Moist Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe

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This easy (one-bowl!) Eggless Chocolate Cake is a simple vegan recipe you’re sure to come back to time and again. Unbelievably soft and light, you won’t believe that this decadent, chocolatey sponge cake is actually made with healthy whole wheat flour. Make this Chocolate Cake today (with or without frosting) following my video and detailed recipe with stepwise photos.

A triangular wedge of eggless chocolate cake on a white plate

About Eggless Chocolate Cake

Soft, moist and deeply chocolatey, this eggless chocolate cake makes an excellent starting point for a multitude of chocolate cake-based desserts and a perfect vehicle for any number of delicious frostings. In fact, I make my Black Forest Cake from this spongy vegan chocolate cake recipe!

Not only does this recipe taste good, it is also quite a bit healthier than your classic chocolate cake. Don’t worry though.

Even though healthier ingredients are used, this sponge cake still has a soft and moist texture. So yes, my friends. You can have your cake and eat it too. You’re quite welcome!

My eggless chocolate cake is also super easy to put together. Made in just one bowl and without a mixer, this cake batter is a lazy baker’s dream!

With just about 10 minutes of active prep time, you can have a rich, dark, delectable chocolate cake in the oven. How amazing is that?

You’ll have to bake this eggless cake to really believe it – it’s insanely moist, perfectly spongy and is just the thing to cure your chocoholic cravings.

And while you’re more than welcome to serve this it plain, I’ve also included a recipe for a vegan chocolate glaze. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, it tastes better with the chocolate frosting!

About My Recipe

Making Eggless Cakes is always a challenge as it can be hard to achieve the perfect, light consistency we associate with good cakes without using eggs.

Adding to that challenge, the addition of whole wheat flour can often cause a cake to be much denser and stodgier than those made with all-purpose flour.

The secret to achieving the light and spongy consistency in this vegan chocolate cake is the reaction between the baking soda and lemon juice.

These two ingredients work together to cause the cake to rise perfectly, giving it the soft, moist texture that we’re looking for.

Note: This recipe may resemble chocolate wacky cake or depression cake, but it is not the same. The ingredients’ proportions for this eggless chocolate cake are different from the wacky cake.

My eggless chocolate cake is also made up of whole wheat flour that is never added to a wacky cake. Moreover cold water is also not included.

vegan eggless chocolate cake on a white cake stand on a black board

Ingredients & Possible Substitutions

  1. Cocoa Powder: The most important ingredient contributing to the flavor of the eggless chocolate cake is cocoa powder. It is important to use a good quality, naturally processed cocoa powder as this will affect the overall taste and consistency of the cake. Do not use dutch-process cocoa powder, or you might end up with a dense, stodgy result.
  2. Whole Wheat Flour: This vegan chocolate cake is incredibly light and soft. If you were only to judge the cake based on texture, you would never guess that it was made with whole wheat flour.

    That said, the choice of healthy whole wheat flour will provide an almost nutty flavor in the cake. This recipe has been tried and tested with the Indian wheat flour (used to make roti) and the wheat flour available in USA and Europe. Use any good quality whole wheat flour. You can also opt to substitute all-purpose flour instead.
  3. Baking Soda: The most important ingredient affecting the texture of the cake is the baking soda, so it is important that it is fresh. If the baking soda is not fresh or is past its shelf life, the cake will not rise.

    In the FAQ section below, I cover how to test the freshness of your baking soda. Please note: Baking powder cannot be used instead of baking soda. You can use eno (fruit salt) instead of baking soda in this eggless chocolate recipe. I would suggest adding about ½ to ⅔ teaspoon of eno.
  4. Lemon Juice: As explained earlier, the lemon juice is also crucial in causing the vegan chocolate cake to rise properly. However, if you don’t have lemon juice, white vinegar or apple cider vinegar can be used for the same effect.
  5. Oil: Use oil which has neutral flavors for the best result. For all my cake recipes, I always use sunflower oil as it is neutral and leaves no aftertaste in the cake. Other options include vegetable oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil or avocado oil. Oil also helps in making the cake soft and moist.
  6. Flavorings: Vanilla powder can be added instead of vanilla extract. You can even add vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract.
  7. Liquids: The only liquid I have added to the cake batter is water. Milk (dairy or vegan milks like almond milk, cashew milk or soy milk) can be added instead of water. Make sure that the milk is cold and chilled.
  8. Sweeteners: For the sweeteners, you can opt to use raw sugar (like I have done) or swap in white sugar or brown sugar. You can also add jaggery, maple syrup, coconut sugar or palm sugar instead but the taste of the cake will be different. Avoid adding honey. According to Ayurveda, honey should not be heated as it becomes toxic.
Step-by-Step Guide

How to make Eggless Chocolate Cake

Prep Pan and Sift Dry Ingredients

1. First grease a round baking pan of 7.5 inches diameter x 2 inches height with oil. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes.

brushing cake pan with oil

2. Sieve 1 cup whole wheat flour (you can also use all-purpose flour) and 3 tablespoons cocoa powder. Keep a plate or tray below the sieve.

whole wheat flour and cocoa powder placed in a sieve for sifting

3. Add a pinch of salt and ½ teaspoon baking soda.

baking soda being added in the sieve

4. Sift the ingredients on to a plate.

dry ingredients being sifted

5. Keep the sieved dry ingredients aside.

sifted dry ingredients on a white plate to make vegan eggless chocolate cake

Make the Liquid Mixture

6. In another pan or bowl, add ¾ cup sugar. I have used raw, unrefined cane sugar, however regular white sugar can also be used. Add 1 cup cold water. The water has to be very cold.

water being added in a small bowl containing sugar

7. Stir with a small whisk till the sugar dissolves.

sugar dissolved completely in the water with a whisk

8. Now add ¼ cup oil. I added sunflower oil.

Note: I would not suggest adding butter as a few readers did tell me that the butter solidifies and it becomes difficult to get it to a homogenous mixture. Stick with oils that are not solid at room temperature for this cake.

oil being added to the sugar & water solution

9. Stir briskly so that everything is mixed well.

mixing oil with a whisk

10. It should be a homogenous mixture.

a homogenous mixture of oil, sugar and water

11. Next add 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Stir again.

Tip: No lemon? No problem. We just need something acidic here. You could use 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar in place of lemon juice.

lemon juice being added to wet mixture for healthy eggless chocolate cake

12. Now add ½ teaspoon vanilla extract. Feel free to add chocolate extract or chocolate essence instead of vanilla.

vanilla being added to liquid mix

13. Mix very well.

mixing wet chocolate cake ingredients again with a whisk

Make Chocolate Cake Batter

14. Add the sieved dry ingredients to the wet mixture.

sifted dry ingredients being added to the water+oil+sugar mixture

15. Using a wired whisk, mix everything well.

mixing eggless chocolate cake batter with a whisk

16. There should be no lumps in the cake batter. The batter should also be slightly thin, not thick like a brownie batter.

whisked to a smooth vegan chocolate cake batter

17. Pour the eggless chocolate cake batter into the prepared cake pan.

pouring the healthy vegan chocolate cake batter in the cake pan

18. Tap the sides so that the extra air bubbles are let out.

tapping the sides and edges of the pan to release air bubbles from the batter

Bake Eggless Chocolate Cake

19. Bake the eggless chocolate cake in a preheated oven for 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) for 35 to 40 mins.

Tip: For baking in a convection mode of a microwave oven, preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius (355 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes. Then bake at 180 degrees celsius (355 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30 to 35 minutes.

Note: Since temperatures vary from oven to oven be sure to keep an eye on it. Do not open the oven door many times as this will cause your chocolate cake to sink in the center. Only open the door after three-fourth of the baking is done.

The temperature vary widely from oven to oven, which is why I recommend getting a stand-alone oven thermometer. Generally it takes 35 minutes for this cake to bake. But if your oven is very hot or cool, it will take less or more time for baking. 

eggless chocolate cake in a tin after being baked

20. For doneness check the chocolate cake with a bamboo skewer or toothpick. The bamboo skewer should come out clean.

If the toothpick is sticky with the batter, then place the chocolate cake back in the oven and continue to bake for some more minutes.

Once the eggless chocolate cake cools down enough to handle, remove it from the baking tin and place it on a wired rack to finish cooling. Before frosting, let the cake cool completely.

testing healthy eggless chocolate cake with bamboo skewer

Make Cocoa Frosting

21. This frosting recipe makes for more of a thin chocolate glaze. Take 1 tablespoon sunflower oil, ¼ cup almond milk and ¼ cup raw sugar in a small saucepan.

Tip: If you prefer a slightly thick frosting, reduce the almond milk to just 2 tablespoons. You can substitute any dairy or alternative milk in place of almond milk.

almond milk and sugar in a small steel sauce pan to make vegan cocoa frosting

22. Begin to heat the pan on a low flame. Mix very well, continuing to stir, so that the sugar is dissolved into the milk. Do not boil the almond milk, but just make it lightly hot enough to dissolve the sugar.

mixing the sugar in the almond milk with a whisk while the sauce pan is kept on low heat

23. When the almond milk is just lightly hot and after all the sugar has been dissolved, add 3 tablespoons cocoa powder.

adding cocoa powder to almond milk mixture

24. With a small wired whisk, mix and stir so that the cocoa powder gets mixed evenly.

cocoa powder being mixed into milk and sugar mixture with a whisk

25. The cocoa frosting is ready now. Switch off the flame.

cocoa frosting after being whisked to a smooth icing

Frost Eggless Chocolate Cake

26. While still hot, pour the frosting on the top and sides of the eggless chocolate cake.

Tip: Usually I wrap a medium sized plate with aluminum foil and then place the cake on it. This makes the frosting work neater.

pouring the icing on the vegan chocolate cake

27. With an offset spatula, spread the icing evenly all over on top and the sides of the eggless chocolate cake. If you want a layer cake, you can slice the chocolate cake in half and spread frosting in the center and then on the top.

Keep the vegan chocolate cake covered in the fridge for the frosting to set for a couple of hours. I like to use a dome-shaped bowl to cover the cake. Make sure there is enough space between the cake and the bowl which you are using for covering.

The frosting will set after a few hours. I kept it in the fridge overnight.

spreading the vegan icing with an offset spatula on the sides and top of the eggless chocolate cake.

28. For a little added pizzazz, feel free to top your cake with some simple decor. I recommend chocolate shavings, sprinkles or sliced nuts. If they are in season, fresh berries are also a nice complement to chocolate cake.

If you want to make a more intricate design, try holding a doily over the top of the cake and sift icing sugar or cocoa powder over the top to look like lace.

vegan chocolate cake being decorated with chocolate shavings

29. The eggless chocolate cake is ready to be served. Slice and enjoy!

a slice of eggless chocolate cake being lifted with a spatula. The entire cake is kept on a white cake stand on a black board

Serving Suggestions

Serve the chocolate cake as it is as an after meal dessert or whenever the chocolate craving strikes! It is simple enough to enjoy with your afternoon tea, and decadent enough to serve at a dinner party.

For a more luxurious treat, enjoy with a scoop of ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, coffee or mint chocolate chip would all be great) or some lightly sweetened whipped cream. You can also flavor your whipped cream if you prefer something outside of the traditional vanilla.


Place the remaining chocolate cake (whole or slices) in a covered box or container and refrigerate for up to a week.

Expert Tips

  • Cooling the cake: Be sure to let the cake cool completely before frosting. If the cake is even slightly warm, the glaze will simply run off of the cake.
  • Oven thermometers: If you like to bake often, I recommend investing in a stand alone oven thermometer. Oven temperature gauges can vary widely, which can affect your bakes. By using an oven thermometer that you can calibrate yourself, you will have much better luck with all of your favorite recipes!
  • Variations: Feel free to use the eggless chocolate cake recipe as the base for any chocolate cake. Switch up the frosting flavors, add jam between two layers, or even use as the base for an ice cream cake.
  • Nuts: Want to add a little texture to your eggless cake? Feel free to add up to a cup of chopped, roasted nuts, chocolate chips or dried fruit to the cake. Simply dust them in flour prior to adding to the batter to prevent them from sinking to the bottom.


Can I double this recipe?

Yes, you can double this eggless chocolate cake recipe. In fact, I recommend doubling the recipe if you are wanting a vegan chocolate layer cake!

Can I bake this chocolate cake in a convection oven or in a microwave convection oven?

Yes. You can easily bake this chocolate cake in a convection oven instead of a regular oven or an OTG. You can even bake this cake in a microwave convection oven. The timing will be less for convection ovens as they bake faster than an OTG or regular ovens.

Can I make this eggless chocolate cake in a pressure cooker?

Yes. You can make the vegan chocolate cake in a cooker. In a pressure cooker the time taken will be less as compared to an oven. To see how a cake can be made in a pressure cooker, you can check this Cooker Cake recipe.

Why is my chocolate cake not spongy?

In this chocolate recipe, only one leavening ingredient is used. That leaving ingredient is baking soda. The reaction of baking soda with the lemon juice helps in making this eggless chocolate cake spongy and light.

It is always better to check the freshness of baking soda before you proceed with the recipe. If the baking soda is not fresh or past its shelf life, the cake won’t rise.

How should I check the freshness of baking soda?

Add about ¼ to ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a mixture of 1 tablespoon vinegar + 1 tablespoon of water. The solution should fizz and bubble. If the solution does not fizz and bubble, the baking soda is not active and fresh, so do not use it.

Can I add dry fruits or nuts in this chocolate cake?

Yes. Dried fruits and nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashews can be added in the batter. But before adding the dry fruits, mix them with a bit of flour, so that they do not settle down at the bottom of the cake while baking.

More Eggless Cake Recipes!

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closeup shot of a triangular wedge of eggless chocolate cake on a white plate

Moist Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe

This easy (one-bowl!) Eggless Chocolate Cake is a simple vegan recipe you're sure to come back to time and again. Unbelievably soft and light, you won't believe that this decadent, chocolatey sponge cake is actually made with healthy whole wheat flour.
4.88 from 308 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Cuisine World
Course Desserts
Diet Vegan, Vegetarian
Difficulty Level Easy
Servings 12 slices


Main Ingredients

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour – leveled, 120 grams or 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 pinch salt
  • ¾ cup raw sugar or white sugar – 150 grams
  • 1 cup cold water
  • ¼ cup sunflower oil or any neutral tasting oil
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice – swap with apple cider vinegar or white vinegar
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla powder or ¼ teaspoon vanilla essence

For the Chocolate Frosting

  • 1 tablespoon sunflower oil or any neutral tasting oil
  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup Almond Milk or any nut milk
  • ¼ cup raw sugar or white sugar



  • First grease a round baking pan of 7.5 inches diameter x 2 inches height with sunflower oil.
  • Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit).


  • Sieve whole wheat flour, salt, baking soda in a plate or bowl. Before sifting keep a plate, bowl or tray below the sieve. Use a good quality cocoa powder.
  • Place the sifted dry ingredients aside.

Making liquid mixture

  • In another pan or bowl, take the raw sugar.
  • Add cold water and stir with small whisk until all of the sugar dissolves.
  • Pour the sunflower oil. Stir briskly so that everything is mixed well and you get a homogenous mixture.
  • Next add the lemon juice and vanilla extract. Stir well again.

Making chocolate cake batter

  • Add the sifted dry ingredients to the wet mixture. With a wired whisk, mix everything well.
  • Ensure that there are no lumps in the batter. This chocolate cake batter is slightly thin and not thick.
  • Pour the batter in the prepared pan.


  • Tap the sides of the pan so that the extra air bubbles are let out.
  • Bake in a preheated oven for 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit) for 35 to 40 mins. Since temperatures vary from oven to oven, do keep a check.
  • For baking in a convection mode of microwave oven, preheat the oven at 180 degrees celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes. Then bake the cake at 180 degrees celsius (356 degree Fahrenheit) for 30 to 35 minutes.
  • For doneness check the cake with a bamboo skewer or toothpick. The skewer or toothpick should come out clean. Place the pan on a wired rack for the cake to cool.
  • Once the chocolate cake becomes cool at room temperature, remove it gently from the pan and place it on a wired rack. 
  • If the toothpick is sticky, then place the cake back in the oven and continue to bake for some more minutes. Before frosting let the chocolate cake cool completely.

Making Cocoa Frosting

  • Take the sunflower oil, almond milk and sugar in a small saucepan.
  • Keep the saucepan on a low heat and stirring often mix till the sugar is dissolved. Then add the cocoa powder. On a low heat stir and mix till all the cocoa powder is dissolved. Switch off the flame.


  • While still hot, pour the frosting on the chocolate cake on the top and sides of the cake. Spread it evenly with an offset spatula. You can also slice the chocolate cake in halve and spread frosting in the center and then on the top. 
  • Usually I wrap a medium sized plate with aluminium foil and then keep the cake on it. This make the frosting work easier.
  • Keep the chocolate cake covered in the fridge for the frosting to set for a couple of hours. You can use a dome shaped bowl to cover the cake. Make sure the there is enough space between the cake and the bowl which you are using for covering the cake.
  • The frosting will set after some hours.
  • Next day, top the cake with some chocolate shavings or cacao shavings. You can also sprinkle some dry fruits or sprinkles. Some icing sugar and cocoa powder can also be sifted on the chocolate cake. This step is optional.
  • Slice and serve eggless chocolate cake as a sweet dessert.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve the chocolate cake as it is as an after meal dessert or whenever the chocolate craving strike! Or for a luxurious treat, enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or some lightly sweetened whipped cream.


  • Place the remaining chocolate cake (whole or slices) in a covered box or container and refrigerate for a week.




