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collection of 17 delicious salad recipes – easy, quick and healthy indian vegetarian salad recipes.

salad recipes, veg salad recipes

salads are one of the healthiest food option you can add to your meal. its a very good practice to include vegetable salad everyday in your diet. being made with fresh veggies or fruits, they are light and nutritious. they also add lot of variety and flavor to the whole meal.

there are so many varieties of veg salads that one can prepare, right from traditional salads to quick & easy salads.

here, i am sharing collection of 17 veg salad recipes which are already posted on the blog, so that it is easier for you to find them in one place. i will keep on updating this post as i share more salad recipes. you can also check these popular recipes collections:

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collection of 17 veg salad recipes:

1. veggie salad with nuts recipe – healthy and light summer salad with fresh raw veggies and nuts and seeds. the freshness of the raw veggies, the crispness of the roasted nuts and a flavors of fresh herbs come together in one healthy bowl.

veg salad recipe


2. fruit salad recipe – a tropical fruit salad with sweet fruits. as a topping on the fruits, some roasted cashew nuts, almonds and walnuts are added for additional texture and crunch.

fruit salad recipe


3. kachumber or kuchumber salad recipe – kachumber is onion-tomato-cucumber salad tossed with indian spices and herbs. this indian salad recipe is packed with punch and flavors.

kachumber or kuchumber salad recipe


4. sprouts salad recipe – very easy as well as a very healthy salad recipe made with moong sprouts, onions, tomatoes, indian spices and herbs. you can be really innovative in making this salad spicy, crunchy, tangy or sweet.

moong sprouts salad recipe


5. kosambari salad recipe – kosambari is a simple and easy to assemble south indian salad recipe. two lentils which are commonly used are moong lentils and bengal gram (chana dal). veggies like carrots or cucumber are also added. addition of fresh coconut is one of the highlight in kosambari and it does make a lot of difference to the final dish.

kosambari recipe

6. aloo anardana salad recipe – this salad is basically made from two ingredients – potatoes and pomegranate. spiced with tangy indian spices. tart, sweet & tangy potato pomegranate salad recipe.

aloo anardana salad recipe


7. corn salad recipe – easy recipe of salad made with sweet corn, cucumber, onion and spices + herbs. i have used fresh sweet corn. though even tinned corn be used. but i do suggest using fresh corn as the taste is better with fresh corn.

sweet corn salad recipe


8. pyaaz ka lachcha or onion ring salad recipe – easy and quick salad made with thin onion rings. these lachcha onions are basically thinly sliced onion rings spiced with lemon juice, red chili powder and salt. so you can quickly make these lachcha onions at home to go as accompaniment with a north indian meal.

onion ring salad recipe


9. khamang kakdi recipe – a delicious lightly spiced crunchy cucumber salad from the maharashtrian cuisine. cucumber, fresh coconut, roasted peanuts, lemon juice & green chilies are tempered with mustard & curry leaves. so you can imagine what tastes, flavors & textures this cucumber salad must be having. 

khamang kakdi recipe

10. carrot sambharo recipe – spiced carrot salad with green chilies from gujarati cuisine. this is a stir fried salad where the carrots are sauteed with mustard and green chilies. green chilies add some heat and spice to the salad. the flavors of fried mustard seeds also enhances the taste. the plus point of this recipe is the crunchiness of the carrots. they are cooked but not completely and this is what gives a lot of texture and bite in the dish.

carrot sambharo recipe


11. potato salad recipe – easy, simple and healthy potato salad with mixed fresh herbs. for the herbs you can use your favorite herbs or your choice of fresh herbs. i have used a mix of basil, parsley and celery. dried herbs can also be added instead of fresh herbs.

herbed potato salad recipe


12. mango salad recipe – sour, spiced and mildly sweet salad made with unripe mangoes, chopped onions and spices. ‘khatta’ or sour tasting mangoes are complementing the slight pungency & sweetness of the onions. the spices like roasted cumin powder and chili powder also perk up the flavors.

salad recipes


13. avocado salad with yogurt dressing – avocado salad with lightly spiced yogurt dressing with indian flavors.  a simple, light side dish for the summers.

avocado salad recipe


14. fruit salad with cashew cream – indian fruit salad with cashew cream. cashew cream is a nothing but smoothly blended and whipped cashews.

fruit salad with cashew cream


15. ensaladilla rusa – an easy spanish vegetarian salad recipe. this is a quick recipe you can make when you have a hankering for veggies and want to make something quick, yet nutritious and healthy. the salad can be served with any bread of your choice.

ensaladilla rusa recipe


16. pasta salad recipe – soft cooked pasta with crunchy veggies. a simple and easy pasta salad recipe and makes for a quick brunch or meals in between.

pasta salad recipe


17. russian salad recipe – veg russian salad is an easy to make salad recipe and is quite popular. i have not added eggs and the salad is made from boiled vegetables and eggless mayonnaise.

russian salad recipe

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