drumstick sambar | murungakkai sambar

drumstick sambar recipe, murungakkai sambar recipe

Drumstick sambar recipe with step by step pics. One of the sambar varieties, I make pretty often is drumstick sambar. Since the recipe was not shared on the blog, thought

varutharacha sambar

varutharacha sambar recipe

Varutharacha sambar recipe with step by step pics. Kerala varutharacha sambar is a delicious variety of sambar made with mix veggies, lentils, roasted spices & coconut. A vegan recipe. Roasted coconut

cauliflower curry

cauliflower curry recipe

Cauliflower curry recipe with step by step photos – healthy and delicious cauliflower curry that goes very well with chapatis or parathas. Cauliflower is also known as gobi in hindi

methi chaman

methi chaman recipe

Methi chaman recipe with step by step pics. Methi chaman is a delicious gravy based dish from the Kashmiri pandit cuisine. Methi is fenugreek leaves and chaman is paneer in

chane ka saag

chane ka saag recipe

Chane ka saag recipe with step by step pics. Saag in Punjabi or hindi language means greens or any green leafy vegetable. Chana are chickpeas. So chane ka saag are

potato stew

potato stew recipe

Potato stew recipe with step by step photos. This is a Kerala style potato stew made with coconut milk and spices. The recipe of this potato stew is so easy

pumpkin sambar | poosanikai sambar

pumpkin sambar recipe, poosanikai sambar

Pumpkin sambar recipe with step by step pics. This is a delicious South Indian sambar variety made with yellow pumpkin. Its also called as poosanikai sambar in tamil language. A