  • For Lemon Juice: Instead of lemon juice, add the same quantity of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
  • For Baking Soda: You can use ½ to ⅔ teaspoon eno (fruit salt) instead of baking soda.
  • For Baking Powder: You cannot substitute baking powder with baking soda in this recipe. 
  • For Whole Wheat Flour: Swap with 1 cup of all-purpose flour (maida) or pastry flour. 
  • For Almond Milk: Instead of almond milk, add any nut milk or vegan milk to make the frosting. You can also add dairy milk. 
  • For Sunflower Oil: In place of sunflower oil use any neutral tasting oil. 

Nutrition Info (Approximate Values)

Nutrition Facts
Moist Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 158 Calories from Fat 54
% Daily Value*
Fat 6g9%
Saturated Fat 1g6%
Sodium 58mg3%
Potassium 78mg2%
Carbohydrates 25g8%
Fiber 2g8%
Sugar 17g19%
Protein 2g4%
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1mg67%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1mg59%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 1mg5%
Vitamin B6 1mg50%
Vitamin C 1mg1%
Vitamin E 2mg13%
Vitamin K 1µg1%
Calcium 14mg1%
Vitamin B9 (Folate) 5µg1%
Iron 1mg6%
Magnesium 26mg7%
Phosphorus 54mg5%
Zinc 1mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

This Eggless Chocolate Cake recipe from the archives was first published in December 2014. It has been republished on April 2021 and updated on May 2023. 

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  1. Hi Dassana, Thanks a lot for this recipe! The cake turned out really well! This is the first time i am baking an eggless chocolate cake and decided to try out your recipe. Simply loved it!

    I want to make it again soon with double the quantity of the ingredients. Wanted to know if the baking time remains the same.

    Thanks! will be waiting for your reply.

    1. Could not reply to you earlier as I was traveling. Firstly thanks for the feedback on the recipe. Nice to read it.

      Yes baking time will increase if you bake the cake in one single pan. Welcome.

      1. Thanks for your reply, Dassana. Can you please tell me the exact baking time if i use double the quantity of the ingregients in one single pan? Thank you!

        1. Welcome Radhika. The time will not double up but it will be difficult for me to tell you the exact time. It will take some more minutes after the 30 or 35 minutes of baking time is over. After this, you will have to keep an eye on the cake as it bakes.

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    1. You can try with hot chocolate powder and I think it should work with this recipe.

  6. hi you haven’t mentioned anything about baking powder please share when to add baking powder

    1. I have mentioned that baking powder cannot be swapped with baking soda. So baking powder cannot be used in this recipe.

  7. Dassana I tried this recipe ‘n’ number of times. Used this as a base for chocolate truffle cake and black forest cake. It was awesome.

    I have one query if I want to try the vanilla flavour of this can I skip the cocoa powder. What should I use in the place of 3 tablespoons cocoa powder.

    I want to try this as a base for butter scotch cake for my son’s birthday. Awaiting your response. Thank you5 stars

    1. Great and thanks for this awesome feedback and for sharing all the cake recipes you made with this as a base chocolate cake. I would suggest to add 3 tablespoons of whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour instead of cocoa powder.

      Or you could use 1 cup + 1 tablespoon of wheat flour and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. This combination would make it a wheat cake flour. I hope this helps.

  8. I love chocolate cakes the most and this one so easy to make!!! Thank you for recipe 🙏5 stars

  9. Baked completely well in 35-40mins on the outer side but i centre not baked at all…any suggestions to improve next time.

    1. If the temperature in the oven is too high the cake will get done from outside but the center can be undercooked. Try baking at a lower temperature the next time. You could bake at 180 or 170 degrees Celsius the next time. In convection ovens the temperature is high due to the fan.

      So if using convection oven for baking, reduce the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Also ensure to use the correct pan for baking. Hope this helps.

  10. Really good recipe, i tried this finally and after so many recipes i liked this a lot .. overall it’s really good .. only one concern that cake doesn’t rise too much .. i would like to share picture as well but no option i am able to see

    1. Thanks a lot. The rising of the cake depends on the kind of pan used. We do not have any option for sharing the photos as of now.

  11. Turned out really good. I added orange zest which gave a flavorful punch to cake. Thanks a lot…

    1. Thank you for the feedback and for sharing the variation with orange zest – lovely flavor combination.

  12. Nice recipe.. Will try soon.. But how to replace oil as i don’t use any refined oils now on.

    1. Thanks. Use any neutral flavored organic unrefined oil. I have used organic sunflower oil in the recipe.

  13. Hi Dassana, I tried the eggless chocolate cake and it came out really well. Thank you so much 🙂 . It’s yummy 😋5 stars

    1. Hi Anjali, thanks for the feedback and the rating. Glad to know and welcome.

  14. Cake turned out super moist and soft, but it had lots of cracks on top and the cake crumbled into pieces as soon as I flipped it. Could you please advise why this happened?5 stars

    1. Firstly while baking, do not open the oven door many times. Only open the door after three-fourth of the cake is baked. Use the correct pan. Do not over-mix the batter. This will avoid cracks happening at the top. The cake has to be cooled completely before you remove from the pan, especially for this cake as it is has a soft and light texture. Even removing while warm can crumble it as it is soft. I hope this helps.

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  16. Hello mam,
    Can I bake this cake recipe in pressure cooker?
    You mentioned 3 different icing/ frosting procedures, what was the difference of them?
    (1. chocolate cake, 2. Black forest cake, 3. Chocolate cake in pressure cooker)

    1. This cake can take more time in a pressure cooker as the batter is not thick. All the icings for these cakes are different. In this recipe the icing is a thin frosting made with cocoa. The black forest cake has a whipped cream icing and the other chocolate cake has fudgy icing.

  17. Can I use dark chocolate compound instead of cocoa powder in cake batter. Also I have dry yeast. Can it be used in any cake.

    1. With dark chocolate the recipe will change and I won’t be able to tell you the exact proportions of ingredients. I have never made any cake with yeast. But yes there are some sweet breads and cakes made with yeast. Google will give you plenty of options.

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    1. Thanks Shubhi for the super feedback on the recipes you have made. Good to read. Cracks can appear if a wrong pan size is used or the heat in the oven is too much or if the oven door is opened too many times. Generally after mixing the cold water with the rest of the ingredients, the temperature in the batter will reduce a bit as the other ingredients are at room temperature. So I don’t think cold water is the issue here. But could be that the water is very cold. Try reducing the coldness of the water by keeping it at room temperature for some more time. Or you can reduce the temperature of the oven by 10 degrees celsius. I hope this helps.

  20. I am going to make this cake for my husband who is dairy intolerant. Can I make the frosting with a Dark chocolate bar? instead of cocoa can I just melt the bar along with almond milk, oil and sugar.

    1. Yes, you can make the frosting with a dark chocolate bar. First lightly heat the almond milk and sugar. The sugar should dissolve. Do not heat too much. Then add the chocolate and oil. The chocolate will melt from the heat. Mix very well and then frost the cake.

  21. Excellent recipe.. Super moist cake.. Only thing, mine crumbled a bit.. But I took it out when it was too hot.. Could that be the reason?5 stars

    1. Thanks. Yes, the cake will crumble as it is too moist and soft when hot. So it is best to allow it to cool completely and then remove from the pan.

  22. Hi, I tried making it on cooker, but it wasn’t cooked even after 1hr. Also it tastes too sour. Can you please help???4 stars

    1. In the cooker this cake will take more time to cook as the batter does not have a thick or medium consistency. I am not sure why the sourness is. I hope you used a measuring spoon for the vinegar or lemon juice.

      1. Okay, thank you. Since, this was my first time attempting a cake guess I should try again…
        Any ways the recipe was easy and I have tried out various recipes from you for over 5yrs… Keep up the good work…4 stars

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    1. Thanks a lot for this lovely feedback. So glad to know. Most welcome. Stay safe.

  27. Hi,
    Looks yummy but need one clarification that in measurement say as 1cup as 250ml but 1cup wheat flour say as 120grams. Can you please clarify on this?

    1. Volume is measured in litres and a cup used volume as the scale of measuring. Thus 1 cup of water or 1 cup of milk will be the same volume as that of the cup. Say a 200 ml cup will have 200 ml of water. However with dry ingredient, weight is used to measure them. Thus 1 cup of whole wheat flour will weigh 120 to 125 grams when measured on a weighing scale. 1 cup of rice, will weigh 200 grams on a weighing scale. Thus depending on the density, the dry ingredients will have different weights.

  28. Hello, I want to ask if chopped walnuts can be added to this recipe? Will any of the measurements change? Please let me know. Thank you.

  29. Dear Dassana,
    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing recipe of Vegan chocolate cake. I am not a vegan but your cake was superior to any regular cake recipe available online. With the ongoing pandemic we fear buying anything from outside and on top of it the lockdown had to happen during my daughter’s birthday. Cake was a must so after trying so many recipes available online with no satisfactory results I bumped into this amazing recipe. The cake was a delight. Your detailed method with those special notes saved my day.
    You’ve got a fan follower added to your list .
    Thanks once again and keep posting more such simple yet delicious recipes.5 stars

    1. Hello Shikha, thank you so much for this lovely comment. It has definitely brightened my day and that’s what we need during these times. Thanks once again for your kind words and such a nice honest feedback on the chocolate cake recipe. Yes, will try to add more delish recipes. Stay safe.

    1. That is due to over mixing of the batter. This happens when the batter is mixed too much resulting in formation of gluten strands.

  30. Hi Dassana thank you so much for the recipe. What can we replace chocolate with in the recipe to get some other flavours? Coffee?

    1. Welcome Juhi. You can use a couverture or compound chocolate, about 3 tablespoons chopped and them melt it in a double boiler or microwave. With coffee the proportions of the ingredients will change.

  31. Hi Dassana
    I tried make this cake today but got some cracks in between. What could be the reason?

    1. Cracks on the cake would be due to uneven oven temperatures in the oven or the oven being too hot. if the oven door is opened many times, cracks happen on the cake. You can try baking at a slightly reduced temperature, say 180 degrees celsius. I hope this helps.

  32. Hi
    I made cake 1 st time for my daughter college graduation 👩‍🎓
    Came out very delicious ,she really liked it as well everyone else like it too
    Thank you so much
    Your way of teaching step by step
    It’s very easy to understand and inspired 1st time baker like me and also all other recipes too

    1. So nice to know and thanks for sharing. Comments like yours makes me glad as well as happy. Baking is easy and if you can get it for the first time, you can definitely bake further and create awesome dishes. Thanks again.

  33. i tried this recipe yesterday and it really came out well
    Thank you for sharing the recipe4 stars

  34. Thank you for posting an easy-to-prepare, low sugar/low fat and delicious recipe. Thank you also for going such a great length to make sure the receipt steps are crystal clear and easy to follow.5 stars

  35. I have tried quite a few of your recipes for eggless cakes and other desserts. Everything has been absolutely delicious especially this eggless chocolate cake! Thank you.5 stars

    1. Thank you so much for this feedback on the recipes you have tried including this chocolate cake. Welcome and Happy Baking.

  36. Dear Dassana
    Thank you! I’ve never come across such an elaborately and lucidly explained cookery blog.
    I baked for the first time in my life in an oven gifted by my parents. My very first bake was an offering to Sri Krishna on Janmastami. I believe it was Divine Mother who led me to your blog. I was nervous and excited, and wow! the cake turned out so well. I’m speechless with gratitude and love for you. Thank you! And God bless you.5 stars

    1. hi sandhya, thank you ❤️. i have tears in my eyes when replying to you. i don’t know what to say apart from thank you. i am speechless. thanks again for this beautiful review and for your kind wishes.

  37. Hi Dassana, I made this chocolate cake without icing for my Mother-in-law’s birthday.

    Very tasty. When tried to cut at first, felt a little moist inside. But after some time it was alright. Everyone loved it. Especially my daughter. She keeps on saying now that she doesn’t want any chocolate anymore (which she usually doesn’t like). Instead she wants to have this cake. ????

    However couldn’t cut as the pieces you have shown. Instead we had many different shapes.

    What should I do to make it work? I used fresh baking soda. Use OTG for baking. Followed every step carefully reading your recipe. Think I should try it again and see.

    Thanks dear that your recipe helped me to make my MIL’S special day more special. 5 stars

    1. thanks karthika for this lovely detailed comment and for sharing your experience. glad to know that your family liked the chocolate cake. if the cake is cut when still hot or warm, it will crumble and be soft. so let the cake cool completely before cutting it. i am assuming you cut the cake when it was still warm and i hope i am right in guessing this.

      fresh baking soda only works well in this recipe. OTG is fine too. try baking for some more minutes. let’s say 5 minutes or more and this will help. let me know.


  38. i would like to know the measurement for 1 kg cake. its my daughter’s bdy and i want to make homemade cake . i am waiting for your reply . please reply soon 🙂5 stars

    1. double the cake recipe servings to 24 in the recipe card and you will get an increase in the proportions too. you can double or triple this chocolate cake recipe easily.

  39. Hi Dassana

    The cake was awesome. I really appreciate the recipe as it was eggless and whole wheat.
    I used cup measures but next time would like to use my kitchen digital scale for getting exact measurements. But looking over the grammages mentioned for atta and sugar I am confused – there seems to be an error as the sugar measure in recipe, 150 gm, is more than amount of atta, 120 gm.

    Can you please clarify. Apparently 1 ml =1 gm. So ideally 1 cup atta should be equal to 250 gm, is it not?

    Tara5 stars

    1. thanks tara for the review and rating. 1 ml is 1 gm for liquids. but for solid ingredients, 1 ml is not 1 gm. depending on the density of the solid ingredient the weight will change. example 1 cup of atta measures 120 to 125 grams whereas 1 cup of granulated sugar measures 200 grams. i always give both cup and weight measurements so that the cake can be made easily by readers. so if you have a weighing machine, you can definitely weigh the ingredients and bake. hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the explanation Dassana I get it now. Another question: in all the baking recipes, is it preferable to use castor/powdered sugar or can unpowdered sugar work too?


        1. welcome tara. usually in most baking recipes castor sugar or powdered sugar is used as they dissolve faster. granulated sugar can be used but it depends on the recipe. depending on the recipe method, sometimes granulated sugar does not dissolve. so it is better to use castor or powdered sugar. hope this helps.

  40. Hello
    Thank you very much for the recipe
    I’ve a question
    I baked the cake and did the frosting part also n kept it in the fridge for the night, the next day when I sieved some icing sugar, it vanished in couple of minutes, it was completely invisible by then.. does this happen? What can I do to not let it melt on the cake so that my cocoa powder will look better on top of the icing sugar?
    Thank you

    1. welcome krishna. yes it can happen as the fine particles of icing sugar get dissolved in the icing if the icing has not set or is thin. make the icing more thick. so add less milk while making icing. hope this helps.

  41. Hi, I tried this recipe but cake didn’t rise well. Only difference is, I used ashirvad multigrain aata instead of whole wheat flour. Also I pre-heat oven before preparing cake batter. After preparing cake batter, I again pre-heated the oven. Then I put cake batter in oven. I turned off oven in 20 mins because cake became solidify in 20 mins. Please tell me where I went wrong?

    1. hi, when using multigrain flour, more liquids will be needed as the other grain flour and lentil flours will require more water. secondly in the multigrain flour, the proportion of wheat flour should be more, then the proportion of the other grains or lentils flours. whenever making any multigrain cake or cookie, it is always better to add the flours separately. more wheat flour should be there as that helps the cake to leaven and have a softer texture. with the other lentils or grain flours being more, the cake is doomed for failure.

      the preheating part is fine. when the cake pan is kept inside the oven, the oven should be hot. it should be getting preheated. do not switch off as then the temperature inside the oven will cool and this will affect the texture of the cake. hope these suggestions help.

  42. Thank u for such prompt response Mam…..
    I’ll do this trick….

    Can’t we use baking powder instead…..why in few places either of soda/pdr is used and in few recipes, both are used by ppl….even similarly, use of yoghurt/soda water/vinegar……..

    1. welcome pooja. in this recipe baking soda is used only. the reason is if you use baking powder, you will have to add 4 times of baking powder (2 teaspoons for this chocolate cake recipe), which will give that typical unpleasant baking powder taste and aroma in the cake. as a thumbrule, 1 teaspoon of baking powder works well for 1 cup of flour. even 1.25 teaspoons baking powder can give that taste and aroma. so in this chocolate cake recipe, only baking soda works well. addition of both baking soda & baking powder or either depends on the recipe and the ingredients. if more acidic ingredients are used, then baking powder can be added. hope this helps.

  43. Hi there,
    The cake turned out well but the above portion of the cake became crispy…. Any suggestions

    1. you can cover the top of the pan with an aluminium foil or parchment paper, so that the top does not get browned too much. you can even bake with the top heating element not working and only the bottom heating element working if you have an OTG. if using the top heating element, try not keeping the pan close to it.

  44. Hello Mam,

    I m bog fan of all ur recipes and urs is the first name to turn to, for any recipe/ideas…

    I did try choc eggless cake, it’s nt risen well and I feel it’s slightly hard….is there anything more to be done /added to make it spongy n full level rising

    1. thank you much pooja. the chocolate cake not rising well or being dense would be due to an inactive baking soda. since baking soda is the only leavening ingredient used in the recipe, it should be fresh and active. even slightly less active soda can jeopardise the cake texture. about two to three pinches of baking soda can be added in 1 tablespoon water + 1 tablespoon vinegar solution. if the soda fizzes and bubbles immediately, it is active and good enough to go in any cake recipe.

  45. Tried…turned out to be well…have one question -I don’t have unsalted butter for frosting..what’s the substitute for it??5 stars

    1. thanks sheena. for frosting, use oil, but a neutral tasting oil, so that the oil’s taste and aroma does not come in the frosting. use slightly less oil than butter.

