your first comment, nageshwari. we approve comments and hence it takes time.

  102. Hi Dassana,

    First of all, a very happy and prosperous Diwali to you and your family

    I tried making besan laddoos. I added more ghee than required. So kept the mixture in refrigerator for the ghee to solidify. I could then form the laddoos. Now my question is, should I continue to store the formed laddoos as well in the fridge? Or can I simply store them at room temperature in a airtight container? Thank you in advance.

    P.S : Have been following recipes from your blog since a while. And they have been a great help in improving my cooking. I had tried making dhokla many times before coming across your recipe. They were always a disaster. Imagine my joy when they finally came out right after following your recipe! Tried posting thanks then , but could not find the “leave a Reply” option then! Thank you for the wonderful recipes on the blog. And like I read somewhere in the comments from your blog-Keep up the good work!

    1. you can store the ladoos in the fridge or even at room temperature. thanks for the sweet comment and the feedback, nageshwari 🙂 do try other recipes as well.

  103. I made ladoo’s for the first time in my life & thanks to your recipe they are gorgeous!! Thanks 🙂5 stars

    1. welcome pallavi. now you know the recipe so make it often for festivals or celebrations 🙂

  104. Tried out this recipe for Diwali. It came out just the way it should. Thank you so much for the recipe. Your tips were very helpful.

  105. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made a batch before this with a different recipe and it was a mess! Too much ghee. Your tips and method are much better. Mine came out beautifully! I’m not a pro at cooking and was intimidated making this but now no more!!

    1. welcome ritika. glad to know that you could make besan ladoo using this recipe. its a tried and tested recipe. anyone should be able to make the ladoos…. if instructions are followed carefully.

  106. Hi, what could be the reason for a strong aftertaste and smell of raw besan, despite roasting the besan for a long time?


    1. rawness should not be there. many things are involved while roasting besan, so the timing mentioned on the post will differ with the type and size & thickness of pan, intensity of flame, quality of besan etc. so perhaps in your case, the besan should have been roasted more.

  107. Hi Dassana,

    I tried the Besan laddoo and it has a slightly bitter after taste. What could that mean? Also mine turned to very very light coloured ladoos not as brown as yours. Please advise so I could improvise next time.

    Thanks again for such wonderful recipes 🙂


    1. the bitter after taste and light color are perhaps due to the quality of besan. always use besan which is fresh, meaning not near its expiry date.

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    Today i made besan lodoos following the other recipe that u have given.. Ladoos are good to taste and there is absolutely no raw taste.. but afterwards mouth feels too dry… what do u think could be the reason…how can i improve?? next time i’ll try this recipe… Thanks!!5 stars

    1. thanks a lot reena for your kind feedback. by dryness do you mean, you feel like drinking water after eating the ladoos? since the ladoos are sweet, some folks drink water. possibly the reason for dryness could also be less ghee as depending on the quality of besan, the amount of ghee required can be less or more. next time you can add a few more teaspoons of ghee.

  111. Hi.
    Actually I prepared besan ladoos as u said n according to ur points n time…n even I roasted besan up to that smell comes…when I tasted ladoos,it gives tastes a little bit raw(kacha besan flavor) though I roasted up to besan changes its color n smell comes…in looks,texture,color everything was grt but slightly kachapan was remained…
    Give me some tip to improve.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. just a bit of roasting and the slight rawness would have gone. a tip is when the ghee releases from the besan release ghee, the besan is cooked.

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    Just made these yummy besan laddoo for Ganesh chaturthi; it came out really really nice. Thanks gain for this recipe.

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    1. the besan has to be stirred continuously. otherwise the besan will burn and will get uniform color. the roasting time varies from pan to pan and also the intensity of the flame. if the pan is not thick bottomed, then the besan will roast quickly. if you stir very well, lumps will not be formed. so next time when you prepare, stir the besan often. when you see the color changing and the besan giving a nutty aroma, you can switch off the flame. then add powdered sugar and stir very well.

  117. Hi Dassana,

    I wanted to know if this is regular cooking besan, or is there a separate type (coarser, finer etc) that is used for making ladoos. Would love to try this! Have tried a few of ur recipes with great success! Thanks for sharing these!

    1. i have used regular besan. coarser besan can also be used. but i only get the fine besan and hence i make ladoos with this besan.

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    1. thanks muktangan for the positive feedback. glad to know that you liked the ladoos.

  119. Hi I am new in this side but I just want your opinion, can I use olive oil instead of ghee in the ladoo

    1. welcome amita to the site. you can make besan ladoos with olive oil or any other oil. just reduce the amount of oil. the taste will change. best taste comes with ghee. secondly, binding ladoos might be a issue. sometimes it binds well with oil and some times it does not.

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    I made the laddoos using your recipe which I am sure is great. Just that I fumbled a little with desi ghee…theres too much ghee now apart from the besan which I roasted too much 🙁
    The photos remind me a of the laddoos packed in my bags made by my mum when I would go from Delhi to Bombay for my college.
    Any suggestions on how I could improvise this? I hate to throw all of this away.
    (P.S. – I am a newbie in cooking and just moved to the US a few years ago – so my mistakes are more silly than most people here)

    1. the over roasting is fine. it gives a more nuttier flavor and texture. if the mixture has cooled, can you make the ladoos now from it. do try refrigerating for about 30-40 mins and then see if you can make the ladoos. if not, then i would suggest you to dry roast some more besan and add it to the mixture. also add some powdered sugar to balance the sweetness.

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    1. welcome simrat. yes do try more recipes from the blog and share your feedback. any query, feel free to ask.

    1. thats because you roasted the besan more. the more the besan is roasted, it turns to brown color.

  126. hi dasana. I am badly searching the recipe of the laddoo that pregnant women eat.I don’t know the exact name of the laddoo but I know it’s a little spicy, and we use garlic powder to do it.Please if you have any recipe of that laddoo or any suggestion of the alike recipe, send me. As I am expecting in weeks to come, I want to try this laddoo.thanks in advance.

    1. hi gavnisha, i know about ladoos that are given after delivery like methi ladoos, gond/edible gum ladoos etc. these ladoos are heaty and not taken during pregnancy. we usually make wheat flour ladoos with ghee for pregnant women and they are sweet. i do not know about spicy ladoos with garlic. you can make ragi (finger millet), wheat flour ladoos (don’t add gond), besan or rava ladoos. congrats and take care.

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  128. Hi – My besan ka laddus taste of raw besan. Can I re-fry them on the gas (they already have sugar and everything in them)? Thanks.

    1. hi arti, you can roast them with sugar in the pan again. just remove the raisins if you have added as they get toughened.

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