  46. Hello mam
    I tried the cake today but it does not rise well.
    What to do

    1. monika, let me know in more detail whant went wrong (like the texture of cake, the consistency of batter etc), so i can help.

  47. Hi. Followed the exact recipe. The cake turned out spongy but many cracks and with cooling few parts of the cake fell off. What can be the reason? Took 38 minutes @ 180 degrees to bake fully.
    Thank you!!4 stars

    1. could be due to uneven mixing of the batter. also the oil has to be mixed very well with the rest of the ingredients. if the batter is mixed well, this problem should not occur. i also hope you used the correct pan size. hope this helps.

  48. Thank you Dassana, awesome recipe! I made cupcakes and they turned out as good as those made with maida. My family really enjoyed them.5 stars

    1. thats great to know neha. thanks for sharing the feedback. i will also try. thanks again.

  49. Hi Dassana thank you for sharing this receipe. The cake turned out to be very good. Just wanted to check how long can the cake be stored for?4 stars

  50. I made this recipe in pressure cooker..the taste was really good..but, the sides became little hard.. can u tell me wat could have caused it and how to over come this?

    1. using a steel pan can make the sides hard. even baking for a long time can make the sides hard. a good quality baking pan works well in a pressure cooker. hope this helps.

  51. Hello.. tried this recipe and it turned out so good. Thanks a lot. I felt that it was too less for my friends and family so planning to bake again today.. so I want to ask can we double the recipe as it is? Or Any changes to be done?5 stars

    1. thanks dhriti for sharing your feedback and rating. you can double the recipe. no changes need to be done.

  52. I made cupcake with this recipes and they were amazingggggg ????????????
    Was a lil skeptical about using only soda but the cake did rise well.
    Just one question that all the cupcake tops cracked up like a volcano. Only variation was I used vinegar and added a few walnuts. Anything I did wrong??5 stars

    1. thanks a lot. i guess it is not because of vinegar but may be due to the addition of walnuts.

  53. At the given temperature and 30 minutes, my cake got burned. Easy to prepare but missed the opportunity to eat good cake! Used regular oven4 stars

    1. every oven is different and the temperature varies with the size, type and built of the oven. in most of the baking recipes shared on blog, i always mention to keep a check on the baking as each oven is different. if the oven gets hot very fast than the baking will also be faster. so what may take 30 minutes will take 20 or even less minutes. the time mentioned is like a benchmark and depending on the oven can be more or less. also do not keep the oven close to the top heating element as the browning or burning will happen faster if kept near the top heating element.

      usually, it works to use the bake mode of an OTG (only lower heating element on) or use both the heating elements (toast mode). keep the pan on the center rack for even baking. there is also a possibility that your oven is baking at a more higher temperature than 200 degrees celsius. there are ways to check this and in google you can search with the words – calibrate oven.

  54. Hi , dassna ,when ever i make cake ,the cake becomes very hard ,so can u suggest me what should i do!!!!!!

    1. firstly do not mix batter too much. the batter should feel light and not heavy. also make sure that the baking powder or baking soda used in the recipe is fresh and active. do not over bake too. hope this helps.

  55. Hi Dassana,

    Have a few question on the eggless chocolate cake:
    1. Can i use ghee instead of oil/butter? if yes, would the qty be same?
    2. can i also use half ragi flour & half whole wheat flour or any any other proportion?

    1. priti,

      1. yes you can use ghee. add 1/4th cup ghee or butter.
      2. yes half ragi and half whole wheat flour can be used. but with ragi, you may need to add some more water. you can even use 1/4th cup of ragi and 3/4th cup of atta.

  56. Hi Dassana I love your recipes. A question on baking (I am a novice). Some recipes call for curd, yours don’t. Also this cake batter is way thinner than other cake recipes you have made. Could you guide on what the science is behind these two? Would like to understand the logic! Thank you.5 stars

    1. thanks ashu. this chocolate cake recipe is very different from the ones using curd. curd helps the chocolate cake to have more softness and moisture in it and thus makes it slightly heavy. i have made chocolate cakes with both curd and without curd so i know. since curd is not used in this recipe, its light similar to a chocolate sponge cake. so for making frosted chocolate cakes, this cake works very well as base cake since it is light and has a structure. so the frosting or icing does not weigh the cake down. cake batters’ consistency depends on the ingredients that go in the batter and also the kind of cake that is being made.

      baking soda or baking powder is added in eggless cakes as it reacts with the acidic ingredients in the cake. in this chocolate cake recipe, the acidic ingredient is vinegar or lemon juice. in recipes where curd is added, the acidic ingredient is curd itself. hope this helps.

      1. Wow! There is so much to this! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Have a wonderful day!

  57. Hi Dassana,
    It is a healthy recipe and a tasty one to convince my daughter ‘s craving for chocolate cake.. I don’t encourage buying from bakeries as they use sugar and maida. And I never baked before and this is my first attempt and it turned out great… Thanks for giving us nice and detailed recipes and I hope I would bake frequently and thanks in a ton..5 stars

    1. thank you prabhaa. same here, i avoid buying cakes from bakeries as they use vegetable fat, trans fat, maida, additives etc. its best to bake at home. at least you know what ingredients you are adding in the cake or cookie. do try some more baking recipes and i am sure you will like them. thanks again.

  58. Hi , I made the cake as per your instructions but it’s little rubbery or rather dense and I felt so heavy after eating a small piece . The cake was done in 35-40 mins and the toothpick came out clean but there were no crackes on top as generally is seen on cakes. This is the 1st time I made no egg cake and I’m feeling so bad it didn’t turn out well. Please advice .

    1. which oven did you use for baking cake. did you bake using the microwave mode of an oven. secondly was the baking soda fresh or active. if the baking soda is not fresh or active, the cake won’t rise and be light and fluffy. there will be denseness in the texture. let me know.

      1. HI dassana, you know what it turned out to be perfect after few hours….wondering what happened ?
        It tasted awesome and was over in a day.
        I’m making it again today

        By the way : the baking soda was fresh and I used my regular OTG for baking .
        Thank you

        1. thanks for letting me know ashwini. sometimes the texture of a cake and even breads change dramatically after they cool down or after a couple of hours. glad that the chocolate cake was over in a day. thanks again.

  59. Hello, Dassana, This is an amazing reciepe. I have made this cake numerous times without frosting and once or twice with frosting. What inspires me is that it has all healthy ingredients and it is eggless 🙂 Your clear instructions make it so much easier. Great job and keep posting.

    1. thank you shailaja for sharing this lovely feedback on eggless chocolate cake. yes the cake tastes good with or without frosting. sure i will add more recipes. thanks again.

    1. you can use salted butter and oil. for oil use a neutral flavored oil. with salted butter there will be faint hints of salt taste, but its not distinctly felt.

  60. Thanks so much for such a fantastic and easy recipe. The chocolate cake with the frosting came out absolutely delicious! I don’t think I’ll ever be tempted to buy cakes outside anymore!
    As you’ve heard enough times by now, thanks to your detailed, precise recipes, I feel like quite an awesome cook :). The most amazing part being that your recipes are always as healthy as can be, can’t appreciate that enough! Thanks a ton.5 stars

    1. thank you neha for this splendid feedback on eggless chocolate cake recipe. i do try to make recipes healthy wherever possible, but in baking it does not work every time. i so agree that after one makes cakes or cookies at home, one does not feel like buying them from outside.

  61. hi dassana as usual super cake recipe….can u please tell me can i add vanilla powder in all the cakes instead of vanilla essence.

    1. thank you. yes you can add vanilla powder. even i used to add vanilla powder when getting vanilla beans or vanilla extract was difficult.

  62. Hi Dassana,

    Whoa! What a recipe.. I really am so grateful to you for this simple yet awesome recipe.. the cake was so soft moist and just melting in the mouth. my family couldn’t get enough .. the cake was finished in a couple of mins.. few questions, could you please guide:
    1. I want to try this in a larger quantity for my son’s birthday, can I double this recipe?
    2. Which brand of unrefined cane sugar do you use? (If I may ask) I used organic sugar but would gladly make the switch.5 stars

    1. thank you harini. you can double the recipe. i have halved the recipe to make lava cakes many times. so logically it can also be doubled. i use 24 mantra or conscious food.

    1. i am not sure if this recipe can be made in the cooker as the batter is more on the thinner side.

  63. You won’t believe my over sight. Had to throw two away! First time I read baking powder instead of soda and read 200 degrees without checking if it’s f or c. After 1 .5 hrs, it didn’t rise, then I read again, realised I’ve put powder. Second time, again I assumed it’s 200 degrees f. The cake took nearly two hours. But was raw.
    Finally made a third batch. Came out perfect, but took 50 mins. It’s cooling, please pray it comes out well! I love how easy this recipe is to gather. Even on the third attempt,I wasn’t tired!5 stars

    1. ohhh… happens at times. but its nice that you realised what exactly went wrong. even like you i do not get tired when developing and testing new baking recipes. the cake will turn out good as its a tried and tested recipe. hope you liked the taste as well. thanks.

      1. Yes! It came out well! I used buttercream icing. I think I can make this cake everyday and eat all day long! May soon become an elephant!

        1. if you work out then you will be fit and stay in shape. also eat everything in moderation as thats what even i do. chocolate based cakes and desserts are addictive. even i have a sweet tooth and do not mind an extra chocolate ????

  64. Hi… This recipe is not vegan as you have used butter and sugar. Both are not used in vegan recipes. Pls do suggest substitutes.

    1. only the cake recipe is vegan. the icing is not. i have used unrefined cane sugar and not bleached sugar. you can use jaggery also in place of sugar. instead of butter use a neutral flavored oil like sunflower oil.

  65. Dear Dassana
    This is the most amazing cake. I added both baking powder and soda. Have made it twice now and family love it. Thanks so much. Do you think this will work with grated beetroot?
    RA5 stars

    1. thanks RA. grated beetroot won’t work well. reason being beetroot will add more moisture and water in the batter.

  66. Hi Dassana i have made this cake many times and we love it!! What if i were to omit the baking soda, how would it affect the cake? I had made brownies without it and it was great. Pls guide.5 stars

    1. anjana, the cake won’t rise if baking soda is omitted. along with it the cake won’t have a soft and light crumb. brownies are fine to make as brownies are usually dense and chewy, but in a cake the texture will get compromised a lot if baking soda is omitted.

  67. I think my comment is missing. Posting again as I wanted to Thank You for a working recipe !

    The cake done in convectional oven was perfect. The second day it tasted even better. I followed the same to same contents. Even tested the soda for the freshness. Thumbs up!

    But, the sugar frosting part – I missed it. It was either not melting down or if i keep it for long , it becomes like a sticky thing. I tried twice and i had to throw the mixture. Is it caster sugar? or our normal sugar? I used normal sugar (not even powdered). That cake got over in a day (wife & my 4 year old princess) and they wanted to make me again. 🙂 ! Please tell me that frosting thing so that i can try that this time. Even without frosting , it was yummy.

    Thanks again for your patience to reply to each and every comments

    Rajesh5 stars

    1. your comment has not reached us and in fact this is the first comment. we do have technical glitches at times with the comment form.

      thanks for the feedback on the chocolate cake. for the frosting its best to use superfine sugar or fine sugar. i guess the regular large refined sugar crystals will not melt. powdered sugar can be used. i use organic refined cane sugar which has fine particles so they melt easily. what you can do is powder 4 tablespoons sugar in a mixer-grinder and then add.

      i am also sharing a chocolate ganache icing recipe which you can use with this cake. it tastes damn good and like a chocolate truffle cake. for chocolate ganache you will need baking or cooking chocolate bars. so take 1/2 cup of chopped dark chocolate. add powdered sugar as per taste. also add 1/4th cup cream. you can use amul cream. mix and then cook this mixture on a double boiler or in a microwave for 15 to 20 seconds. a double boiler is basically two pans kept on top of each other.

      in one pan you keep water and let it come to a boil. keep the second pan or bowl with the chocolate, cream and sugar on top of the pan which has water boiling it. from the heat and steam of the hot water, the chocolate will start to melt. continue to stir non stop till all chocolate melts. let the ganache cool at room temperature and then you can spread it on the cake. you can even slice cake into two halves and spread ganache on it. for the chocolate bars, i would suggest to use couverture chocolate bars which has cocoa butter. do not use morde chocolate or compound chocolate as sometimes they are made with a lot of chemical products. you can get couverture chocolate on

  68. Hello , I tried your cake also I substituted jaggery for sugar and it turned out amazing a couple of time but since few days when am trying to do the same it’s just not happening… the cake is settling down itself

    1. are you using the same brand of jaggery. looks like the jaggery is settling down the cake. may be you can add less jaggery and see if it works.

  69. Thankyou for the prompt reply. AB mauri which makes mauripan yeast makes the improver brand name tower. Dont know however if it uses natural ingredients. Anyway all sliced breads do contain some amout of improver(as seen on their packaging) . Thanks anyway and will be surely visiting your blog for eggless cakes.

    1. thanks for this info mina. i will check. yes most baked stuff from outside does contains improvers.

  70. Hi
    Liked everything about your blog. I would like to know àbout cake gel/improver/emulsifieer which is nowadays being useď by many housewives to make eggless cakes soft and fluffy like store bought ones. Have you used it?

    1. thanks. i have never used this cake gel or improver. in fact i am hearing this for the first time that improvers are available for cakes. i knew about ice creams and other soft desserts. i am old school and prefer to use natural ingredients rather using an ingredient where i am not very sure what has gone in to making it.

  71. Hi,

    Can I use cadbury chocolate powder instead of cocoa powder? If yes, how much should be the quantity?
    Thanks in advance for replying.5 stars

    1. you can try with chocolate powder. use the same amount as that of cocoa powder.

  72. came out really nice and soft . Thanks Added some chocolate chips and truiti fruiti . Really made it great .4 stars

  73. HI Dassana,
    What oil should we use ? Groundnut ?
    Can we substitute butter in the frosting with something else ?
    Thanks5 stars

    1. adi, use sunflower oil or a neutral tasting oil. groundnut oil will give the taste of groundnuts. once i made a dutch truffle cake with groundnut oil and its taste was similar to the snickers one gets in the market. so better to avoid unless you like the taste of groundnut oil. for the frosting you can use any neutral flavored oil.

  74. Hi please tell if i wanna bake the same cake with out oven …. Or if you would’ve already posted pls send link here …. Thanks n lot f blessings to you … And Your step by step procedure could help many even beginnen also could …. Thanks once again …. Love from ….

    1. you can try. i have shared two eggless cake recipes and one pav recipe made in pressure cooker. so you can use the method shown in these recipes and bake any cake, cookie or bread. links given below:

      eggless sponge cake –
      eggless chocolate cake –
      pav in pressure cooker –

      thanks a lot for your kind comments and best wishes.

  75. Hi Dasanna, I tried this recipe last month for my husband’s birthday, it was awesome. I would like to make the same as cup cakes, how long would it take in a convection microwave oven?5 stars

    1. thanks hema and nice to know. for cup cakes it will take less time approx 20 to 25 minutes in a convection mode of microwave oven.

  76. Hi Dassana,
    In this recipe have you used Soda bi carbonate and also there is no baking powder? please confirm i want to try for my daughter’s bday party. till now, this recipe i was using is good but when you eat it sticks in the mouth . don’t know the reason . all my ingredients are fresh and also i just fold the mixture.

    1. juhi, i have soda bi carbonate which is baking soda or cooking soda. stickiness could be under baking. so try to bake for some more time. also keep the pan on a wired rack or stand to cool the cake. sometimes due to much moisture which occurs due to cooling and condensation, the cake can become sticky and moist.

  77. hi dasanna tried the cake it was good but the frosting didnt work out. the sugar did not melt and the butter and sugar together kept forming a crumble.

    1. okay. some more milk could have been added and the mixture could have been simmered to give a smooth sauce. hope this helps.

  78. I tried your receipe with exact measurements. The texture , shape, color turned exactly as shown in pics but the taste was not good at all. The cake was so bitter from inside and outside was good due to frosting. What could be the reason for this, I baked in convection mode in microwave.4 stars

    1. the bitterness is due to some ingredient used which has gone rancid or is not fresh. did you use oil or butter. if you have used butter than the butter must have not been fresh and gone rancid. rancid butter tastes bitter. if you have used oil, then i hope the oil did not have any bitter after taste. another ingredient which can lead to bitterness is lemon juice. fresh lemons will give tangy and sour tasting lemon juice. old and discolored lemons will give bitter tasting lemon juice. while baking any cake or bread, always use fresh ingredients. hope this helps.

    1. yes you can try. a few readers did try doubling the eggless chocolate cake recipe with success.

  79. Hi dassanna,
    I usually try the recipes only in this site and almost every recipe came out good. And now I want try to bake the cake also.
    As this is eggless cake, can’t we use the egg in this cake recipe?
    If so how many to use and even is it necessary to add baking soda as we are adding egg.5 stars

    1. thanks deepthi. with eggs the recipe changes completely and i cannot tell you how many eggs to use as i need to try and test the recipe. i do not use eggs so cannot help you here. when using eggs you don’t need to use baking soda or baking powder. using baking soda or baking powder also depends on the other ingredients used in the recipe.

  80. Hi dassana,
    I tried many of your recipes and every recipe I tried came soooo good. Step by step instructions and pics are making me very easy to prepare the receipe well. Thanks a lot.There is a query……is it necessary to grease even the silicone mould ? Hope you will respond me. Once again thank you so much.5 stars

    1. sarita, i don’t think silicon moulds need to be greased. thanks for the feedback on the other recipes.

  81. Hi Dassana,

    It was my 2nd attempt at baking a cake. I had tried your mango cake recipe earlier. From my past experience, i reduced the pre-heat and baking time to 5 mins and 10-12 mins respectively. Thanks for such a simple, healthy and delicious recipe. The most amazing thing is it has all the ingredients readily available at home….The cake came out spongy though the shape was lost..:( but never mind i added some crushed walnuts and walnut dust over the frosting and it was yumm!!!

    It was my husband’s bday cake and he cant stop praising it and me…<3 Thanks for making our day!!!5 stars

    1. Welcome Shubs. Glad to know that you liked the taste of chocolate cake. If the taste and texture of cake is good, then shape does not matter much for foodies. Good idea of frosting you used to cover the cake. Do try some more baking recipes.

  82. Hi Dasana,
    I am a homebaker and eggless baking is very difficult to me. I am trying so many recieps of yours, sometimes they turn out very well but sometimes not perfect eventhough with exact recipe and same ingredients .Main problem is texture from inside (from outside always good),it is always sticky or I can say texture like halwa from inside(completely cooked from inside and knife test clear). And second is so many cracks on top. and third is rise from center not from sides.5 stars

    1. harmeet, what measuring cups you use. are they standardized ones available in the market. or do you weight the ingredients and use them. the cracks on top can be due to many reasons. too much of baking soda or baking powder or less of liquids etc. also open the oven after 3/4th of the cake is done. rising also depends on the size of the pan used and correct temperature in the oven. halwa like texture means more of baking soda, baking powder or fats like oil or butter. also do not mix too much. i hope these tips help.

      1. Thanks, Dassana for your response.I’m using standard cups nd spoons which are available in market. I read somewhere in your receipes regarding not opening the oven till 3/4 done for proper rise,since then following.Yes ,sometimes I reduce fat content. Next time I will take exact amount then try.. But for inside texture baking soda/powder are used exactly as per the recipe and the fat content can be in less amount but not more.and mixing till to remove lumps. Thanx once again.Next time I will keep all these points in mind and try.5 stars

        1. welcome harmeet. thanks for replying back. oil can be less. the quantity of baking soda and baking powder is considered with the rest of the ingredients used. so if any ingredient is reduced than the proportion of the baking soda and baking powder will become more in the entire recipe. also in eggless baking especially with whole wheat flour, the amount of water varies considerably with the quality of flour. finely ground flour with less or no husk requires less water but semi fine or coarsely ground flour or flour with a lot of husks will require more water as the husks absorb a lot of water. even when the flour is sifted, some fine husk particles do remain in the flour, especially if the wheat grains are ground in the chakki (flour mill).

          do try not to mix too much. even small tiny lumps are fine in the batter. what i have seen is when i mix too much, first the batter becomes thick and the leavening reaction of the baking soda reduces over a period of time. so for eggless cakes, its best to mix quickly, pour the batter in the pan and immediately keep the batter in the oven for baking. also do ensure that the oven is preheated for a minimum of 15 minutes before the cake is baked.

          do try with these tips and let me know if you still have problems.

        2. Thanks Once again Dassana for your continuous help. Hopefully tommorrow i will try again nd try these tips.5 stars

  83. Tried this recipe and my cake came out horrible. I followed everything correctly apart from adding lemon juice instead of lime juice. The cake was as thin as a pancake and it didn’t rise at all.
    The taste itself I could taste the raw atta taste which wasn’t very nice.
    Any ideas what could have went wrong??

    1. navya, when making an eggless cake where only one leavening ingredient is used, its always better to check the freshness of that particular leavening ingredient. in this recipe baking soda is used. so if the baking soda is not fresh or past its shelf life, the cake won’t rise. so to check add about 1/4th teaspoon of baking soda in a 2 tsp of vinegar/lemon juice+2 tsp water mixture. the solution should fizz and bubble. if it does not the baking soda is not active and fresh. also the cake won’t be as thin as a pancake. when you add in the pan specified in the recipe below, there will be some thickness in the cake. i hope you have used the correct size pan. hope these suggestions help.

  84. Hi…
    I wanted to know ki can I used salted butter for icing… I have to make it today only…so will be happy if u respond soon..4 stars

  85. I tried this recipe and made a chocolate Swiss roll instead of regular cake. It tasted fantastic, I loved it and had a good texture not as spongy as cake with eggs and cake flour. But the fact that it is whole wheat and no eggs has definitely earned my points. It is also very simple to make. I over baked it for a 3 to 4 minutes so that might have reduced its softness so I think it will be important to watch for baking time. I will try this recipe some more time and if it works well this is going to be my permanent recipe!5 stars

    1. wow, thats great kalyani. i should also give a try. the cake is soft and i think the extra baking time must have changed the texture. happy baking ????

  86. Hi,I follow you for all my eggless recipes. I have a doubt, when you mention 1cup of atta, in the recipe, in brackets you have written120 gms. Would you be able to clear the doubt. And tell me 1cup means ?? Grams . It would be a great help. Thanks.5 stars

    1. sukhmani, 1 cup of atta when weighed in a weighing machine weighs 120 to 125 grams. here the atta is just added directly in the weighing machine. the cup is not used. so 120 grams of atta when filled in a cup takes the entire cup. so either use the weight measurement or use the cup measurement. hope this helps.

      1. Thanks a ton. I must mention, I’m a homebaker, but eggless recipes were always difficult for me, after following your site, I’m much confident. Also many of my homebaker friends follow you blindeyed. You are an inspiration. More power to you.5 stars

        1. Welcome Sukhmani. Glad to read your positive feedback. Thanks for your positive words.

  87. Thank you so much Dassana! I tried this recipe and the cake came out very well. Can we add chopped dry fruits to the cake batter and then bake it?5 stars

  88. Hi,

    I am going to try this recipe tomorrow, but I am planning to use cake flour instead. Will the proportions of the other ingredients vary if I use the cake flour?


    1. ruchi, just one change. add less water. so you can add about 3/4 cup water. the rest of the recipe remains same.

  89. Hii..nice recipe but I m confused about quantity of wheat n sugar. Is sugar more than wheat but it’s 3/4th cup n wheat is 1 cup..pls clarify

    1. Thanks Deepika. Either use cup measurement or use weight measurement. Don’t mix the two. Hope this info helps to solve the confusion.

  90. hi dassana
    i love to try ur recipes and i have a query i don’t like the aroma of vanilla essence so wat can i do??please help me

  91. Thanks for the amazing recipe. I made my first successful cake with it.
    I added walnuts in the cake as well. Your all recipes are amazing. Pictures help a lot.
    Many thanks
    Jivan5 stars

  92. Hi Dassana
    I always try out your receipes and tgey wirk well.I tried this cake today and like everytime it was a big hit.I am planning to bake rainbow and red velvet cake in near future.Could you please help with the recipes?5 stars

    1. Thanks Shweta for your positive feedback. I will try to add these cake recipes.

  93. Hi Dassana
    I always try your recipes and today I tried this lovely chocolate cake.Like every time it was a great hit.I am planning to make red velvet and rainbow cake in next couple of weeks,could you please share recipes for the same? Thanks again for the receipe5 stars

    1. thanks shweta for this awesome feedback. i had made red velvet cake some months back, but i still felt the recipe needs to be improvised. so have not added the recipe. i will have to test both the recipes of red velvet and rainbow cake and then i will add them.

  94. Hi
    I have a rectangular aluminium baking pan. What should be the dimension of the rectangular pan if I want to make this cake.


    1. Welcome Urvashi. Difficult to say. But I think approx 7.5 to 8 inches pan should do.

  95. Hi
    I don’t know what happen in making frosting when I add coco powder in butter and sugar mix everything thing got stuck like a stone. What I have done wrong?…

  96. Hi
    Baking soda means normal soda we used to prepare food or baking powder? And can I use normal refined instead of butter in frosting. And I have 28 lite bajaj otg with 1800 watt so pls guide me the exact temperature and timing. And how much gap should be in mould after pouring batter. Sorry for asking so many questions ☺

    1. Sneha, use the same temperature as mentioned in this recipe. timing will vary as depends upon oven to oven. so keep a check. but don’t open the door often and until 3/4th of the cake is done. there can be 2 inches gap. its alright to ask queries.

  97. Hi baking soda means normal eating soda? Or it is baking powder? And can I use normal refined instead of butter in frosting.

    1. Khushi, yes baking soda is eating soda. baking powder is different. refined oil may not give a good taste in frosting.

  98. Ohk…thank you so much. The pan size is 8 inc and dept is 2. I used aluminum pan. Anyways I will get the oven checked. Thanks for your help. I have just one more query is if the cake and the bread made out of whole wheat are a bit chewy and clumsy always ?
    Thanks for all recipes. I get good results with all other recipes. Recently the whole wheat nankatai came out very well and tasty. Thanks. But maybe I am not good at baking cakes.

    1. welcome sneha. pan size is fine. sure do get your oven checked. with microwave oven one has to be careful.

      the cakes made from whole wheat flour are not dense. most of the times i end up making whole wheat cakes and they are not dense or hard. whole wheat bread can be dense. it depends upon the recipe and method and also to a large extent on the quality of whole wheat flour. the dough should also be kneaded well.

      thanks for the feedback on nankhatai recipe. its not that you are not good at baking. we all learn. you just need to get a few things right and that you will know and you can make excellent cakes or breads at home. though i was professionally trained in baking, but i did lose touch with it for some years. when i started again i did have disasters and i would often reason out what must have went wrong. i continued and now i can say that i do not have disasters while baking. i have got the knack of knowing what ingredients work in right proportion. its due to practice and practice any my love for baking goodies for my family. so you will become good at it. one just needs to be patient, learn and practice.

  99. Hi,
    I have tried many of your recipes and they have came out well.
    However this cake recipe and the whole wheat bread recipe always tend to remain unbaked in the middle how much extra I bake. This recipe I made for 3 rd time and still it came out undone. I followed the recipe exactly and baked at 180deg for 35 min first and then for 15 min but it didn’t help. What might have gone wrong ? I have kenstar durachef oven and I used convection mode. Please help me to make better cake

    1. thanks sneha. some things are causing this. it could be the type of pan used or the size of the pan or a lower temperature in the oven. could be that the oven temp is low. the setting is for 180 degrees celsius but actually it can be less than 180 degrees celsius in the oven. so i would suggest to bake for a longer period of time. you can even get the oven checked.

      though now i only use an OTG for baking, but the microwave oven i had was not getting heated up. we checked it with the company person and the transformer has got damaged. so here in our case, the oven is working but not getting heated up.

  100. Hi Amit,
    Today I baked this recipe and I used exact quantity of ingredients told above. But I used milk and jaggery instead of Sugar & water. The cake came out very smooth and fluffy exactly as in the picture. The taste was ” VERY DELICIOUS MELTING IN MY MOUTH “. We Thank you for this wonderful recipe.
    Thank you5 stars

    1. Welcome Sainath. Glad to know this. Thanks for sharing this variation as it will help the readers and i will also give it a try.

  101. Hi…which oil should I use? Also, will the same moist effect be there if I use melted butter instead? Thankx

    1. you can use any neutral flavored oil. with melted butter the texture will be different than with oil.

  102. Hi Dassana,
    Thanks for the recipe. It came out good for 7inch cake mold. Now i want a bigger cake (say 9inch mold). Can I double the ingredients in this recipe ?
    Thanks.5 stars

    1. Welcome Nia. You can try. few readers have tried doubling the recipe and it has worked.

  103. Hi Dassana
    Just want to know..Which chocolate is good for making ganache? Compound or couverture?5 stars

    1. both can be used shilpa. for couverture chocolate, the tempering has to be done properly. couverture gives a rich taste. personally i prefer couverture as it has cocoa butter and makes very good desserts as well as frostings. i do have a ganache recipe in drafts and will try to add it. in the recipe i have used couverture chocolate.

  104. Hi Dassna, my oven is 1800 watt which is higher than most brands. It gets heated up faster and gets hotter than my previous otg. The temperature you give are best for what wattage? Any conversion metric I can use for recipes on your website?

    1. the temperature i mention is for ovens which do not have a high heat in them and ones where baking takes place gradually and evenly. i have a 2000 watts oven and it does not get heated too much. you can try baking at 180 degrees celsius. for any recipe, you can reduce 15 to 20 degrees celsius from the temperature mentioned in that particular recipe. this is not only applicable to my recipes, but any recipe you find on the web or in books or magazines.

  105. Hi Dassana thks for this yummy cake. This was the first time i baked a cake and it was a big hit! Pls post more whole wheat eggless cakes.5 stars

    1. thats nice to know anjana. thanks for sharing. i will try to add more cake recipes made with whole wheat flour.

      1. Thks a lot dassana. Your site is the only site that i have found eggless and whole wheat cakes! My little one loves them, thks to u.5 stars

        1. Welcome Anjana. I try to include whole wheat flour in recipes wherever possible. healthy eating.

    1. Smita, in the cocoa frosting, milk is added. in the cake recipe milk is not added. you can skip milk in cocoa frosting and add water instead. i have made in an OTG only, so you can make in OTG.

  106. Hi instead of milk can I add soymilk as my daughter is allergic to milk and egg?

    1. i have never tried this chocolate cake recipe with milk. but since i bake often, milk will only make the cake richer. the texture will be same.

    1. anjana, 9 inch pan will be slightly larger for this recipe. but still you can give a try. the cake will not have a large width, but will still taste good and have a nice texture.

  107. Hello Dassana
    I desperately want to give this cake a try but don’t have a round cake pan. Mine is 16.5 cm by 5 cm flower petal shaped cake pan. Do I need to change the proportion of the ingredients used or will the mentioned proportion work for my cake pan too ? Can I also avoid vanilla extract or vanilla essence ?

    1. sweta, 16.5 cm x 5 cm is a small pan. the batter can flow out from the pan while baking. you can halve the recipe and then use this pan. you can skip vanilla extract or essence.

  108. Best best cake in this world. I love this recipe. I use to add chocolate chips n walnuts n coffee powder too.5 stars

  109. Hello Dassana. I try your receipes all the time.I have made 3 of your cakes today for one of my friend’s son wedding who is vegan. The Banana Cake and sponge cake with applesauce turned out amazing but the chocolate cake got stuck to the pan and broke while removing. I used Maida and also used coffee water ( 2 tsp coffee mixed 1 cup cold water) as mentioned in one of the comments. I reduced cocoa quantity to 2 tbsp and 1tsp.
    What might have gone wrong?

    1. thanks chandni for letting me know about the success of the banana cake and sponge cake. for the chocolate cake it has a light texture. so first thing, it needs to bake well. if its not baked well, there are chances that it can break while removing from pan. second thing is that it should cool down completely. this applies for any cake. if the cake is removed when its still hot or at times warm, it can break. i am also guilty of this doing this many times. the addition of maida, coffee water and cocoa is fine. i don’t think the problem is due to that. hope this helps.

      1. Thank you so much. Will follow your advise next time I bake. Thanks a lot for your kind advise on frosting alternatives as well.

  110. Hi Dassana.
    I would like to make this cake as Vegan. Is there anyway to do frosting without butter? Will the cake taste good if I don’t put frosting? Also do I need to make any changes to the measurement if I use Maida instead of Aata?

    1. chandni, you can use coconut cream for frosting. whip coconut cream with some icing sugar till stiff peaks. then you can layer the cake with this cream. you can add some vanilla extract and cocoa powder also to the coconut cream. without frosting also, the cake tastes good. you can use maida instead of atta.

      for frosting also, you can use aquafaba. aquafaba is nothing but the water in which chana (white chickpeas) are cooked. refrigerate this water for a couple of hours and then beat it with icing sugar, till you get stiff peaks. aquafaba icing recipes you can easily get on google.

  111. Thanks a lot for posting this recipe. I come to your page often to get eggless recipes. I have been baking this cake for the past 2 years. Thought I had posted a comment , but I guess I forgot. This is my go to cake. Whenever I get up with a cake craving, this is my recipe. The modification I have done is that I mix a tsp of coffee in 1 cup of water, heat it for 30 s in microwave and then cool it and use it for cold water as called for in the recipe, because I love the flavour of coffee with chocolate. I proportionately reduce the cocoa and add a little drinking chocolate. It comes out very good always- soft, moist, chocolately with a coffee aftertaste. Thank you for posting step by step pictures also because it is very helpful to know the desired consistency of cake batter- as it differs for different cakes, and often makes a difference ! Keep up the great work. Keep sharing5 stars

    1. thanks a lot pooja for this detailed comment. i need to try your method. coffee cake is one of my favorite cakes. so will try doing this method. i also need to add some drinking chocolate. will give a try and make both coffee and mocha cake. thanks for sharing. it does help ????

  112. Thanks for the recipe. It came out well. Could you please tell me if I could substitute sugar with honey? Also please let me the measure of honey to be used5 stars

    1. i would not suggest to use honey in any baking recipe. honey on heating becomes toxic. instead of honey you can use jaggery.

  113. hi
    I tried this recipe but it didn’t worked….
    it did not rise properly and was uncooked…and i thoroughly followed the recipe…..i gave it proper time too…please suggest some corrective measures… i want perfectly to come up with it….

    1. there can be two things. first is the freshness of baking soda as it is the only leavening ingredient used in the recipe. if the baking soda is not fresh or active the cake won’t rise or become soft. so always check the freshness of baking soda in a solution of water+vinegar, if any recipe its the only ingredient used. just add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a solution of 1 to 2 teaspoons water mixed with 1 to 2 teaspoons of vinegar. mix well. after adding baking soda, the solution should fizz and bubble immediately. if it does not, then the baking soda is not fresh and expired.

      second reason could be over mixing the batter which can lead to gluten strands being developed in the batter. this also does not help the cake to become soft and light.

  114. Hi Dassana,
    I was wondering if I can add some coffee liqueur to this recipe. If yes, at which step and how much?
    Should I reduce the quantity of water and replace it with liqueur?

    1. chandrika, you can add coffee liqueur in the recipe. just add to the wet ingredients. you can add when adding lemon juice. no need to reduce the quantity of water. just 1 to 2 tablespoons of the coffee liqueur will be fine.

      1. Hi,
        So I tried this cake with coffee liqueur like you suggested and it came out wonderful!
        Just one thing though, I hadn’t considered the fact that the liqueur itself was quite sweet, so with the regular quantity of sugar in the recipe, the cake turned out a little sweeter than expected.
        So the next time I bake, I’ll reduce the sugar.
        It’s a wonderful wonderful recipe!
        Thank you!5 stars

        1. thanks for letting me know chandrika. yes sure, next time you can reduce the sugar. just one query. you make the coffee liqueur at home or buy from outside? would like to know.

          thanks again for the lovely feedback on the recipe.

  115. I tried this… cake comes out really nice and tasty ????… Thanks for sharing lovely recipes

  116. Hi

    Can I make only the cake without the frosting. Would it affect the taste. Btw I tried your veg Biryani in pressure cooker and it came out wonderful.

    1. thanks sharika for the feedback on veg biryani recipe in pressure cooker. you can make without frosting also. there will be some taste change, but even without frosting the cakes tastes good.

  117. Hello dear what is cake developer. N is it gives more softness to cake. But cake developer powder is vegetarian or non vegetarian. plz help

    1. pradnya, i have never heard of the term cake developer. first time i am hearing from you ????. so i have no clue what is cake developer. i will need to find out what is exactly a cake developer.

  118. This recipe is amazing but i found there maybe too much moisture compared to some of the other cake recipes on ur website.. so i reduced water to 3/4th cup (for 1 cup of flour) and the cake was cooked in 20 min and came out like a beauty! Thanks to u. Amazing!!

    1. thanks shrimadhy. since whole wheat flour is used, the water content can be reduced depending on the quality of flour. some types of wheat flour absorb more water and some less. usually i use chakki ground atta, which absorbs more water then store brought atta. hope this helps.

  119. Hello mam
    I have tried this cake so many times nd it was a big hit always. .. As it is made of wheat flour my chutku baby can eat it without harm…. Now I want to make a big cake so can I double the recipe?

    1. thanks aakanksha. you can double this recipe. in fact this recipe is so versatile and forgiving, that it can be halved too.

  120. Hi dassana,

    Thank you for such a wonderful recipe. I tried out and it came out very well in my 2nd time. But the thing is, we must be very careful when it is baking between 20th min to 30th minute..It may get baked or over-baked anytime. Once I found that the cake was crumbly and the crust was hard when I left it in the oven for more than 30 mins.

    Anyhow, the next time this recipe worked out very well.My husband and I loved it. Measurements are perfect. You can also add some nuts and it comes out like brownies!5 stars

    1. thanks gomathi for sharing the feedback on the recipe as well as the suggestion on baking time. usually in most ovens the cake will be done by 25 to 35 minutes. depending on the oven size, litres, temperature and the proximity of the heating rods to the baking tray. so the time does vary. usually it best to keep attention on the baked good when its baking ????

  121. the cake was superb
    I also wanted to ask can we replace cocoa powder with coffee powder4 stars

  122. Helloo dasana mAm… M such a big fan of urs. Today’s my bday…. Will you wish me… So that today will become a really happy bday. ??

    1. Welcome Deeksha. Thanks for your kind words. Wish you a happy birth day. Stay Happy and Wish you all the best for your life.

  123. im sry for commenting d 3rd tym….bt i was forced to do so…i tried d cake all by myself nd it came out absolutely awesome….nd actually better than d cake made by my parents…..nd i added d chocolates in d batter becz u didnt reply ….i thought it would stay in d middle bt it went down( unfortunately)… still was very happy wid d cake as it had grt texture,moisture nd most importantly had a grt taste….5 stars

    1. no problem shawna. thats great to know and thanks for sharing such a lovely feedback. i did not reply as with very busy with the video shoots. yes i have replied as to why the choco chips settled at the bottom on your earlier comment. happy cooking and baking.

  124. Hi ma’am
    I’m 13 nd a total foodie…..i love cooking … glad to say dat i followed ur recipes from d tym i was 11…we recently purchased a conventional oven,nd my mom nd dad have tried 3 cakes till date…i always appreciate ur recipes in front of my parents,nd i always refer ur recipes for cooking … hopefully im gonna try my first cake… i wanted to knw
    Can we add chocolate pieces in d middle of d batter to have d melted choco in d middle of d cake …i had seen dis idea in some blog of ‘how to make choco lava cake’….so plz say can i do dat?????5 stars

    1. thanks a lot shawna. so nice to read your comment 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

      you can add chocolate pieces. but dust them with some flour and then add or else they will settle down at the bottom.

  125. This cake was super delicious ? firstly I thought that cake will not turn well as it is made from wheat flour, so I used all purpose flour. Later on same day, I tried making one more cake. This time I made it using Wheat flour. Then I placed both the cakes in my plate and tried to figure it out which one was made using all purpose flour and which one using wheat flour. Surprisingly, I could not guess that ??

    I have been using this website since long ago. I have tried multiple recipes and really loved them all.

    About this recipes, it is made using those ingredients which are easily available at home. And top of that, you can eat as much as you want. Awesome job, super like to this one!!
    Incredible recipe!!

    Last question, I have not done icing/frosting on the cake. Just wanted to know if we need to keep this cake in refrigerator or room temperature, and how many days it can stay and we can eat? As such, any cakes made do not stay for more than one day in our house ??5 stars

    1. thanks a lot trupti. its true one cannot make out if the cake is made with atta or maida. the cocoa powder masks the flavors and thus one is not able to make out. do keep the cake in the fridge. since oil is used, it won’t become dense like cakes made with butter. it will stay soft even after being refrigerated. you can easily keep it for a week in the fridge. true that. such cakes get over soon 🙂

  126. Hello,
    I have tried other recipes from here but neverbaked goodies.
    I once tried ww flour vanilla cake from another blog, it turned out like a pancake. The taste was also not that of a cake. It hadn’t risen at all and was more moist and sticky inside. Will this cake rise nd be spongy? I would love to have a chocolate cake with wwflour.4 stars

    1. Haju, The recipe will work. I have also made it many times and so have many of the readers. all the recipes in the blog are tried and tested. just make sure to use fresh and active baking soda.

  127. Hello

    I tried this cake and it tasted amazing. Though it took me a lil more than 1 hour to completely cook the cake because after 45 minutes of baking it was cooked well from sides but was totally sticky from center. After 1 hour cooking it was done from the center too but was lil overdone from sides. Could this be because I used glass baking pan and not aluminum one? Also I preheated oven at 200 Celsius for about 5-10 minutes. Should I try baking the cake at temp more than 200 Celsius to bake it evenly?

    1. Thanks Nehaa. Could be because of the glass. A glass baking pan takes more time to bake as compared to a metal pan. Keep 200 degree celsius only. otherwise at the high temperature the cake might get too much browned from top. pre heat the oven for at least 15 minutes.

  128. thanks dassana for your input on OTG….though I have a question the Bajaj otg the temperature settings show 50, 100 150 etc…. is it possible to set temperatures in between like 180….

    1. you can. just keep the temp knob near 200 degrees celsius. so it will be around 180 or 190 degrees celsius.

  129. Hi .. Thanks a ton for this recipe.. I always avoid making cake because it gives me an image of nothing just refined flour which is completely unhealthy.. Now I tried this guilt free cake n it came out awesome.. It is incredibly soft n yummy .. I reduced the quantity of sugar because I like my cake less sweet n more chocolaty … Please try posting a recipe of a cake made with jaggery5 stars

    1. Welcome Kavitha. Glad to know that you liked the cake. I try to make the recipes healthier wherever possible. I have noted down the recipe request.

  130. Hello amit yesterday tried your 3 receipes in which one was this cake this time it came bit sticky but, I don’t mind it as it is made of wholewheat flour taste was good. even tired focaccia bread and wholewheat Momo all dishes turned out awesome..please share more receipe without onion and garlic or give some tips how to make it delicious without onion and garlic5 stars

    1. thanks natali. could be that the batter was over mixed, thats why the cake must have turned out sticky. i have posted a lot of recipes that can be made without onion garlic. there is a category for it. this is the category link –

      usually when not using onion and garlic, whole spices and herbs fill the gap. a pinch of asafoetida can also be added and it mimics the flavor of onion and garlic.

  131. hello dassana, i am a big fan of your recipes. I have tried almost all the eggless cake recipes. I have a very basic otg. I am planning to buy a new otg. Can u please give me the details of the bajaj otg you have. Model number and all the related details. I know many people have asked you for the details… I could not find it hence i am asking you. Please help me. Is bajaj otg a good option, or is there a better option. I am planning to buy a 35 litre otg. Thanks dassana in advance

    1. thanks sushma. i am using 35 litre bajaj otg. there is only one 35 litre OTG from bajaj. so you can easily get it on web or in a store. its on this link –

      i have heard morphy richards is also good and even the store owner was recommending it highly to me. but i went for bajaj OTG. i have been using it for about 8 months and no issues with it. you can check for reviews online on amazon and flipkart or snapdeal and then decide.

  132. Hi Dassna,

    Huge thanks for this recipe. I have been looking for an eggless cake recipe and this one yielded by far the best results. What I also liked a lot was the fact that you used whole wheat flour. I bake at home and started with APF, but gradually moved to WW flour. No one can tell the difference, trust me! I know longer use APF, not even to dust the pan. 🙂
    And I totally love how detailed your recipes are. Appreciate all the time and effort.

    RM5 stars

    1. thank you rekha. same here, i started baking with APF and then moved on to WW flour. i still do bake at times with APF but thats once in a blue moon and for recipes where WW flour won’t work or can cause issues. actually the difference is not felt. i have baked so many cakes with whole wheat flour that the difference is not felt. thanks again.

      1. In your experience, in which all cases is it recommended to use APF? I can safely ask you this since I now know that you also prefer using WW flour.

        1. rekha, once in a while its fine to use APF. but not everyday. eg if i have bread everyday for breakfast or lunch, then i would go for whole wheat bread and not APF bread. but once in a while its fine to have savouries or sweets made with APF. eg in some bakes like sponge cakes or some pastries, sweets or snacks where APF is difficult to substitute with WWF. eg spring rolls wrapper or some indian sweets like jalebi, gulab jamun etc.

          also i would suggest to use organic unbleached APF if you live outside india. also its best to avoid processed foods made with APF like pasta or noodles. rice noodles or whole wheat noodles are a better option. having said that, noodles are largely popular with kids, so i think once in while noodles are fine, but not everyday.

          in any recipe where you can use whole wheat flour or millet flours then its best to skip APF. but in recipes where WWF or millet flour cannot work, then you can use APF, but make these recipes once in a while.

          in fact my mother-in-law, makes APF from whole wheat flour. you just need to sieve the WWF through a fine cotton duppatta for large quantities and for small quantities, a fine sieve can be used. sieve for 4 to 5 times and you do get fine flour, which can be used to make any dish.

          i hope i have answered your question.

  133. Hi Dassana

    I tried this cake with my daughter yesterday and it came out so well. This was the first time I tried a cake and I was reluctant previously coz most of them were made up of all purpose flour and when I saw ur recipe I became so interested to try one by myself.
    It’s just not this one recipe but every single recipe you post is so detailed mentioning even the minute specification with clear pictures. In way I should say that I have gained a lot of confidence in my cooking skills by following ur website. But I don’t have any other words to say other than a simple “thanks” though it means a lot.5 stars

    1. thanks for this lovely feedback uma. true, generally cakes are made with all purpose flour. even i have added cake recipes with all purpose flour. in some recipe whole wheat flour works very well and in some eggless cakes recipes, one has to use all purpose flour.

      i am happy you are liking the detailed steps. sometimes i wonder should i write detailed or write in short. but i usually end up writing detailed as i know the finer points will help the person trying the recipe, especially if trying for the first time. a simple “thanks” means a lot and conveys also a lot.

      wish you and your family a happy new year 2017.

  134. I tried this yesterday. Came out really moist and nobody could tell it was whole-wheat and eggless. Thank you.5 stars

  135. i made the cake but ot came out to b vry chikna in our language and not at all spongy…why is that so…is it my mistake?
    i want to tell that i cheched it with a knife and fhe knife came out clean.4 stars

    1. apoorva, since only baking soda is used in this recipe, it has to be fresh, active and in it shelf period. if the baking soda is not fresh then the cake will not rise and become very soft like a pudding. so i guess here in this case, it must be the baking soda not being fresh.

  136. Hi dassana,
    I had some more queries with cake making…
    1. When we sieve the atta for cake, then there is ‘chokar’ left in the sieve. Should it be discarded?
    2. And if I sift the flour in multiple passes then the residual in the sieve is to be discarded at every step?
    3. Of the two mixing methods- ‘cut&fold using spatula’ and ‘mixing with whisk’ can I use anyone for mixing dry & wet cake batter?
    4. The amount of butter that you mention in the recipe- is it unmelted form measurement? Sometimes it’s given in grams and sometimes ml
    (I’m sorry I know that I have posted many queries about cakes in the past few days..)
    this query I wanted to post under a continuing comment thread under banana cake recipe but I couldn’t submit it there.

    1. ruchi, your queries answered below:

      1. yes it should be discarded. otherwise there will be kind of gritty or grainy texture in the cake.
      2. yes, at every step.
      3. no, if a recipe mentions fold technique, then fold only and do not mix. this is because in folding technique, all the air that is incorporated in the batter is still there and the batter does not fall flat.
      4. if its melted, i mention melted butter. if i have not mention melted butter, then its butter at room temperature or cold butter. the ‘ml’ one is melted butter and the room temp or cold butter is in grams.

      no problem ruchi. its fine. we have worked on this issue, so hopefully it should not occur now. thanks for informing us.

  137. Hi 🙂
    I made this cake last week.Turned out beautiful and totally yummy.I tried frosting for the first time and loved it.(Felt v happy on such a successful bake.Credits goes to you 🙂 )Definitely a recipe to save n cherish.
    Thank you so much.:)5 stars

    1. thank you maha. felt good reading your comment and nice to know that the cake was great and so was the frosting. thanks again.

  138. Hi dassana,
    I use ghee in place of oil in cakes, which makes the batter very thick while mixing the dry & wet ingredients (as temp is quite low these days). Hence, it takes more vigorous stirring, otherwise flour lumps persist in the batter. How to deal with this to avoid formation of gluten strands?5 stars

    1. ruchi, yes thats true. this will happen in cold season. either you can add more ghee, just a bit more or add more liquids like milk or water or buttermilk (whichever liquid is added in the recipe). you can also use butter instead of ghee. even butter gives a good taste. salted butter or homemade butter also works well. just that if using salted butter, then skip adding salt if its mentioned in the recipe.

      1. Thank you very much for such a prompt response. I’m sure adding relevant liquid will serve the purpose (I was reluctant to make changes in batter on my own since I am new to baking). Butter is also a good suggestion. I made the mawa cake given on your blog using butter and it turned out delicious. Thank you for the help!

        1. ruchi, some more liquids can always be added. the variety of wheat flour is different and so at times some types of whole wheat flour absorb a lot of water. when i make cakes with atta, on occasions even after adding more water, the batter remains very thick. so i add more water to get a cake like medium consistency batter. also liquids help the cake to be moist.

    1. considering the batter consistency, you can make this recipe in microwave oven. but i have never tried. though a few readers have. if microwaving then microwave for 3 to 4 minutes. if the batter sticks to the toothpick or knife, then microwave for some more seconds. you can check this comment from archana to get some ideas. link here –

  139. Hi Dassana,

    Thank you for the wonderfully illustrated recipes. I tried your eggless vanilla cake and it came out beautifully. It was light and fluffy. I am a first time baker and using your recipe instructions boosted my confidence, thank you!

    Now, I tried the above recipe and it came out a little too moist. I slid a knife into the cake after baking it for 40 mins at 180 C and the knife came out clear. I used a glass baking dish as I do not have any metal baking pans.

    Once it had cooled, the cake was moist at the bottom, maybe a little too moist for my liking which made me wonder if the cake was really done.

    I would be grateful if you can help clarify a few questions.

    1. Can I use 3 tbsp of chocolate powder in your eggless vanilla cake recipe?
    2. Is it OK to put the cake back in the oven if it looks undercooked?
    3. Should I remove the cake from the baking dish as soon as I take it out of the oven?

    Thank you,4 stars

    1. thats so nice to know m rao. you need to bake for some more minutes as glass is not good conductor of heat as compared to metal. so while baking in a glass pan, bake for some more time. the cake is not done as per what you have mentioned. when inserting the knife or toothpick, it has to go right till the bottom of the pan. also check in the centre of the cake as the sides get baked faster and the centre takes time. what you can do is, keep back the cake in the same bowl and bake it in a preheated oven till the moistness goes away.

      1. you can, but then add some milk or water as with cocoa powder, the batter will get slight thick.
      2. yes you can do. even i have done this many times.
      3. never remove a cake when its hot unless the recipe mentions it. let the cake cool down completely and then remove. if the cake is hot while removing it, then it breaks as there is more moisture, lightness and softness in the cake when its hot.

  140. hi maam thanks for sharing the recipe whenever i want to cook something different i checkout ur recipes and everytime i get praises from my husband ..i tried the cake and it turned out awesome only the variation was i added eggs …thanks a lott.5 stars

    1. thanks poonam for the feedback and also for sharing the variation. glad that the recipe worked out for you.

  141. Hii I wanted to know if using baking powder is also necessary or using only baking soda would be fine ?
    Also is it advisable to make it in a glass dish as I don’t have a baking pan ? If using a glass dish any specific instruction so the the mixture dosent stick on to it ? Please guide4 stars

    1. in this recipe, only baking soda is needed. generally baking powder cannot be used instead of baking soda. you can make in a glass pan. in a glass pan, the baking time will be more as glass is not a good conductor of heat. do make sure that the glass bowl or pan is oven safe. grease the glass pan very well with oil. if you want you can even layer the pan with parchment paper or butter paper.

  142. I am not very clear about the quantity of floor. Can you pls clarify in grams for me. Thanks a lot. The recipe seems really dependable.5 stars

    1. anshu, i have mentioned the quantity in grams in the recipe card. it is 120 grams of whole wheat flour.

  143. I made this chocolate cake.. but from middle side cake doesnt bake. I bakes again for 5 mins.. still from outside its too much spongy and yummy..pls help me

    1. try baking for some more minutes. cover the pan from the top with an aluminium foil, so that the top does not get overbaked. the temperature in your oven must be on the lower side, so try baking for some more minutes.

  144. Helooo …. I really love this cake… it tastes like brownie… tell me one thing do v need to add baking powder if using maida.???

    1. thanks. if using maida, then also i would suggest to add baking soda and not baking powder.

  145. Hi Dassana,

    You have been my Go To person when it comes to satisfying guests with some lip smacking new recipes..
    well as I m getting more involved in your recipes I m trying different things.. I have bought OTG – Morphy Richards 28RSS. And since two month have just made Burnt Nankhatai and Pizaazs ( pizzas were good though ) .. Now I want to learn backing and am looking at Cakes and Biscuits and specially – ” 2 Minutes Mug Cakes !! Can you help me with how to use OTG and Rexipes which I can learn easily pls..5 stars

    1. thanks a lot meghaa. could be that the temperature in your oven is high. so either bake at a low temp or bake for less time. do also read the manual and see the recipe suggestions given for all the modes like grill, toast, bake etc. when i bake cakes or muffins, i keep both the top and bottom heating elements on. also i keep the cake pan in the middle rack and this helps in even baking. anything close to the heating elements, will get the food too browned or burnt. e.g. if cookies are kept on the lower tray touching the bottom heating element, the cookies will get burnt from the bottom. keep the pan in the centre rack, unless it is mentioned in the recipe to keep the pan or tray close to the top or bottom heating elements.

      while baking any recipe, there is no standard time as the temperature differs from oven to oven according to the size, model and type. so just take the temperature given in the recipe as a guideline. it can take less or more time in your oven. the more you bake, the more you will know how much time it takes approximately in your oven to bake cakes or cookies.

      for recipes you can check this section of eggless cakes –
      and baked snacks –

  146. Hi
    I have cooked your recipes of this chocolate cake and basic vanilla cake a number of times and they taste good but the only problem i have is they are always super soft, they break as soon as i take a piece in my hand. Also they stick to the glass. Yes I use a glass baking dish to bake as I dont have a baking pan. Does the too much softness means i cook it less? Should i cook it for some more time? And I grease the dish well still it sticks, so can i line it with a parchment paper? Or please suggest your remedies.
    Thank you

    1. ruchi, looks like they need to be baked more. reason is as you are using a glass baking dish. glass is not a good conductor of heat, so the baking time will increase if using glass. for making biryanis or baked paste or lasagna in the oven, glass bowl or pan can be used. but for cakes, its better to use a metal pan. if possible try buying some aluminium baking pans from your local market. online some of the pans are very expensive.

      you can line with parchment paper. even greasing generously will help. but here i think since the cake needs to be baked more, thats why the sticking is happening.

  147. this melt-in-your-mouth yummy goodness was so soft and decadent…. my go to recipe from now on….

  148. Tried this recipe. Instead of frosting I did a simple truffle dressing for icing. And I used coconut oil. The cake turned out yummy! Thanks for such simple n yummy recipe!?

    1. very pleased to know this piyu thanks for positive views 🙂 you are welcome.

  149. Hello Dassana jii .. I tried the chocolate frosting … I think I did something wrong… First you said unsalted butter which means white butter right??? So to dissolve the sugar while cooking the white butter I think it turned into ghee with its residue. The sugar was not melting so kept cooking. Secondly as I added the milk the paste solidified. Was it because the milk was cold? Thanks a lot for replying in advance??

    1. okay. unsalted can be either yellow or white butter. looks like the butter cooked too much. even if it looks like the sugar is not melted, still you can go ahead and add cocoa and milk. as with addition of milk, the sugar will get dissolved. the paste solidified as the butter got converted to ghee and hence more milk was required for a thick frosting. if you would have added more milk, the thickness would have got reduced. if the milk is cold, it does not matter. next time i hope these tips help you.

    1. coconut oil will give a coconut aroma which may not go well. so i would suggest to use a neutral flavored oil.

  150. Can we use custard powder instead of vanilla extract and baking powder instead of baking soda?

    1. komal, custard powder can be used. but baking powder cannot be used instead of baking soda. baking soda is required in the recipe.

  151. I made it yesterday on my sis in law’s birthday and it comes out so well everyone appreciated, taste was awesome no one was believing that it was made of whole wheat flour,
    thanks for such a nice recipe , love you for it

  152. hello ma’am, I love your site…have tried so many recipes and each of them has become a hit at my husband has started liking the food made by me..all thanks to you..I made this cake today and so far this is the best eggless cake recipe I have got.. now I am making lauki ka halwa cz today we have our first lauki from our kitchen garden.. hope it turns out to be good… thanks for being a guide…happy teachers day to you since it’s because of you that I learnt cooking good food.. thank you once again

    1. thanks a lot trisha for this beautiful comment. felt good after reading your message. i wish you all the best for your future life 🙂

  153. Hi..

    Thanks for all of ur awesomazing recipes. I have tried a lot of ur recipes. And they hv turned out to b crowd pleaser.. I tried this eggless cake too and it was a hit..
    I wanted to know if I cud replace the water with milkmaid in the cake next time..or wud u hv any other eggless chocolate cake recipe which uses milkmaid..?
    And thanks again for all ur efforts.. The step by step illustration is so helpful.. Makes a lot of work easier..
    Have a nice day!5 stars

    1. thanks a lot radhika. right now i do not have any chocolate cake recipe with milkmaid. i always try a recipe first and if it turns out good, then add the recipe. in this recipe, do not add milkmaid as then some other changes will also be required.

  154. Hello Dasanna!

    Ok, first things first, Tried this chocolate cake recipe- all purpose flour version, since i was looking for a simple eggless cake recipe without curd & vinegar as i seldom have them at home.
    And your recipe turned out perfect for me. I have a microwave , but i am always too scared to use its convection mode due to the smoke of preheating. So tried your recipe with pressure cooker & microwave.
    Divided the batter in two parts, & cooked the larger quantity as cooker cake (35 min), while tried the smaller quantity with microwave (in microwave mode only, not in convection) at 900W for just 1 min (kept for less time as quantity was less just about 1/4 or 1/3 cup of batter since i wasn’t sure of the outcome)
    And both turned out sooo good. Biased towards the microwave cake , because i tried various other microwave cake recipes & everytime it failed . But this was just perfect, the taste, the texture , the moistness ,everything. Infact after sometime i was regretting that why i didn’t cooked the whole cake in microwave only .
    Your recipe tastes very good without glaze or any icing too .

    Thank you for this recipe.

    Earlier Had Tried your Mango cake recipe too, but i guess something went wrong with my execution , as the cake was flat & not fully cooked from centre despite the full & extra cooking time.

    Nonetheless there is a whole list of recipes i tried from your website that came out very well , and another list of recipes i want to try that starts from your dosa range & some trials to see if i can make your cake, bread & muffin recipes in microwave mode too.

    I don’t have much interest in cooking , but your step by step pictorial description & yummy pics , makes me want to try them.

    Thank you.

    And please try & give simple eggless vanilla sponge cake recipe without curd , plz.

    Thanks Again.

    1. thanks a lot archana for writing a detailed comment as well as positive feedback. also thanks for sharing your feedback on the chocolate cake recipe. glad the recipe worked for you in the pressure cooker as well as microwave oven. many readers have asked me these two queries and i was never sure as i have never made the cake in the pressure cooker and microwave. the queries are solved now. thanks to you. it will definitely help all the readers who will try the cake.

      i will add an eggless sponge cake without curd. have got a lot of requests for the same.

  155. Hello Dasanna… I recently visited your blog and This is for the first time I am posting my comments on a blog… I tried preparing this cake twice and both times it came out too good.. I didn’t know eggless wheat cake can be so yum… I have prepared it today as a birthday cake for my husband.. Thanks to the detailed explanation with pics.. keep posting yummy recipes…

    1. thank you seema 🙂 for your positive feedback, wish your husband a happy birthday on behalf of us and you are welcome.

  156. Hie Maam,
    I made few cakes to follow your recipes. But all the time i faced one same problem that it it didnot get spongy like it rose but not fully. yesterday i again made a basic chocolate cake but still failed. Though my husband liked the moist cake alot. but still had a lack(spongy) in it. Please tell me the solution of it. It will be great regards of you.

    Thank you,
    Neha3 stars

    1. do you fold or beat the batter too much. if yes than the cakes do not get a light airy texture. the batter while folding or mixing has to feel light and look like having volume. since we do not use eggs, there is no need to mix the batter too much. immediately after folding or mixing, the batter has to go in the oven. preheat the oven before you place the cake for at least 15 minutes. avoid keeping the cake pan directly into the oven without preheating it. hope these suggestions help.

  157. Dassana,
    Tried this recipe, and it came out wonderful!! Although there is a mild flavour of wheat, the texture and everything was superb. I made the cake in pressure cooker, my first time pressure cooker cake. And they are even better than the oven made cakes!! I altered the amount of sugar, added a little less than what you have mentioned.

    Keep going. Definitely going to try more recipes.5 stars

    1. very pleased to know this thank you anne for your positive and encouraging words 🙂 surely try more recipes and share your views.

    2. Hey anne..can you tell me that how did u prepared the cake in pressure cooker.

      Thanks5 stars

      1. Disha,

        Sorry for the delay in replying. For making the cake in pressure cooker, I preheated the cooker with no wahser (the gasket) for 5 minutes on high flame, or until the cooker is hot enough. Make sure the cooker is dry before you start. Place the cooking rack/plate on the bottom to distribute heat evenly. Place the cake pan on top of that, and close the lid. No regulator. Cook for about 5 minutes on high flame, and then switch to medium-to-low flame. This cake took about 15 minutes to get done, and it was perfect. Check using a toothpick, and cook for 5 more minutes if not done.

        No water, no washer, no regulator. Just the cooker and the lid, with the cooking rack, and you are good to go. In the pressure cooker, it is not the ‘pressure’ that does the cooking, its the ‘heat’.

        Hope this helps.

        1. thank you very much anne, for replying to disha. appreciate the detailed method given by you 🙂
          by regulator, i suppose you mean the vent weight (whistle).
          thanks again.

        2. Dassana,

          Yes.. By regulator, I meant the weight. Do you happen to have the recipe for red velvet cake? If so, please post it in your website. Would love to try that.


        3. fine anne 🙂 i tried making red velvet cake with beets and once just plain with natural red coloring, but the cakes did not come out well. so will add once i able to develop the right recipe.

  158. Hello..I tried this recipe. .d taste was very gud…but d cake dint turn very spongy..wat cud be d reason…pls help3 stars

  159. Thank thank yu long waited recipe…tried by my own recipe went waste …but this one really worked
    Out hit hit lovely taste..n best part is pregnant n new delivered ladies can ve this because maida is not allowed n I love cake like anything and this recipe helped me in great way sorry for such a big comment:)love yu I would like to ve yeast free recipe4 stars

    1. pleased to know this and glad you wrote such a lovely comment. thankyou for your kind and generous words god bless you.

  160. Hi..
    I tried this recipe yesterday.. it was my first try at baking and turned out to be pretty much a disaster..
    The cake was doughy.. it had risen in the oven but dropped very quickly once it was out.. MY BAD..
    I did a few things differently..
    1. Baked with half the quantities ( I might have gone wrong with the measurements)
    2. I added the flax powder to this whole wheat cake recipe.
    3. I kept mixing the batter for too long.
    Do u know which of these could have been the reason it was dry outside n doughy inside?

    1. its the third point. too much mixing ruins the texture of the cake. due to too much mixing gluten strands are formed much like the how they are formed when kneading dough. this gives the cake a doughy and dense texture. it looks like uneven patches of dough in the cake. adding flax powder is fine. so when mixing or folding the cake, do it lightly and do not over do, unless the recipe calls for it. hope this helps.

  161. Thanks a ton for this wonderful recipe!!! Just wanted to ask why do use 1 cup cold water? Cant we use 1 cup hot water so that the sugar melts as well as the butter?4 stars

    1. hot water will make the cake moist. with cold water, the cake becomes spongy. you will have to a try making the recipe with hot water.

  162. What changes should I make in the recipe to make it vanilla flavour instead of chocolate?

    1. stuti, you mean with the cocoa powder but having vanilla flavor or a complete vanilla cake?

        1. Hi Amit,
          Can you please tell me what changes can I do to the recipe to make it a complete vanilla cake? Or any other variation to the recipe? Because I want to make it for my mother who is not a fan of chocolate.

        2. Oh sorry I din see that…I received a comment saying ‘thank you’ so I was wondering. Will try this recipe. Thank you 🙂

  163. Just tried this recipe today for my ramadan Iftar at my cousin’s house. LOVED IT! perfect ingredients and it turned out delicious! Even my not so healthy family loved it5 stars

  164. I make this recipe every week? Also I love this recipie. Thank you for such great recipes5 stars

    1. some readers have doubled the recipe and it worked for them. so you can also try. distilled white vinegar is fine to use.

  165. hi can we use baking powder instead of baking soda and if yes how much of baking powder is needed for this recipe4 stars

    1. vasundhara, you cannot use baking powder instead of baking soda. however you can use 1/2 tsp eno instead of baking soda.

  166. We don’t have an oven at home since my mom read somewhere that it is very unhealthy to have food cooked in oven. Also, I’m thinking of becoming a vegan and hence, gave this cake a try. I made it in pressure cooker. It rose well and the fragrance was amazing. But even though I added only 5 drops of lemon juice, the cake had pretty intense tangy flavour. Overall taste was alright. I wonder how did that happen.
    My brother’s friends came to our place that day for sleepover. We had that cake at 2 in the night. I told that it is called ‘chocolate dhokla’. Surprisingly, they liked it.
    That was so evil of me! Hehe ☺4 stars

    1. cake cooked in an OTG is healthy. there are no issues with this one. 5 drops of lemon juice for 1 cup of flour and 3 tablespoon cocoa powder, will not make the cake tangy. did you use correct measuring cups & spoons for the flour and cocoa powder? i loved the name ‘chocolate dhokla’ 🙂 sure giving me ideas to experiment with one.

  167. Hi I like all your recipe’s..wanted to try making chocolate cake too..just wanted to ask you dat can I use nutella as frosting ??

    1. baking soda is added which is 3 times more powerful than baking powder.

  168. Your all food recipe is just simple and awesome..i have tried this healthy cake and all liked it..thanks so much..

  169. Thanks for this awesome vegan chocolate cake receipe. I tried it a few weeks back and it was just delicious – no one believed me when I said it was egg and dairy free! Now if only I had regular access to a kitchen to make it everyday 😉

    1. welcome shivya. glad to know that you liked the chocolate cake recipe. you have a beautiful travel blog.

  170. can I make this cake in pressure cooker? Also, do I need to add less water if using a cooker? And why did you use cold water? Thanks.

    1. i don’t think this cake can be baked in a pressure cooker as the batter is more on the thinner side.

  171. Hii…if we want to add condensed milk then how much…plz advice maam…I m very big fan …I tried ur so many rcp…tnk u sooo much…4 ur step by step rcp…its quite easy to make us…tnks once again

    1. welcome neha. glad to know this. with condensed milk the whole recipe will change. so its difficult for me to tell how much to add. it needs trial and experimentation.

  172. I skipped the cocoa and added 1 TSP vanilla extract.. But I could not get adequate vanilla flavour.. And the cake tasted all branny.. Bit like nutrichoice biscuits.. I’ve made chocolate cake with the same recipe and the taste was good.. Should we add more vanilla extract to mask the branny flavour of wheat…

    1. okay. the flavor of wheat gets masked by the cocoa. without cocoa the wheat taste will be felt. how strong the flavor is, also depends on the type of wheat flour. you can add 1 tsp more vanilla extract. but do not add vanilla essence. hope this helps.

  173. Hello Ma’am,
    I wanted to ask if I can add eggs in the recipe and if yes then how many? Please advice.

  174. This is such a forgiving recipe.. I had doubled the recipe and mistakenly quadrupled the amount of water.. Realised it after I mixed all the liquids.. Then halved it.. Added 2 tbsp of oil n sugar each and baked it.. It came out very soft and spongy.. A little less sweet yes.. But the chocolate sauce made up for it.. Super..

  175. Hi,

    I am big fan of your blog. I have tried many of your recipes and it was all yummy. I am new to baking. I don’t have various sized pan. Can i use aluminum foiled tray to make cakes? Please advise.

    1. thanks gayathri. for baking, the correct pan size is important. the pan should not be too small or large. also baking pans are heat proof and can withstand high temperatures. i have seen these trays. generally they are of the smaller size. so you will need to divide the batter equally in both the trays. the cake batter should be about 2/3 or 3/4 of covered in the cake pan. hope this helps.

  176. Hi.. I have tried this cake twice and second time it was perfect.. I wanted to double the recipe and did so after reading your instructions in the comment section.. While I measured I mistakenly put 4 cups water and mixed all liquid ingredients before I realised my folly.. I halved the liquids and added more sugar oil and lemon juice and mixed the dry ingredients.. The cake is in the oven now.. Keeping fingers crossed.. The other half of the liquid- I feel bad to throw it away.. Is there anything I could make with it..5 stars

    1. i hope the cake turns out fine. you can add some more flour, cocoa, baking soda to it and make one more portion of cake. or else you can even making cookies. just add more flour and make a dough like consistency. you can add cocoa flour as well as chocolate chips too. do check the sweetness. add more sugar if required. this you can do by adding powdered sugar to the dough. just remember that the dough should not be kneaded. just mix and gather to make a dough. if made with oil, then the cookies will be soft.

  177. Hi, I have been searching for a veg chocolate cake recipe and yours seems the easiest one. But before I can go and try this I have a doubt that is baking soda the same as cooking soda the one we use to make bhajjiyas? Can we make the quantity as 3/4 tsp for extra softness. Please help.

    1. thanks. baking soda and cooking soda are the same. its the same one we use for bhajiyas. you can add 3/4 tsp. just that it can give the typical baking soda aroma in the cake.

  178. Hi mam ! I made big mistake while making this cake ..I read Baking powder instead of baking soda.. used the same ,1/2 tbl spoon …cake comes out to be flat n sticky..:(…
    my daughter still had it n said she liked it…poor girl!…:(:(
    In case v can substitute…how much baking powder to be used,pl suggest…n wud like to tell you i m big fan of your blog ..keep it up ..all the best !!!

    1. ohh…. your daughter is very sweet 🙂 generally speaking baking powder cannot be substituted for baking soda. vice versa is possible. you mention 1/2 tablespoon of baking powder. this is too much of baking powder. this recipe works well only with baking soda. try getting baking soda. its the same as the cooking soda which we use in pakoras.

  179. hi ma’m … Im planning to make big cake this time. 25cm round cake pan (25×25×5cm). How many times I need to repeat ingredients? can I put 5 cups of wheat ??

    1. laxmi, its difficult to answer this. its needs experimentation and things can go wrong.

  180. Its definitely the best chocolate cake recipes. Tried it 3 times and each time it turned out to be perfect. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  181. sorry for not clearing all doubts in one go mam 🙁 but I want to know if I convert this chocolate cake into a mocha cake how much instant coffee powder should I add to this recipe so that the flavours are there but it doesn’t become bitter?5 stars

  182. Hi mam,
    can this be converted into a vanilla cake by replacing 3tbps cocoa with flour and increasing 1/2tsp vanilla to may be 1/2 tbsp or something?

    1. just skip the cocoa. no need to extra flour in place of cocoa. add 3/4 cup water. if the batter looks thick, then you can add a few tablespoons more water. add 1/2 tsp vanilla. 1/2 tsp is fine, if using vanilla essence. if using vanilla extract, then 1 tsp can be added.

  183. Amazingly yummy, spongy, moist, full of chocolate flavours (specially the next day) even without the frosting and so cost efficient 😀 no costly ingredients , all ingredients are easily available in the kitchen.Thank you so much mam. Another great recipe.

  184. Hi there is no curd or condensed milk which replaces egg!! Also very less baking powder and no baking soda. Does it really work? I doubt! Really sorry!! I really want to make it now but lil confused about ingredients! I checked all comments below!! Looks like very successful cake

    1. it is not necessary to add condensed milk and curd in eggless bakes. many bakes can be made without them. it depends on the ingredients you add and their proportions. baking powder is not added in the recipe, but baking soda. baking soda is more stronger than baking powder. for 1 cup if 1 tsp baking soda is added, it will give its soapy smell in the cake.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply!! I tried your recipe. It was very tasty. But came out with rough top layer and sides as well!! And it was fully flat cake!! But taste was good!! Was it because of wrong baking tin?? I guess so

        1. welcome laxmi. baking pan size does affect the rise and texture of cake. so could be due to the size of baking pan.

  185. Wow ! Thank you so much for this recipe ! I tried this recipe which it turned so delicious !!

    1. yes ekta, you can use salted butter. but do note, there will be a slight hint of salty taste in the frosting. not much noticeable.

  186. hi.this recipe seems lovely,i have tried a few of your recipes and they have been successful,i needed to make cupcakes with white choco-chips , can i use the above recipe for making cupcakes with chocolate chips?

  187. Hi, I have a pan of very less thickness. So i ll have to be baking two times. What temperature should i use in convection microwave each time??5 stars

    1. suj, use the same temperature. but the time to bake will be less. baking temperature varies from oven to oven so you will have to keep a check.

  188. Hi. .I tried the cake and it was awesome. …. Only thing was that it was a little sticky towards the core. Had baked it for 35 min 200 deg in a micro wave convection oven. The top .. The base and the sides were prefect. Jus the center was a little soft. … Should I have kept it for 40 min?also there is no baking powder in this recipe?

    1. Hi Mam,
      I like to follow all ur receipes today for first time I tried it receipe to bake chocolate cake.I named cake on woo degree for 35 minutes as suggested in the receipe.
      The top layer of cake was awesome but bottom was not cooked at allwhen I inserted toothpick it came out clear at sides but in middle it was very sticky.
      Please help want to learn art of baking cake… n want to give surprise to my hubby on our annv which is in next week.

      Importantly which baking soda to be used….4 stars

      1. did you use both the heating elements (bottom and top) while baking the cake in OTG. also which pan you used. let me know.

  189. I’ve tried baking with both atta and maida..
    The maida one was perfect and was easy to slice into two pieces..however the atta one crumbled when I tried to cut..
    Anything that I should keep in mind while making whole wheat cakes?

    1. with atta ones, the amount of liquids or water to be added depends on the quality and texture of the atta flour. usually home ground atta flour requires lot of water than the ready made ones. so do add more water if the batter looks thick or has a doughy consistency. atta cakes should have a medium to thin consistency. also do not over do while mixing or folding. you need to lightly mix or fold. too much of mixing or beating the batter, forms gluten strands in the batter and thus the cake gets a dense dough like texture.

  190. I made it for a second time today.. First time I hadn’t read all the comments and remedies suggested by you.. The cake was flat with lot of cracks on top and the bottom was rubbery.. I realized that I dint test baking soda potency, over mixed the batter and kept opening the oven door often.. I rectified all this and bingo.. There it is.. my perfect eggless whole wheat jaggery cake.. Thank you..

    1. great aarthi 🙂 atleast you read all the comments and rectified your mistakes. kudos to you. it does take some patience and practice when we learn cooking as well as baking. moreover baking is all about learning, practicing and mastering the techniques. once you get the knack of how the ingredients work, the various baking methods etc, you will become a pro. keep trying new baking recipes 🙂

  191. I made it three times even for my daughter’s birthday. It was awesome. But I use chocolate essence instead of vanilla it tastes more good. Please database add this tip in your recipe. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe. I just love your recipes. All are healthy & tasty.

    1. thanks for the feedback manasi. and also thanks for sharing this tip. i will add in the post 🙂

  192. I tried this today and it was over within 20 min! The cake was soft and super tasty. I never thought an atta cake could turn out so good. Thank you very much ma’am for this wonderful recipe. Your site is the first I visit if I have to make anything!
    I really appreciate your efforts. Please keep sharing such awesome recipes. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. pleased to know this bhagyashree 🙂 thankyou for your psoitive and encouraging words. glad to know this also you are welcome always.

  193. Owesome…..really too good recipe… Nd specially share with images is easy to understand.. Thank u..

    1. glad you liked the step by step images 🙂 thankyou and you are welcome.

  194. Hi, made it yesterday, added additional chocochips in the batter, tasted just yummy… everyone loved it..!! Thank u so much for the recipe. 🙂5 stars

    1. welcome meenakshi 🙂 glad you liked the cake and thankyou for your kind words.

  195. Thank you so much for the recipe. The cake came out very well. I cook one of your receipies every single day. I just love the way you go into every detail.5 stars

  196. last time I did this cake it doesnt rise and it was not soft but it tastes good thanks for recipe4 stars

    1. when baking a cake, where only one leavening ingredient is involved like baking soda or baking powder, then its always better to check their freshness before adding. this could be the reason that the cake has not become soft nor rise. on the internet, you will find a method to check the freshness of both baking soda and baking powder.

  197. Hi!
    First of all, thanks for the recipe.Tried this cake today. Edges are hard and crispy.Other than that, everything is good.4 stars

    1. thankyou mythili also if the edges are turning brown you could cover with foil and bake. hope this help’s you.

  198. Hi mam,
    I tried many of your recipes and it is good success and even baking came out well.
    I want to know the shelf life of cakes and muffins if refrigerated and if not kept in fridge.

    Also, I need the shelf life of cookies . Thank you for all your wonderful awesome recipes

    1. pleased to know this thankyou so much sujatha for your kind and positive words 🙂 the cookies and cakes should last for a week in the fridge. you are always welcome.

  199. Thank You,Ma’m. I will take care of these points. Thanks….thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions.

  200. Dear Mam, I am thankful to u for giving such a healthy option of baking cake. I am beginner for baking. After I came across this recipe i started loving cakes otherwise cakes were very “unhealthy ” in my opinion. so credit goes to u only.
    I tried this recipe twice. Both times there was crack from above. I observed in first 15 min. cracks formation starts taking place. after it becomes hard. which gives impression that cake is overcooked. But, in toothpick test, it comes out clean after 30-35 min. only. I use LG microwave. In Convection mode at 180 degree I used to bake. it rises well. but not very spongy. as i put finger on it, it gets sticky. i taste good but it sticks in mouth also. As it is eggless, i don’t expect more fluffiness but why this stickyness in mouth? pl. tell me where I am wrong?
    You describe to preheat microwave 180 degree for 15 min. but if microwave gives indication of preheat oven 180 degree within 3-4 min. so should i keep oven on preheat mode for another 12 min.?5 stars

    1. thank you sonal. the crack formation is because of the low temperature. low temp is due to the reason as the oven is not preheated well. for any baking a minimum time of 10 to 15 minutes should be given for pre heating. 3 to 4 minutes is too less for pre heating. also use the correct pan size. too large or too small a pan can also ruin the texture of the cake. the stickiness is because it needs more baking. so bake for some more minutes. also you can cover the pan with an aluminium foil while baking, so that the top does not get too browned.

  201. I would like to add coconut(desiccated) about a cup and wonder if I need to alter the recipe. Many thanks for your awesome receipes

    1. you can add desiccated coconut. but with coconut, the batter will thicken. so you would need to add more cold water to get a medium consistency batter. the final product can be dense due to the coconut being added.

  202. Hello Ma’am..your recipes are so helpful for a beginner like me. Thank you for such lovely recipes. I have a question regarding this recipe. Can i add 1 cup of milk instead of 1 cup cold water? Will it make any difference in the cake?5 stars

    1. hi kritika, yes you can add 1 cup of cold milk. the cake will have a rich taste. thats it 🙂

  203. Can u please tell me the method of eggless chocolate mug cake…and how to bake it ?5 stars

    1. swechha, i have to try an eggless chocolate mug cake first. i have not tried yet. once i make, then only i will be able to post it. i do not have any handy recipe right now. usually i choose my own proportions and bake cakes. have noted down the recipe, so that i can post it once i try.

  204. I tried it! I have already made cookies and other things following this site! But this cake doesnt came out as expected! Sugar seemed little less! And don’t know why my frosting after putting milk became thick..suddnly! And chocolate frosting became hard! ?! Dnt knw why!

    1. what the issue with the cake, texture or something else. let me know. i think the sugar got overcooked and thus the frosting became hard.

  205. Awesome cake. When I made, it looks exactly what is in ur picture. Only my frosting was not that thick .?4 stars

    1. thanks neha for this feedback. the frosting is not thick. if you add cream, instead of of milk, then the frosting will be thick.

  206. Tried. Came out tasty. Sugar was little less. But tasted amazing. Just added little powdered sugar and Hershey’s chocolate sauce

    Thank u. Pls add more eggless butterless bakes.


  207. Ur baking recipes are awesome. I love eggless bitterness bakes. Our family loves the whole wheat orange muffins. Thank u so much for all the recipes. Is it OK to not do frosting. Will it still taste good ? Thanksn advance

    1. thanks. yes you can skip the frosting. you can sift some powdered sugar or icing sugar on top of the cake instead of the frosting.

  208. Hi mam. I am yet to try this recipe. I was wondering what will be the effect if I choose to skip vanilla extract/powder ? How will it affect the taste?

    1. surely try kavya if you don’t have vanilla extract then use cardamom or cinnamon powder however the flavor and taste would vary. hope this help’s you.

        1. Thanks a lot mam 🙂 It came out well even for a first timer like me. BTW I did it in a pressure cooker and so it took a little extra time to get completely baked.

  209. Hi Dassana,

    Thank you for posting such wonderful recipes along with pictures which motivates me to try various recipes from your blog 🙂

    This is the right blog/website for vegetarian recipes that covers ALL cuisines.

    And i must say, the website layout is very nice and easy to use

    I would like to know the amount of vanilla essence and jaggery to be added in this recipe instead of using vanilla extract and sugar respectively.4 stars

    1. thank you much shweta. use the same amount of vanilla essence and jaggery as mentioned for vanilla extract and sugar in the recipe.

  210. Hi Dassana,

    I have been trying various recipes from your blog and they turn out well 🙂
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful and wonderful recipes.

    I would like to know the amount of vanilla essence to be used instead of vanilla extract in this recipe4 stars

    1. thanks a lot shweta. use the same amount of vanilla essence as mentioned for vanilla extract.

  211. Hi thank you for this quick chocolate cake recipe. Tried it. Would like to know if I can substitute sugar for jaggery or honey.also my cake had a burnt top and an undone inside. Placed it on middle rack@200°c

    1. thanks resh. you can use jaggery. the cake has got over done from the top. try baking at a lower temperature like 170 or 180 degrees celsius. oven temperatures are not same in all ovens and its always better to calibrate the oven temperature. meaning check the temperature inside. more info on calibrating oven temperature, you will get on the web.

  212. Hi…I made the cake…with maida.. And no cocoa powder… It is tasty…but soft inside as though it needed more baking time.why did this happen…I used lg oven in convection mode.

    1. the batter has become more thin as cocoa powder has not been added and also maida has been used. maida takes less water than atta. try baking for some more time. the more liquid and thin the batter is the more time it will take for baking.

  213. Hi mam.. I m just your fan.. Have one question.. I want to double the quantity of this cake.. Will it effect the baking time or temperature? Please help..5 stars

    1. it will affect the baking time. take 10 to 15 minutes more. temperature you can keep the same.

  214. Hi Dassana 🙂 I have a question, would you tell me what the lime juice is for? I’m a baker only in theory (for now) and I don’t really understand lime juice’s part in a chocolate cake. please explain:)

    Also, would you recommend adding Nutella to this cake if I want to enhance the taste?

    1. mathangi, lime or lemon juice or vinegar are acidic ingredients and they react with baking soda (which is an alkaline) to give carbon dioxide as one of the products. these carbon dioxide air bubbles help in making the cake lighter and soft. the combination of these two ingredients can be used in any cake recipe.

      you can spread the nutella on the cake instead of icing. i think you can even add it to the batter instead of cocoa powder.

  215. This recipe is so good!
    I’ve been following your website for the past 1 year, and the recipes are so simple and amazing. I’ve tried almost all of your rice and curry recipes. All of the recipes turned out great.!
    I’m new to baking, so I have a doubt. Can borosil bowls be used to bake this cake, and does the baking time in that case vary from the time mentioned in your recipe?

    1. thankyou so much manasa 🙂 yes you could use borosil glass bowls or tray for baking cakes. the baking time always vary from oven to oven as each have their temperature, weight and capacity. so the cake might bake a little earlier or later then the given time. so keep checking for small signals like the aroma of the cake, cake leaving edges of the pan, do a toothpick test if it comes clean that means your cake is baked. Hope this help’s you 🙂

  216. I tried this today and it came out fantastic! Made my own healthy low-cal frosting, though. Thanks so much!

  217. Hi Dassana
    I had tried a couple of whole wheat cake recipes before, but this one totally rocks! Thanks a ton to you, my little niece loved it 🙂 I am always smitten by all your recipes, their presentation and the photographs. All the recipes I tried from here were hits.
    Your baking recipes have inspired me to do more of baking. Just need some tips in buying baking dishes. I have an onida microwave oven. Most of the baking accessories- cake tons and muffin moulds I have seen online are specified as ‘Not microwave safe’. Can you recommend any brand which is microwave safe for baking cakes..
    Thanks a ton..
    Lots of love
    Anupama5 stars

    1. thanks a lot anupama for this feedback. microwave safe are borosil glass pans and bowls. with them you can use for baking in the convection mode as well as cooking in microwave model. the aluminium and silicon pans can be used in the convection mode, but not in the microwave mode. hope this helps.

  218. Hi Dassana,

    Can you please tell me if I can use chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder while preparing the cake.
    Also, when using cocoa powder, should it be unsweetened cocoa powder.

    1. yes it is unsweetened cocoa powder. i am not sure about chocolate syrup being added in the recipe. so i cannot say how the cake will turn out.

  219. Thank u sooo much dassanna… ur recipies are just awesome and the way you explain makes me luv kitchen even more.. thank you for being the kitchen friend… no words to express my gratitude.. 🙂 stay blessed… 🙂5 stars

    1. welcome always bhavna and thankyou for your loving and kind words 🙂 god bless you.

  220. hi mam,i tried this cake yesterday. i am new to baking..i used butter but when added to sugar and cold water mix it started solidifying so i have put whole mix on stove top for few cake was very crumby,not solid ,got stuck to pan(i applied butter )and edges became little crisp..i dinot overmix left few lumps too..can u help what went that i can rectify next time..btw taste was good kids liked it..without even frosting its over almost.
    thanks for such wonderfull website detailing each step with pics ..grt help for beginners like me5 stars

    1. okay. the butter solidified due to the cold water. let the butter come at room temperature after you melt it. or you can also use butter which has softened at room temperature. then you just have to mix and whip them till the mixture looks homogeneous – meaning the water and butter should not look separate. you can also use an electric beater if required. i think the crumbliness is because of the butter getting solidified. there has not been an even mixing. so next time you can keep these tips in mind.

      also thanks a lot anu. i will also mentions this pointers in the post.

  221. Hi dasanna, I have tried this recipe many times and it turned well. My daughter loves it. One question, if I want to use eggs how do I modify this?and how many eggs should I use? Thanks so much

    1. thaks sai. with eggs, the recipe will change completely. meaning water need not be added and the amount of baking soda will also change. so difficult for me to tell you, as one needs the right consistency in the batter to get the right texture in the cake.

    1. thanks. you can use muffin liners or muffin cups too. also if you have an oven proof steel pan or pot, then that also can be used. even pyrex glass bowls or pans can be used. but the baking time is slower in glass pans. you just need to make sure and know that the steel pans or glass bowls are heat proof and can be used safely in the oven at high temperatures.

  222. Hi Dassana, what can we substitute for unsalted butter in frosting… Oil or salted butter?

    1. you can use salted butter. a very faint taste of salt is felt, but overall the frosting tastes good.

  223. Hi Dassana,

    So glad to see your this cake recipe without yogurt, without condensed milk, etc.
    Since so many hours was searching for cake with easy ingredients as I need to make a cake tomorrow for my hubby birthday and you are always my saviour. I can’t ever thank you enough for such an amazing and helpful website.
    I have one question on this recipe… Can I use Vanilla Custard Powder instead of Vanilla Powder ?
    Please help.
    Thanks & Regards.5 stars

    1. thanks a lot nisha. vanilla powder has more of vanilla flavor whereas vanilla custard powder will have less aroma and flavor. you can use vanilla custard powder. but then you can add about 2 to 3 tsp to get the vanilla aroma.

  224. Hello,
    I tried this recepie…. The texture and taste was really good we all loved it but when I took cake or of the baking pan it broke into pieces…. Why does that happen????

    1. did you allow the cake to cool completely, before removing from the pan. if the cake is hot or even warm, it can break while removing from the pan.

  225. Hello..I wanted to know that is there a difference between the taste of this cake or the eggless chocolate cake you have posted..

    1. both are different in taste and texture. this eggless cake recipe makes for a good base for frosting or icing. whereas the other eggless chocolate cake, is more moist, gooey and soft textured that it can be just had plain. even this one can be had plain.

  226. I’m a pure vegetarian.. So this one happens to be one of my favdestination to look for exotic recipes.. Ma’am.. I’m an avid follower of ur recepies.. The best thing abt this site is tat u focus on veg..
    A request ma’am.. I wanna try cake in pressure cooker.. Had tried 2-3 times but it doesn’t comes out well.. I’ll b glad if u cud share a recepie of cooker cake..
    Regards5 stars

    1. thanks a lot komal. i have plans to add a cooker cake recipe in some time. i have got some requests for the same.

  227. Hi Dassana
    Tried u r cake recipe n the cake turned out to be awesome. Simple easy recipe n healthy too. Thank you.

  228. Hello,
    Thanks for the great post. I loved the pics and the fact it is moist. I have a question. I baked eggless chocolate cake with similar recipe few days back for my mom’s birthday. The only major difference was that recipe uses warm water while your uses cold. What difference does warm and cold water makes?? Remaining ingredients were same except for proportion. but cake wasn’t that moist. it was bit crumbly. Though wasn’t that difficult to handle. Also i bake the cake in microwave for <3 mins. And usually toothpick comes out clean. Thank you.

    1. thanks. some recipe uses warm water and cakes with a warm or hot liquids have a more moist texture than cakes with liquids at room temperature. with cold water, the cake won’t be that moist. it will be moist but not very moist. i have made cakes with hot water and liquids and the difference is clear in the final product.

      1. thank you. 1 more qs. can I use warm water in your recipe?? or to do that will have to change the proportions??

        1. welcome scooby. you will have to give it a try. i don’t know how the texture will turn out. same proportion of water you can use.

  229. Dear dassana ji. I made chocolate cake following your recipe. It comes out too gud. I added an egg to it. Also my kid loves veg manchurian by ur directions. Thanks for all these recepies5 stars

  230. Dear Dassaanaaaa,,,,
    Lots n tons of thanks….. Dear! D cake was dam good n v loved it! Actually my daughter is crazy for Cake so dis wheat flour receipe helps me a lot bcz it’s a healthy version now m very happy to gv her! Pls update such healthy recipes….. Hey one request pls… Update receipe for ice cream without cmc n gms powders. Regards

    1. thanks shraddha for this positive review. good to know. i have added a few ice cream recipes made without any cmc or gms powder. you can have a look at them. just type ice cream in the google search box and you will get the ice cream recipe results.

  231. Hi ,the cake came out yummy…but to make a black forest pastry v need to cut the cake n for me the cracks in the cake r more than vt shown in ur pic…how can I avoid cracking of the cake which makes it breaking into pieces.waiting for your help5 stars

  232. I made this cake last night… and it was not at all good. I followed the measurement well but cake was not at all good and spongy. What could be the reason I do not understand.

    1. the reason could be the shelf life and the freshness of baking soda. whenever there is only one rising ingredient like baking soda or baking powder added in cake batter, its always better to check their freshness. for baking soda – mix 1/4 tsp of baking soda in 2 tbsp of vinegar. it should fizz and bubble immediately.

  233. Dassana, I have followed the instructions to the t and the cake came out really well. I have tried many of your recipes and my husband loved them all. Thank you very much for all your recipes, it made my life so easy!5 stars

    1. welcome shravi. glad to know this. thanks for sharing positive review on recipes.

  234. I tried this recipe. its super simple and yummy 🙂
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe.
    I stay in Germany and i’m Indian vegetarian.
    Its difficult to find eggless cake here.
    I made it at home and my husband loved it.

    I tried other recipes too (orange cake, rajma sabjee and black chana masala sabjee). all three were amazing

    Once again thank you for this wonerful blog5 stars

  235. Hi Dassana,
    I have extra Amul chocolates which do not taste so great as it is. So was wondering if I could use it in making a chocolate cake. Can you suggest any recipe. Or can you please help me on how to replace the cocoa powder with melted chocolate?

    Indu5 stars

      1. Hi…its very easy to use chocolate for icing….I used Amul dark chocolate for icing the cake…..take butter nd cream in pan boil it till butter gets melted..break chocolate into small pieces and put them in a bowl. As the mixture of cream nd butter boil put the mixture on chocolate…giv 2 min time then mix them till you get a smooth texture…allow it cool for 5-10 min till it comes to room temperature nd use as icing..hope its helpful.


        1. thanks preeti for the suggestion on icing. this is fudge icing. i also make at times 🙂

  236. I want to thank u once again for this wonderful recipe and i followd ur instructions regarding how to invert the cake and wht steps to follow my family appreciated me for such a wonderful cake and delicious frosting thnk u and u deserve all the credits loads of love to uu 🙂 u deserve million stars for this recipe5 stars

    1. welcome riya. glad to know that you all the like the cake. thanks for your kind words and appreciation.

  237. I want to know why is lime juice added in the cake. Also, can I make the cake without it?5 stars

  238. Hi dassana,
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe of eggless chocolate cake. The cake came out so well and it tastes awesome. I truly loved it. ☺5 stars

  239. Hi Dassana,

    I want to know how to make two layered chocolate cake as in this cake frosting is liquid n it can’t be used to keep the second layer.. Plz reply ASAP if possible as I’m baking this cake for my son’s bday which is tomorrow…

    1. vidhi, you have to make a chocolate ganache icing. its very easy to make. you can check in google. happy baking and wishing you a lovely time tomorrow.

  240. thank you for an amazing recipe. I just had one glitch. My cake although rose initially, collapsed in the middle later on. This dented the overall appearance of the cake, but the taste was spot on thankfully. Please help me figure out what could be wrong here.5 stars

    1. cake collapsing could be due to the batter being mixed too much or opening the oven door too many times or either a low temperature in the oven or the size of the cake pan. also the baking soda should be fresh and active. so could be any of these reasons.

  241. Hi I made this recipe using maida and in cooker…everything was very fin…just one prob… cake was too soft……it was cooked well as i checked with tooth pick nd knife also…both came clean…bt texture was nt same as is cake shops…it was softer than that….

    1. in a cooker, this cake will take a lot of time to bake. did you remove the vent weight/whistle while cooking the cake in cooker. there should also be no water in the cooker. let me know.

      1. Mam I made this cake in idli making cooker…with no water…I hav put salt at bottom .the put one bowl inverted on that I kept the pan with batter….Preheated the cooker on high flame for 5 min..then cooked the cake on lowest flame for 40 min…i checked with knife nd tooth pick…both came out clean…

        1. thanks for letting me know, preeti. you can bake cakes in a idli vessel or even in a large deep thick bottomed pot. i hope the texture and taste was fine.

        2. Taste was gud mam..Its just that it was not fluffy as cakes…..I think its use of eggs which make them very fluffy….it was my first attempt.

  242. I have mentioned this earlier too.. But I will repeat it a 100/times.. This website is my bible for all recipes I need. When I do a Google search for any recipe, I’ll first look for your site and then go to other bloggers!

    Keep ur posts coming. You are an inspiration to all vegetarians.

  243. Hi Dassana,

    Truly appreciate your diligence in taking so much care to post the recipes step by step.

    I have tried this cake 4 times. Each time I fail somewhere and I try to guess the possible mistake and attempt again.

    While the cake seems to rise very well while baking inside the oven, it flattens in the last few minutes of baking. Once taken out, it is totally flat and gooey like rubber in the bottom. Though flat and thin, the cake is baked and soft in the top, but the bottom is unbaked, raw smelling and rubbery. Also, with whole wheat, the batter does get over mixed, in the process of mixing to make the batter lump-free.

    I use Samsung oven in convection mode. I have also tried the 200’c tip that is mentioned in one of the comments for this cake.
    In the latest trial, I have used fresh baking soda.

    My pan size is 8.5 inches by 2 inches. Could this affect so much?

    Kindly let me know where i could be going wrong.

    1. thank you anupama. one of the reasons, for the cake getting flattened is opening the oven door many times. just check once or twice. when i bake i just check the cake or muffins, once or twice. perhaps the batter is being mixed too much. avoid it. also i assume the batter you make is thick as then the lumps are there. so kind of over mixing happens to get a lump free one. the consistency of this eggless chocolate cake batter is thin and flowing. if you are not getting this consistency, then i suggest to add some more water. a few tbsp or from 1/4 to 1/3 cup. depending on the quality of wheat flour, the consistency will change. if there are small tiny lumps, then let it be. i think the pan size is right. so no problem with that. one more thing as soon as you finish mixing the batter, pour the batter quickly in the baking pan and then keep in the oven. also preheat your oven to at least 15 minutes before you bake the cake.

  244. The chocolate cake turned out really awesome and pretty simple to make. Thank you so much for a wonderful recipe.5 stars

  245. The only thing im afraid of is tht when i invert the cake in the plate i hope it doesnt fall apart i have my fingers crossed cause if the cake falls apart i feel tht all hard work will go in drain. Please give me some tips to avoid such situation. Thnk uu

    1. The pan has to be greased well. You can also line the pan with butter paper. let the cake cool or become warm, and then you can invert it.

      1. I made this cake today along with the icing…this cake was amazing it tasted million times better than the cake batter thts available outside….thnx for posting wonderful cake recipe….all ur eggless cake recipes turn out to be wonderful…Thnx again for listening to our prayers and adding eggless recipes…

        1. Thank you very much riya. Feeling good and also thanks for always taking out the time to comment. It means a lot ☺

  246. I love all your recipes.. They are so delicious…

    I had a problem with this cake. It turned out very gooey (like rubber). I was not able to even cut properly. Could you please suggest me what to do to make it spongy.

    1. whenever a cake does not come out spongy, the fault could be the leavening ingredients like baking soda or baking powder which are not fresh, meaning not active or too much of mixing. so it could be either of this.

  247. Hi Dassana,

    I love all your recipes.. They are so delicious…I tried your basic chocolate cake recipe with a variation of making it part of marble cake and that too in a cooker!!! It came out so well..
    as we were travelling, I wanted to have a home made cake to feed my 1 year old son.. And he just loved it… Thanks a lot 🙂 🙂

    I am planning to buy an OTG.. basically for baking. Which one you would suggest? Please help!!5 stars

    1. thanks shilpa and also thanks for sharing this variation and your experience. i use philips and the 18 litre model that i have is no longer available with them. i have not used any other brand, so cannot say which one is good. you can check online reviews and then decide which one is good to buy.

  248. Hi Dassana,

    I really love your blog. I think this is the most easiest cake recipe that I have found yet. I tried it two times, It came out well and tasted delicious. But both times it did not rise well and was not spongy. The first time i just added baking soda, so I thought maybe the baking soda is not fresh or something. Next time I added both baking powder and baking soda but still the same result. Could you please suggest me what to do to make it spongy.5 stars

    1. thanks priyanka. did you do the freshness test with baking soda or baking powder. for cakes where either baking soda or baking powder is added, its always better to check their freshness. for baking soda, just dissolve 1/2 tsp in 2 tbsp vinegar and it should fizz and become bubbly. for baking powder, mix 1/2 tsp in 2 tbsp warm water and again here it should fizz and bubble immediately. also don’t over do the mixing part. keep the cake pan soon in the oven after you have mixed it.

  249. This was soooooo yum….the cake the gkaze all came out well….my husband my kiddo my doggiee all loved it….thnx a lot for posting this recepie…..where can I follow u??!!5 stars

    1. welcome anjana. nice to know this. you can follow the facebook or twitter accounts.

  250. Iam making the cake right now.. but I dont have a measuring cup, what is the size of cup you use?

  251. The cake came out soo good!! My kids and husband loved it and it was all over in a few hours!!!! Thanks for bringing out such lovely recipes!5 stars

    1. nahin. ya cake saathi oven is required. try this mango cake that can be made in a pressure cooker –

      method – first add 1 cup salt or sand (if you can get sand) in a 5 litre pressure cooker. heat the pressure cooker. let it become hot. then keep a stand or rack inside the cooker. place the cake pan with the batter inside the cooker on the rack or stand. remove the gasket (rubber) and the vent weight (whistle) from the cooker lid and cover it tightly around cooker. on a low to medium flame bake the cake in the cooker. time will vary. so you can keep a check. i think it should take 40 to 50 minutes. don’t throw away the salt. you can keep it and use it again for future baking in the cooker. also if using pressure cooker for baking, keep a separate one. avoid cooking rice or dal in it. as the metal looses it strength due to dry heat.

  252. Hey! I tried the cake it tasted great as well as the frosting, but it didn’t rise any idea why? Also was it because of the absence of baking powder? I followed the instructions meticulously still didn’t rise.5 stars

    1. rising here is due to baking soda which is stronger than baking powder. for cakes like these, where only baking soda is added, the baking soda has to be fresh and in its shelf life. if not than the cake won’t rise. also the cake batter should not be over mixed.

  253. Awesome recipes
    very well explained
    I was zero in cooking i tried ur recipes and its excellent

  254. Hi ,
    I used to browse this web and today tried this one cake recipe .. Every thing went fine except cake sponje .. The cake was baked in 35 mins but it was not prperly foola(hindi).I have used baking powder instead of baking soda. Please help what could be the reason.

    1. baking soda has to be used. baking powder cannot be substituted and thats the reason the cake did not rise well.

  255. This recipe is awesome. I used eno fruit salt instead of baking powder and lemon juice. Cake come out really nice. Lots of thanks again.5 stars

    1. thanks prashant for the positive feedback and for sharing the eno fruit salt and baking powder variation.

  256. Hii…..I tried to make cake first time using your recipe.. It was awesome.. Thank You for sharing…!! I loved it…

  257. Hi Dassana,

    I have become a fan of your recipes! Have tried quite a few of your recipes and loved them all.You recipes are simply awesome! I have posted few links on my recently started food blog as well.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! It came out very well.

    Warm regards & Best wishes!5 stars

    1. welcome bhavya. nice to know this. thanks for sharing positive review on recipes and also for sharing links on your food blog.

  258. Hi Dassanna, the cake came out really well the first time I tried. Thanks a lot for posting the recipe. Just wanted to add, I use an LG microwave oven with convection option. I had inadvertently set the temperature to 200 degree celsius the first time and the cake came out nicely within 25 min. But the next few attempts at making plain vanilla and mango wholewheat cake didn’t succeed as the cake was unevenly baked as I baked it at 180 degree celsius for more than 30 mins. So i guess 200 should work for LG ovens. Just a heads up to the readers who might be using the same oven as mine.
    By the way, can you please post a recipe for eggless brownie? It’s my favorite dessert and I would like to opt for a healthier option made at home.
    Thanks once again for all the amazing recipes. You rock! 🙂

    1. welcome divya and thanks. oven temperatures vary, so one has to check which temperature works best. a medium high temp of 180 to 200 degrees celsius works best for most cake recipes. thanks for sharing the lg oven tip divya. i do plan to add brownie. the version i make is again with whole wheat flour and i add curd to the batter.

  259. Hi dassana
    Ur recipes r just awesome
    I tried so many
    Can u just post recipe of chocolate brownie

    1. welcome gayatri. thanks for sharing positive feedback on recipes. i will try to add chocolate brownie recipe soon.